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last added cheats:

Metro Last Light Redux V1.0.0.4 [trainer +7]  [Jan,20 2019]
Metro 2033 Redux V1.0.0.4 [trainer +7]  [Jan,20 2019]
My Time at Portia - Early Access [trainer +13]  [Jan,20 2019]
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 [cheats]  [Jan,20 2019]
Realms of the Haunting [cheats]  [Jan,20 2019]
Gears Of War 4 [cheats]  [Jan,20 2019]
Killing Floor 2 [cheats]  [Jan,20 2019]
Onimusha Warlords [cheats]  [Jan,20 2019]
Galactic Dream: Rage of War [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Assassin's Creed Odyssey V1.1.3 [trainer +12]  [Jan,19 2019]
ARK Survival Evolved V289.100 [trainer +12]  [Jan,19 2019]
Sunless Sea V2.2.6.3150 [trainer +12]  [Jan,19 2019]
Darkest Dungeon Build 24787 [trainer +6]  [Jan,19 2019]
Crashlands V1.4.10.10 [trainer +1]  [Jan,19 2019]
Prey Mooncrash V17.01.2019 [trainer +6]  [Jan,19 2019]
Prey V17.01.2019 [trainer +6]  [Jan,19 2019]
Catherine Classic [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Verdict Guilty [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Summer Sale [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Onechanbara Z2: Chaos [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
One Piece: Burning Blood [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Empyrion Galactic Survival V9.2.1.2166 [trainer +7]  [Jan,19 2019]
Hellgate London V2.1.0.4B [trainer +3]  [Jan,19 2019]
Realpolitiks V1.6.4 [trainer +8]  [Jan,19 2019]
Legends of Ellaria V0.5.47.02 [trainer +5]  [Jan,19 2019]
Conan Exiles V15.01.2019 [trainer +15]  [Jan,19 2019]
Shortest Trip to Earth V0.51.2 [trainer +11]  [Jan,19 2019]
Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Heli attack 3 [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
BloodGate [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Hentai Beautiful Girls [cheats]  [Jan,19 2019]
Resident Evil 2 Remake PC demo time-limit crack  [Jan,15 2019]
Dead Island Riptide V1. [trainer +13]  [Jan,12 2019]
Aven Colony V1.0.25665 [Trainer +5]  [Jan,12 2019]
The Solus Project V1.13 [trainer +5]  [Jan,12 2019]
Fictorum V1.2.6 [trainer +4]  [Jan,12 2019]
Coffee Shop Tycoon V0.4.8 [Trainer +1]  [Jan,12 2019]
Void Memory V.181229A [Trainer +2]  [Jan,12 2019]
Shortest Trip to Earth V0.50.1 [Trainer +10]  [Jan,12 2019]
Bloons TD6 V7.2.1171 [Trainer +1]  [Jan,12 2019]
Bayonetta V1.01 [Trainer +4]  [Jan,12 2019]
The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings 29.12.2018 [Trainer +8]  [Jan,12 2019]
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt V1.32 [trainer +24]  [Jan,12 2019]
The Witcher V29.12.2018 [trainer +5]  [Jan,12 2019]
Sid Meier Civilization VI V1.0.0.262 Rise And Fall [Trainer +12]  [Jan,12 2019]
Sid Meier Civilization VI V1.0.0.262 [Trainer +12] For base game without Expansions  [Jan,12 2019]
Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition V1.1.2 [Trainer +11]  [Jan,12 2019]
Grim Nights V1.1.1 [Trainer +6]  [Jan,12 2019]
Beholder 2 V04.01.2019 [Trainer +3]  [Jan,12 2019]
Medieval Kingdom Wars V1.01 [Trainer +3]  [Jan,12 2019]
Ashen V1.0.12.0 [Trainer +3]  [Jan,12 2019]
Metro 2033 V05.01.2019 [Trainer +6]  [Jan,12 2019]
Assassin's Creed Odyssey V1.1.2 [trainer +12]  [Jan,12 2019]
Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker V1.12 [Trainer +5]  [Jan,12 2019]
Jagged Alliance Rage V08.01.2019 [Trainer +2]  [Jan,12 2019]
Kingdom Two Crowns V1.01 [Trainer +3]  [Jan,12 2019]
Thief Simulator V02.12.2018 [Trainer +4]  [Jan,12 2019]
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void V4.8.1.71523 64Bit [trainer +6]  [Jan,12 2019]
Cattails [cheats]  [Jan,11 2019]
Yakuza 0 [cheats]  [Jan,11 2019]
Daymare Town 2 [cheats]  [Jan,11 2019]
Parkitect [cheats]  [Jan,06 2019]
Kenshi [cheats]  [Jan,06 2019]
Samorost 3 [cheats]  [Jan,06 2019]
Beasts of Bermuda [cheats]  [Jan,06 2019]
Atlas - MMO [cheats]  [Jan,05 2019]
Agents of Mayhem V01.31.2018 [trainer +10]  [Jan,05 2019]
Legends of Ellaria V0.5.42.02 [trainer +5]  [Jan,05 2019]
Fictorum V1.2.1 [trainer +4]  [Jan,05 2019]
Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales V0.9.23.125 [trainer +3]  [Jan,05 2019]
Hobo Tough Life V0.46.007 [trainer +8]  [Jan,05 2019]
The Wild Eight V0.9.27 64bit [trainer +4]  [Jan,05 2019]
How To Survive 2 Build April.12.2017 Trainer +8  [Jan,05 2019]
Farming Simulator 19 [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Dig or Die [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Tomboys Need Love Too! [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Reversion: The Escape [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
SCP: Secret Laboratory [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Portal Knights [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Neon Seoul: Outrun [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Human: Fall Flat [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Happy Campers [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Fragmented [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Desert Bus VR [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Closers [cheats]  [Jan,02 2019]
Assassin's Creed Odyssey V1.1.1 Trainer +12  [Jan,02 2019]
Star Control Origins V1.0.52584 Trainer +6  [Jan,02 2019]
Green Hell V0.3.3 Trainer +11  [Jan,02 2019]
PathFinder Kingmaker V1.1.4b [trainer +8]  [Jan,02 2019]
Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power 64bit V1.01 [trainer +2]  [Jan,02 2019]
Europa Universalis 4 V1.28.1.0 [trainer +25]  [Jan,02 2019]
Everspace 64bit V1.3.3.36369 [trainer +6]  [Jan,02 2019]
Evil Bank Manager V22.12.2018 [Trainer +2]  [Dec,22 2018]
SuperHot V1.00 [Trainer +3]  [Dec,22 2018]
Euro Trucks Simulator 2 64bit V1.33.2 [Trainer +2]  [Dec,22 2018]
Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire V4.0.0.0034 [Trainer +5]  [Dec,22 2018]
Sunset Overdrive [cheats]  [Dec,20 2018]
Paint The Town Red V0.8.30 64bit [trainer +3]  [Dec,14 2018]
Subnautica 64bit Build 61056 [trainer +6]  [Dec,14 2018]