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  Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition [PSX]
Unlock HUNK
Beat the A and B scenarios of ANY character on Normal Original Mode.

Unlock TOFU
Start a Normal Original Game. Beat Claire A. Then beat Leon B. Then beat Claire A. Then beat Leon B. Then beat Claire A. Then beat Leon B. To-Fu will be unlocked.


Start a Normal Original Game. Beat Leon A. Then beat Claire B. Then beat Leon A. Then beat Claire B. Then LeonA. Then beat Claire B. To-Fu will be unlocked.

Play as Ada Wong:
Successfully complete level 1.

Play as Chris Redfield:
Successfully complete level 2.

Extreme Battle/Survival mode:
Select the "USA Version" option and begin game play. Complete Leon's first scenario and save the game. Then load, complete Claire's second scenario in "USA Version", and save the game. The typewriter will type "???" instead of Leon's second scenario. Load that saved game to start Extreme Battle mode.

Extreme Battle Mode
Unlock Extreme Battle Mode by finishing the game with both scenarios in Normal Mode.

Unlimited ammunition:
Begin game play and press Select to display the options screen. Select the "Key Config" option, then hold R1 and press Square(10). The word "Auto" will turn red to confirm correct code entry.

Stronger weapons:
Select the "Arrange Game" option at the main menu and play as a rookie. When you first start as either character, you will have the submachine gun with unlimited ammunition. When you get to the police station, you can find aid sprays, a shotgun, some ammo, a gatling gun with unlimited ammo, and a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo inside any box.

Easy kills:
When playing as Jill at the very beginning of the game where you go into the dining room, instead of going into the hall to fight the zombie where the dead Kenneth is, run back into the mail hallway where Wesker is located. He will say something, then you will return to the dining room. Try to leave again, then walk up the side where the clock is. A zombie will appear there, and Barry will kill it. From this point on, all of the zombies will die in three hits.

Alternate uniforms:
Complete either character's first and second scenarios in less than three hours. A zombie in a uniform will appear after both missions are completed to confirm correct code entry. Load the saved game and begin the first scenario by going to the police station without collecting any items. Quickly move past the zombie that appears in the alley near the police station. Collect the shotgun, then kill the zombie. Take the special key from the zombie's body to open the lockers with alternate uniforms. Claire has a single alternate uniform, with a quick shooting revolver. Leon has two alternate uniforms, one of which will allow him to shoot with one hand.

Select original mode at the game selection screen. Then, go to normal game. Play through the beginning of the game without picking up any items (using the unlimited ammunition code is recommended). After reaching the police station, go down the stairs right next to the gate. You will see a zombie in a yellow vest (Brad Vickers from Resident Evil). Kill him and check the body for a "special key". Take this key and immediately head for the film developing room (dark room). There is a locker to the left when you first walk in. Use the key and Leon will get either an R.P.D hat, blue "wife beater" and green pants, or a bikers jacket with a skull on the back and black leather pants. Claire will get a cowgirls outfit and a Colt S.A.A (uses handgun bullets, but is faster and more powerful)

Unlimited weapons:
Complete either character's first scenario without saving the game in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking for the special rocket launcher. Complete either character's second scenario without saving the game in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking for the special gatling gun. Complete either character's second scenario without saving the game in under 3 hours with a A or B ranking for the special machine gun. The special weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.

Select "Options" from the main menu or press Select during game play. Then, enter the "Key Config" screen, select "Type C", and then select "Exit". The quick auto-aim feature should now be enabled. Hold R1 to get Leon or Claire to pivot and aim at any zombie they see, and press L1 while holding R1 is held to change targets. Note: You still have to hold Down to aim at crawling zombies and Up to aim at higher targets.

Hunk scenario:
Complete Claire or Leon's second scenario saving less than twelve times with a end time of under two hours and thirty minutes. Hunk is a soldier that must reach the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no puzzles.

Tofu scenario:
Complete either character's first and second scenarios in less than three hours. Play the game again with the other character, and also complete their first and second scenarios in less than three hours. Play the game a third time and complete either character's first and second scenarios again in less than three hours. Note: The game must saved less than twelve times during each of the six scenarios played and unlimited weapons must not be used. Tofu is a piece of tofu (food) that must reach the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no puzzles. Tofu can not use any weapons other than a knife.

Ada Wong picture:
Search the desk on the left side of the S.T.A.R.S. office. The phrase ""Its trashed someone must have searched it" will be displayed. Repeatedly search the desk approximately fifty times until a roll of film is found. Take the film and develop it in the photo lab to see a picture of Ada Wong in a basketball uniform.

Shoot the screen:
While playing Leon's scenario, take the unlimited ammunition shotgun and go to the roof where the helicopter crashed. Stand near the door leading inside, and make sure that a close-up view of Leon appears. Aim the shotgun at the screen and fire. Bullet holes will appear. Note: This may also be done at any location where Leon can aim at the screen with the shotgun.

Another way to do this is when Leon in the gun shop after the zombies killed the man. Get the shot gun from him and go to the bus that has crashed. Make sure you do not use the shot gun while going to the bus. Once inside the bus, kill the two zombies (on the floor and walking). Go to the back of the bus, where Leon entered, and aim at the screen.

Hint: Easy crocodile battle:
When fighting the crocodile in the sewers, simply run back to the door on the opposite end of the corridor and wait with the shotgun equipped. Just shoot it one time and it will crawl off.

When you are in the tunnel and you know your way to the crocodile, go to the side of the wall where you see a large pipe, This pipe will turn red once you get to the crocodile. Make your way down to the dump area. Once the crocodile jumps out, run towards that pipe on the wall - it should be read. Press X in front of it. Claire should kick it, and it will fall out. Back up a slightly, but keep the crocodile in view. Wait until it picks the pipe and puts it in its mouth. Then, shoot it with any weapon, except for the knife. The crocodile will be killed.

Secret Film
To get the secret film you must enter the S.T.A.R.S office and walk over to Wesker's desk. Keep searching until the 50th time and you will get a roll of film. When you take it to the dark room and develop it you will notice that it is a picture of Rebecca Chambers from the Bravo Team.

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