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  Dead Rising 4 [cheats]
Easy PP:
This method will allow you to kill approximately 1,200+ zombies every 5-8 minutes. Keep your zombie score multiplier running to get bonus PP and scrap for reaching milestones. Go to the church in south-eastern West Ridge. This area contains huge hordes of zombies. Near the steps is a military platform with an Exo Suit. Grab it, then get the Vacuum upgrade for the Exo Suit to the left of the stairs. Kill as many zombies as possible while circling the church.
You can easily get 1,200+ zombie kills before the power runs out. Once the power runs out on the Exo Suit, enter the nearby van and drive it to the bridge connecting West Ridge to Old Town. This will activate a checkpoint. Once a checkpoint is activated, everything in the area will be reset. Return to the church in West Ridge and collect the Exo Suit and Vacuum upgrade again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. The level cap is 100.

Infinite scrap:
While at any Emergency Shelter, go to the basement and fast travel to the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter. Use the Employee's Only hallway to reach Caribbean Cove through the back doors that lead straight into the Pirate Ship's bottom floor entrance. In the first Pirate Ship room, loot the Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests typically give approximately 4,000 scrap. Then, pause the game and select the "Load Last Checkpoint" option. You will return to the Willamette Mall Emergency Shelter and the Treasure Chest will have respawned. Repeat this
process as many times as desired. You can get approximately 40,000 scrap every 10 minutes.

Getting Exo Suits:
To unlock the Exo Suit, progress through the main story until you leave Willamette Memorial Megaplex and reach Old Town. While in Old Town, the Exo Suit will become available. To get more Exo Suits, find the caches marked "Exo Suit" scattered throughout the game. The caches can also be in other supply crates or just lying on the ground in corners. To easily find an Exo Suit, look for large shipping containers guarded by Obscuris mercenaries since those
containers usually have an Exo Suit cache in them. The battery in an Exo Suit only lasts two minutes. An Exo Suit basically allows you to easily kills zombies while being invincible and having unlimited stamina. Additionally, some interactions are only possible with an Exo Suit, which provide unconventional weapons for the Exo Suit that can be further enhanced by collecting ammunition crates for power-ups, such as guns and missiles.

Killing 37,000 zombies an hour:
First, get the Sling Rot combo vehicle blueprint located on the side staircase of the church, which is located on the bottom-right end of Old Town. You will also need all five bottom row skills in the Brawling section. Create the Sling Rot combo vehicle using the snowplow truck and hearse found directly in front of the church. They can also be found on the highway behind the church. Drive the Sling Rot in a perfect square around Old Town for the first loop, killing
as many zombies as possible. Drive it on the inside streets of the square you just drove for the second loop. Drive it up to the bridge on the highway (behind the church) on the left-side for the third loop, then turn around and drive it back to the church. Your vehicle should have very little health remaining once you reach the church after driving those loops. The vehicle
and zombies will now have respawned. All three loops take approximately three minutes and get close to 2,000 zombie kills. Keep repeating this to kill approximately 37,000 zombies an hour. Additionally, make sure to keep reaching the 75 kill combo to get the special flame ability for the vehicle to kill a lot more zombies. Use the special flame ability on large hordes of
zombies to easily kill them. Use this method to get the "Z-Genocider 4: The Return" and "Left 100,004 Dead 2" achievements and complete the trial for getting 250,000 zombie kills.

Easy "Faaantastic!" achievement:
Go to Ja-POP! store in Kiichiro Plaza in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Take
a picture at the entrance to the store, making sure to get both sidewalls and
the back wall in it, to get an "S" rank photo and the "Faaantastic!" achievement.

Easy "Idol Worship" achievement:
Go to the Nickolls Ink building in North Peak. Go around to the truck loading area, and climb onto the truck from the cab to reach the rooftop. From the rooftop, turn left and use the bridge to reach the tattoo parlor roof. The statue can be found on the mattress, next to a rocket launcher. Collect the tiny Frank West statue toget the "Idol Worship" achievement. This statue is a reference to the tiny statues found throughout the original Dead Rising.

Quick Tips:
Everyone knows that the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to be prepared.
The same is true for surviving Dead Rising 4’s zombies.
Make sure to scratch up on some information before you head out.

* When moving from point A to point B, choose the path of least resistance through he zombies. The less you get hit the longer you’ll survive and the more health items you can save for later.
* Don’t upgrade everything at once. Look at the upgrade trees and see what you
might like to unlock later. Try to save up some skill points until you decide
what you really want. That melee upgrade might not seem so great when you want
more ranged weapon slots.
* Find and help all the survivors you can. The more survivors you save the better provisioned your safe house will be as they will sell you all kinds of items.
* Bathroom Saving is gone. Dead Rising 4 saves automatically so don’t feel like
you have to find the bathrooms. Unless you want the secrets.
* Take your time and explore. You are no longer restricted to a tight time limit. The story will wait for you!
* Use the Dodge ability to roll off an edge to completely avoid all fall damage.
* The basement of each Emergency Shelter is connected to the main mall. Use this
to jump back to the mall whenever you need to restock on easy-to-grab weapons
and food, or if you just need to get around the map quicker.

Combo vehicle blueprint locations:
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding combo vehicle blueprint:

Enter Ye Olde Toy Box in Medieval Town in Willamette Memorial Megaplex to find the blueprint on the counter.

-=Bogey Monster=-
Enter the Homerunners Store in Willamette Memorial Megaplex to find the blueprint on the counter.

Go to the go-kart racing track in Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Complete the race twice to unlock the central cage, which contains the blueprint.

-=Sling Rot=-
Go to the south side of the Emergency Shelter to find the blueprint on the side
staircase of the church, which is located on the bottom-right end of Old Town.

-=Cryonic Commando=-
Proceed left from the Fireworks Stand on the north side of West Ridge. Continue to follow the path to find the blueprint on a stack of hay.

During the second case, reach the point where you meet Jessa next to a car. During this sequence, you can find the blueprint on the hood of the car.

-=Creep Fryer=-
First, get the key from the backside of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub. Then, enter the club and gain access to the panic room from the bathroom to find the blueprint inside.

-=Tread Maker=-
During the fifth case, reach the Hudson's Dairy Farm in Tom's House, then go upstairs to a bedroom. Open the closet and use the Spectrum Analyser to reveal a secret room. Enter the secret room, get the farm key, then open the garage to find the blueprint.

Investigate Rumors First:
After you leave the mall and head into the town of Willamette, your contact Paula will report suspicious activity going on around town. Investigating these Rumors usually leads to a boss battle, as well as a big batch of bonus PP and Scrap. However,if you fail to investigate these Rumors before finishing that particular Case File, you will be unable to complete them later when the next case begins.

Easily level up Emergency Shelters:
To quickly and easily level up an Emergency Shelter, leave the shelter, find a survivor event (shown by a blue "?" icon), and a survivor will call for help. Kill all the nearby zombies and the survivor will return to your shelter. Run back to the shelter, then repeat the process as many times as desired. Survivor events will keep respawning after you return back to the shelter. The following are two survivor event locations next to shelters early in the game:

* Willamette Memorial Megaplex: There is a survivor event at the top of the stairs to the underground parking entrance between the Central Plaza and Amazon Food Court.
* Old Town: There is a survivor event in the parking lot behind the church and near the cemetery entrance. It is very close to the Old Town Emergency Shelter.

You only need to reach Level 3 by saving four survivors to unlock the most important vendor upgrades —- including key item locations on your map.

Training Manual locations:
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding Training Manual. After
collecting a Training Manual, the new skill will automatically become available
to use. These are often hand-to-hand, unarmed special attacks that require a specific button combination.

* Final Blow: It can be found in the comic book bins at the back of Tetro's Comics & Collectibles in Old Town. The final hit before breaking a melee weapon automatically triggers a skill move.

* Precision Targeting: It is sold at the Level 3 Emergency Shelter in Old Town. While aiming a ranged weapon, flick the Right Analog-stick (Xbox controller) to aim at specific body parts.

Zero Exo Suit:
Successfully complete Case 6 to unlock the Zero Exo Suit in the center of the room in all Emergency Shelters. Equip the Zero Exo Suit to use it until the suit's charge is depleted. The Zero Exo Suit comes equipped with the Z-Saber (melee) and Zero Buster (ranged). The special combo shoots out a ranged Z-Saber flurry that cuts down everything in an area for several seconds. The Zero Buster can also be charged to launch an explosive plasma projectile that breaks up into several smaller explosives that bounce from the original point of impact, able to kill an entire group of zombies per shot.

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