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Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
(hx) 10:06 PM CET - Nov,01 2003

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is already third instalment in Pyro's legendary tactical strategy series. I've played all the previous games in the Commandos series and couldn't wait for this one to come out. Now that I have it and it's not so good as I expected. Let's see what you can expect from this sequel.

Commandos 3 is based around three campaigns (only 12 missions + tutorial) located in Stalingrad, France and D-Day landings.As you might guess from the title, the third campaign takes place in Berlin. All three campaigns can be played in any order. For example, in the Stalingrad campaign, you must eliminate an elite enemy sniper that is in the area trying to kill the generals (a Russian general and General O´Donell). After that there will be a massive attack from german paratroopers trying to get hold of the American general as he has a very important information, etc. I won't reveal more here, but you will end up in the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin.

In the game, you will be in control of six different commandos (The Sniper, Spy, Green Beret, Diver, Thief and Sapper), each of them with his own skills. For example, the sapper is a demolitions expert who can set land mines and charges, the spy can predictably disguise himself and is a master of subterfuge, the thief is a scrappy little French guy who's a true "master of unlocking." Of course, only the sniper can use a sniper rifle, or only the diver can use diving equipment to go underwater, while all Commandos can swim. As in the previous Commandos games, all of the team members work together quite nicely and compliment each other's skills.

One of the first things you will notice while playing Commandos 3 is the User Interface is pretty different from Commandos 2, but is not better. Now you can access everything you need from an on-screen button, but the frantic nature of the game forces you to rely on keyboard shortcuts if you want to survive. Unfortunately, the shortcut keys are totally different to Commandos 2's interface, so even the more experienced Commandos players will have to adjust to it a bit (there's no option in the game to re-configure keys). So be prepared to learn pretty weird things such as using the mouse wheel for the map rotation, instead zoom the map in and out, etc.

The game plays out essentially the same as the two previous games, but one huge notable difference is that there are some timed missions. In this case, you have to complete a mission under a certain time which makes the game a bit frustrating as you will be replaying the same mission again and again. Of course, the difficulty level may still be too high for some, especially for those of you who never played previous Commandos games. There's no chance that you’ll make it through a level on your first try, even for experienced gamers. Also the briefing is very brief and most of the time you are unsure of what to do.

Graphically Commandos 3 looks pretty good like the previous Commmandos games. There are decent snow and rain effects to underscore the changing seasons and theaters of war, each person in the game rendered with brilliant detail and in-game movies look pretty cool. The entire exterior is 2D, but the interiors are rendered in real-time 3D, allowing you to smoothly rotate the map in just four directions. Due this limitation it's sometimes very hard to see what is going on due to the restrictive camera angles. Rotating the camera can also cause a few seconds of delay. What about graphics resolution? It's pretty sad story. Upon installing the game you will find that the screen resolution is locked in 800x600, which is pretty low by today's standards.

Probably the most exciting new feature for the series is the multiplayer aspect of the game. The game includes deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes for up to 12 players via Internet/LAN. And now another big surprise, there is no coop mode in Commandos 3, although it was originally planned.

I have played all of the previous Commandos games and I would say that it is not as good, fun or challenging as Commandos 2. Commandos 3 is definitely not bad game, but most gamers probably expected a bit more. It seems I'm only complaining about Commandos 3, but I couldn't skip some important facts. I'm afraid most gamers won't bother looking at Commandos 4 unless they offer up some free map pack and MP co-op mode for the game to ensure the product value meets the purchase cost.

It's really hard to rate this game. There's no doubt that Commandos 3 isn't for everyone. If  you don't have a decent amount of patience then rather don't buy it.  Also I recommend anyone who never play Commandos series before to get Commandos 1 & Commandos 2 rather than Commandos 3. I think 75% is pretty fair considering that they removed mappable hotkeys, restricted resolution to 800x600, and removed coop mode. If you are hard-core Commandos fan then add another 10% to the final score and decide your self. You can also test out this playable demo (227MB).

System requirements:
Minimum: Pentium III 700 MHz (or Athlon equivalent), 128MB RAM (256MB for Win2k/XP), 32 MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D Graphics card (nVidia GeForce or Ati Radeon Chipset), compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9-compatible) CD-ROM drive 4x, 2GB free HDD space.
Minimum (for network gameplay): Pentium III 1GHz (or Athlon equivalent), 256MB RAM, 64 MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D Graphics card (nVidia GeForce or Ati Radeon Chipset), compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9-compatible) CD-ROM drive 4x, 2GB free HDD space, LAN, ADSL or Cable modem.
Recommended: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz (or Athlon XP equivalent), 512MB RAM, 128MB MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D Graphics card (GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 9xxx equivalent)

snd: 4/5 - solid, great music (Mateo Pascual), voices, effects are pretty OK
gfx: 4/5 - atmospheric and immersive, impressive attention to detail, great weather effects and in-game movies, locked 800x600 resolution, very restrictive camera angles (also cause a few seconds of delay)
playability: 4/5 - bloody hard (difficulty may not appeal to all gamers), only 12 missions, too short tutorial, only for hard-core commands gamers, terrible user interface - no mappable hotkeys!?, requires a lot of patience!, no co-op in multiplayer, too short!
genre: squad based WWII RTS
release: October 2003
developer: Pyro Studios
publisher: Eidos
Overall: 75%

last 10 comments:

Psycho Mposted - Nov, 01 2003 - 23:00
l must the world best commandos player and thats true to because l beat everyine online and l complete the game on 6 to 7 hours ONLY!!!! l hope commandos 3 make a new commandos game and with hot keys. Still commandos 3 deserve better then 75% round 90% but thats only because of the multiplayer

your special ummmm nposted - Nov, 01 2003 - 23:26
want a cookie?

YahoKaposted - Nov, 01 2003 - 23:26
I think 75% is underrating the game. It's not massively different from commandos 2 ... but since commandos 2 was good, it's a good thing it hasn't changed.

hxposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 00:48
As I said 75% is above average, hardcore gamers should add 10% to the score = 85%....I cannot give more for 800x600 game, try to play it on 21" monitor :)

sposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 02:10
fair review

grposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 02:14
i think this game is crap but that is my opinion

MogWaEEposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 03:18
Thanks again for a fair review! I've always been a fan of the Commandos series, but locking this one in 800*600 and removing hotkeys made me want to play Commandos 2 again, which I picked up for 7 bucks in a bargain bin! Money well spent!

sowposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 03:58
I do think 75% is a fair mark. Commandos 3 is yet another expansion pack like game which does not quite deserve to be released as a whole new title. Almost nothing is new in the commandos 3 if you compare it with commandos 2, plus the way too easy difficulty and the ultra short scenarios, sorta disappointed. Picky I am? Then take a look at the changes made in between Max Payne & Max Payne 2. That is something deserve to be released as a new title.

RuneFireposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 09:47
the game is a joke. I clocked C1 , its addon , C2 , and C3. C3 is pathetic. It's too arcade like: "kill everybody". w00t. In C1-2 you had OBJECTIVES where you couldnt kill everybody , it was suicide. C1 was STRATEGY/STEALTH. C2 was "easier" , C3 is a joke in terms of difficulty. GFX+animation are VERY nice ,tho. Too bad 9/10 of the hotkeys are gone. No more quick "A" for knife , "Q" for hit , etc. IMO , 5/10 overall

johnyposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 14:28

Alex From Bulgariposted - Nov, 02 2003 - 19:47
I think Commandos 3 is stupid game . Yes it is only kill everybody

Shappsposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 08:08
it deserves below thatn 75%, the game is nothing more thatn waste of time. The graphics-resolution really makes it difficult to play and the game not only forces it to run at 800x600 but also forces to run at 60hz refresh rate, imo. Quite sad, commandos 3 is the worst game of the whole series, all previous commandos games deserved 90+ score but this one deserves 60- score.

jaganposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 10:19
hai, all are saying game is stupid,whether evey one played all the commandos games,the game is looking perfect for commandos lovers

zwickerposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 11:16
Hi Folks, this is the worst version of commandos ever !! The Resoution: horrible The Gamplay : "Eye-Destructing" Dont check it even from the donkey greetz denunze

mariellaposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 13:39
hey,somebody knows how stop the mission time? commandos 3 is not so good than cmmandos2 please send me the tips ciao

ritzposted - Nov, 03 2003 - 17:37
75% is pretty close to what I have in mind. 800x600 is just too restrictive for today's standard, and the lack of options and hot key reconfig make this game feel like a console game.

asdposted - Nov, 04 2003 - 01:00
The graphics really really sucks. How can it get 4/5 compared to todays standards? Looks dated like 2-3 years minimum. Playability sucks too, te camera-views suck big-time! And yes, I liked the two previos games extremely much, but this sucks donkey ass!

artposted - Nov, 05 2003 - 09:08
IMHO 75% is the best possible rate (on the whole). It's not as fresh and innovative as previous part, but isn't worst. Improved 3D cam-views looks nice and gives better sight of situation. In fact 800x600 res lock and new UI are annoying, but playability is still the same. Most of new games released in last 6 months are too short so C3 too. Maybe it's new trend - to make you hungry of new games 7 days after buying new title. Sad but true. I'd like to remind all, that the PYRO team lost main architect of the whole Commandos series. greetz art

kapil vyasposted - Nov, 05 2003 - 19:54
good game but i want cheat code

kendzoposted - Nov, 06 2003 - 03:31
ithink not be better than C2 about the difficulty.....

Meposted - Nov, 10 2003 - 05:10
kinda hard isn't it?!?!

Serhat Güng&oumposted - Nov, 11 2003 - 06:18
C1 was very diffucult acording to C2 and C3... Commandos has taken its place with C1 and we get very different C2 and C3 now. HEY pyrostudio give up to make new commandos just make new objectives foe C1!!!

I hateposted - Nov, 13 2003 - 18:53
No Shortcut..???? i give it 0.5% !!!!!

steveposted - Nov, 21 2003 - 18:43
anyone please tell me if there is any walkthrough for this commandos 3 game.. i can't even solve the first sniper mission :( help!!

posted - Nov, 24 2003 - 11:29
hehe, it was my first commandos experience and i have played more than 1hour on the sniper mission ;-). I tell u, u need a little luck and just crawl through an opening in the wall....

Alan Hacketposted - Nov, 29 2003 - 12:28
lOL!!!!! im sorry but ppl hu say this game is crap really must suck at Commandos 3. Commandos 3 is a game that requires very clever wit. You must be good at strategy games in order to do it. Obviously the people hu think it is crap must be pretty bad, lol the game rules

good frendposted - Dec, 22 2003 - 14:31
who can't tall me how bring good cheats in the game?? plz..i can't see in this web page... please help meee!!!:)

gamerposted - Jan, 02 2004 - 21:07
I am not impressed with commandos 3, i expected it to be better than 2 and i feel it wasnt. Some of the missions are just to short and i finish the game in two days. Hopefully they learned from this and will make 4 much better and a little longer in the missions.

Tony Murrinposted - Jan, 09 2004 - 17:21
I have been a commandos fan since the very first one came out. I own all the commandos games and all I have to say about commandos 3 is that it is by far the best one yet for strategy/difficulty. In commandos 2 I finished it in no time and achiving the highest possible rank for the game, in commandos 3 I'm having a more difficult time completing the missions Good game,IMO 9/10

_posted - Jan, 19 2004 - 17:59
Does anyone know how to pass the stop the bombs mission in C2?

Cemalposted - Apr, 28 2004 - 09:38
Ihave played all the commandos' series except ''Behind the enemy lines''. Ihave past the 'Stalingrad' mission in 9 hours. I'm waiting for other series.

SUDEEP BRposted - Aug, 10 2004 - 10:44
i want to complete the commandos3 game it is difficult to complete it and idon't know the cheats for it i had completed the commandos2 game. pls send me the cheats of commandos3 cheats PLS EMAIL ME THE CHEATS.

the greatest playerposted - Jan, 18 2005 - 16:05
commados is a tiring most irritating game its all about timing and not much else very boring

green beret =)0posted - Feb, 11 2005 - 11:53
commandos 3 is pretty hard but i must say after playing a mission 3-4 times u start making a plan and its easy u just need to do everything slowly , relax commandos is one of a kind not many games are strategy world war 2 this is one of the best if it isent the best

bilal khan from pakposted - Jun, 21 2005 - 05:08
c4 is a tough game after all hot keys gone i dont no what were they thinking while doing this all the joy has gone its too hard. I was diehard fan of commandos 2,3 but not of c4 .Iwould advise all war games lovers to play RISE OF NATION IT WONT DISSEPOINT

*The One*posted - Aug, 22 2005 - 10:27
Crazy Game... But it only took like 12 hours to beat... Way too short... and WTF happend to that TREAD guy...? They coulda dun better, plus Gonzo and Jon werent working on this game like in all the other Commandos games... F+

KillBobposted - Mar, 13 2006 - 21:36
OK, things that made Commandos 3 BAD: 1: Two out of Three "campaigns" consist of 2 goddamn "levels" 2: "Levels" can amount to replaying the same map twice 3: Most missions require you to kill everyone 4: A.I. is thick as pig shit (f.e., everyone from 10-20 nazis run straight towards a grenade explosion, and stand there for like 10 seconds so you can clear half the map in one go.) 5: Cheesy awkward dialogue of arse 6: Uninventive levels, which has nothing to do with stealth (D-day anyone?) - Obviously epic missions like Colditz, Savo Island and Burma was deemed as BO-RING by the masses?! 7: Diver (One of stealthiest and useful characters) gets one SNORE-inducing 5 minute level, a moral 1/5th of the dock level at the beginning of Commandos 2 8: Most level uses The Sapper or the Sniper, or both, with munition for both in heafty supply - meaning sniping or bombing almost all the characters in the map is not only possible, but mandatory - I mean, where's the skill in that?! 9: End message - And so we will win the war....or WILL WE?!! JESUS CHRIST. what are we supposed to say to that? SHIT, I HOPE SO! bloody hell Anyway, GOOD stuff: 1: Piss off, this is slander upon everything Commandos 1 & 2 stands for

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