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Call of Duty
(hx) 04:29 PM CET - Nov,10 2003

What looks like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault plays like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault but in fact isn't Medal of Honor: Allied Assault? :) Well, I will tell you. It's Call of Duty! Call of Duty is a World War II based first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward, a newly formed studio including 22 of the individuals, and all of the production leads, who worked on the original Medal of Honour: Allied Assault. (FYI, the original company that developed Allied Assault, is now developing the Vietnam-based Men of Valor for Vivendi). Call of Duty is done in a mostly similar style to their previous work, but this game includes more of the good and less of the bad.

The single player in Call of Duty gives you three parts (28 missions) - American, British, and Russian. The maps are played chronologically with you starting as a Pathfinder for the United States (101st Airborne) on the night before D-Day invasion. You then switch over to the British (6th Airborne Division) where you join the British Special Forces as Sergeant Evan and take part in the famous assault, Capture and Defence of Pegasus Bridge. Finally there’s the Russian campaign which starts in Stalingrad and ends with you raising the flag above the German Reichstach. Each of these three parts is a completely different experience with different settings, weapons and team mates. Each mission has markedly different objectives, ranging from the capture bunkers, destroy a battery of German anti-aircraft guns, daring rescue at the prison camp, capture intact a bridge crucial to the defense of the Normandy beach landings to sabotage the legendary battleship Tirpitz. Call of Duty also offers a few more densely scripted missions, such as an American level where you're riding in an old sedan, shooting Germans out the window. Another has you actually get to command a T-34 tank, controlling both its movement and turret.

Each side will have a wide arsenal of authentic weapons, including the Germans, whose weapons you can always pick up and use. Call of Duty features a wide arsenal of authentic American, British, Russian, and German WWII weapons, including various rifles, submachine guns, side arms, and grenades. For example, the US weaponry includes Thompson M1A1M, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), Colt M1911A1, the British weaponry includes Bren LMG Mark II, Lee Enfield Mark I Number IV, Mk V Sten Carbine, the German weaponry includes Mauser 98k, MP-40, Kar 98k, FG-42, MG-42, P08 Luger, Model 24 Stielhandgranate and finally the Russians weaponry includes M1938 Mosin-Nagant Carbine, PPSh-41, M1895 Nagant Revolver and Tokarev TT33.

Call of Duty is fast paced throughout generally, so expect hordes of enemies at times. Each mission is brilliantly paced and varies in style, so you never feel the repetitivenes, instead there are nice memorable moments such as Stalingrad opening where I've truly been made to think about the horrors of World War II. Try to imagine Volga under heavy fire from German dive-bombers and you are in a boat, this time crossing the river to Stalingrad with other "recruited" soldiers. They are pretty scared and one of your troop jump out of the boat in fear and was shot by his own officer in the water. After getting off the boat you start off with no weapon and are forced to be a runner drawing fire for snipers. There's a lots of explosions and dead bodies, as you hold back the German forces until your superiors can call in an artillery strike.

The game's AI is surprisingly great (though I found a few bugs). The soldiers in your squad take cover, deploy suppression fire and actually help you, as they're supposed to do so. Also the Enemies use cover well. In fact, if you fire and they duck behind a wall, they won't show themselves again until you stop shooting and they feel it's safe.

Call of Duty includes a surprisingly good multiplayer with 11 multiplayer maps based on missions from the single player campaigns. There are five multiplayer modes that range from standard, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, to some unique modes - Behind Enemy Lines (a very small team of Allied soldiers is outnumbered and surrounded by Axis soldiers behind enemy lines), Retrieval and Seek & Destroy (a team must plant bombs on targets on the map while the other team strives to defend the targets from the saboteurs). Most of these modes are enjoyable to play, mainly because the weapons, the basic combat model, the tech and the maps are all solid. In addition, the game does include an in-game server browser with pretty much all the features you've seen in Q3A and RTCW.

I've noticed that some people are trying to compare Call of Duty with Hidden & Dangerous 2 (I will try to review the game soon). I would like to note that you can't really compare Call of Duty and H&D 2 since Call of Duty is an action FPS genre and H&D 2 is just a representative of the tactical shooter genre. As you see, totally two different genres. Some people prefer action, some tactics. Although I'd say, forget the tactics and let's go to kill all the badies! :)

Overall, Call of Duty simply rocks. No joke. It's the most atmospheric game I've ever played in this genre, and while the gameplay may not be innovative, it's solidly implemented and very enjoyable. When comparing it to movies it was a mix of the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan" and the beginning of "Enemy at the Gates". For those that haven't gotten there yet just crank up the speakers and enjoy! Is this game worth your money? Definitely!  Download playable demo1 / demo2.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium III 600MHz / Athlon 600MHz or higher for systems with Win98/ME (at least 700Mhz for Win2k/XP), 128MB RAM, 3D Hardware Accelerator Card - 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible 32MB (ATI Radeon, GeForce, Parhelia), 8x CD-ROM drive (1200 K/sec sustained transfer rate), 1.4GB HDD space (+600MB swapfile), 100% DirectX 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card

snd: 5/5 - extremely realistic (turn EAX on), tons of speech, and very satisfying effects
gfx: 4/5 - pretty good - immortal Q3A engine (though heavily modified), awesome level design, incredible fire and explosions and even blood, pretty fast even at 1600x1200, a few dated looking interiors and low resolution textures, minor clipping issues
playability: 5/5 - very addictive + highly authentic atmosphere & fights, fairly short singleplayer (~8-10 hours gameplay - depends on selected difficulty mode), pretty linear, multiplayer rocks (11 maps), short loading times, fairly solid AI
genre: WWII FPS
release: October 2003
developer: Infinity Ward
the game is similar to: Medal of Honour: Allied Assault
publisher: Activision
Overall: 94%

last 10 comments:

bloodukposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 16:31
Id give this game 98% ive never played a game where i actually felt like i was there and felt i had to save my comrades!

Thuggishposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 17:06
This is truly a bad ass game. A+ man..

JSoloposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 17:23
I liked the game, but I wish the levels were not as short. And I wish the game overall was not as short. In some ways, I liked some of the MOHAA missions more. The scuttling of the Nazi subs was one of my favorite missions of all times in a FPS game and just plain fun in MOHAA. The Stalingrad mission was, to me, the Russian version of the Omaha beach landing - video game wise.

JKposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 17:31
Yeh, the game was far too easy. I even finished it on the hardest setting, i kicked the Nazi's asses. lol

Juniorposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 17:55
Game is far too short i excpected more challanging missions.Alos i thought multiplayer will be better but guess i was wrong.Soldiers are running like a rabbits damn too fast and shooting is poor.Even multiplayer in Allied Assault is more realistic and fun than here.Gfx is good here ,but i won't buy the game coz of gfx.there are many better games like this.Sorry this is my way of thinking i don't care if you love this game or not.I don't like it.Old AA is better than this one,levels are better designed in MOH series and that counts. Let's wait for another ww2 shooter. Peace :)

chrisposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 18:05
the stalingrad level ROCKS !!!!! it really copied ENEMY AT THE GATES movie which i liked very much :) played the game in one go... so i want moooooooooooooooooooooooore.. pls :)

joopyposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 18:19
its a real game and hard but no easy

Specterposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 19:22
If only someday these game-makers would realize the obvious in making what they called "The True Sequel/Expasion to MOHAA". Take the best sequences from Mohaa and make it BETTER , not easier with just new Gfxs and weaps.. Come On Guys , listen to ur hardcore fans for once..Its called PR Research. Overall the game is sweet, but a disappointment to all the Hype built up before the release....

TheBeak47posted - Nov, 10 2003 - 19:37
I think it kicks ass and with it being open ended for mods!! well let the games begin :>)

boomixposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 19:47
patch is in the works. I hope they kill bunny hopping, make snipers harder to use (ET style with steady-bar) and nerf nade throwing range especially throwing while jumping. And introduce realism. :) Right now COD is trying to hard to pull of realism while the game is truly arcadeish.

bloodukposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 20:21
Atleast its longer than max payne 2 :p

ritzposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 21:14
Yah, JSolo, The Stalingrad mission is probably the best mission/map on CoD. The American/British missions were simliar to MoH, but still good. I will recommend people to watch those WW2 movies before playing this fine game... 90%

ritzposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 21:18
Oh yah, by the way, it's known that ATI users may need to downgrade their driver version to 3.7 to play this game(blank screen problem), and I I dunno if it's my problem that anything EAX I set in sound will create cracking/poping sound once a while....

Tomposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 22:02
I'm using Omega's 3.9 drivers. No problem. Creative Labs also released new drivers. Non certified though and likely best to do it through their mock up copy of Microsofts online update. As usual, turning on EAX will lag your game incredibly. Miles 2D is the best option imho.

Tomposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 22:05
I don't care if Max Payne is short. How do you come to that assessment. Have you played every skill level? Anyone can play skill level 1 and end it there and say it's too short. Max Payne 2 rocks more than Max Payne 1. The replayability with better than ever AI is great too. Don't just play this game at level 1, work your way up and realize the enemy actually has brains.

bloodukposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 22:14
RITZ... do u use an nforce board? , if so ud be good to grab the latest audio drivers they fix eax and popping. Furthermore drivers later than 3.7 needed fastwrites off to work with cod. Myself im staying with 3.7

xxxposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 00:55
sorry, i got fastwrites on with 3.9, no problem

ritzposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 05:15
nope, I have a 845PE board with FR off... just strange that 3.8 was fine for mp2 and h&d2.... maybe I should try updating the intel inf and iaa as well... thanks for the tips.

CRUCiposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 05:46
this shit is way better then moh

L.Aposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 10:34
MP is where its @ ppl ! SP game is good but i expected more TANK missions ! WHY ISNT THERE ANY ONLINE MP TANK MISSIONS ?

your daddyposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 11:56
If there's a nude female model hack like Max Payne 2, i'll buy it. :D Max Payne 2 gave the best "bang for buck" :D

aaaposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 12:51
4/5 gfx O.o ....gfx in this game sucks

CASH_PLposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 15:17
This game rocks...Especially the Russian stage kicks ass...more like that please...!!!!! 10 out of 10 points from Polish player...

Sawnoffposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 17:32
I have only played the first Demo,But i must say the overall realism is the best i have experianced yet 10/10 ;=} Sure gameplay's not very original,and mission not to hard,guess you can only do so much when Re-playing true historical events;=}If their was only the freedom of Battlefield 1942,that would make this game truly outstanding.Im ready to go spend my $50 so im not wasting my time downloading Demo 2 on my lousy 56k dial-up...Great potential..Good Job

Juniorposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 18:49
Realism hahaha this game has nothing in common with realism,this is almost pure arcade gameplay,game will need a lot of patching for sure.I expected too much of this game and what i have now ...nothing ,i finished game way too soon.But the most funny words are from our precoius hx :) :"What looks like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault plays like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault but it isn't" Da hell this for sure isn't MOH.If MOH have Gfx from CoD will be much better guys,Gfx doesn't make great,try to remember that.Where else did you see soldiers jumping and running like a rabbit than in CoD???? Play Hidden & Dangerous 2 not CoD!

Tomposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 21:18
I agree. COD is overhyped nothing new and nothing but a theft of MOHAA. All the guys have broken backs and are slouched, so either they are constipated from the food, or just over exageration of war time posture. I'm playing the single play, no not on easy skill level like these others who claimed to have finished the game in no time. It's ok... but I just feel this game is way way way biased in the reviews. Let's not forget it's the same guys that jumped ship on MOHAA and to make it worse, they are looking at crap modders from MOHAA to really mess up the game. Realism built into MP wasn't good enough, they are looking at super fake CK realims etc. Nuff said.

rustupidposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 21:59
eerr did you even forget that these are some of the developers of MOHAA??

hubabuba@siol.netposted - Nov, 12 2003 - 00:10
Only GFX is better here in CoD otherwise MOHAA is far much better to play online that CoD,also levels are designed in MOHAA better than here.Realism sux here in CoD big time,maaaaan you can throw a nade mile away ????never saw such a throwing not even in pro baseball players,but guess CoD soldiers can throw a nade like a pro....... I'm done with this,let's wait for Pacific from same team.I hope they will learn something from this.

WMIposted - Nov, 12 2003 - 08:58
Great review of the game. To all those who say it is a rip off, i say GREAT! MOHAA is an amazing game...this is just a fitting evolution of it. I cant wait to see on based on the HL2 engine! I'm almost craping my pants thinking about it. Oh wait....too late.

DesertFoxposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 01:00
You guys who are bashing this game are idiots. May I remind you that it was made by the same freakin' team that made Allied Assault. You guys say CoD is arcady, yet, so is Allied Assault. Or did you guys forget that in AA you had to shoot a Nazi way more times than in CoD, which, by the freaking way, is unrealistic. Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Nazis don't bleed. Don't get me wrong I thought Medal of Honor was the best war game ever made when I played it. The truth is though, this game surpasses AA on every level. It keeps the D-Day like parts from AA but it also keeps up a more intense (just like war is) pace throughout basically the whole thing. I'm not bashing Medal of Honor:AA, but this game is better. A step up, no matter how small, is a step up. Oh, yeah, just so you know, I'm just commenting on the single-player and not the multi-player.

Juniorposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 11:01
We didn't froget that the same guys made CoD,but do you tryin' to say that if every next game from the same author is better and better maaaaaan where do you live,in Mars ??????I lot of people thinks CoD sux big time ,a lot of people were dissapointed about this game.We will see how much people will play this game online,but MOH will be played 100 more times much than CoD you can be sure on that.And why will be MOH played much more than CoD probably not coz CoD is better game,what do you think?CoD is fair game but we expected more from it.Game don't have such fun Multiplaer than MOHAA!!!It will never have!Like i said let's wait for Pacific Assault than CoD is doomed.I rather play Wolfenstein than CoD even Wolfensten has better gameplay. Good luck CoD lovers :) and Peace ! Oh yeah and about shooting Nazis.Are you shooting any other nations here than Nazis ????Man i finished the game in no time and i was shooting Nazis with British,Americans and Russians,what da hell did i missed is there bonus game when you are Nazi and shoot them back????????Don't get you Desert about that ??Can you be a Jap in Stalingrad ??????Did you really played CoD or did you played Hidden & Dangerous 2 coz there you can shoot Japs? Well ok,bye :)

Irish Hussarposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 16:09
MOHAA was a good game for it's time, COD has taken the same formula and improved upon it in a number of ways, for example the weapons are better, (I especially like the way you can aim down the iron sights), the sound is better, there is more interaction with your squad mates with them providing covering fire and such and the graphics in my opinion are more polished. The single player is a little on the short side unfortunately, but I'm hoping that there will be a few mission disks in the near future. So all in all, MOHAA was great at the time, but is now showing it's age. COD is the new flavour of the month. I and most other gamers hope that Pacific Assault is even better still and the one after that is better than all those before.

i don't likeposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 18:50
I Gave a hard paid for this shit, You Give me very FUCKING SHorT TIME...!!!! BITCH!!!!! it could be nice if it were start from '42 not from 44 or you can make it start for even a very '39...

L.Aposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 20:45
I hope COD ppl release some TANK MP maps ! i wanna ROAST n TOAST ppl in them russian TANKS !

meposted - Nov, 14 2003 - 00:40
MoH, OPerationg flashpoint, and this game are munst the best war games ever.

lazposted - Nov, 14 2003 - 05:10
Dissenting opinion I read all the positive comments here and elsewhere and went out and bought this game. I’m sorry, but this game is too unreal. It’s an arcade game folks;nothing more. It’s NOT a sim. Raven Shield; Ghost Recon are much better despite the restrictions on movement ( eg. simple jumping up and over ). The scenarios begin well enough but rapidly goes down the yellow brick road into the land of Oz. Verdict: good for KIDS 14+

Juniorposted - Nov, 14 2003 - 13:44
The game is good for playas' who are not so much spoiled about those game.Like Laz said for kids... AMEN

bobposted - Nov, 14 2003 - 20:19
While the scenery is very cool, the game play is the same old grind, nothing imaginitave here. While some maps are teriffic, others are down right lame. The Tirpitz mission is nothing more than a re-hash of the submarine mission from MOH. All the maps appear to be restrictively scripted and the only course of action is the one prescribed by the map designer. While impressive at times, the enemy AI is predictable and the friendly AI seems to get in the way more often than not. However, it is cool to see the enemy react to incoming fire and try to throw grenades back at you. The game was way too short. Overall I had fun playing COD but except for a few maps, it has little replay value.

Kami and Sori and Xposted - Nov, 19 2003 - 18:46
LOL, you monkeys

bjoeposted - Nov, 20 2003 - 20:23
damn good, this game like a realistic, war not alone.......... i already five time finished!!!!!!!!!!! i repeat ,,this is the best of best game!! not like Medal of Honor,,,!!!! :}

axis_soldier@axis.axposted - Nov, 24 2003 - 00:15
the best shooter in all times. super feeling. the game isn't short. it looks short because it's so beautiful. you can never get borring in this game. ONLY ONE WEAK POINT. WHY YOU ARE ALLWAYS ALLIED SLODIER ? I WANT TO PLAY AS A AXIS SOLDIER !!!!

sam mirandaposted - Dec, 06 2003 - 23:28
This is a gaming masterpiece: exciting, involving and graphically brilliant. Buries medal of honour allied assualt in a coffin, this game is far superior. So realistic! p.s. stalingrad rules. kill cam rules.

WORlockposted - Dec, 07 2003 - 01:02
what happened to all them beautiful screenshots they were showing us in preview months ago? This game looks nothing like what those pictures look like :-S

fanofcodposted - Dec, 16 2003 - 16:11
This game plays surprisingly similar to soldier of fortune 2 which is great. The gfx are really cool, and forget realism, it's a game! I love the sound of those bullets whizzing past, reminded me of Saving Private Ryan.

Parreyposted - Dec, 19 2003 - 01:22
This game is every other world war 2 fps put together and shaken. it is the best fps that any1 has or most likely will ever put together. Cant wait for more from these guys.

pammaposted - Jan, 04 2004 - 18:54
pure& simple,great game.

costaposted - Jan, 16 2004 - 12:50
i havent bought or played this game but it looks pretty good.i loved max payne 2 but was too short & i finished it in 2 days.rainbow 6 was good too.wat about this?worht buying?

exploderobe2posted - Mar, 03 2004 - 17:47
its better than meadal of honor its the best get it now now now it fukiing mind my french bloody good get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ragnarok Online)*^)posted - Mar, 04 2004 - 11:38
Cooool game,whaaaaat an experience!!!!Kept on repeating the single plyr campaign for about 3 months. Made MOHAA looked like crap to me.WHAT'CHU WAITIN FOR GET ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

VooDooposted - Mar, 23 2004 - 10:44
What can i tell you, this is one of the most complex, most best World War 2 simulator.When i first played this game i was werry happy because it wasen`t werry difficult, but Stalingrad is a big fuckup, so is Poland. I really like zis game.

NEEposted - Apr, 10 2004 - 05:14

blobbyposted - Apr, 11 2004 - 17:17
COD has no atmospehere. For me MOHAA had great atmosphere. This I think was due in no small part to the MUSIC. No one seems to mention this. Try and find an equivalent to snipertown in COD... not possible. Also the background effects such as the rain (in your eyes) and distant fire, the wind in Algiers etc. all add to the feeling that your "in the game". COD looks too good, too crisp.

Yoposted - Apr, 17 2004 - 17:09
Are you guys forgetting that its not the realism or atmosphere or music that makes a game great, its how much fun you have playing it jackasses!

macposted - Apr, 22 2004 - 20:16
sorry can you help because I have problem with strting the game i click on start game and the game returns to menu!What shoull I do??

Yuriiposted - Apr, 27 2004 - 23:12
Some touches are better than MOHAA (such as when a shell goes off really close and you go deaf for a moment), but the game is incredibly short for the price (6-10 hours gameplay). The firearms don't look as pretty as in MOHAA, but are much more realistic in their use and accuracy (the bullets actually go where you tell them to!). Tank stage(s) are terrific and fun. Gameplay is slightly up from MOHAA, but the rigidly linear missions and short play time are big negatives. Also, I wish the AI were a little more advanced and your fellow soldiers weren't constantly stopping in doorways and just standing there, and the enemies still like to change in large groups down hallways towards you.

kToiposted - May, 01 2004 - 22:29
Don't buy this game. It's awful. Well possibly not awful but certainly not worth the 35 quid asking price. You could get the full MOHAA pack including both expansion sets for the same money. Ok it was pretty but who wants to watch a movie I want to play a game and as far as the gameplay goes youll get about 5quid an hours worth. Yeah its really that short. The AI is poor. The multiplayer is terrible. Enemy Territory is much more fun and doesnt cost a penny. Dont believe the hype.

Agustin Coronelposted - Jun, 15 2004 - 02:35
Hi, this game is fantastic!!!, its wonderful, i"m live in Uruguay, but im speak some english, Thank you!!!

VooDooposted - Oct, 05 2004 - 10:07
it`s the best WW2 simulator ever,lookin forwoard to united offensive!

Bulaon boyposted - Feb, 24 2005 - 02:17
This game is reaaaally GOOOOOOD Masanting ya.

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