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  Giants Citizen Kabuto [cheats]
Hit "t" and enter:

pleasehealme Full Health
mapshowitall Reveal Map
gimmegifts Opens Fully Stacked Store Where You Are
allmissionsaregoodtogo Access All Levels
basegoveryfast Builds up Base Quickly
basepopulate Base Population
basefillerup Gives Base Energy
ineedspells Unlimited Mana
itsmyparty Instant Party House
fr Show Framerate
MasterDebug ?

Meccayrns: General Tips

Start sneaky! The best route in many of the early levels is trying to avoid a
direct fight on the Sea Reapers' turf. Whenever you can, attack at the furthest
range possible.
The map is a great help! Always use it for finding your way, even if the initial
briefing doesn't mention a goal it will show up on the map.
Use the sniper gun! This is probably the best weapon in the game for the Meccs.
Whenever possible, use it to take out turrets, barracks, etc. This is especially
true if a shop is nearby. With an easy source of ammunition, the sniper gun can
be used to clear out a level. Plus, who doesn't laugh every time a Sea Reaper
head pops off?
Learn how to control the other Meccs -- this becomes much more important in the
later missions. Use them as an ambush squad. Set them up around a corner set to
defend, then lead enemies right into them.
Always attack the barracks first! Unlike Kabuto, barracks can be a real pain in
the butt for a Mecc.
The only structures more important to kill than the barracks are missile
launchers. The other Meccs fly everywhere, and if you don't kill off the missile
launchers you'll find yourself alone and in trouble real quick!
Visit the shops! If a level has a shop, use that as a base of operations; don't
be afraid to make a tactical retreat as needed for more health and ammo. Reload
Toss grenades and mines like mad! The grenades are great at wounding the Sea
Reapers when they are in formation. Also, if setting up an ambush as we mentioned
above, use mines in front of the other Meccs -- this increases the damage a lot.
Plus the shop has more! Don't forget to go back to the shop
Using the Millennium gun can be real tricky. Sea Reaper Guards move too quickly
to be effectively targeted directly, so you'll need to zoom in from a distance
and try to shoot at the ground near them. A good shot can wipe out a whole
The Sea Raiks should be taken out from a distance if at all possible. While they
can't be one shot killed, they can be severely damaged in one sniper shot. If you
need to get up close and personal, the best method is to keep moving; try not to
stand still if they are directly attacking. Their area effect spells are brutal.
Meccaryns: Level Help *Spoilers Ahead*

These are the levels that gave us the most difficulty.

The Wax Smarties -- Don't Panic! The Smarties won't stop falling even if the
first group all falls in the water. So be careful and grab the easy ones.
The Wife -- Use the bush pack to sneak into the big barracks. Find the shortest
route between the lip of the valley and the barracks. It's possible to clear out
the areas around the valley without alerting the guards in the valley. Then, when
leaving, use it again to get out of the barracks. Once it wears down, just haul
ass as fast as possible back to Smartie village.
The Reaper Guard Barracks -- The problem here is the placement of the barracks;
they have great sight on each other. There are two ways to do this, sneaky style.
Go up on the lip just beyond the shop and knock off the bottom barracks with the
sniper rifle. Hit the shop for a reload, then clear the guards out down below.
Next hit the middle level barracks and again retreat. Repeat on the final
barracks. This is a pretty tough road, because the barracks up top will be
sending hell down on you regularly. Another route is to use the jet pack to get
up on the very high wall behind the shop, where you'll find a tower ready to be
used. Hit the top barracks first, then hit the shop for more sniper ammo and kill
the rest of the guards, in effect going top down.
Dick Whittington Prison -- You are in a high position with a shop. Use the sniper
rifle like a madman! Kill as much as possible before heading down. Make certain
to reload just before dropping down towards the prison. It's possible to get back
up -- it's just not fun.
The Offspring -- This is easy! Just stay out of the little bowl they are in and
shoot at their bellies from there!
Gordon & Bennett's Dilemma -- It's a long way, but you can go back and forth
between the starting island and mission islands. If you need more gear, go back.
Once again, snipe as much as possible, especially the enemy mission turrets: If
they aren't down you'll be in deep trouble trying to make that crossing. Getting
into the main fortress can be tough because the damn gate is so high up. We
actually got onto the back of the fortress, then circled around, instead of
trying to fly right up to the gate.
The Battle -- Base building in the single-player is a bit different than the
multiplayer. Your first goal should be getting the gift house and getting walls
around the base. With the gift house you can place turrets; we found ourselves
being attacked on only three sides so used the turrets on those three sides very
effectively. Basically, four smarties can build up the entire base given the time
and vimp meat. Speaking of vimps, don't kill more than you need, UNLESS there are
only a few vimps left in the herd; if that's the case kill all of them so the new
herd will spawn. The backpack turrets are key -- good placement will simplify the
mission greatly.
Delphi's General Tips

Sea Reapers heal in water, so remember that if you need to retreat. Also, using
the attack key while in the water will cause her to swim fast; use this to your
You can get souls from Sea Reaper guards if you kill them up close, just like
vimps, so go out and kill the enemy instead of vimps in order to fuel your
The Powerup bow ROCKS! Use it to shoot through force field walls at enemies
attacking your base.
Mines can sometimes be thrown right through your force fields; heavily mine the
outside of your walls.
The bows are nice, but we did 90% of our killing with spells and the sword. With
turbo you can jump close to a group of enemies, hit them with the firewall spell,
then run in and cut them up.
When base building, get the spellshop built first then get some force fields up.
Just as for the Meccs, walls are key. Unlike the Meccs you aren't going to have
any turrets, but you can get souls for killing Sea Reaper Guards, which means you
don't need to kill vimps. What you will need quickly on any base-building level
is four smarties. Get them as fast as possible and you should find the level much
much easier.
Once you get a party house set up, be certain to set up turrets! Place them on
the cloaked towers and the destruction is insane!
When setting up portals, always set down the first portal in your base, or
wherever you want the portal to end, and then go out and set up the second
portal. That way the tube is done and you can get right back to the base.
The race levels can be a real pain. Figure the first time on a track as a
learning experience; you probably won't win. The turbo powerup will win the race
for you every time. Any time we saw a straightaway we used it. The missiles are
also handy, but they can work against you if the opponent you hit swerves out of
control and knocks you out of a needed gate. Be careful.
Delphi Level's

The Power of Turbo -- This can be a tough level because you have such limited
spells against Raiks. When possible, use the sniper bow to shoot them from a
distance. Once that's not possible try the hellfire bow -- and try casting
shrink; it will half their hit points for a period of time. Remember the water if
you need to heal. Head back to the shop if needed.
The Reaper Fleet -- Smarties can be tough to find on this level. Keep searching;
you'll need at least three to finish the level. There is a small encampment that
is towards the army barracks -- use the map to find your way. Once again, set up
your base, then worry about going on offense. The top-level base with its turrets
and missiles can defend itself easily.
The Great Reaperski Race -- Arrrrg! Hardest part of the game for us. The key here
is using the turbo in the straightaways and being ruthless with the missiles. Try
not to get bunched up with the pack in the beginning; it's better to hit those
first gates than missing them. Once the lane clears a bit, hit the turbo to catch
up and then pass the more spread-out group. Don't give up hope -- this level can
be done, it's just incredibly tough.
Sappho's Palace -- Close to your base there are high mountain peaks; there is a
group of smarties hiding up there! There is also a village near the water with a
bunch as well. By this point base building should be a breeze. When casting the
tornado spell, remember to aim at the ground in front of the barracks.
Volcano Rendezvous -- Keep moving! Don't stop using the turbo! Use a time stop
spell on her to get her in one place, then follow up with sniper bowshots or the
homing bow. Remember you can heal up in the water.
Kabuto General Tips

Kabuto strategy is very simple: EAT! It's much better to eat Sea Reaper guards
than to attack them. Everything you eat is health. So you're killing enemies and
gaining health at the same time. If you feel hurt, just back up, draw the enemy
out and eat 'em. Many of the Kabuto levels are only dangerous if you fall into
the ambushes.
Ripper barracks shouldn't be destroyed right away. Those babies are filled with
food! Yummy!
Log throwers have Sea Reaper guards on them just sitting there! We call those log
throwers lunch boxes!
Offspring are only moderately useful. Use them as attackers on the evil Raiks.
It's the best way to avoid dealing with shrink spells.
Magnifying glasses -- who needs 'em? Volcano rock throwing is much more
Always eat the raiks first, then horn Sea Reaper guards, flying guards, sniper
guards and finally the normal guard.
Red Adrenaline attacks can clear trees, making it easier to see an area.
Kabuto Levels

The Last Sea Reaper Base -- If you can stay up on the ledge and get them to come
on up you should be fine; that area is small enough that you'll constantly be
able to fill up on guys. Send the offspring down into the base and clear out the
Raiks by the door. Don't go down there yourself until those guys are
significantly cleared out. It's very dangerous down there.
Kabuto Island-- No help here, you are on your own. One tip on the final battle:
Use the grates.

Sea Reapers Uncensored
To restore the original Sea Reapers look (Topless).
Open the ''Bin'' folder where the game is
installed. Delete/Rename/Move the file ''arpfix.gzp''.

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