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Assassin's Creed Unity Patch
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 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,20 2014 - all 
Weekend game, movie, hardware deals - briefly
(hx) 11:43 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment
Here's a selection of this weekend's PC / Blue-ray movies, hardware deals. FYI, there are only 5 days left before Christmas! :P Amazon Prime members in this part of the Big Apple can now use a mobile app to select and buy urgent essentials such as paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and batteries - delivered to their doors with great haste; the service runs from 6am til midnight, seven days a week. Two hour delivery is free; one hour delivery costs $7.99. Amazon Prime members don't necessarily have to fork out extra fees to benefit from Prime Now.
TechNews - Obama says North Korea hacked Sony - tech
(hx) 09:46 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
  • Windows 10: OneDrive dives deeper into the OS - Microsoft's cloud storage service, OneDrive, is quickly becoming more than just a basic locker in the cloud. With Windows 10, Microsoft is now making it possible to store app data on OneDrive, along with other aspects of your install. Inside the 'Update and Recovery' settings tab inside Windows 10 build 9901, the 'Backup' option gives you toggles for sending data to OneDrive for, well, backup purposes. Along with app data, you can store your Start layout, passwords, favorites and 'other' system settings to OneDrive. If you are thinking some of this sounds familiar, you are right, as with Windows 8, using your Microsoft Account, some of this data was synced already. What appears to be changing is the ability to store it in OneDrive and having more control over what data is syncing across the platforms. This addition is new in 9901, in 9879, there was no 'Backup' option available in the 'Update and Recovery'.
  • Skype's real-time translation tool now available - Microsoft made a promise earlier this year to deliver a preview of Skype's real-time translation tool for everyone to use and today, they are delivering on their words. The company has announced today that a preview of Skype's real-time translation software is available for Windows 8.1 users who signed up for the Skype Translator preview here. While Microsoft showed off a German real-time translation earlier this year, the preview is limited to Spanish and English for voice chat. But, for those of you who prefer to message each other with Skype, over 40 languages are supported. Even though this is an early iteration of the tool, it is quite easy to see how this service is extremely valuable. Being able to chat in real-time with anyone around the world without having to worry about the language barrier is game-changing.
  • Google's Year In Search - In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us?
  • Amazon Prime Now launches in Manhattan offering one-hour delivery - Amazon has launched a super speedy delivery service for its Prime members called Prime Now. The roll out of the service starts in Manhattan today, offering one-hour delivery "on tens of thousands of daily essentials". Amazon Prime members in this part of the Big Apple can now use a mobile app to select and buy urgent essentials such as paper towels, shampoo, books, toys and batteries – delivered to their doors with great haste; the service runs from 6am til midnight, seven days a week. Two hour delivery is free; one hour delivery costs $7.99. Amazon Prime members don't necessarily have to fork out extra fees to benefit from Prime Now. All it requires, apart from geography, is the Prime Now app for Android or iOS. Interested Prime subscribers in other areas/cities can even download the right app now and be notified when the Prime Now service becomes available to them.
  • Mysterious Malware Is Infecting 100k Wordpress Sites - - A Russian malware called SoakSoak has infected over 100,000 Wordpress sites since this Sunday, turning blogs into attack platforms. It's a potential shitshow, and it could've been prevented earlier this fall. Google has already blocked 11,000 domains to try to curb the damage. According to security firm Sucuri, the malware uses a vulnerability in a slideshow plug-in called Slider Revolution. The Slider Revolution team has known about the vulnerability since September, but it looks like they failed to fix it before the security hole got crammed with steaming hot malware. Researchers at Sucuri are warning that it'll be hard to completely eradicate the malware as long as so many site owners don't know it's there. In addition to removing the malicious code, they will need to update the premium plug-in. If the plug-in came as part of a theme, it won't update automatically, which means site admins will have to manually update.
  • Obama says North Korea hacked Sony, vows response - The attack was "far more destructive than any seen before on American soil," intelligence officials have concluded, according to The New York Times. But there's still very much we don't know about the attack, as even the FBI statement acknowledges. Earlier Friday a US official reported that the North Korean hack may have a Chinese link either through collaboration with Chinese actors or by using Chinese servers to mask the origination of the hack.
  • Apple iPhone 6 functions can be hobbled by magnetic accessories - There are reports of some Apple iPhone 6 users facing issues with magnetic accessories adversely interfering with the functions of their shiny new smartphones. Magnets have been known to interfere with electronic devices and accessories for many years so what's the new problem? Apparently Apple has been telling accessory makers that are part of its MFi (Manufactured for iPhone) program to avoid certain metallic and magnetic accessory furniture. An official Apple document does already talk about these issues but a reminder has gone out to MFi licensees.
  • Apple closes its online retail store in Russia - Apple said that it has taken down its online retail store and is reviewing prices amid extreme fluctuations in the value of Russia's currency, the rouble. It is not known when the store will return. Last month, Apple increased prices in its online store in Russia by 20% after rouble's free-fall made products cheaper than in the rest of Europe. Russia's central bank has spent $80 billion and raised interest rates dramatically from 10.5% to 17%, however, it has so far failed to stop the free-fall which has halved the value of the rouble against the US dollar since January. The central bank has pledged further measures to try to stabilize the currency, with First Deputy Governor Sergei Shvetsov describing the situation "critical". The currency's free-fall has been blamed on Western sanctions on Russia over its stance on Ukraine and the price of oil which has also halved in price this year.
  • Instagram Adds New Filters to Android and iOS Apps - Instagram today pushed out an update to the Android and iOS versions of its mobile photography application. The app adds five filters, the first new ones to appear in several years. The filters are named Aden, Crema, Ludwig, Perpetua, and Slumber. Beyond the filters themselves, Instagram now allows users to manage the filters. Users can rearrange the order in which the filters appear, as well as hide filters they don't like. Instagram for Android and iOS is free to download from the Play Store and iTunes App Store, respectively.
  • Samsung is reportedly in talks with LoopPay - Samsung is reportedly in talks with LoopPay to launch a payment system for its devices similar to Apple Pay. There's no denying that mobile payments is an emerging area of interest for technology companies and everyone wants to get into it before their is a clear winner. With the entry of Apple with its NFC based Apple Pay solution, Samsung seems to have taken the hint to enter the market with a system for its own devices. According to re/code, Samsung is in talks with LoopPay, which already has a mobile wallet system in place, for a possible licensing deal of the technology. Samsung is expected to launch its next flagship smartphone in the first half of 2015 and might be aiming to launch this wallet system alongside the device. CEO of LoopPay, Will Graylin, also revealed that their technology would come embedded in a smartphone in 2015 but hasn't commented about the Samsung speculation.
  • Toyota Mirai videos continue questionable hydrogen claims - Toyota has released a number of new promotional videos for the hydrogen-powered 2016 Mirai. Most are exactly what you'd expect: pretty, full of promise and vaguely informational. But there was one line in the Product Introduction video that caught out ear. In the Product Information video about the Mirai, the narrator goes into a short history of Toyota's green car advances. After talking about the Prius and the Prius Plug In, making EVs for urban commuting and the rest of Toyota's advanced fuel programs, we hear this: "Never satisfied though, Toyota engineers were simultaneously working on a brand new technology that met all the driver's needs with an even smaller carbon footprint, one that took its lead from nature itself."
  • Alien Outpost - Official Trailer - Two documentary cameramen embedded in an army unit in the most hostile place on earth, an outpost surrounded by the last remaining alien fighters (Heavies) of an invading attack force. The world may have forgotten about the Outposts, but the Heavies are planning the second invasion of Earth and the soldiers are the only ones who can stop it.
  • The Loft - Trailer - Open Road Films debuted the trailer for The Loft, an upcoming American-Belgian thriller film directed by Erik Van Looy, written by Bart De Pauw. Adapted by Wesley Strick, it is a remake of the 2008 Dutch-language Belgian film Loft by the same director. It stars Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller, Eric Stonestreet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Rachael Taylor, Isabel Lucas, Rhona Mitra, Valerie Cruz. The Loft will be released on January 23, 2015.
  • At Last, A Teaser For Season 3 Of 'Orphan Black' - Don't trust a doubled face. The clones of Orphan Black return to BBC AMERICA for a third season on ***Saturday, April 18, 2015.***
  • Knight of Cups - Official Trailer -  With Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman leading the cast, how could this possibly be bad?
  • SEVENTH SON Extended Movie Clips (2015) - Sergei Bodrov directed Seventh Son from a screenplay by Charles Leavitt and Steve Knight and a screen story by Matt Greenberg, based on the book series "The Last Apprentice" by Joseph Delaney. The film is produced by Basil Iwanyk, Thomas Tull and Lionel Wigram. Jon Jashni, Brent O'Connor and Alysia Cotter are executive producers, with Jillian Share and Erica Lee co-producing. The film will be released in 3D. Release Date: February 6, 2015.
  • Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer  - Set The World Free. The Divergent Series: Insurgent Is In Theaters 3/20/15.
  • Killers - Official Trailer - In Tokyo, a serial killer is murdering women and posting his violent crimes on-line. In Jakarta, a rogue vigilante uploads his murdering spree for the world to see. A psychotic game of cat and mouse ensues as the two men battle for notoriety. Soon it becomes clear that it's only a matter of time until the two killers square off face to face.
  • Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher And Rihanna Star In This Fake Trailer - When you have no choice? How do you Choose?
  • American Sniper - Trailer #2 - Warner Bros. Pictures released a new trailer for American Sniper, an upcoming American biographical action film directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Jason Dean Hall. Based on Chris Kyle's autobiography American Sniper. It stars Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes, Kyle Gallner, Sam Jaeger, Jake McDorman, Cory Hardrict, Navid Negahan, Keir O'Donnell. American Sniper is scheduled for a limited release on December 25, 2014, before opening wide on January 16, 2015.
  • Get Hard - Official Trailer - Warner Bros. debuted the trailer for Get Hard, an upcoming American comedy film directed by Etan Cohen, written by Jay Martel and Ian Roberts. It stars Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie, Craig T. Nelson, Gary Owen, T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.), Jay Pharoah. Get Hard is set to release on March 27, 2015.
  • Taiwanese Animators' Take On The Sony Hack Scandal - It may not be the most accurate way to get the news, but you get the gist. And a lot of head explosions.
  • Chinese Guy Packing Playing Cards Is Inhumanly Fast - Practice makes perfect and this guy's been practicing...probably ;-)
  • The Best Knife Sharpener Is A Car - As it so happens, you probably already own a knife sharpener. It multitasks as a vehicle.
  • GoPro: Skiing the Austrian Alps - Christoph Hoerner and Daniel Feichtinger make an epic trek down the infamous Austrian Alps.
  • Best High-Tech Christmas Card Ever - Pretty cool, isn't it? :)
  • A Supercut Of The 233 Biggest Viral Videos Of 2014 - The internet may have come a long way since dial-up, but dancing or being a cute animal (or both) are still surefire ways to rack up the views.
  • Couples Try To Guess How Obscure Sex Positions Work - It makes it both cuter and weirder that one of the couples is the director's parents.
  • Well That Doesn't Look Right - Especially the pregnancy test is pretty cool :-)
  • What An Active Ice Flow Looks Like - This footage comes from the Wild Ammonoosuc River in New Hampshire. If it doesn't seem that scary or impressive, keep in mind that this ice flow is carrying away entire trees.
  • Choose: Funny or Crazy? - Are these reople funny or crazy? :-)
  • Nina Agdal 4 Leonisa Lingerie Christmas Wishes - Sometimes photo shoot titles are just dead on in titling. Like this Nina Agdal lingerie pimping promotion for Leonisa called 'Christmas Wishes'.
  • Colleen Shannon Sells Us 138 Water - Once again :-)
  • Victoria Klinkova's Sexy Spread - Victoria Klinkova - Maxim December 2014 (12-2014) Russia!
  • The best pics on the Internet #110 - All pictures are carefully handpicked!
  • Hottest Babes on the Internet #53 - Which one is hottest? ;-)
Elite: Dangerous Visually Downgraded? - briefly
(hx) 05:27 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (2)
Elite: Dangerous has been recently released, however according to a number of fans that had access to the beta versions of this sim space game, it appears that the final version has been slightly downgraded. As we can see, some environmental effects are missing from the final version, while the textures themselves seem to be of a lower resolution. It remains to be seen whether Frontier will comment on this report or not. (thanks DSOGaming)
Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Opening Cinematic - movie
(hx) 04:27 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment
Capcom has debuted the opening cinematic for their upcoming episodic release Resident Evil Revelations 2. Resident Evil Revelations 2 will release as digital episodes at $5.99 each beginning February 17 with episodes 2, 3 and 4 to follow on a weekly release pattern. In addition, a full retail box set will debut in March featuring all four episodes as well as to two additional spin-off episodes, alternate costumes for the characters, and several new characters for RAID mode.

Lords of the Fallen - Patch 1.4 - patch
(hx) 04:19 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment
CI Games has released a new patch for Lords of the Fallen on all platforms. According to the company, this update improves the stability of the game on the PC, and comes with lots of fixes for bugs and issues that were reported by the game's community. As always, this patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can view its complete changelog below.
-Fixed the Catacombs pit breaking the save file
-Players cannot skip/exploit the tutorial Rhogar Marauder (sorry speedrunners!).
-Fixed death while healing, which caused respawn in death pose.
-Fixed the conditions for final boss special loot - it's actually doable now!
-Commander boss becoming idle during fight is now extremely improbable.
-Fixed the "die after respawn" issue both in Catacombs and in Solitude.
-Post Chromashift setting is now optional.
-Fixed a nasty visual bug when using Shelter spell.
-Fixed Kaslo blocking the Planetarium entrance (#StopTheTappening).
-Fixed Annihilator being permanently slowed down under certain conditions.
-Saving the game without losing the Experience Multiplier is now possible (press L3 while saving), and regular saving does reset it.
-Fixed the exploit allowing to keep Best permanently stunned.
-Daze spell will no longer influence bosses, as it could easily have been exploited.
-Fixed the triggering of cutscene with two imprisoned Monks in Catacombs.
-Fixed the quest with Crippled Rhogar NPC, where under certain conditions, obtaining the reward was unnecessarily blocked.
-The appearance of portal ending the Chamber of Lies made more intuitive.
-Fixed the incorrect damage values displayed in Inventory.
-Fixed Harkyn being able to pass through an intact secret breakable walls.
-Fixed the unnatural contrast changes (especially visible in Keystone exteriors).
-Fixed greatswords not dealing damage after parrying.
-[PS4] Screen tearing significantly reduced.
-[PC] Fixed several issues with disconnecting the gamepad controller.
-Fixed the Catacombs bossfight arena lever inactive under certain conditions.
-Fixed loot disappearing from chests upon death.
-Tweaked the hitboxes for Champion boss.
-Found and fixed few Hunter (crossbow) buggers who tried to shoot you through walls.
-Fixed some locks disappearing from treasure chests.
-Lowered frequency of "Patch is coming soon" message on Lords of the Fallen social pages.
Imagine: Star Citizen Trailer - briefly
(hx) 04:12 AM EST - Dec,20 2014 - Post a comment
Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game "Star Citizen" and its companion single-player spaceflight sim, "Squadron 42." RSI is also your portal for information, updates, and purchases of your very own spacecraft with which to trade, plunder, and protect the citizens of Star Citizen.

 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,19 2014 - all
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies Trailer - movie
(hx) 04:19 PM EST - Dec,19 2014 - Post a comment
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies mode will bring more Hollywood actors to the first-person shooter when it launches next month, publisher Activision announced today. A teaser trailer released today offers some glimpses of the creatures players will be fighting. This time around, they're not regular zombies - they're Exo Zombies. The cooperative Exo Zombies mode will feature John Malkovich (Con Air), Bill Paxton (Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror) and John Bernthal (Fury). It's unclear if the actors will lend their voices to Advanced Warfare, or if their likenesses and performance capture will also appear in the game, like Kevin Spacey's starring role in the campaign as Jonathan Irons. (The trailer features narration from Malkovich.) The first chapter of Exo Zombies comes with the Havoc add-on for Advanced Warfare. Havoc is set to arrive in January on Xbox platforms, and later on PlayStation and PC.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 - Zombie Reveal Trailer - movie
(hx) 04:17 PM EST - Dec,19 2014 - Post a comment
Just released today, Space Pirates and Zombies 2's new Zombie Reveal trailer showcases the eponymous zombies, a hivemind-powered universe-conquering foe all brain-having players learn to fear. : 90% off on Gothic,The Guild,Spellforce - briefly
(hx) 04:08 PM EST - Dec,19 2014 - Post a comment
Nordic Games' entire catalog will be available for purchase until Tuesday for up to 90% off. has teamed up with Nordic Games to bring you an unmissable weekend deal. Nordic Games' entire catalog will be available for purchase until Tuesday for up to 90% off. Tuesday is the day before Christmas Eve, which means you can get over 30 (thirty!) Nordic Games titles just in time for a last-minute Christmas present to yourself or a gamer friend/significant other/family member/pet with opposable thumbs.
How you like THEM apples?!! We teamed up with our friends at Nordic to bring back their games to for one more brief but glorious stint. Their entire catalog will be available for purchase for the next 4 days and it's an offer you can't refuse. You can get all the great titles at individual discounts ranging from 75% to 85%, or you can complete your Nordic catalog with all the missing games at 90% off! Let's take a look at some of the highlights on offer. The Spellforce series delivers an RTS/RPG mixture depicting a fantasy saga of epic proportions. With a vast realm to explore and conquer, a huge collection of story-driven scenarios, and many memorable character, this series is something that every strategy and RPG fan should try at least once, especially when it's 85% off.

Painkiller: Black Edition is everything you love about old-school first person perspective shooters delivered in a good-looking, demonic package. The protagonist of the game takes on the denizens of hell and delivers a royal whooping to the fallen angel host and their monstrous pets. With incredible weapon design, satisfying fast-paced gameplay, and hordes of foes to shred to pieces, this game will satisfy your need for ultimate badassdom.

And let's not forget about the one-two combo of the acclaimed Gothic series with Gothic 2 Gold Edition and Gothic 3 available 85% off. Prepare yourself for a long and enjoyable visit to the realm of Myrtana full of peril and mystery. There are many more gems among the 35 titles included in the promo so make sure you head on to the promo page and pick your own Nordic notables. Make haste, the games will only be available for purchase for the next 96 hours! The offer lasts until Tuesday, December 23, at 10:59AM GMT.
Far Cry 4 DLC Coming On January 13th - briefly
(hx) 02:12 PM EST - Dec,19 2014 - Post a comment
Ubisoft announced today that Escape from Durgesh Prison, a new piece of downloadable content for Far Cry 4, will be released on January 13th, 2015 on PC. In this challenging time trial players will race against the clock and other players for a top spot on the leader boards. Ubisoft announced today that Escape from Durgesh Prison, a new piece of downloadable content for Far Cry 4, will be released on January 13th, 2015 on PC. In this challenging time trial players will race against the clock and other players for a top spot on the leader boards. Escape from Durgesh Prison is available as part of the Far Cry 4 Season Pass or can be purchased separately. The Season Pass is still available and includes Escape from Durgesh Prison as well as the content below:
* The Syringe - Already available exclusively for Season Pass holders, players must keep a rare and potent recipe from falling into the hands of Pagan Min's forces. Playable in single-player and co-op, players will need to ensure that Pagan Min does not use its devastating effects on the rebel forces.
* Escape from Durgesh Prison - Available on January 13th 2015: The player and a fellow captive have been rounded up and tortured in Yuma's prison. Players will have to escape from the prison and survive the hostile lands of Pagan Min's Kyrat.
* Hurk Deluxe Pack - Five missions, playable in single-player and co-op, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk's Redemption are available. Access an arsenal of new weapons including a harpoon gun for Hurk.
* Overrun - Team up as Rakshasa or Golden Path in this PvP mode and control a series of neutral locations across Kyrat's countryside to protect them from being overrun by your opponents.
bAjay's helicopter has crashed on an unforgiving Himalayan ridge. Explore the frozen landscape and find tools to upgrade your camp and protect it from a dangerous cult when night falls. With single-player and co-op options, players will not be alone, but in the darkest caves players will have more to fear than the cult as the yetis await their prey.
4K PC Version of MSG V: Ground Zeroes on Steam - briefly
(hx) 12:51 PM EST - Dec,19 2014 - Post a comment
Konami has released Kojima Productions' tactical espionage game, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, on Steam. (It's currently on sale for $13.39.)
El Segundo, CA - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today released the PC version of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES via Steam's digital distribution service. The PC edition of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES marks the first use of 4K compatibility in the METAL GEAR SOLID series, boasting an increase in the number of simultaneous light sources, the number of models that can be displayed on-screen and increased shadow resolution. The game is available now for an SRP of $19.99.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES takes place in 1975 and sets in motion a series of events that culminate in the stunning plot lines of the upcoming METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. GROUND ZEROES stars Big Boss - legendary hero and mercenary - as he infiltrates a sprawling secret prison base called ‘Camp Omega’ in Cuba on a rescue mission. He soon finds himself alone behind enemy lines, in a truly non-linear mission that showcases key advances to the series made possible by the use of Kojima Productions’ FOX Engine.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES is centered on a large open environment, with missions where time of day and weather cause a dynamic effect on the game and its content. The game offers total freedom of movement within its missions by allowing users to choose how they engage guards, what routes they traverse and who they rescue. As such, the game offers incredible replay value, encouraging players to revisit its content in order to find more secrets. Furthermore, the game features an online global ranking system where players can compete in unique in-game and mission challenges, as well as achievements to see how they compare against others around the world.
 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,18 2014 - all
Amazon is offering the Surface Pro 3 for $100 off - tech
(hx) 07:02 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
For those who have been looking for a deal on Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, look no further, as Amazon has dropped what could possibly be the most coveted deal ever on Microsoft's tablet. Although we saw some press worthy deals during Black Friday, Amazon seems to have unleashed its own deal that easily eclipses anything we have seen to date. For those eager to purchase a Surface Pro 3, Amazon is currently offering $100 off any Surface Pro 3 that is in stock and sold directly from Amazon. But, to make the deal even sweeter, they are also throwing in a $100 gift card. There are also no restrictions, meaning you will be able to get this deal on even the base model Intel i3 unit that generally sells for $899 USD.

Minecraft: Story Mode Announced - briefly
(hx) 02:14 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
Telltale Games announced today that it's working on a new video-game narrative-driven episodic series based on Mojang's Minecraft game. Yes, this is a completely separate, episodic, narrative-driven Minecraft game. It will involve player choice. Whether or not it will be an adventure game like what Telltale normally makes or a sandbox adventure similar to the current Minecraft remains to be seen. Mojang provided some quick details on their own post for the news.
- Minecraft: Story mode will be a narrative-driven video game created by Telltale Games. It will be about Minecraft.
- Mojang is collaborating with Telltale and members of the community to make Minecraft: Story Mode as Minecrafty as possible.
- The first episode will be released some time in 2015, and will be available on Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.
- Minecraft: Story Mode will be released episodically, just like The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, or the recent Tales from the Borderlands, which is another developer-collaboration series between Telltale Games and Gearbox Software.
- We're not intending on creating an "official" story for Steve, or explaining the world of Minecraft in detail. It will be a cool game.
- The Minecraft 2 thing was a joke. No really. It was a joke.
Evolve - PC Technical Test On January 16th - briefly
(hx) 02:10 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
On January 16th, PC gamers will get their hands on the game's technical test, while PS4 gamers will get their turn on January 17th. In order to participate in those technical tests, you need to have been in the Alpha, or on PC have Bioshock or Left 4 Dead in your library.

2K also announced all-new way to experience Evolve offline. Every character, every map, and every mode in Evolve can be experienced entirely offline as a solo player competing against computer-controlled opponents. Whether playing as the Monster, or hot-swapping between an entire team of four Hunters, Evolve’s unique blend of 4v1 gameplay is particularly enjoyable alone when playing the dynamic campaign, Evacuation, which combines the full array of maps and modes into a highly replayable experience.
Tropico 5 - Waterborne Expansion Now Available - briefly
(hx) 01:56 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
Kalypso Media has announced that the first expansion pack for Tropico 5, Waterborne, is currently available. The first "major expansion" for the popular island building & political simulator Tropico 5 will open up a brand new industrial front for your people that will hopefully see you prosper by way of maritime profits. You can expand your housing market with floating apartments for the richest of you island, and you can give back to the planet by building eco-friendly energy production. You can even expand your armed forces to the sea, building a mighty naval force. So in other words, "it's time to get nautical".

Outcast 1.1 Coming To Steam - briefly
(hx) 01:11 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
Fresh3D announced that an updated version of Outcast will be coming to Steam later today. According to the development team, this new version packs some bug fixes, offers native full HD support, and is optimized for CPU multi-threading.
For the CPU required. We just tested the game on an Intel i7-2600 @3.2Ghz, and it works smoothly at 1920*1080. :)

We also tested on an i5, and it worked too, but a bit less smoothly when unning at 1080p. But no problem with lower resolutions. :)

The new voxel renderer will support and use all the threads available. :) So yes, it does take full advantage of 4+ cores. :)
Drift Stage - Gameplay Trailer 60 FPS 720p - movie
(hx) 12:39 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
The team behind Drift Stage - a modern evolution of the classic arcade racer - has released a new gameplay trailer for it.

Killing Floor 2 - Developer Diaries #3 - preview
(hx) 12:28 PM EST - Dec,18 2014 - Post a comment
Tripwire has released a new dev diary for Killing Floor 2. In this brand new developer diary installment, Weapons and Perks: Part 1, the team gives an inside look at what it takes to push the weapons and perk systems to the next level. Killing Floor 2 is developed and published by Tripwire Interactive for the PC, SteamOS, and is currently planned for a 2015 release.

 Gameguru Mania News - Dec,17 2014 - all

DYING LIGHT - Test Your Survival Skills Video - preview
(hx) 06:56 PM EST - Dec,17 2014 - Post a comment / read (1)
Choose Your Own Path - create your unique playthrough by making decisions and get an early taste of Dying Light. Delve into an open world that's full of possibilities!

GOG Bundle of La-Mulana, Astebreed, Unholy - briefly
(hx) 03:06 PM EST - Dec,17 2014 - Post a comment
GOG has a classic gem promo deal for Bundle of La-Mulana, Astebreed, Unholy:
A unique quartet of Active Gaming Media titles, including one of the all-time best action platformers, a relentless arena slasher, a spectacular shmup, and monster management sim, is available as today's extended 72 hour-long gem offering. Get all four games bundled up at -78%, for as little as $9.99, or individually -60% each, on

Active Gaming Media Bundle is an all-you-can-eat mash-up of contrasting dishes from Japanese cuisine. But, boy, it's all rich in umami... Astebreed is a gorgeous mecha-inspired sci-fi shoot 'em up with fast-paced multi-perspective action, while La-Mulana offers 30+ hours of metroidvania-style platforming in pixel-perfect Mayan ruins. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is a pure rush of adrenaline with lightning-fast sword combos, scores of enemies, and brutal bosses swarming the arena. And Unholy Heights will make you smile. A lot. With 20 different monster races living in your tenement building it's a tower defense game like no other.

Make sure to check out this scrumptious variety platter from Active Gaming Media. The promotion lasts until Saturday, December 20, at 10:59 AM GMT.
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