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  TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiment [cheats]

Skip Training Missions:
To skip the training missions enter a Callsign and press Ctrl + Enter.

Cheat Mode:
Enter one of the codes below during game play to activate the following cheat

Effect - Code

* Auto-land at nearest base - Alt + L
* Invincibility - Hold Shift and type plop
* Full ammunition - Shift + D
* .LBM format screen capture - Ctrl + Keypad 4
-------------------------------------------------------------BASIC CONTROLS:
Flying the aircraft is done via the usual: mouse, joystick or keyboard arrow
keys. Use the buttons on the mouse/joystick to increase or decrease thrust.

+ -increases thrust
- -decreases thrust
[ -ignites or shuts down engine #1
] -ignites or shuts down engine #2

* -increases afterburner by one stage
- -decreases afterburner by one stage
/ -turns afterburners off

Auto Pilot:
There are four modes of operation for Auto Pilot. When activated, the control
MFD shows the auto pilot mode.
A -toggle auto pilot mode
7 -mode 1
8 -mode 2
9 -mode 3
0 -mode 4

Auto Land:
Press and hold the ALT key. Then press L to activate the computer controlled

Panic Recovery Button:
The TAB key activites the computer controlled recovery.

Landing Systems:
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) are a useful aid for landing your

I -turn on ILS
G -toggle landing gear up and down
W -toggle wheel brakes on/off
B -toggle air brakes on/off
H -toggle arrester hook up/down

- Hold the ALT key then press B to deploy the brake chute
- Hold the left shift key then press B to release chute

Navigation and Control Systems:
The Heads Up Display (HUD): The HUD is a reflection of the instrument panel
on the windshield so the pilot doesn't have to look down at the controls.
TFX also features a fundamental helmet based HUD.

- Hold ALT key then press the H key to toggle HUD on/off
- Target Lock - Your plane can track up to ten targets at once. Use C
to toggle lock between targets.
- Map - Use the M key to toggle the map on/off.

The MultiFunction Displays - Each plane has three MFD's to access information.

1 key - cycles through MFD 1
2 key - cycles through MFD 2
3 key - cycles through MFD 3
R - switches the radar range between 50, 30, 10 and 2 miles
N - switches between target views
MFD 1 - toggle target views accessed through MFD 1

MFD shows friendly and enemy units in the area.

Use the L key to display the last displayed message

Infrared Night Sight:
Hold the left hand shift key then press the N key to toggle night sight on
and off.

Weapon Selection:
Select the weapon type: Air to air, Air to ground or cannons.

Enter Key -air to air weapons
Enter Key Again -switches different types of air to air missiles
Backspace Key -Air to ground weapons
Right CTRL Key -Cannons
Spacebar -fires selected weapon
Laser Target -to guide air to ground missiles
Z key -activates laser target designator
Arrow Keys -moves the crosshairs
< -zoom in
> -zoom out
Z -when target is inside the lock
X -breaks the lock

Defense Measures:
Insert Key -releases chaff
Delete Key -releases flares
E key -emits ECM
S key -emits stealth mode

View Controls:
Internal Views:

F1 -fixes forward view w/ full instrumentation
Page Up -moves the cockpit up
Page Down -moves the cockpit down
F2 -swings view to left
F3 -swings view to right
F4 -look behind you

Other Systems and Special Functions:

- Press ESC twice to eject
- Hold ALT then press J to jettison your aircraft's fuel tank and air
to ground stores
- Press ' to open aircraft's refuel access
- Press ALT then press W to call up weather conditions
- Press P to freeze the action, then press any key to resume
- Hold the left hand ALT key and press V to toggle video recorder on/off
- Press T to toggle accelerated time on/off
- Hold the left hand shift key and press the Q key to quit without dying.
Hack your way through TFX saving you time and putting an end to the
frustration of having to replay through missions every time it's your
misfortune to die. Read on for how to do this and how to achieve some other
handy cheats ...

1. Backing up your pilot
There are 10 pilot spaces on the roster board in TFX. If you save a pilot on
the first space the file is saved under TFXSAV.0. If you save your pilot
under the second space it's saved under TFXSAV.1 and so on. Let's assume that
your pilot is saved under TFXSAV.0. Copy the TFXSAV.0 file to TFXBAK.0 by
copy tfxsav.0 tfxbak.0

2. Cheating to increase your points
Go into your C:\TFX directory and type the following:
copy tfxsav.0 tfxsav.ba1
then type: debug tfxsav.0 or any other TFXSAV file. Finally type in the
following to give yourself a massive 16777215 points:
E 0140 00 00 FF FF FF

3. Increasing your pilot rank
Debug any TFXSAV file and then enter the following codes to become a 1st

E 013F 01

Change the 01 on the first line to a higher number for higher rank:
02 Captain
03 Major
04 Lt Colonel
05 Colonel
06 General

4. Resurrect yourself if you happen to crash or be captured
Debug any of the TFXSAV files and enter these simple but highly effective
E 01F4 00
E 01AB 00

5. How to bypass the training missions and get on to the Tours of Duty
Do the debug routine - as mentioned countless times before - and enter:
E 01AB 00
E 01AD 01
E 01AF 3E

6. Skipping through the Tour of Duty and Flaspoint missions
Debug TFXSAV.2 (ooh! A different one) then to put yourself in one of the Tour
of Duty or Flashpoint missions type in one of the following:
E 01AD 10 The F117-A
E 01AD 0F The YF 22
E 01AD 0E The EFA
E 01AD 0A The Drug War
E 01AD 0B Defiance in The Desert
E 01AD 0C Operation Restore Hope Two
E 01AD 0D Bosnia: The Never Ending War
E 01AD 0C The Doomsday Ship

Having done this you must now put in one of the following codes:
E 01AF 05 Mission 1
E 01AF 0A Mission 2
E 01AF 10 Mission 3
E 01AF 15 Mission 4
E 01AF 1A Mission 5
E 01AF 20 Mission 6
E 01AF 25 Mission 7
E 01AF 2A Mission 8
E 01AF 30 Mission 9
E 01AF 3A Mission 10

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TFX: Tactical Fighter Experiment [cheats]