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  Sid Meier's Pirates [trainer by Chronowerx]
The Sid Meier's Pirates! Super Trainer - By Chronowerx

This trainer was first made by Sen-Dog he worked on the trainer from the first version
until version v0.55 then it was handed over to Patrick (CyberOps) who started at v0.60.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use common sense in using this utility, as it does have the
potential to drastically change many of the game dynamics. Firaxis have put together a great game,
and I encourage you to at the very least play it through a few times before resorting to the use of
third-party programs to maximise your enjoyment.

[Release Information:]

v0.1 - Initial Release, basic functions

v0.15 - Added Boost functions with hotkeys (Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-C)

v0.20 - Added flagship upgrades, gold/crew/cannon/food locking and flagship type selection

v0.25 - Added Instant Win with hotkey (Ctrl-W), updated Dance Max address

v0.26 - Added No Damage freeze, for ship to ship battles

v0.30 - Added game loaded check, added main map ship boost (small, large, manual) and
cruise control functions, added Dance Meter boost

v0.50 - Overhaul of interface, added Luxuries, Goods, Spice and Sugar with locking function,
added list of possible ships for easy selection, more intuitive interface, slider bars for
difficulty and skills, editable crew and cannons (instead of battle boost), instant win
by surrender and instant win by destruction, training mode (for practicing ship maneuvers
in battles), merchant money boost, overhaul of readme file.

v0.55 - Fixed up typo, Sink Ship function, Fixed ship duelling surrender, No.1 Pirate,
Auto-boost / Manual Boost adjustment, Difficulty hotkey adjustment, updated dance boost
with more values, use linked libraries to reduce trainer size, added activation sound
for cruise-control

v0.60 - Changed and added some hotkeys, Added even more values for the Dance Boost,
Added a Brake for the Map Speed and A brake for the Ship to Ship speed, changed the
activation sound and added it to more keys.

v0.61 - Made a new Section called Special items where you can choose what Items you want and
also added the clear all items option., Also added the fire Specialists option. Placed
The Slider bars back so you can see what level you currently play at. Also added a special
Teleportation option see below for more instructions on this. Added activation sound to
More buttons.

v0.62 - New section called Land Battle, you can now have unlimited moves during a land battle. Also
added the option to set your Characters wealth.

v0.63 - Updated No.1 Pirate, Updated Dance Bonus stays locked now and you always have the best
Dance so no more key pressing just click and lock, also changed the hotkey to D.
Added Lost Relatives Quests, Added Lost Cities Quests, Added Max Zoom Out Lock.

v0.64 - Added Land Battle instant win, Added Promotions selcection, and updated teleport.


1) Unpack archive and place executable in any directory

2) Run the Pirates game, then alt-tab during the game and run the trainer
(the game will warn you if it does not detect the game loaded when you start the trainer)

3) Use trainer functions, and then alt-tab back during the game to see the results

WARNING: Use this trainer at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any adverse effects
on your computer.

[The Trainer is divided into 10 logical sections:]

** Supplies & Commodities **

There are 8 text boxes to input your desired amount of each commodity and supply, which is labelled.
This comes into effect immediately and you do not need to press any buttons. Next to each box is a
button labelled 'NORM'. By clicking the corresponding box, you can lock the value at which you have
set it. The box will turn into LOCK once this is active. Note that you cannot change the values
once they are locked, without first unlocking it (by pressing the LOCK button again, it will then
change back to NORM). If you place too many items into your hold, you will have a negative total
amount stored, which means you will be able to take on as many items as you want, giving you a
virtually unlimited hold. Suitable values for each of these are from 0 up to several million.

** General Usage **

There are 7 buttons in this section, with the following effects:

> 'NORMAL LIFESPAN' (Hotkey Ctrl-L)- The default state indicates your pirate has a normal lifespan.
By click on this, it will change to 'IMMORTAL LIFESPAN' after which your pirate will live
eternally at the tender age of 18. Once it is unpressed or a game is run without the trainer,
you will return to the age you were supposed to originally be at. You can toggle this button.

> 'NORMAL SHOPS' - The default state indicates merchants have their normal allocated amount of gold
coins. If you wish to remove this limitation, click on the button and it will change to
'RICH SHOPS', with all merchants having a large amount of gold coins to purchase any goods you
are selling. Note that you must activate this prior to entering a port as it will not affect
merchants in the port you are currently in, until you leave and come back (ie. the next port you
enter). You can toggle this button.

> 'DANCE BONUS' (Hotkey Ctrl-D) - This will boost your dance meter 'heart' during a dance sequence.
Press it or use the hotkey, to trigger this and you will notice your heart 'throbbing' is boosted.
There may also appear a large number of small hearts after usage, but this is purely cosmetic and
only due to the game recognising a sudden increase in dancing score.

> 'ALL SPECIAL ITEMS' - Gives you all the special items and upgrades, such as Pistols, Swords,
Shifts, etc instantly. You may need to re-open your inventory screen to see the effects.

> 'NO 1 PIRATE' - This artificially boosts your Top 10 ranking to number 1 instantaneously by
simulating a million dollar plunder.
> 'Map Cruise Speed' (Hotkey Ctrl-N) - This button will accelerate your ship on the main sailing map
and maintain it's velocity with constant propulsion. An activation sound will warn you when
the 'cruise control' is activate and deactivated. You can toggle this button.

> 'Map Short Boost' (Hotkey Ctrl-M) - This button will give your ship a once off boost, after which
it will naturally slow down due to wind/friction/normal factors. Note that you can continually
press this hotkey to accelerate to your desired velocity, but you will slow down again due to
natural factors. Do not use Manual Boost in conjunction with Cruise at the same time, as this
can lead to erratic ship behaviour.

> 'Map Speed Brake' (Hotkey Ctrl-B) - This button will apply an emergency brake and brings you
immediatly back to almost 0 speed.

> 'Character Wealth' Set the wealth of your Character.

> 'Lost Relatives Quests' - This button will give you all lost relative quests completed.

> 'Lost Cities Quests' - This button will give you all lost cities quests completed.

> 'Lock Max Zoom Out' - This will lock your zoom to maximum out.

** Ship to Ship Battles **

There are two text boxes, which control the number of crew and cannons on your currently nominated
battling ship (your flagship). You can specify the amount of crew and cannons you wish to have,
irrespective of the capacity of the ship itself. If you wish to keep this setting between battles
or prevent losing crew and cannons upon taking damage, click on the NORM button next to the item
you want and it will lock it in place. A suggested number of cannons is 80, as having much more than
this, results in the cannon 'lag' effect. Feel free to experiment.

> NORMAL SHIP - This indicates the state of your ship in regards to taking hull and sail damage.
By clicking, this will allow your ship to not take any ship or hull damage during battles, and the
button will change to SUPER SHIP to reflect this, and this button will make your ship invulnerable
to cannonballs from enemy fire. If you see any damage such as sails being ripped, this is purely
cosmetic and will actually heal itself when the next barrage hits. This can be toggled on and off.

> NORMAL MODE - The standard battle state where both ships fight to the death / boarding / fleeing.
By clicking on this, it will enable TRAINING MODE, which allows for you to practice ship maneuvers
and firing in a battle situation, without the risk of either your or your enemy taking damage or
being sunk. The enemy ship will not sustain crew loss, cannon loss, sail damage nor hull damage,
and it is highly recommended you enable 'SUPER SHIP' in conjunction with TRAINING MODE for
practice. Once you are finished, click TRAINING MODE again to return the enemy ship to normal.
Note that boarding procedures still apply if the ships come into contact with each other.

> WIN SURRENDER (Hotkey Ctrl-W) - This will result in the enemy ship(s) you are fighting to
immediately surrender and raise the white flag, allowing for easy boarding. This also works in a
duel between ships, the enemy will instant stop fencing and surrender. This does not work for
non-ship fencing battles (ie. tavern).

> WIN DESTROY (Hotkey Ctrl-Q) - This will result in the enemy ship(s) you are fighting to
self-destruct by themselves.

> S BOOST (Hotkey Ctrl-Z) - Use this combination for a 20 knot boost (approximately), also can be
used to get you away from enemy fire (especially if you are heading into the wind). This is good
for a small nudge in the direction you are heading.

> M BOOST (Hotkey Ctrl-X) - This will unleash a 50 knot boost, for when you need to speed towards
an enemy ship for boarding, or easily evade enemy cannonballs.

> L BOOST (Hotkey Ctrl-C) - When you absolutely, positively have to get out of there, point the ship
away from the enemy ship, and use this combination to speed away at approximately Mach 5. Note
that these boosts ONLY work in ship to ship battle, not sailing on the main map.

> Speed Brake (Hotkey Ctrl-V) - This button will apply an emergency brake and brings you immediatly
back to almost 0 speed.

Note that for all Ship to Ship Battle functions, if you encounter an enemy fleet of two ships,
they will both be affected by the functions. Note also that while your ship is stalled and floating
backwards, boosting will propel your ship backwards!

** Career **

There are 2 sections Difficulty and Speciality You can use the following hotkeys as well to toggle
difficulty (note that changes may not come into effect until the next activity you perform in the
game). An activation sound will alert you when a difficulty or Speciality change is successful:

< Difficulty >

[Ctrl-1] = Apprentice
[Ctrl-2] = Journeyman
[Ctrl-3] = Adventurer
[Ctrl-4] = Rogue
[Ctrl-5] = Swashbuckler

< Speciality >

[Ctrl-6] = Fencing
[Ctrl-7] = Gunnery
[Ctrl-8] = Navigation
[Ctrl-9] = Medicine
[Ctrl-0] = Wit & Charm

** Ship Management **

In this section, there are four buttons and a textbox, with effects as follows:
> REPAIR FLAGSHIP - This function allows you to repair your flagship from hull and ship damage
(not effective in battle, use the super ship function instead for battle damage). This is
effective for repairing storm damage, and leftover damage from battles. If you wish to continually
repair your ship, leave this button down in the REPAIRING SHIP state, and it will continually
repair your ship wherever you sail. If you wish to repair it in a once-off fashion, click and
unclick it back to the original REPAIR FLAGSHIP state (you do not need to alt-tab back to the game
in between these clicks for the changes to take effect). This only affects your flagship, you may
switch flagships and repeat. You can toggle this button.

> NORMAL CREW - This indicates the state of your crew, by clicking on this you can indefinitely set
your crew to a happy state, with the button changing to HAPPY CREW to reflect this. Keep in mind
there is also a finite limit at which crewman will cease being happy (for example if you have a
large number of crew, insufficient food and insufficient gold, then even this button may not be
successful). Use in combination with other factors for maximum effect. You can toggle this button.

> ALL UPGRADES - This will set all upgrades on your current flagship (such as cotton sails, bronze
cannons, etc). You may rotate flagship and repeat to upgrade all of your ships.

> ALL SPECIALISTS - Gives you all the ship specialists, such as Cook, Gunner, Quartermaster, etc

> SINK SHIP (Hotkey Ctrl-S) - On the mail sailing map, this allows you to scuttle your main flagship.
Use with caution!

Underneath this you will see a text box labelled 'FLAGSHIP TYPE SELECT'. You can set your type of
ship which is currently your flagship by referring to the list on the left of the box. Simply enter
the number corresponding to the ship you want, and then return to the game to see the immediate
results. You can switch between ships and repeat.

** Special Items **

> Choose what special items you would like to have, they go by pair so lets say you choose Rutters, then
you will get the normal one and the upgraded one. Or you can still choose to have all items at once.

** Teleportation **

> This is fully functioning now Ctrl-/ will teleport you to Panama and Ctrl- will bring you to
Puerto Bello. Ctrl-. will bring you to Vera Cruz and Ctrl-, will bring you to Trinidad.

** Land battle **

> Unlimited moves - This will give you as stated unlimited moves when moving your crew during a
land battle.

> Instant Win (Hotkey Ctrl-I) - This will have you instantly win a land battle.

** Promotions **

> Either choose your promotion or click the button to instantly become a Duke, in the Selection boxes
please DO NOT choose a higher number then 9 or it will kick you out of the game.

Visit us at for the latest version.
Email your ideas, requests and Game adress codes you want in the trainer to

Many thanks to Sen-Dog, Sobr, Dr. Shadow, burns11, Yargh, phalzyr, Fester, Chinaman, CsimBi and
Thelon from the ATP forums for their help!

For more information and discussion on this utility and others, visit

The thread discussing this trainer is here -

click here to download

(to unpack archives use: WinRar)

Google Chrome Annoying Download warning - click here to solve the problem.

if you cannot download trainer then go to Chrome/Firefox's settings, specifically to the Privacy settings and simply unchecking the "Enable phishing and malware protection" option.

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