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  Max Payne [cheats updated]
First thing to do is "Right Click" your Max Payne shortcut on your desktop or in your "Start Menu" and then click "Properties". Add "-developer" to the "target" line, the target should look something like this "C:\Program Files\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe" -developer. When in the game press "F12" to open the system console. You can enter the following cheats there:

God - God Mode
Mortal - Turns God Mode Off
Coder - Debug Mode
NoClip - Flying Mode
NoClip_off - Turns Flying Mode Off
GetBulletTime - Give More Slow-Mo
Showfps - Shows How Much FPS Max Payne Is Running On
GetAllWeapons - Gives You All Weapons
GetInfiniteAmmo - Gives You Infinite Ammo
GetBaseballbat - Gives You Only The BaseBall Bat
GetBeretta - Gives You Only The Beretta
Getberettadual - Gives You Only The Dual Beretta's
GetSawedShotgun - Gives You Only The Sawed Off Shotgun
GetPumpShotgun - Gives You Only The Pump Shotgun
GetJackhammer - Gives You Only The Jackhammer
GetIngram - Gives You Only The Ingram
GetIngramDual - Gives You Only The Dual Ingram's
GetMP5 - Gives You Only The MP5
GetColtCommando - Gives You Only The Colt Commando
GetMolotov - Gives You Only The Molotov Cocktail
GetGrenade - Gives You Only Grenade's
GetM79 - Gives You Only The M79
GetSniper - Gives You Only The Sniper Rifle
GetHealth - Recovers Your Heath To 100%
GetPainkillers - Gives You Only Painkillers

To exit the system console hit "F12" twice.

age Up/Page Down= change player models
BTW: If you get shot once you die immediately.
-from: Rion mail:

Access the secret ending
To view the secret ending of "Max Payne", enter this into the devloper console, without quotes:
"maxpayne_gamemode->gm_sendendofgamemessages( );"

Secret Area In Max Payne Tutorial
In the tutorial stage, jump on the van where you got the sniper rifle. Then jump to the square thingy on the wall. From there, jump to the fire escape balcony. Go up 3 floors and destroy the glass window. Wala. A secret room with a new gun.
I got the hint at the end of the tutorial where it says: ''Or you can continue exploring the rest of the environment...''

In Act 3: Level 4 (the garage), there is an Easter Egg featuring members of Max Payne's production team and some surprises. After the opening animation ends, take out the four guys that the car has dropped off. Now, before entering the garageon the right, face the garage and look just to the right of the opening. There are 3 barrels (one, and then two on top of each other), and an A/C unit coming out of the wall. Jump from one to another to reach the roof of the garage. You will now be facing a little shack on the roof, with a door-shaped section painted slightly lighter than the rest -- shoot this with any weapon, and it will fall away, leading to a room with a small grating on the floor. Stand on the grate, and you will fall into a room with a dead hostage, a sniper rifle and ammo, and a radio that plays a conversation between members of the production team with a bit of humor at the end.

Easter Egg Number 2,br> In the rooftop chase sequence there's a room you can get to that has a poster of Soldier Of Fortune II and some other useful goodies.

Easter Egg Number 3
In Chapter 3 when you start on the roof of the multi-storey car park you can jump on the barrels and then onto the roof near the exit ramp. If you shoot the peculiar looking metal wall you'll see it collapse. Then go through the opening, drop through a nearby vent in the floor and you'll end up in a small room. You'll find a sniper rifle and some ammo and a radio. "Use" the radio for some laughs.

Easter Egg Number 4
When you walk in on the bank robbery, you can shoot the wailing siren to stop it. Do this and Max will thank you.

Easter Egg Number 5
When you find the piano on the manor level, if you "use" it Max will play the title theme. Shoot the lid support out to drop the lid and then try playing the piano again.

Easter Egg Number 6
When you find the drum kit in the Ragna Rock bar, "use" it to play some beats. You can also get the guitar on the floor to squeal and if you "use" the stage microphones Max will say: "Karaoke was never my thing".

Easter Egg Number 7
In Chapter 1 level 3 you can find the handiwork of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Once you have found Muerte's Room (313), turn right when you exit the room. At the end of the hallway turn left and you will see a bathroom on the left side and a wooden door that is partially broken on the right side. Using any weapon break through the wood. Go through the room until you get to the broken window. Go through the window onto the ledge and follow the blood on the ledge. You will come to another boarded up doorway which is partially broken. Again using any weapon break through. Inside the room you will find a body with a stake in it and "Buff" written on the floor.


Additional Options:

Additional option Command Line Options. Max Payne has a few command line options that can be used in specific circumstances:

-nodialog: Skips the Max Payne startup dialog when loading the game.

-skipstartup: Skips the startup animation.

-screenshot: Enables the F10 key for taking screen shots. Screen shots are saved to "screenshots" folder under your Max Payne installation folder.

-disable3dpreloads: If the system runs out of texture memory while loading a level, this option may prevent the game from crashing due to a driver error.

-window: Runs the game in a windowed mode, in the resolution selected from the Max Payne launch dialog. All 3d accelerators do not support running in a windowed mode.
Command line options can be enabled by adding them to the Max Payne shortcut after the executable, for example:
"C:\Program Files\Remedy\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe" -screenshot

Using Developer Keys:

Following instructions carefully please:

First thing to do is "Right Click" your Max Payne shortcut on your desktop or in your "Start Menu" and then click "Properties". Add "-developer" to the "target" line, the target should look something like this "C:\Program Files\Max Payne\MaxPayne.exe" -developerkeys. When in the game press "F12" to open the system console. You can enter the following cheats there:

C-Key - Cycle Through 3 Different Camera Modes.
PageUp - Cycle Mesh Up.
PageDn - Cycle Mesh Down.
Ctrl + PgUp - Cycle TextureSet Up.
Ctrl + PgDn - Cycle TextureSet Down.
Home - Increase Game Speed.
End - Decrease Game Speed.
Home + End - Set Game Speed To 1.00x.
Insert - Teleport Max To Next Start Point.
Delete - Teleport Max To Previous Start Point.
F7 - Switches AI Movement Network Conn. Visualization.
F8 - Switches AI movement Network Node Visualization.
F11 - Toggle Statistics ON/OFF.
F12 - Open Console.
Left-Key - External Camera Left.
Right-key - External Camera Right.
Up-key - External Camera Forward.
Down-Key - External Camera Backward

Developer Messages
On the level where you are confronting B.B. on the parking garage, there is a hidden area where you can get a sniper rifle & ammo. Before going down the first ramp that leads deeper in to the garage, jump on the various objects by the entrance to the lower levels to get on a roof with a small metal-walled building on top. Bash on all the walls with the bat until a panel falls away and then go inside. Once inside, you'll also see a radio you can turn on to hear a rather humourous message from a couple of the game's developers.

War of the Rats
On Part I: Chapter 2, you can cause the rats to war amongst themselves. Use the developer command line cheat and give yourself a grenade ( then ''getgrenade'' in the console) at the start of the level. Toss it in the gap of broken titles after the initial level_start camera panning. This will cause the mission objectives to change to ''I had declared war against the rats''. As you progress through the level, you will come across the two factions of rats -- WITH DESERT EAGLES! Shoot at one of the ceiling lamps that's off at its base to make it fall, causing the start of the war. If your group of rats wins, they will join forces and follow you through the rest of the level. If the other rats win, they'll turn their remaining forces on you.

Secret room in Asgard Building
In the second part of the Asgard Building, after picking up the video tape and watching the TV news report about Aesir Corp being a bigger monopoly than Mic....ft ever was, there is a small, dark room with a table, couch etc. Shoot the small painting to make it fall off and a small white button is revealed. Press this button to make the couch behind you rise. Go down underneath it and use the control panel to open the door. Inside, switch the TV on to hear a funny version of Star Trek (called the Void) and open the cupboard behind the curtain to find, er... something else :)

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