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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
(hx) 12:48 AM CEST - Jul,09 2001

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is a squad based first/third person shooter set in an alternative 80s timeline (cold war). In 1985 bunch of heavily armed Russians from a rogue communist faction have invaded a group of NATO controlled East European islands. Your task is "simple", use all the available resources to beat back the pesky Ruskies and be the all-conquering hero. Well story always a bit sucks in these kind of games...
So, what you can expect from Operation Flashpoint? Well, I’d like to call this game a Complete Army Simulator, because it offers us several things that other games don’t give. You have a complete freedom of movement, you can shoot people (oh yeah...), drive tanks, APC's and wheeled vehicles, snipe, blow things up and order your men a round. In addition you can command your own squads of soldiers or take daring single missions on your own over a large map miles and miles across. The game is really damn various! Bohemia has done an excellent job at immersing the player in the Flashpoint scenario.
Operation Flashpoint offers  two game modes   – campaign and single missions. Single missions lets you jump in and get your ass kicked immediately, while campaign lets you slowly ease into the game. The game includes 11 single player missions (ranging from special ops demolition jobs to Helicopter/Tank attacks), 5 multiplayer missions and certainly a campaign where you start as David Armstrong, a relatively new recruit to the U.S. Army. Unfortunately there is no option to play either side in the campaign. The missions basically consist of following your commander, shoot at the enemy, attack, defend and don't be killed :) If you are a Quake gamer, rather forget all Quake tactics here. You do and you’re dead :P This game is realistic, so death comes quickly in the world of Operation Flashpoint...For example a bullet in the legs will leave the character only able to crawl...Also you almost cannot save, you can only save missions at one point.  Also the command system is not 100% perfect, if you are commander, everything is OK, but if you have to follow the orders, things get really annoying, because the commands often make absolutely no sense. However Operation Flashpoint's AI is probably some of the best AI I have seen in a game of this kind. The enemies are really phucking bastards and they are sometimes frighteningly realistic in their reactions to your approach and tactics.
The multiplayer features the usual deathmatch and capture the flag scenarios (plus some variations of those), king of the hill (each team fights for control over a certain area of land) and also some cooperative missions, but without an opportunity to play any of the single missions or campaign. The multiplayer looks to be somewhat unfinished. At the moment, there is a limited multiplayer element to the game at this point based on peer to peer connections, so it can get a bit laggy at times :( But by the time the games is released in the North America (September 2001) the game will be set up for play on Codemasters servers, a free patch will be made available to European players bringing the game up to this standard. So it should be OK very soon.
The graphics engine is quite solid and is capable of some remarkable view distances, but it does come at a cost. Shortly, the visuals are not the best you've ever seen, but they are highly functional, and it's most important. It's understandable, probably is not easy to render a 1.5km wide valley with trees, numerous troops, tanks etc. If you didn't play the demo yet,  the game looks like something between the Delta Force series and H&D :) If you want get the best graphics/playbility results, I strongly recommend you to run autodetect and don't change the graphics settings. If you want to play this game with maximum graphics details and resolution, you will need really powerful computer, but the game is very well playable at 800x600, so don't panic. Overall, sounds seemed to be pretty realistic too. Positional audio is absolutely great even with 2 speakers, it adds to the atmosphere and gives you the advanced feeling of being there. But one annoying aspect is the rather tedious radio voice, you can hear too much of "Oh no! 2 is down" and shit like that. The latest great feature of Operation Flashpoint is it's built in mission editor which allows you to do almost anything except change the terrain features. Instead you can use four very large island maps as your template to create your missions.
All that said, Operation Flashpoint is very good game, but it’s just a little bit too difficult for the mainstream audience. Just if you liked the  Rainbow Six or Rainbow Six series of games, but always wanted more freedom then this is for you! Download playable demo (64MB).

snd: 4/5 - Good  positional audio, annoying radio voice, odd footstep bug
gfx: 4/5 - Very realistic, detailed exteriors, solid graphics engine (capable of some remarkable view distances), the color palette is little washed out :)
playability: 4/5 - Great atmosphere, mission structures are superb (though only 11 single and 5 multiplayer missions), loads of vehicles, powerful AI, superb mission editor, lots of bugs, optimized multiplayer code and dedicated servers will come with US release (September 2001)
genre: squad based 1st/3rd person shooter
release: June 2001
developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio
the game is similar to: Delta Force: Land Warrior
publisher: Codemasters
Overall: 82%

last 10 comments:

SUPERFLYposted - Sep, 12 2001 - 04:25
This was a good idea for a war sim , but the gameplay is a bit lame. The objects and, movement are buggy and the weapon selections is under par. Get DELTA FORCE LAND WARRIOR or wait for GHOST RECON.

RaZerposted - Oct, 23 2001 - 20:26
How to make God Mode Cheat to work? I would be very thankfull for that information!

Javinposted - Nov, 29 2001 - 22:44
Excellent war simulation. By far, the best seen yet. The graphics leave a bit to be desired, but that's to be expected with today's standards. Shadowing is an important part of any game, yet the buildings and other inanimate objects don't cast shadows (although the characters do, sometimes.) With some texture work, this game could be above par on even the graphics end. The vehicle control also tends to be a bit difficult. While you'll find flying a helicopter easier than in any other flight sim, trying to convince a driver to move the way you want him to in a tank proves to be very difficult. On the other hand, the realism is Amazing. One of the first levels is you, as a corporal, simply driving a lieutenant and some troops to a different location, several miles away. Nothing terribly exciting about it, but that's the Army for you. Battles range from running head-on into battle with a squad of soldiers, barking commands in the heat of battle to "Flank right! Advance! Get down!" or something much more stealthy, such as playing a single black op trying to silently sneak in and steal some documents without alerting the surrounding base. If you prefer something with heavy machinery, join the squad of A-10's and fly in to take out the tanks on the ground, while avoiding the AA. Or maybe even take your tank squad in to annihilate the rogue Russian fortifications on the island. I was very impressed with the AI as well. There's very few glitches with the AI, and the AI acts SURPRISINGLY human. Don't expect to "learn" what the computer's next move is going to be, and play to beat the game. You've got to play to beat the people. Short of some minor graphical, audio, and AI bugs, I'd say this game gets a 9/10.

Robert Labayenposted - Dec, 03 2001 - 08:32
It's at least 7 games in one: Rogue Spear, Counterstrike,Close Combat,Steel Beasts, Team Apache,Super Hornet,Beach Head. The best of the best. My only problem, the squad members are sometimes too slow to follow orders.

Demoliton truckposted - Jan, 30 2002 - 11:57
This game is the most realistic game i have ever played. AI is on a very high level. The colors are washed, but the maps are huge. Why dont you try!!!

Spy-dposted - Sep, 09 2002 - 03:49
Can i have cheat code please

Halvorposted - May, 15 2003 - 17:52
To Anyone. Why do I not get passed midnight surprise in Vietcong. I`ve killed everyone, done all the tasks, but still nothing happens... WHY??????????? Tips anyone??????

ritzposted - Jul, 09 2001 - 02:51
Although I am no CPL hardcore pro, I do think I am a pretty decent FPS player. I don't play CS, and I don't follow military stuffs much. But I like Op.Flashpoint a lot. I played about 2/3 of the campaign missions, and I still couldn't believe I am able to control a squad with ease! The step-by-step campaign is really nice, I got to try a small part of the game in each mission, and just build up on that. The graphics is so so, but the "feel" of a real war is very strong. There's a small problem with sound positioning tho, I hear clear footsteps from soldiers who are 200m away... I am using EAX btw. You can probably leave multiplayer alone until the dedicated server is avail, and net code is revised... but you can play on LAN with no lag of course. My score: 85/100

Pascal Veldtposted - Jul, 09 2001 - 10:35
Kick ass game. But sometimes too hard to play :-( any one knows where to find complete solutions?

Someone from the libposted - Jul, 09 2001 - 11:53
The game is New in it`s genre, if you don`t know c&c renegade.I think it`s a nice game for rookie`s but it`s too simple for me ( yeah i`m just bluffing) GAMEGURU RULEZZ

gameggekposted - Jul, 09 2001 - 11:55
You know that I hate te game it`s too much violence

hxposted - Jul, 09 2001 - 11:56
to Pascal: i found only this walktrough

tekdogposted - Jul, 10 2001 - 00:51
Real War is here! Mortars exploding, helicopters spraying fire, soldiers yelling in agony, BMP's bellowing high calibar fire, and praying as you hope your ass stays in one piece. What really rocks about this game is the mission editor. You can create bloody, brutal battles in a few clicks of a mouse button, or even design perfect sniping missions. Your imagination is free to roam with all the objects, vehicles, and units to place. My only complaint is the wish for more environmental damage, such as the group having a ditch after an explosion, not just a black mark. Also, buildings do not sustain damage, as well. Play and see.

Anubisposted - Jul, 10 2001 - 10:52
Yessss.. A Perfect War Simulation is it ever!!!! I have 512MB RAM 64 GForce 2 but i can play 10fps still.. This is pitiful...Anyway great game!!

poolerposted - Jul, 10 2001 - 13:22
BOOOOOOYAHHH whant a game this is i have only played the demo and it is great really really great i just cant wait till i get this and try out the A-10 and the M1 abram not to mention everything is cool about it it i just cant wait till i play this on the net watch out yanks here come the AUSSIES hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe sorry i just could'nt back that down

Darkposted - Jul, 11 2001 - 00:12
it is a Perfect Game, it's Fantastic, But it is very hard! My Score is 95/100 Dark

Sniper Wolfposted - Jul, 11 2001 - 02:02
Operation Flashpoint is a great game! Only problem is it's hard. Does anybody how to target an enemy (one with the yellow box surrounding the enemy? Do you people know any invulnerability cheat for this game? Please email me back at THANKS

McBainposted - Jul, 12 2001 - 14:39
It's a very good game, really difficult too... but i can't get my joystick working in it (i have a saitek x36 HOTAS combo)... anyone has problems using joystick in OFP ??? please help !

joystick?posted - Jul, 20 2001 - 21:27
ARE YOU CRAZY OR SOMETHING WHY THE HELL do you have a saitek x36 HOTAS combo thats a piece of crap. GET A BETTER joystick!

manosposted - Jul, 24 2001 - 23:38
The best game i have ever play!!!!i am in the last mission (in easy mode) the only thing that i didn't like was the control of the tank same times was to difficult but we do not need cheats.i will win in veteran mode too

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