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Beyond Good & Evil
(hx) 11:37 AM CET - Jan,12 2004

Created by Michel Ancel, the man responsible for the Rayman franchise, Beyond Good & Evil is a sci-fi third-person action adventure game. Beyond Good & Evil centers on a character named Jade, a female reporter on the watery world of Hyllis who earns money by traveling via hovercraft to exotic locations to photograph rare species and events. However, Jade's home, the island city of Hillys, is under attack from the DomZ, an aggressive race of aliens. The Alpha Section has taken over military operations in the planet and has used its might to try to stop the DomZ invasion. But it seems that even the mighty Alpha Section can't hold off the entire alien attack. After the aliens attack a secluded lighthouse where Jade, her adoptive uncle Pey'j (portly half-hog, half-human who is a skilled mechanic) and adopted orphans live, the pair of investigative journalists begin suspecting things. After the aliens attack a secluded lighthouse where Jade, her Uncle Pey'j (portly half-hog, half-human) and adopted orphans live, the pair of investigative journalists begin suspecting things. Jade agrees to work for a revolutionary faction known as IRIS and she must use her skills to gather evidence to discover the truth behind the alien invasion and the vast conspiracy between the government and the aliens.

The gameplay is what you'd expect from an action-adventure game, it mixes exploration, on-foot adventuring, hovercraft driving, photography, combat, stealth elements, puzzles and teamwork. Objectives vary, but throughout the game you (as Jade) will have to take pictures of evidence, evade guards, solve puzzle and earn Pearls which there are a large number to uncover - can be used to buy useful and sometimes crucial upgrades for the hovercraft. Basically, the gameplay itself is divided up into several different areas:  exploration, combat, stealth, and vehicle sequences. You'll be doing plenty of combat on foot, but the real meat of the gameplay comes from its puzzle-solving. Both the puzzles and combat are never really frustrating, though the combat is simple and there's a little bit repetition in the puzzles. Teamwork plays an important role in the game too. To solve puzzles and defeat enemies, you will need a helping hand from your sidekicks. There are also some stealth levels where you must sneak around to avoid being sighted by heavily armed guards. As I mentioned, you will also control a hovercraft, which can shoot, and you'll upgrade it over time to fire more powerful blasts, as well as give it the ability to jump. The game controls (mouse + keyboard) are very simple, fully configurable, and easy to master. The only problem I had with the action elements is that the camera can occasionally get stuck behind walls, but not so much that it hinders play. Honestly, I never yelled at the screen in anger or frustration (unlike Prince of Persia: Sands of Time).

All in all, Beyond Good & Evil is a pleasant surprise and a joy to play. My only gripe is that it is too short, but then that only means I was sorry when it ended! :) Is it worth buying? Definitely! You will complete it in a day or two, but EB sells the game for only $19.99! For all of you who are hesitant about getting this game, my suggestion is try the demo (156MB) and see if you like it.

System Requirements
Minimum: CPU 700 MHz, 64MB RAM (128MB with ME/2000/XP), Direct X 9 compatible Video Card* with T&L and 32MB RAM ~GeForce2, DirectX 9 sound card, 2.2GB HDD space
Recommended: CPU 1.3 GHz, 128MB RAM (256MB with ME/2000/XP), Direct X 9 compatible Video Card* with T&L and 64MB RAM ~ GeForce3, Sound Card with EAX, 2.2GB HDD space

*Video Cards Supported:
Radeon 9800, Radeon 9700, Radeon 9600, Radeon 9500, Radeon 9200, Radeon 9100(wasn't tested), Radeon 9000, Radeon 8500, Radeon 7500, Radeon 7200, GeForce FX 5900, GeForce FX 5800, GeForce FX 5600, GeForce FX 5200, GeForce 4 Ti 4600/4400/4200, GeForce 4 MX 460/440, GeForce 3 Ti200/500, GeForce 3, GeForce 2 GTS/Ultra, GeForce 2 MX, GeForce 1 DDR/SDR

snd: 5/5 - voice acting is top notch (crisp with a certain sense of style), absorbing music
gfx: 4/5 - very good looking - cartoonish, utterly bizarre and beautifully rendered world, cool looking creatures, well done in-game cutscenes, a few camera issues
playability: 5/5 - great, captivating story, polished, intuitive controls, excellent level design, a very little frustration, no multiplayer, too short (10-12hours)
genre: action-adventure
platform: PC, (also available on PS2, GC, and Xbox)
release: December 2003
developer: Ubisoft
publisher: Ubisoft (homepage)
Overall: 85%

last 10 comments:

CJposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 12:23
One of the best action adventure games I've played. I totally agree with HX on this one. The price can't be beat either. If you have $20 to spare and want a great game. Pick this up. You won't be disappointed.

Dakoinaposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 15:17
I tested it for a couple hours and I must say I'm pretty satisfied :)

ohnoposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 15:47
this game is a breath of fresh air.

lonestarsurveyorposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 16:31
I'll admit I was a little skeptical to try this game for it looked too cartoony. Nothing could be further from the truth. The game is absolutely gorgeous and I enjoyed every minute of it. My only complaint about this game is that it ended. Well done UBISOFT for a great looking and refeshing experience.

Dragenposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 18:53
this game is up there with 2003s best games! i give 99%, i deduct 1% because of a very annoying bug late in the game (theres a fix). and the gameplay isnt 10-12 hours, its 5 hours and 30 min. and theres even talks about BGE2!

hujerposted - Jan, 12 2004 - 23:32
dragen : 5 hours gameplay is not true, this game takes much longer to complete (unless you use some cheats or walkthrough) this is the best action game in last 3 years, great and original story, superb music and graphics, i really liked this game

magaposted - Jan, 13 2004 - 08:09
this game is fantastic, 'nuff said. It took me 17 hours to finish, 10 hours recorded in the save-game. awesome.

jadeposted - Jan, 14 2004 - 07:42
well, not really that short...i mean how can it be short when u need to stop and enjoy that awesome sceneries...stop to see the whales. can anyone touched the whales?

pey'jposted - Jan, 14 2004 - 08:00
don't you think the mark is a little bit low? i mean this is such a polished game. we will never see games like this in a few months time.

stumpusposted - Jan, 14 2004 - 15:10
Totaly original! I couldn't believe my luck, when buying some DVDs,i just happen to see that Blockbuster had a half-price PS2 sale on and right at the end was -yep you guessed it- BG&E. It was for sale at an incredible £14.98!!!!! with on the back priced at £36.99 completely sealed. Me was *happy*

Howardposted - Jan, 14 2004 - 15:24
Great game, but criminally too short for an action/adventure game. While it lasted though, it was completely absorbing and a testament to the majority of software houses that original games with a lot of thought and design are better than simply tweaking a game and releasing it as a sequel. It would be great though if BG&E is continued as the storyline was strong enough to warrant a further game. Just make it about 3-4 times longer next time please!

posted - Jan, 14 2004 - 22:45
The Camera's in this game don't look high tech. They look like something from the 1980's. But other than that i don't see anything else i hate about the game.

El_Coyoteposted - Jan, 25 2004 - 03:12
"The Camera's in this game don't look high tech. They look like something from the 1980's. But other than that i don't see anything else i hate about the game." professional cameras nowadays doesnt look particular hi-tech either. i believe you are thinking of the rather cruddy personal cams you can get for ~£1000

rsiiiposted - Feb, 11 2004 - 06:22
Is there a soundtrack? I want the soundtrack. Whaere can I get a soundtrack?

sunamiposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 16:27
oh my god. such a good game and i don't know what to say

rolxerposted - May, 23 2004 - 22:31
i say its the best action-adventure game since twinsen! love it!

MarMite from swedenposted - Jun, 03 2004 - 10:21
i gotta say that when i tryed the game i was stuck=D i played the game for 7 houers. its the best game sins curse of monkeys island 3

ron kempposted - Sep, 21 2004 - 06:47
THERE is a sound track look for links on there home page and forum :)

Ron Kempposted - Sep, 22 2004 - 06:25
Found link for sound track

makerposted - Nov, 29 2005 - 01:48
Yes Iam and you?

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