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Max Payne
(hx) 10:53 AM CEST - Jul,30 2001

Finally I've finished Max Payne. It is a very good game, possibly the best action-game of the year. Now is time to write an article here, though my mice buttons are still hot from playing :) Max Payne is an 3rd-person action shooter, developed by Finnish studio called Remedy Entertainment (Death Rally makers). Max Payne's gameplay seems to be inspired more by movies than by games to create something that feels like playable, interactive cinema. The game is based on a story of cop who's family has been brutally slaughtered. As he tries to find out who did it, he's framed for a murder he didn’t commit. Now he is wanted by both the police and the mobsters. You have to prove you are innocent to the cops, while not getting killed by the Mafia. It's time for revenge....The story is good, but I was pretty annoyed with kinda repetitive slide show ala comic book-style panels instead classic rendered story line with the rendered characters. However some dialogs are pretty funny like this one "I HAVE TASTED FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS..." :P Well, maybe my fingers too much itched to kill enemies :)
The graphics are stunning, well modeled characters, fluid animation, nice lighting-the whole package. Especially some effects like the snow, fire, and explosions are really amazing. Also the environment looks pretty realistic, I immediately recognized old-good New York. Well it may not impress everyone, but I think Max Payne doesn't disappoint with the eye candy. The system requirements on the box are quite high :  recommended is P3-700MHz/128 + 32MB 3D card. Well Max Payne needs fast computer if you want maximum resolution and details, but the game is quite good playable with any PII + good 3D card. The sound won't disappoint you too. The voice acting rocks, the weapon effects sound authentic and music pumping blood. (you can download some Max Payne Soundtracks from
Only thing that disappointed me (I'm Soldier of Fortune maniac) is the lack of gore in Max Payne. Peter Habja (animator&graphics designer of MP) has made his own comments on the VE forum, about the lack of gore in MP, here's his explanation: "Decals on skeletal character meshes is not the same thing as decals on walls. The projection algorithm needed to put decals on deforming entities is very CPU intense. This is why they disappear after a while in Hitman, and this is why Hostile Waters' framerate screeches to a halt when you shoot at the biomechanic aliens. Pain skins by just switching the textures would have used up too much texture memory. I painted a large set of extremely gory pain skins for the game, but they were all dumped after the decision was made to not use them. There was not enough time to develop a segmented, layered pain skin system a la Soldier of Fortune. SoF focused on gore, we focused on other things."
Max Payne gameplay is EXCELLENT and also very intuitive and you should have no trouble getting the movements and how to interact in the world of Max Payne in the 3rd-person perspective. By default, the left mouse button fires your equipped weapons (metal pipe, baseball bat, barretta, dual barettas, Desert Eagle, Pump-action Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Ingram, dual Ingrams, M-16, Molotov Cocktail, Grenades and Sniper Rifle), while the right mouse button triggers Max's "bullet time" special ability, which temporarily puts everything in slow motion, similarly to The Matrix and Romeo Must Die movies. It's really COOL! Because Max Payne is single player only, most gamers will want know how long gameplay is. Max Payne contains three acts, each with several chapters (9, 5 and 8) that starts at the same point and leading you to a predetermined cut scene. Overall Max Payne offers about 10-15 hours of gameplay. Certainly you can finish the game even faster if you will use cheats or walktrough :) Max Payne is definitely an excellent game, if you like 3D shooters and John Woo movies you must have it!
Note: Playable demo isn't available yet, so be patient. The game also ships with the Max-FX toolset, which players so inclined can use to create Max Payne levels and mods. So we can expect some mods soon!

snd: 5/5 - blood pumping effects&music, good voice acting
gfx: 5/5 - amazing, well modeled characters, fluid animation, nice lighting effects
playability: 5/5 - incredible cool and intuitive gameplay, cool Bullet-time feature (slow motion), about 10-15 hours of gameplay (maybe too short for a single player game), no multiplayer
genre: 3rd-person shooter
release: July 2001
developer: Remedy
the game is similar to: Soldier of Fortune, Hitman, John Woo movies
publisher: Gathering of Developers
Overall: 93%

last 10 comments:

aaaaposted - Sep, 15 2001 - 03:36
The game is good 9/10, get it.

Meposted - Sep, 18 2001 - 05:07
I think the game is fantastic! The graphics are cool and the bullet time is awesome. I don't understand what everyone is complaining about - it is the best game ever.

Vitalposted - Oct, 01 2001 - 18:43
Hello, i have a question about Max Payne. What are the system requirments????

Christianposted - Oct, 07 2001 - 15:34
I really don't understand whose people, who thinks that Max Payne sucks! It's cool! The only thing, that sucks, is the length of the game, it's way to easy! Bullet time is one of the best features I have ever seen! M.P. is the best!

Elsupremeposted - Oct, 07 2001 - 17:57
You can't just criticize a game people tried to create,while enhanicing with wonderful effects such as bullet time,without any arguments.Yeah I'm taalking to Monsieur le"immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tired of this NO MORE - NO MORE NO MORE".Well,here is the counterstrike:1.The game might too short,I agree,but the plot is very interesting.2.If you think it is too easy,try the Hard-boiled,Death On Arrival and New York Minute mode and then tell me it's too easy!3.What were you expecting?!Deus Ex 2 with a different name?!4.(Read Number 3)5.(No comment-numver 5. too confused)6.Gee,let me think,IS THIS AN RPG?NO!IS THIS BARBIE FASHION DESIGN?NO!OF COURSE NOT!IT'S AN ACTION GAME(See:Red Faction,Deus Ex,Doom etc.)7.Well,from all I know in most action games,you can't shoot through doors.8a.You were complaining a few lines before the game was too easy!8b.Well,they might BE wearing kevlar vests!8c.As for the fot thing I'll agree with that,it's not too realistic.9.This isn't the first time wrong ammo values exist in action games.10.True,but I think you're looking at the details and missing the point.11.I agree with this one too,but Max can get injured if standing a bit closer.12.My man,I have suspicions you do not use the bullet time or the jumb button much.The game has a huge variety of both escape and shooting moves(except the cartweel move).13.Note:It's 3-person view not 3d-person view.Do you have any better idea of how to implement bullet time?'Cause watching bullets in slow motion would be like *yuck!* in 1-person view!Thank you for your time.I'm free for a debait anytime you wish.

The Manposted - Oct, 11 2001 - 19:58
If you all think the game is easy, why dont you make your own levels and make it as hard as you want?? The Max-FX engine is one of the best i have seen, and you can make and add anything that you want, including your own pics and textures, sounds, cimatic scenes, guns, and edit the way max payne fights, dies, looks, etc. and make a room look exactly like the one you are in now. Max Payne rocks, and the only objection i have is that its too short.

Squallposted - Oct, 12 2001 - 16:19
bagus.. bagus... I finished it fast.. hope have a long expansion..

ELSUPREME LISTEN UPposted - Oct, 13 2001 - 18:57
0. I HAVE COUNTERED YOUR COUNTER. 1. Thanks for pointing out my grammar error i meant to say 3rd person not 3d-person. 2.Its too easy! 3.A Game thats too directed has no surprises.You expect resistance when you know your going to be fighting. 4.some scene's would have be alot cooler with different clothes. 5.Past performance of games is no excuse for lack of realistic ability. 6.Even when you wear a vest getting shot hurts and there are VEST PIERCING bullets. 7.concerning ammo see no 5. 8.This is why having a clothing shop would be usefull.(max's suit would get mess up but no no perfect suit?) 9. Max's fighting moves are so linear. i.e. hand-hand combat moves? 10. There should be more characters you can play with besides Max. 11. OVERALL RATING 50% 12. The sounds are not good enough. talking,listening,foot steps, gun fre. 13. NOT ENOUGH TECHNOLOGY in the game basically just guns where is the recon gear? i mean i real life you need to do recon before attacking not just walk in a shoot like a blind ducky.

MAX PAYNE BLOWS! ITSposted - Oct, 19 2001 - 02:47

MichaelDposted - Nov, 05 2001 - 05:27
I have to agree with Ian, it's better than a girl with her tounge down my throat on a Friday night, but not quite as good as a girl with her mouth a little lower.

KanGposted - Dec, 13 2001 - 15:17
omg!!!! are you people ediot's? this game is not a rip off of the matrix...first of all this game was being worked on before the matrix script was even being written i think you people need to take another look at this game, dumb mother fuckers

mAXWELLposted - Dec, 30 2001 - 17:40

trisposted - Jan, 01 2002 - 22:36
most of you think this game is the shits eh? come back and tell me that when youve made yah own game ok?

|2ipperposted - Jan, 18 2002 - 00:07
I think the game is kinda cool. I'm 1/3 of the way through. I agree with Pete that max lloks tough in the game but in the cutscenes looks like some loser fag. What do you guys think?

Chiefposted - Jan, 24 2002 - 18:33
No comment - Simply the best!!!!

samzdashitposted - Feb, 06 2002 - 06:45
The game Kicks ass! It might just be my fav game ever. the bullet time thing was a really good idea. but one thing. you must be gay or a lazy but to prefer playing a video game than having a girls tongue down your throat.

Rambolokoposted - Feb, 07 2002 - 06:32
This game is the third best game i played in my live(1.AlienvsPredator 2, 2.Clive BArkers Undying),it have much accion and adrenaline, blood(not much as undying but is good)and a good control. If you are going to buy an original game cd buy any of theese games, are greats. 10/10.

londonerposted - Feb, 08 2002 - 00:39
I found this game a bit too repetitive and just wanted it to end or become a bit more interesting. Forget Max stick to Half Life which still is the best PC game ever

DodgeThisposted - Feb, 21 2002 - 10:36
hey all this game rocks and try the new patch for it it makes it exactly like the matrix new skins and much more new moves try it u will love it!!!!!

dead manposted - Mar, 08 2002 - 06:37
if you whan't to play maxpayne online. then download a mode for half life called action half life it is 100% sam as maxpayne bout online.

Simbosanposted - Apr, 25 2002 - 18:36
The WORST shooter I have ever played. And I play pretty much ONLY shooters. 1) The weapons are bollox. Only one weapon can hit anything at range until you get the sniper. 2) BOOM! Dead. Constantly all the freakin time, you move BANG! you're dead, one shot from someone you couldnt possibly have seen. Such fukkin shit, reload, take the guy now you know where he is. BOOM Instadeath, ok... rinse repeat. 3) The cut-scenes are SOO bloody lame, the characters are obviously the programmers trying to look cool, and they just look like geeks tryin to be hard. 4) Story? WHAT freakin story. Good guy has something bad done to him, goes and kills everyone. WHAT freakin story. 5) Level Design. SOOOO pisspoor. OMG I am in a dockyard surrounded by, you guessed it.... CRATES. OMG MEBBE IF I BREAK EM I FIND AMMO!!! WOW THIS IS NEW STUFF INDEED. The levels are tiny, with NO bloody atmosphere, and just generally shit look and feel. 6) AARRGH THAT FRICKIN GASOLINE LEVEL. Nope doors not there, YOU ARE INSTA-DEAD reload, nope door aint there either YOU ARE INSTA-DEAD reload, YAY found it! Wheres the NEXT door, ummm... INSTA-DEAD RE-FRICKIN LOAD, AND ON AND ON AND ON AND SO FRICKIN ON. HOW SHIT IS THIS GAME At this point the CD flies across the room and I think about the next game. How can people be so blinded by graphic fluff like 'bullet-time' take that away and there IS NOTHING HERE FOLKS. Move Along, this is the worst game I have played since SOF.

ThOmAsposted - May, 04 2002 - 08:37
Hello! Max Payne is very cool. I have a question: somebody, mail me Max FX tools (the editor from Max Payne). I would be very grateful. E-mail it to: Thanx!

Eric C.posted - Jul, 26 2002 - 18:32
i have loved the game ever since i played it the first time but now i want to get into the editing pary but my Fx-Tools doesn't work off of the cd. can someone send me the Max-FX tools

Justice for all..posted - Aug, 15 2002 - 00:41
I've been reading several of the comments here... many idiots write things like "it sucks! dont't play it". What the hell is your problem? just because YOU didn't like it,it doesn't mean that everybody else will dislike it. And who cares about your opinion anyway!!?? screw U!!! Everything is always a matar of taste, why can't we just let everybody have their own taste? if you don't like MP, fine with me, but i love it! i think it's a great game, and i had much fun when i played it. Every game i've ever played has got flaws, and that includes MP, but i take it as it is... that's it. oh by the way, "immmmmmmmm... NO MORE NO MORE" is the biggest fucking idiot i have ever seen, fuck you and all your likes! every word you wrote here proved what a fucking little piece of shit you are! Everything you say is bullshit so don't raise your fucking voice!

Paradoxposted - Jan, 14 2003 - 23:32
My comments a little late, but better late than never, this game deserves it cos it's fucking GREAT. Seen that Hitman2 is buggy, I was searching for another game then i remembered my good old Max Payne. I had tried to play it several times but had some sound problems so let it down, I'm not to much in TPS games. So I played it, and what a surprise! What astonishing GRAPHICS! Thinking that it was released in mid 2001, and it's a lot better than 90% of craps released today. And the bullet effect it's absolutely awsome, original and very well implemented. It permits you to play the same fight in several ways, and have new sensations every time. As for the fun, there is much of it as well in the game as in the cut scenes, but to apreciate it one have to have the sense of humor. So I wouldn't explain it further to those f*****g lame suckers who criticise that aspect, they wouldn't be able to undersyand anyway. And what about that the game is easy? Try to play it whithout saving every 5' as some(sucker)one suggested, and you will see that it's not so easy, even if you know where the bad guy is hidden. Indeed there no recon, and from that the AI is limited to the combat movements only. But I'm sure this wasn't the purpose of the developpers from the beggining. The game just has it's own style, and it has a strong personality. Yes it's a little short. But overall, MP rules, 9.5/10.

Staceyposted - Jun, 04 2003 - 19:22
Is this what its going to look like? If so and it works great. I have one more question. I hear that there is a New Expansion pack? Coming out in october this year? Called The Sims Spellbound. If this is true any more info about it? if so where could I find out more? What is it based on?

thomasposted - Sep, 23 2003 - 05:46
ba ba black sheep

swapnil tomarposted - Oct, 18 2004 - 09:15
its a fantastic game in my computer. i finish its demo but i play very time. i love max style. how they shoot mans fantstic.

Madbobposted - Jul, 30 2001 - 13:03
Hi, I bought "Max Payne" on the weekend and wow, nice graphics... But youve got to try it with some 3D glasses - incredible. £48 gets you some Elsa Revalator "LCD Shutter glasses" Plug them into a nice NVidia Geforce3 and your kicking. Works really well, great support for Direct3D and OpenGL.

Mark Gunsonposted - Jul, 30 2001 - 17:29
This is one friggin cool game! It sure has taken a long time to hit the shelves but boy the wait was worth it. The game well and truly lived up to my expectations and even surpasses some with the inclusion of features such as "bullet Time". Graphics are pretty much unbeatable (currently). As far as soun goes, it is more than adequate however there is nothing which seems revolutionary. Gameplay is very good as far as third person shoot 'em ups go. There are only two things I would criticise. 1) is that it is all over a bit quickly... Really cool levels and all but it isn't exactly an epic journey. 2) The direct3D problem where your mouse movement has a slight delay. Overall = TOP GAME! Definately worth your dollars :)

Buddha_posted - Jul, 30 2001 - 21:27
I feel like Keanu Reeves @ Matrix when playing this game. :P The only negative point is the game is too short; only 4 episodes and 8 chapters per an episode. :(

Buddha_posted - Jul, 30 2001 - 21:27
I feel like Keanu Reeves @ Matrix when playing this game. :P The only negative point is the game is too short; only 4 episodes and 8 chapters per an episode. :(

Sniper Wolfposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 01:46
Wow, those comments are cool! I can't wait to get my itchy hands on this game.

kimposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 02:11
its goooood

Higner savoposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 02:12

Gabriel Simpsonposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 02:30
i i´m afraid this game needs a very powerful pc... will it work great on my athlon 1.2ghz and voodoo3 3000?

immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 02:53
THIS GAME SUCKS. why? 1. The game is too short. 2. The game is not Challenging way too easy. 3. The game play is too directed you cannot go off course and do cool stuff. 4. The game is too restrictive everything has to be done "the games way" and no other way i mean you cannot even enter a building any way you want most times. 5. The title sucks i think "max payne" says it all. 6. YOU CANNOT EVEN MAKE MAX LOOK LIKE HOW YOU WANT HIM TO LOOK LIKE WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT? 7. The guns are not realistic i mean you can shoot a guy threw a door in real life but not in "Max payne" and why can't i blow the FRIGGEN WALL UP? 8. Gun fights unrealistic like the enemy can take 5 bullets in the chest maybe if he is REALLY tough or has a vest but otherwise he is one dead guy. And you shoot a guy in the leg but to your surprise he can run and walk just fine. 9. umm yeah certain guns have the wrong amount of ammo per clip talk about incomptence. 10. You would think after all that shooting and fighting max's suit would get mess up but no no perfect suit? does max change his clothes before every battle/during battles or something if so which taylor does he use? 11. The explositions in the game are unrealistic i mean a car blows up like 20 feet from max and max is perfectly healthly whats up with that aaa someone forgot to include flying debris in the game. 12. max does not have good fighting moves he needs better moves. 13. FINALLY the game is 3D person. 3D person games are stupid. WHY? cause the dam camera angles make the game unrealistic i mean in real life max cannot see a guy behind him but with 3D person you can ,that sucks 1st person rules. Why the hell do i need to see what max looks like? i don't care?

BUY IT!posted - Jul, 31 2001 - 02:57

.posted - Jul, 31 2001 - 03:19
dl it with hotline: verry easy

.posted - Jul, 31 2001 - 03:20
search on

.posted - Jul, 31 2001 - 03:23
I think Clive Barkers Undying is much much cooler

Psychoposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 11:49
Got the game yesterday, now i am through - it´s a nice game but not worth the hype that has been created around it. Sure, the graphics are cool, but still not what i have been expecting. Several minor things drop the fun in addition, like when a enemy rolls over the floor and you get him hit in time the animation pops up and the guy stands in a 10th of a second and does his normal dying sequence. Next, you can´t see bulletholes in the body - SoF was a lot nicer with that. The game´s way too short - you can´t enter any entrances, altough the game would then be a little lengthier. The angle of view is not the best, 1st person would have been a lot better. I bet the programmers have a function to switch it on, it cant be that hard, so they should put it on public as a patch. There are several other things that i don´t like, but guess, i cant remember them all ;) Well, at least it´s a short nice trip through an old fashioned mafia shit.

Unknownposted - Jul, 31 2001 - 22:41
Haha, you guys waited so long for it to hit the shelves and some still do, while i dl it !! i already have the game for 2weeks.....and finished it ofcourse, if you have an fast connection you should reallt consider going into the warezbuissness, so you can like me have the games way before those pathetic basterds waiting and spending 100 bucks on a game....

OreoJunkieposted - Aug, 01 2001 - 05:45
You've had the game for 2 weeks, my ass... the ISO was released on 07/23. Although this game has some pretty serious flaws, it's still one of the best games ever made. And that's final.

ritzposted - Aug, 01 2001 - 09:21
Just finished the game as well! Took me about 14hrs and I wasn't rushing...The plot and comic thing is pretty good. But it's kinda like kingpin mixed with halflife and familiar chatters of NOLF . All the thugs and soldiers... Only this time you need to play it in 3rd person with a tiny little dot as your crosshair... damn... I rate it 7.5/10, and it dosn't worth $70 CDN in my opinions, probably $20-30.

glowgeorgeposted - Aug, 01 2001 - 13:39
I rarely buy a game without playing a demo of it but Max Payne has had such massive hype I bought it anyway. It is a very good game although there are elements I find frustrating. The game doesnt flow enough, just when things are getting interesting that damn annoying comic strip dialogue rears its ugly head. I am only about half way through but I have been surprised about how easy it is to kill everyone, it needs to be more challenging (I hope it gets harder later in the game). Its still an enjoyable ride but it could have been so much better. I'm glad a lot of the new games are being released in the new slinky CD cases rather than the bloated cardboard boxes you used to get (I remember buying Doom II and thinking 'Why have they put a few floppy disks inside a great big cardboard box?').

IT CRAP DON\"T BUY Iposted - Aug, 01 2001 - 17:48

YOUR A LOSERposted - Aug, 01 2001 - 17:53

.posted - Aug, 02 2001 - 00:09

Warez business sucksposted - Aug, 02 2001 - 01:10
Thats the reasone our economy is down. Buy and pay respect to those who have worked hard to make the game which you are enjoying so much.

jeparposted - Aug, 02 2001 - 05:25
Ya show i agree show some respect. I takes lots of hard work and brain power to make these games even the crappy ones!! and you are a loser you have lost your nobility your "HONOR" as the guy above put it and you have allowed yourself to corrupted buy pleasure.IN short you have been weaker. Your enemies will use these weakness to exploit you. PLEASE become stronger and be loyal to the human species.

max payne sucksposted - Aug, 02 2001 - 15:56
max payne sucks!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaposted - Aug, 02 2001 - 16:05

Peteposted - Aug, 03 2001 - 02:53
when i first played it i got hooked, then i got bored. Repetative, kill the bad guys, dodge bullets etc etc. I must admit the idea is original and the effects are good, however, the camera is sometimes awkward particularly around corners, but it adds effect such as the maze scene. The comic strips of the game didnt mix with the game, again its trying to be original, but the action and the effects is reduced. No Mulitplayer option, but fans maybe making one in the future, maybe soon. The game is okay, like every other game, there are good and bad points. The game is short and sweet. Also the appearence of max payne in the game is like a tough, i take no bull sort of dude, unlike the appearence in the cut scenes he looks like a loser, who doesnt look like he is the sort of guy to be blasting baddies with heaby weapons. Peace.

Syndr0meposted - Aug, 05 2001 - 12:10
YEAH BABY YEAH !! This is TOTALLY the _BEST_ Game i ever played.. Graphics are sooooo cool ! Sound is just scary :-) [And that's a GOOD point] The gameplay is very VERY good, every one can play it without having played a action game like this before.. And then.. There Is No Multiplayer! SO F***ING what? How would you play this game on multiplayer, with all that bullettime and stuff ? And even if they erase the bullettime for multiplayer.. Then the game would kinda suck. And then the lack of gore ? Nah.. I think they did it very well, cuz it is very realistic, and if they had made something like 1000000's litres of blood coming out a guy, (i think) less people would play it.. Well.. That was all i had to say :-)) Gr33t0z Syndr0me

MAX PAYNE NO GOOD!posted - Aug, 06 2001 - 05:43

Max Payne it\'s realposted - Aug, 11 2001 - 01:48
Max Payne suck.suck .Do not buy it.It's to short and is too easy.Go download it. From Popi

Clausposted - Aug, 12 2001 - 16:25
To ALL who thought that Max Payne was too easy.. If you've beaten the game, why aren't you trying the Hard Boiled or Dead on Arrival Modes?? Did it ever occur to you guys that the game is "EASY" in Fugitive mode so that you could get used to it??!! I repeat, beat the game in Dead on Arrival mode and come back and tell us how "EASY" it was.. I'll agree that the game is kinda short, but that's why Remedy left it open to development by anyone with the MAX-Ed tools..

Mr.No nameposted - Aug, 13 2001 - 22:25
Again Max -Suck.I finish the game in all mode and again it's to easy.

TOO EASY!posted - Aug, 14 2001 - 05:23

GameZ Jagogame.composted - Aug, 15 2001 - 07:24
Haven't bought it yet, still playing Clive Barker's UNDYING. Wow, so many comments and not so cheerful too. What to do what to do ********

Dark Angelposted - Aug, 15 2001 - 07:40
good game, good, graphics, but the game is very short, it only took 'bout 10 hours 2 finished that game

cleanerposted - Aug, 15 2001 - 13:45
the graphics aren't THAT great, just hi res textures.. the q3a engine is better than the max payne engine easy. bullet time feature is cool but unrealistic, bullets travel way to slow in comparison to everything else in bullet time (probably in regular time too) primitive "line of sight" ai characters low poly models, no visible damage... still pretty fun though, however nothing close to spectacular

DuLuXposted - Aug, 20 2001 - 16:10
Max Payne seems to ba basically Kingpin but with more cutscenes and unnecessary ones at that - like when u kill someone it takes 10 seconds to watch the crappy cutscene. poorly thought out. and the dialogue is irritating and again unnecessary. it could be an amazing game with LESS plot - sounds strange, but there's too much emphasis on storyline and not enough on gameplay. If you're after an innovative game get Black & white, if you wanna blow some people away wait for Unreal 2...

Ianposted - Sep, 03 2001 - 01:26
I finished Max Payne a couple of days ago and I have to say that I enjoyed it immensley. The Bullet Time whilst diving across a crowded doorway full of bad guys just waiting to be iced was more fun than a girls tongue down my throat on a Friday night. Two Thumbs Up!!

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