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last added cheats:

Forza Horizon 4 V1.193.24.2 [trainer +1]  [Oct,14 2018]
Assassin's Creed Origins V1.51 [trainer +6]  [Oct,14 2018]
Conan Exiles V06.10.2018 [trainer +15]  [Oct,14 2018]
Watch Dogs 2 [cheats]  [Oct,13 2018]
Fifa 17 [cheats]  [Oct,13 2018]
ReCore [cheats]  [Oct,13 2018]
American Lowriders [cheats]  [Oct,13 2018]
Fifa 19 V28.09.2018 [trainer +9]  [Oct,01 2018]
Panzer Strategy V01.10.2018 [trainer +8]  [Oct,01 2018]
PathFinder Kingmaker V1.00 [trainer +4]  [Oct,01 2018]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider V1.0 Build 230.9 [trainer +8]  [Oct,01 2018]
Ravenfield [cheats]  [Oct,01 2018]
Songbringer [cheats]  [Oct,01 2018]
Dead Rising 4 [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
Dal Segno [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
INSOMNIA: The Ark [trainer]  [Sep,30 2018]
Heat Signature [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
Heroine Anthem Zero [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
Far Cry 5 V1.09 [trainer +9]  [Sep,30 2018]
Far Cry 5 V1.011 [trainer +9]  [Sep,30 2018]
Star Trek: Bridge Crew [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds [cheats]  [Sep,30 2018]
60 Parsecs! V1.01 [trainer +4]  [Sep,23 2018]
No Man's Sky V1.60 [trainer +18]  [Sep,23 2018]
Battlefield 3 V2.13.2016 [trainer +5]  [Sep,23 2018]
Heroes of Hammerwatch Vb83 [trainer +2]  [Sep,23 2018]
ReCore V1.1.7400.2 [trainer +4]  [Sep,23 2018]
Scum [trainer +11]  [Sep,23 2018]
Dead In Vinland V1.00 [trainer +9]  [Sep,23 2018]
Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition V3.6.29.390 [trainer +14]  [Sep,23 2018]
Space Hulk Deathwing Enhanced Edition V2.38 [trainer +3]  [Sep,23 2018]
Dead Cells V20.09.2018 [trainer +5]  [Sep,23 2018]
Victory At Sea Pacific V1.0.3 [trainer +4]  [Sep,23 2018]
Battlefield: Hardline [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
Shadows Awakening [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
NBA 2K19 [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
Insurgency: Sandstorm [cheats]  [Sep,23 2018]
Two Point Hospital V1.00 [trainer +3]  [Sep,22 2018]
The Bard's Tale IV Barrows Deep V1.00 [trainer +6]  [Sep,22 2018]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider V1.0 Build 230.8 [trainer +8]  [Sep,15 2018]
Shadows: Awakening [cheats]  [Sep,15 2018]
Tony Larussa Baseball 3 [cheats]  [Sep,15 2018]
Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag V1.07.2 [trainer +14]  [Sep,14 2018]
Hero Siege V2.3.0.0 [trainer +4]  [Sep,14 2018]
NBA 2K19 V1.00 [trainer +8]  [Sep,14 2018]
Hero of the Kingdom 3 [cheats]  [Sep,14 2018]
Europa Universalis IV: Dharma [cheats]  [Sep,14 2018]
Dead Frontier 2 [cheats]  [Sep,14 2018]
Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age [cheats]  [Sep,14 2018]
Clicker Heroes 2 [cheats]  [Sep,14 2018]
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void V4.6.0.67926 64Bit [trainer +6]  [Sep,13 2018]
Goliath V1.04 [trainer +4]  [Sep,13 2018]
The Bard's Tale Trilogy V25.08.2018 [trainer +2]  [Aug,30 2018]
Endless Legend V1.5.7 64bit [trainer +2]  [Aug,30 2018]
No Man's Sky V1.57 [trainer +18]  [Aug,30 2018]
Exanima V0.6.5.4f [trainer +2]  [Aug,30 2018]
TheHunter Call of the Wild V1.21 [trainer +8]  [Aug,30 2018]
Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Ultimate Edition V1.2 [trainer +8]  [Aug,30 2018]
Seven The Days Long Gone V1.0.5 [trainer +4]  [Aug,27 2018]
Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands V3088436 [trainer +7]  [Aug,27 2018]
Guacamelee 2 V1.00 [trainer +3]  [Aug,27 2018]
Shenmue V26.08.2018 [trainer +3]  [Aug,27 2018]
We Happy Few 64bit V1.1.69866 [trainer +9]  [Aug,27 2018]
Hollow Knight V1.3.1.5 [trainer +3]  [Aug,26 2018]
Grand Theft Auto 5 V1.0.1493.0B [trainer +12]  [Aug,26 2018]
Mist Survival V0.1.5 [trainer +5]  [Aug,26 2018]
Graveyard Keeper V1.020 [trainer +5]  [Aug,26 2018]
Chasm V1.031 [trainer +4]  [Aug,26 2018]
Monster Hunter World V1.00 [trainer +10]  [Aug,25 2018]
Yakuza 0 V08.06.2018 [trainer +9]  [Aug,12 2018]
They Are Billions V0.9.0 64bit [trainer +8]  [Aug,12 2018]
Hacknet V5.069 [trainer +2]  [Aug,11 2018]
Dead Cells V10.06.2017 [trainer +5]  [Aug,11 2018]
Doom 3 BFG v1.0.34 [trainer +6]  [Aug,11 2018]
Payday - The Heist [cheats]  [Aug,11 2018]
MotoGP 3 - Ultimate Racing Technology [cheats]  [Aug,11 2018]
Extreme-G 2 [cheats]  [Aug,11 2018]
American Truck Simulator V1.3.1.1 [trainer +3]  [Aug,11 2018]
We Happy Few 64bit V44631 [trainer +9]  [Aug,11 2018]
Monster Hunter World V1.00 [trainer +7]  [Aug,11 2018]
Raft V1.03 [trainer +5]  [Jul,30 2018]
Overlord V1.3 [trainer +2]  [Jul,30 2018]
I Am Alive V1.01 [trainer +3]  [Jul,30 2018]
The Council V05.24.2018 [trainer +1]  [Jul,30 2018]
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition [cheats]  [Jul,30 2018]
Mothergunship [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Konung 2 Blood of Titans [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Kingdom: New Lands [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Jewel Quest Seven Seas [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Get Medieval [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Cuphead [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
Kingdom Come: Deliverance [cheats]  [Jul,29 2018]
PUBG [hints]  [Jul,29 2018]
Stellaris V2.1.0 [trainer +16]  [Jul,29 2018]
Grand Theft Auto 5 V1.0.1493.0 [trainer +12]  [Jul,29 2018]
BattleTech V1.1.2 [trainer +4]  [Jul,29 2018]
Mars War Logs V01.04.2017 [trainer +6]  [Jul,29 2018]