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New Legacy's titles (Moon Tycoon: Space, Vet Emergency, 911 Paramedic, Emergency Room Code Red, Combat Medic: Desert Storm)
(hx) 07:26 AM EDT - Aug,20 2001

According to the press release Vivendi Universal Publishing and Los Angeles-based Legacy Interactive recently announced a distribution deal including five new Legacy Interactive games. Expected release date of these games is September 2001. Titles covered by the distribution deal include:

Moon Tycoon: Space  takes you on an adventure unlike any other, heading mankind's colonization of the final frontier! This is the first ever 3D Sim / Strategy game featuring complete camera freedom and dynamic surround sound, giving you the most dynamic visuals and absorbing gameplay available. Grow your colony through mining and production industries, trading with Earth and alien races, directing research programs, or creating a tourist market, all the while surviving the perils of life in space! You are responsible for your colonists' safety and happiness, while balancing taxes and monthly expenses, and
evolving your colony into a full lunar city. Moon Tycoon utilizes the amazing gameplay of Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon but it takes them completely to the next level with 3-D immersion, real world issues, and the new frontier of space.
Manage your interstellar colonies through 30 missions that have you colonizing the Moon, solving the Earth's energy crisis, and going boldly beyond the stars to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Moon Tycoon: Space features:

  • The first 3-D Sim / Strategy game to take players into space.
  • Complete camera freedom in a fully 3-D gaming environment
  • Super realistic textures create a rich, immersing game experience.
  • Dynamic lighting effects & 3-D special effects.
  • More than 60 lunar buildings for Personnel, Communication,
    Medical, Utility, Industry, Research, Recreation, Tourism, and
    Military purposes.
  • Dynamic gameplay featuring building, commerce, research and
    trading allowing players to become masters of lunar colonization and
  • Ability to create extensive lunar colonies, construct manufacturing
    plants, mine precious ores and trade space goods in the galactic marketplace.
  • Colony Taxes, Special Requests, Morale and Attraction will keep players challenged.
  • 3 exciting Campaigns with dozens of challenging, in-depth missions.
  • A detailed storyline based off real Earth environmental issues, filled
    with mystery, humor, intrigue and exciting plot twists.
  • 10 Disasters including: Meteor Showers, Terrorist Attacks,
    Moonquakes, Artifact Curses and more.
  • Full 3D sound effects, immersing players in an incredible lunar environment.
  • Over an hour of killer ambient/electronic music.
  • Exciting Tutorial and Advisor Voices throughout the game
  • Revolutionary graphics engine allows all players to enjoy the
    incredible 3-D visuals, regardless of system limitations.
  • Dozens of multi-national game characters and personalities.
  • Tons of space facts integrating the activities of NASA, and the
    International Space Station.

Vet Emergency combines Legacy's popular emergency medical game format with the exciting, challenging, and sometimes touching experience of being an emergency veternarian. You're an intern at an urban emergency clinic and responsible for every cat, dog, bird, and snake that walks, flies, or slithers into the door. Every moment counts! Do a thorough examination and carry out the best treatment possible, assuming the client is willing to pay for it! Use state of the art medical tools and tests and ask for help when you need it from the quirky, but supportive Vet Tech staff. Vet Emergency features:

  • Directly manipulate realistic vet tools and tests, including syringes,
    tubes, foreceps, bandages, sutures, xrays, IVs and much more
  • Examine and treat 35 different animals, including a few exotic
    varieties such as a chimp and baby tiger
  • Learn about your patient and their sometimes eccentric owners,
    through 30 minutes of dramatic live-action video
  • Access the research computer for valuable background information
  • Game play adjusts to your knowledge of medicine - Easy, Normal,Expert
  • Time triggers increase the pressure to perform fast
  • Experience patient triage, where you help multiple patients at the same time
  • Get detailed feedback from your boss, the owner of the clinic,
    including the cost-effectiveness of the procedures you choose
  • Play and create new vet cases online

911 Paramedic places you on the mean streets of LA, treating 35 true life emergency cases. Receive calls at a moment's notice! Stabilize your patients on the scene and keep them alive during the frantic ambulance ride to the hospital. You are responsible for gathering critical information from police and fire teams, negotiating the work load with your partners,
using realistic medical tools and tests, and communicating critical patient care information to hospital staff. Use your skills and wits to make the difference between an accident and a fatality. 911 Paramedic features:

  • Directly manipulate realistic paramedic tools and tests such as a
    defib, pacemaker, splints, gauze, flashlight, tape, laryngoscope, etc.
  • Stabilize and treat 35 emergency patients at 15 different city locations
  • Learn about your patient's lives and problems through 30 minutes
    of dramatic, live-action video
  • Experience riding/working in a start-of-the-art ambulance
  • Learn about team cooperation - Choose your partner's characteristics
  • Research correct medical procedures on your hand-held computer
  • Game play adjusts to your knowledge of medicine - Easy, Normal,Expert
  • Time triggers increase the pressure to perform fast
  • Experience patient triage, where you help multiple patients at the same time
  • Get detailed feedback and hints from your partner, police, and fire teams
  • Play and create new emergency cases online

Emergency Room Code Red is latest interactive medical game, combines the best of television drama and realistic gameplay, in an unprecedented CD-ROM experience. The city is in a state of emergency, "Code Red," and you are responsible for saving every sick or injured person who comes through Legacy Memorial's door. This game will pull on your heartstrings and challenge your mind. You are responsible for diagnosing and treating 35 patients, with complaints ranging from gunshot wounds and sports injuries to premature labor. Every decision is critical. Ask for help from the
energetic ER staff. They want you to succeed. Make the right moves, and you can become Chief of Staff. Fail, and your career will be as dead as your patients. Emergency Room Code Red features:

  • Directly manipulate realistic medical tools such as the rib spreader, xray,
    speculum, sponge, cautery, IV and more
  • Perform simple surgery techniques
  • Learn about what it is really like to be an ER doctor - includes 30
    minutes of dramatic video, with a cast of seasoned actors from
    popular TV shows
  • Game play adjusts to your knowledge of medicine - Novice,Normal, Expert
  • Time triggers increase the pressure to perform fast
  • Experience patient triage, where you help multiple patients at the same time
  • Detailed feedback from the Chief of Staff helps you improve
  • Research background medical information on your hand held PDA
  • Play and create new emergency cases online

Combat Medic: Desert Storm - Three short weeks ago you were an attending physician in the Emergency Room at Legacy Memorial Hospital, treating the usual crop of patient problems, e.g., weekend sports injuries, heart attacks, and the occasional car crash victim. Now you find yourself in a troop transport somewhere deep in the Iraqi desert, headed into the very jaws of a massive and deadly war. As an Army Reserve surgeon and a member of the 807th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, you've been called upon to save the lives of our frontline troops, the men and women of Desert Storm. But
nothing could have prepared you for the missile attacks, cluster bombs, shrapnel injuries, chemical warfare, and the lethal effects of modern weaponry."You're not in Kansas any more..."

  • Directly manipulate realistic medical tools such as a scalpel, chest
    tube, sutures, cautery, IV and more
  • Perform surgical procedures in a multitude of wartime medical scenarios
  • Learn what it is really like to be a MASH doctor, saving lives while
    the war rages around you - an environment of constantly changing
    and deadly conflict- includes 30 minutes of dramatic video, with a
    cast of seasoned actors
  • Manage scarce medical resources while struggling to provide quality care
  • Game play adjusts to your knowledge of medicine - Novice, Normal, Expert
  • Experience patient triage, where you help multiple patients at the same time
  • Detailed feedback from the MASH Unit Chief of Staff helps you improve
  • Research background medical information on your hand held PDA
  • Time Triggers increase the pressure to perform fast
  • Play and create new emergency cases online

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