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Windows 10 upgrade will not
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Cossacks 3 Announced
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 Gameguru Mania News - May,30 2015 - all 
GTA V - LSPDFR Trailer #2 - movie
(hx) 07:50 AM EDT - May,30 2015 - Post a comment
The team behind the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) Mod for GTA V has released a new trailer for it, and revealed that its first public version will be released soon.

 Gameguru Mania News - May,29 2015 - all
The Witcher 3 No XP Glitch Fix Coming On June 1 - briefly
(hx) 05:30 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC will receive a new patch on Monday (June 1) which will carry fix for the nasty "no XP Glitch" in the game. In addition to this, CD Projekt Red clarified that this No XP Glitch in The Witcher 3 won't have any impact whatsoever on the game balance. Marcin Momot, CD Projekt Red Community Manager stated:
We would like to let everyone know that we are aware of the XP glitch players are reporting and we are working to have it fixed as soon as possible across all platforms (Monday for PC & patch 1.04 on consoles in the following days).

At the same time we want to shed some light on the issue. First of all, it doesn't impact the game balance in any significant way. Also, you will be able to finish the game with your character achieving a level within the threshold we had in mind when we designed the game.

We hope this clears things up a bit. Again, rest assured, we won’t stop working on improving the game and there are more patches coming in the near future.
Xbox Live's Free Games With Gold For June - console
(hx) 05:24 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download four games across Xbox One and Xbox 360 in June. Here's what you'll be getting for your subscription starting next week:

- Massive Chalice ($19.99): Available from June 1-30 on Xbox One
- Pool Nation FX ($13.99): Available from June 1-30 on Xbox One
- Just Cause 2 ($14.99): Available from June 1-15 on Xbox 360
- Thief ($29.99): Available from June 16-30 on Xbox 360

Games with Gold freebies are available to all Xbox Live Gold members. However, you'll need to maintain an active Gold subscription to keep having access to the free Xbox One titles.
Meet Female Programmer Behind Atari's Centipede - interview
(hx) 05:19 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
Dona Bailey was the software developer and programmer behind Atari's 1982 shoot' em up game Centipede, and although her name might not immediately ring a bell, her impact on video game culture has. In this episode of "Hello World" Motherboard heads to Arkansas to speak to Bailey about being a video game pioneer and how she came to develop one of the most well known and formative games in history.

Need For Speed Reboot Requires Online Connection - briefly
(hx) 05:16 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
The official Twitter account of Need For Speed shared some interesting information about the latest part in this legendary racing series. As it was revealed, Need For Speed will be a complete reboot of the series and not a sequel. In addition, it was confirmed that the game will require an online connection in order to be played.
@DeanRheims NFS will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends.
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die PC Demo - demo
(hx) 04:35 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die hits the PC on June 5th and a PC demo has just been released. This demo is 2.4GB in size and can be downloaded from here. D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die is a new mystery adventure game from SWERY, the mind behind Deadly Premonition. This unsettling tale unfolds through a series of episodes as the hero pursues his wife's murderer and dives into the past.

Upcoming Kepler Fix Will Increase Performance - tech
(coolio) 03:29 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
A few days ago Nvidia reported on working on driver updates to address Kepler issues with The Witcher 3. It appears though, that Kepler owners will enjoy a performance boost in several games with the new driver. Nvidia's ManuelG noted that the upcoming drivers will offer a universal fix for Kepler GPUs that will boost performance in various PC games. That's good news indeed, especially considering recent allegations that Nvidia is crippling older GPUs performance in the latest games in order to promote its new Maxwell series, something that is quite evident in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as the game runs considerably worse on Kepler GPUs compared to Maxwell 900 series.
AMD Catalyst 15.5 Beta Driver for The Witcher 3 - tech
(hx) 03:16 PM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
AMD has finally released a new driver that focuses mainly on Project CARS and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to its changelog, this driver adds a Crossfire profile for The Witcher 3 and offers up to 10% performance increase on single GPU Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics products, as well as up to 17% performance increase on Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics products.
Crossfire Profiles updates for:
- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Performance Improvements for the following:
- The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt: Up to 10% performance increase on single GPU Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics products
- Project Cars - Up to 17% performance increase on Radeon R9 and R7 Series graphics products

Known Issues:
- The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt: Crossfire users may experience poor performance or random flickering. As a workaround we suggest disabling Anti-Aliasing from the game’s video - post processing settings. If the issues persist further, we suggest disabling Crossfire while we continue to work with CD Projekt Red to resolve this issue.
- Project CARS: Corruption may be observed if Anti-Aliasing is set to DS2M. As a workaround we suggest using a different Anti-Aliasing setting.

Optimizing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Performance on AMD Radeon Graphics

Further to installing Catalyst 15.5 Beta, there are additional manual steps AMD Radeon customers can take to improve the performance of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Please refer to the following KB support page in order to ensure you get the best possible experience in The Witcher 3.

SOMA - Gameplay Trailer - movie
(hx) 11:40 AM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
SOMA, Amnesia developer Frictional Games' new first-person sci-fi horror game, will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC on September 22, the developer announced. A new 12-minute gameplay trailer was also released.

Nvidia Shield Console Released - console
(hx) 05:37 AM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment / read (3)
NVIDIA will have two versions of the NVIDIA SHIELD Console that are being made available to purchase on May 28th. You'll have the basic NVIDIA SHIELD 16GB Android TV for $199.99 and then the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro 500GB Android TV that runs $299.99. Both versions of the Android TV device will come with a gaming remote controller and an HDMI 2.0 cable. The main difference is the amount of storage space, but keep in mind that both versions have a microSD card slot that can expand storage by 128GB if you wanted to purchase a microSD card to do so. The NVIDIA SHIELD Pro also comes with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is planned to be released on SHIELD on July 1st, 2015, but the release date is dependent on the game publisher).

Does HATRED really have an AO rating? - briefly
(hx) 03:43 AM EDT - May,29 2015 - Post a comment
There are a lot of things surrounding this issue with HATRED, and the ESRB.

 Gameguru Mania News - May,28 2015 - all
Beautiful World of The Witcher - briefly
(hx) 05:08 PM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment / read (7)
The new trailer features a bird's eye view of some of the gorgeous environment gamers can experience in The Witcher 3.

Subject 13 Now Available For PC & Mac - briefly
(hx) 03:10 PM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment
Microids announced today that Subject 13, the new game developed by Paul Cuisset - the man behind 'Flashback', 'Future Wars: Adventures in Time' and 'Moto Racer' - is available on Steam and for PC and Mac (35% off). According to its press release, Subject 13 is an adventure game in the greatest tradition. It depicts a universe with all kinds of secret hidings, enigmas and mechanisms that the player will have to discover, analyze and activate. But also objects to collect, handle and make good use of in the scenery.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Debug Console Mod - mod&map
(hx) 02:51 PM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment
Skomski has released a new mod that enables the Debug Console for CD Projekt RED's RPG. This basically means that PC gamers can become invisible by enabling the game's God mode, or level up with ease thanks to this debug console. In order to install the mod, drop the content of the zip file without any changes in 'The Witcher 3 Wild Huntbinx64'. If the game does not start, download Microsoft's Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. In order to enable the debug console you'll have to press "~" while you are playing the game. Moreover, you can enable a free camera by pressing "F1". You can find a list of the commands you can use here.

In order to enable the game's God mode, you'll simply have to type 'god' in the debug console. In order to level up your character, you'll have to either type "levelup" or "setlevel(X)" (where X is the level you want to advance to).
Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay video - movie
(hx) 02:16 PM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment
A new gameplay trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released that's a direct continuation to the previously-released Officer Down gameplay trailer, titled "Time to go to War." Batman: Arkham Knight will available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 23.

PS Plus: Free Games for June 2015 - console
(hx) 05:32 AM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment
These games will be free for PS Plus members starting on June 2nd.

OverWatch - Tracer Gameplay Preview - preview
(hx) 05:31 AM EDT - May,28 2015 - Post a comment
Try keeping track of Tracer in this complete, unedited match from an early version of Overwatch, captured in 60fps on PC. Here, Tracer plays on the defensive team in Hanamura, a Point Capture map set in an idyllic corner of Japan.

Hopefully, seeing Blizzard go after everything Valve does (HotS VS. DOTA2, this Vs. TF2) might light a fire up their ass, and they'll get working on more games.
 Gameguru Mania News - May,27 2015 - all

Starfall Tactics - Memories of War Trailer - movie
(hx) 07:06 PM EDT - May,27 2015 - Post a comment / read (1)
Starfall Tactics is an online space RTS/wargame that mixes in-depth spaceship customization with unprecedented attention to combat.

Armored Warfare - Early Access Launch Trailer - movie
(hx) 07:03 PM EDT - May,27 2015 - Post a comment
Obsidian Entertainment and announced today the start of Armored Warfare's Early Access program. The first round of Early Access is running from the May 27th to June 3rd.

Kholat - Launch Trailer - movie
(hx) 06:58 PM EDT - May,27 2015 - Post a comment
IMGN.PRO has released the launch trailer for Kholat. Kholat is an exploration game with strong elements of horror, inspired by the true story of nine Russian students who died in unexplained circumstances in north of the Ural Mountains on the east shoulder of Kholat Syakhl. The game will be narrated by Sean Bean and is planned for a June 10th release

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