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Official Destiny EV-30 Tumbl
Far Cry 4 pirates accidental
11-Bit Studios Addresses Ill
Elite Dangerous Will No Long
NVIDIA GeForce 344.75 WHQL D
Dragon Age: Inquisition Uses
Far Cry 4 - Day-One PC Updat
Battlefield Hardline Single
Final Fantasy XV Direct Feed
Ubisoft Responds to Assassin
Ubisoft Stock Gets Crushed
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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,22 2014 - all 
Play Sunset Overdrive for free this Saturday - console
(hx) 01:24 AM EST - Nov,22 2014 - Post a comment
In case you weren't exactly sure what to do this Saturday, Microsoft might have a solution as it's inviting all Xbox Live Gold members to play Sunset Overdrive for free. This event is happening to celebrate one year of Xbox One and it's one more little perk that Microsoft is offering to its customers this weekend. The great news is that this isn't some puny demo with limited access, this is the full Sunset Overdrive campaign, and even includes Chaos Squad, the 8-player coop experience, once you unlock it of course. Players will also be able to earn achievements and the game will save wherever you stop playing. If you decide to purchase you’ll be able to continue right from that point on. The game will become available starting November 22nd at 12:01 Eastern Time ( 5 AM GMT ) and folks will be able to enjoy it for exactly 24 hours.
How to fix Dragon Age: Inquisition Graphic Issues - briefly
(hx) 01:11 AM EST - Nov,22 2014 - Post a comment
Many players are facing issues like Mouse issues, DLL Errors along with Graphic Issues and more. Here is a guide where you will get quick and easy solutions for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
How to fix Dragon Age: Inquisition Issues and Errors:

Errors: 1603, 997 and more
when you see an issue with these kind of numbers, they mean that there is a problem with DirectX, graphics drivers or reditributables. All you need to do is update your drivers to the latest versions.

Graphic Issues
All the graphical settings are saved at C > Users> "user name" > Documents > BioWare > Dragon Age Inquisition > Save At this location find the ProfileOptions_profile and open it as a text file. Here in set each value to 1 if it is greater than 1. Also try to tun the game on lower settings.

Mouse issues
All you need to do is, turn off the Origin Overlay and your issues will be sorted.

DLL Errors
If you are getting an error message like "Invalid Cypher" or "Missing DLL", you will have to download the desired file. But be absolutely sure that you download your file from a trusted source.
Meanwhile Bioware is already working on upcoming fixes that will address issues that are being reported by its fanbase. As Bioware's Mark Darrah noted, the company has been hearing a number of concerns from members of its PC community, and is currently working on patches that will address some of them.
With the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, we've been hearing a number of concerns from members of our PC community, including:

    Driver support
    Hitching and frame rate issues in cutscenes
    Feedback on keyboard and mouse controls
    General user interface optimizations for PC

We've been following these issues closely and are looking into them.

Player experience is a top priority for us. Our goal is to address as many of these as possible in our upcoming patches, including some in our next patch, which is underway. We’ll release further details in the coming days and will continue to monitor your concerns.

Your feedback is important to us, and we appreciate your contribution to making Dragon Age: Inquisition a better overall experience.

UPDATE: If you are having DirectX issues and you have an AMD Radeon graphics card, please update to the AMD Catalyst 14.11.2 beta driver.

We are aware of issues with certain NVidia graphic cards and we are working with NVIDIA for a solution.
Far Cry 4 Patch 1.4 Delayed - briefly
(hx) 01:02 AM EST - Nov,22 2014 - Post a comment
Ubisoft was planning to release new patch Far Cry 4 today, however due to unforeseen circumstances this patch was pushed to sometime early next week. This update will fix, among other things, the black screen issue that some PC gamers have been experiencing.
We've heard the community and are pleased to say that we have been able to remedy the issue (identified in our Known Issues[] list yesterday) causing some PC versions of Far Cry 4 to go directly to a black screen due to the presence of external USB devices. Some have been able to temporarily fix this problem by disabling USB devices and certain drivers, but we realize this is in no way ideal. For that reason, this Friday, November 21st, we'll be releasing Patch 1.4.0 for PC that should remedy the problem and allow PC players to enjoy the game as normal.

Though Patch 1.4.0 will contain additional fixes on release, we wanted to let users know that the black screen issue has been tackled. An update containing the full list of fixes will be posted to the blog prior to the patch being released on Friday.

If you have any further concerns, please contact Customer Support.

Please Note: This is unrelated to the Game Update that some players were able to download earlier.

Update: November 21st, 3:30PM Due to a minor delay this patch may be pushed to sometime early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update you if we have a new ETA.
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,21 2014 - all
Assassin's Creed Unity Crash Workaround - briefly
(hx) 07:09 PM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment
The official Assassin's Creed blog has posted a workaround for the continue button crash in Assassin's Creed Unity:
We have discovered one of the issues that may cause the game to crash at the main menu after pressing the CONTINUE button. This issue affects all platforms.

The team is working hard on a fix for those players that have been affected by this. However, for players who haven’t experienced this issue, we highly recommend you take the following steps to prevent a crash:

- Do not add any IN-GAME RECENT PLAYER as a GAME CONTACT - If you already have GAME CONTACTS, perform the following to remove them:

My Brotherhood > My Contacts > Game Contacts (using RB/R1) > Focus on a Contact (LS) > More Actions (Y/Triangle) > Remove from contacts.
Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Trailer - movie
(hx) 04:31 PM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment
Bungie released a new opening cinematic video for the first Destiny expansion The Dark Below. This intro cinematic was already leaked earlier today but it is now officially released by Bungie. The Dark Below will be available on Dec 9th, 2014 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Extended Trailer - movie
(hx) 12:42 PM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment
Square Enix released a new trailer for their action role-playing game, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD titled "We Have Arrived". The trailer will be played in US theaters ahead of this season's biggest blockbuster films, the extended trailer below debuted on a special episode of Square Enix Presents with the game's director, Hajime Tabata. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on March 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

During a a recent live stream session focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD director Hajime Tabata revealed that Final Fantasy XV "Episode Duscae" demo will not release alongside FF Type-0 HD in March (release date will be announced later). The demo will be an hour in length, on normal playthrough Two Hours and if you decide to explore every part of the demo it will last more than three - four hours. It will be available only for a limited time (exact time frame wasn't revealed). The demo is a "special opportunity" and a sort of gift to the fans who have waited for the game since a long time. "And with regards to Final Fantasy XV, we'd love everyone to look forward to that as well, and we really want to deliver and showcase that it's really a new generation of Final Fantasy and we'll be showcasing that along with Final Fantasy Type-0, so we hope people will look forward to that as well," Hajime Tabata concluded.
Killler Instinct - Kan-Ra Trailer - movie
(hx) 12:34 PM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment
Kan-Ra will be available on Monday, Nov. 24, for Season 2 Ultra Edition purchasers, and then on Sunday, Nov. 30, for Combo Breaker purchasers. Additional Season 2 characters will continue to be released on a monthly basis until the season ends in spring 2015 (hint: you might have glimpsed someone new in the trailer).

Gstar 2014 - Lost Ark - gameplay video - movie
(hx) 06:38 AM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment
After an amazing debut trailer to kick off G-Star 2014, Korean developer Smilegate has revealed the full gameplay trailer for Lost Ark, its upcoming quarter-view action MMORPG. Lasting almost 20 minutes long, it highlights almost all the game features players can expect to see in the game.

Skywind - Morrowind Mod For Skyrim DevVideo #3 - preview
(hx) 01:12 AM EST - Nov,21 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
The team behind the ambitious Morrowind mod for Skyrim, Skywind, has released a new development video that gives us an inside look into its most recent progress for the project.

 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,20 2014 - all
The Crew - 101 Trailer - movie
(hx) 06:32 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Are you looking for a chance to test out Ubisoft's The Crew before you pull the trigger on the retail copy? An open beta for the game will hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 25 and 27. The Crew officially releases on December 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Far Cry 4 - Map Editor Trailer - movie
(hx) 04:07 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Ubisoft has released a trailer for Far Cry 4's map editor. The versatile editor allows you to create a variety of challenges, from hunting to creating your own outpost. When you've done that you can upload them online for others to play. At the moment created maps can only be played solo, but Co-op has been promised to be patched in soon.

Game of Thrones Games Series - Teaser Trailer - movie
(hx) 03:53 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is a new six part episodic game series that tells the story of House Forrester, a noble family from the north of Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge, intrigue, and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart.

You will take on the role of different members of the Forrester household, and determine their fate through the choices you make; your actions and decisions will change the story around you. Meet and interact with characters from HBO’s hit TV show. Visit King's Landing, The Wall and other familiar locations.

Although a official release date wasn't announced, the first of six episodes "Iron from Ice" will be available for download on PC, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One & iOS before end of 2014.

HBO Go Launches on Xbox One - console
(hx) 01:08 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
HBO Go, the app that offers the pay cabler's shows, has launched on the Xbox One. The app, which already had been available on the Xbox 360, will also support the Xbox Kinect's voice and gesture controls. HBO Go joins Crunchyroll, Movieplex Play, and Encore Play that launched on Xbox One on Wednesday. Other apps include the WWE Network, GoPro, and the NFL. Users must prove they're a subscriber to HBO in order to use HBO Go, although the network said it plans to launch a standalone service in the U.S. next year.

World of Warcraft has over 10 million players again - briefly
(hx) 01:05 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
World of Warcraft subscribership has once again surpassed the 10 million mark, announces Blizzard, saying the surge comes after the Warlords of Draenor expansion sold more than 3.3 million copies on its first day of availability.
IRVINE, Calif.-November 19, 2014-On November 13, millions of Azeroth's champions enlisted for the war against the Iron Horde with the launch of World of Warcraft®: Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion to the world's #1 subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.* Blizzard Entertainment today announced that as of the first 24 hours of the expansion’s availability, more than 3.3 million copies had sold-through† and the game’s global subscriber base had passed 10 million, with growth across all major regions.

The release last week in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia brought some technical and demand-related issues that made the first few days especially challenging for many players. To address the issues, Blizzard worked around the clock to roll out a series of updates and increase realm capacity across the board, and performance has remained solid since then. The expansion launched today (November 20 local time) in South Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
Ghost In The Shell Online Debut Trailer - movie
(hx) 12:14 PM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment
During this year's G-Star event, Nexon revealed the debut trailer for Ghost In The Shell Online. This new Ghost in the Shell game will most probably be a F2P title.

Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms Now Available - briefly
(hx) 10:28 AM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment
bitComposer and Games Farm announced today the release of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms for PC as a digital download or in an elaborately designed retail box at a price of €29.99 (RRP). In addition, players who purchase Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms through Steam during the first week of the release will receive a 20% discount.

DDoS attack on Gameguru - briefly
(cube) 10:05 AM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (4)
Since Monday, we've experienced several DDos attacks (distributed denial of service) on that sadly are significantly affecting website availability. The website went back to normal right now. Thanks for your continuing patience: we know how frustrating these problems are.
NCsoft unveils 'Project HON' - movie
(hx) 01:35 AM EST - Nov,20 2014 - Post a comment
At the G-Star 2014 show in Korea, NCsoft has unveiled a new mecha third-person-shooter called Project HON (HON = Humanoid robot On Neuro-control). Unlike NCsoft's previous games this is much more of a direct action title. It's also using Unreal Engine 4 and is expected to be released on PC next year, though later console versions haven’t been ruled out.

 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,19 2014 - all

Official Destiny EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow Trailer - briefly
(hx) 04:51 PM EST - Nov,19 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
There is a new stunt sparrow called the EV-30 Tumbler available in Destiny from the Postmaster to all those who downloaded the Expansion Pass! Check out the video by MoreConsole to find out how to do the tricks and stunts for the EV-30 Tumbler sparrow. What do you think is the best sparrow?

Far Cry 4 pirates accidentally reveal themselves - briefly
(hx) 03:37 PM EST - Nov,19 2014 - Post a comment / read (5)
There's very little that can be done to stop piracy. But at least Far Cry 4 is doing a bang-up job on making the game that little bit more difficult for those who don't want to pay. If your field of vision in Far Cry 4 is a tad bit off, then congratulations: You're very likely playing a pirated version of the game. The FOV feature is within the day one patch, but pirate gamers (As well as gamers who don't have the bandwidth left over to download it) wouldn't receive that slider. Naturally, these particular pirates were pissed off, and took to Twitter and message boards to vent their rage at Ubisoft. Which resulted in creative director Alex Hutchinson tweeting back the following:
PC players! If you're online complaining about the lack of FOV control ... You pirated the game.
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