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  Resident Evil: Resistance [cheats]
Survivors Guide for Beginners:
Written by Tails' Cash Explosion

This guide quickly covers the basics of what the game's objective is and what
you should focus on during gameplay, based on the character you have chosen.

-=Main Objectives=-
The map is comprised of three areas each with their own objective.

The first area requires you to find 3 keys to unlock the exit.

The second area requires you to find a security officer zombie with a key card, usually found further in the level. Then you must use the key card to activate 3 terminals throughout the level. The three terminals can be anywhere within the level, including the very first room at the start.

The third area requires you to destroy 3 Bio Canisters. Keep your eyes high, the locations of the canisters glow in an unmistakable bright light but are often located at a higher elevation than the ground floor.

-=General Tips=-
* Always buy flash grenades whenever you can, you will need them to defend against Mr. X
* Always kill yellow Supply Zombies, they sometimes drop powerful weapons such as miniguns or grenade launchers
* When making your way to the exit of a section, do not waste time fighting enemies that are not in your way, shoot or melee them to stun them, then pass by them

-=Tips for Section #1=-
* Learn where the 3 keys can be. The area isn't very big.
* An easy to miss key spot is on the blue barrels in the corner of the first area before
you even enter the building

-=Tips for Section #2=-
* Purchase all the flashbangs you can for when Mr. X shows up.
* Purchase a grenade to easily deal a lot of damage and knock over the security zombie with the key card(or be Tyrone and use his "E" ability to knock the security zombie on his ? and pummel him while he's down).
* Do not fight Mr. X, use a flashbang to stun him if you need to get by him, otherwise, just kite him by running around.
* Mr. X cannot enter safe rooms and it may be a better alternative to wait in the safe room for him to despawn.
* Complete objectives while Mr. X is focused on chasing other players.
* One of the easy to miss potential terminals is in the same large room as the spawn.

-=Tips for Section #3=-
* Look up to find the bio canisters, most of them are at a higher elevation.
* Melee weapons are very effective for destroying bio canisters.
* The lift on the right has a switch at ground level to lower and raise it.
* Look up and look in the distance to determine where the catwalks and lifts make pathways so you can learn to navigate the space more easily.
* One of the bio canisters is tucked around a corner right in front of the exit.
* Always determine where the current bio canister is so you can help your team clear the path and defend the area so the canisters can be destroyed.
* Do not run off because you are lost, if you don't know where you're going stick with someone else.

-=Valerie Tips=-
Valerie is a support character who can heal everyone with her Fever Skill and can highlight all nearby items, through walls.

* Make sure you use your "E" Ability continuously whenever it becomes available to help everyone find the objectives.
* Save your Fever Skill for a pinch where many players are hurt.

-=Tyrone Tips=-
Tyrone is the ultimate Chad and can take down every enemy with ease.

* Use your "E" Ability on priority targets ASAP. The "E" ability will knock enemies flat on their ? allowing all players to curb stomp them out of existence while they are on the floor. Priority targets include: Red Glowing Zombies or * Player Controlled Zombies and Lickers. Tyrone's E ability only has a 9 second cool down so use it every opportunity you see.
* Buy the stronger melee weapons as soon as you can (Steel Bat, then Sledgehammer)

-=January Tips=-
January is a hacker who's primary focus should always be camera management

* Purchase the Quick Draw pistol and ammo ASAP for shooting out cameras(January does more damage to cameras than everyone else)
* Always be looking for cameras, you must be able to anticipate when a teammate could start getting shot by a camera turret
* When entering spaces with long sight lines (ex. a hallway) make sure to disable cameras to avoid being easy targets for camera turrets
* Use your "E" ability to save ammo on destroying cameras
* If a turret camera is activated and your team takes cover, see if you can get the button prompt to hack the camera from around the corner without exposing yourself
* I'm not sure when best to use your ultimate, perhaps just use it whenever you get it or at the end the level during the final exit rush to put extra pressure on the Mastermind

-=Samuel Tips=-
Samuel is a weird dude who likes to punch ? and I don't really know what his purpose is other than just being another melee character

Try spamming his "E" ability and mashing Mouse 1 button to continuously punch. His cooldown is a hilarious 2 seconds, so obviously Capcom must want it to be spammed. Don't try to kiss Tyrone, he's not into dudes.

I made this because I'm getting sick of playing with people with their head up their ?. And I'm not an expert on this subject. Maybe this will help a few people out, maybe it won't. Oh well. Hope it helps you a little at least.

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