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  SCP: Secret Laboratory [cheats]
Item IDs and Class IDs for Server Owners:

A few of the cheat codes available in this game, only accessable by server owners.

Use ~ to open console.

-===Spawn Item Commands===-
Use Give ### to spawn items.

-=Item Numbers=-
000 Janitor keycard
001 Scientist keycard
002 Major scientist keycard
003 Zone manager keycard
004 Guard keycard
005 Senior guard keycard
006 Containment engineer keycard
007 MTF Lieutenant keycard
008 MTF Commander keycard
009 Facility manager keycard
010 Chaos Insurgency device
011 O5 keycard
012 Radio
013 M1911
014 Medkit
015 Flashlight
016 MicroHD
017 Coin
018 Cup
019 Ammo meter
020 E-11 Standard rifle
021 SBX-7 pistol
022 SFA Ammo (Warning: Not item that can be usually in inventory)
023 Skorpion SMG
024 Logicer
025 Postitron grenade
026 Smoke grenade
027 Disarmer
028 RAT ammo (*)
029 PAT ammo (*)

* Warning: Not item that can be usually in inventory & does not affect ammo count.

-===Class IDs===-
Force class syntax.

Forceclass ###

000 SCP 173
001 Class D
002 Spectator
003 SCP 106
004 Nine tailed fox scientist
005 SCP 049
006 Scientist
007 SCP 079
008 Chaos Insurgency
009 SCP 457 (Warning: As far as I know, this SCP doesnt work yet)
010 SCP 049-2
011 Nine Tailed Fox lieutenant
012 Nine Tailed Fox Commander
013 Nine Tailed Fox Guard
014 Tutorial

Gameplay Tips:

1.Doors can really help you or hurt you if used a certain way. In some cases where 079 is there then you must make sure most doors around are open and you have other escape routes if you aare caught by a SCP or an MTF off guard.
2.Doors can also really screw you over if you are with others and they decide to close them on you while on the run from something or someone.
3.Last thing about doors (For now :D) is that they can REALLY help against running from SCPs and foes. Yes 106 can walk through doors, but the doors still slow him down quite a lot actually so using this to get away and maybe find a spot to hide is the best way to get out of a situation like that. Same goes for MTF, CI, Armed Class D/Researcher, etc.
4.Do not think you are all high and mightly as ANY class, even if you are a SCP. SCPs can be quickly taken down by a well combined MTF or CI Force. MTF can be taken down by experinced Class D who know their way with the weapons and combat.Class D can be taken down the same way if not careful. As each class it's best to stick together in every situation other than maybe fleeing from an SCP.
5.As an SCP do not underestimate your own power of what you can do. 106 can use the corriosion for faster key transport like if you wanted to put a spot near your chamber so you don't get contained you must place it near the button to guard and then use it when you feel someone is about to press it. 049 can make an entire army of 400 hp zombies that can easily take down anyone by suprise.
6.As a Chaos PLEASE know the difference between another CI and a MTF. CI =
FRIENDLY MTF = NOT FRIENDLY. Being teamkilled is not a fun way to go out.
7.As a MTF, Read 6 and vise versa...
8.As a MTF Lieutenant, command who is lower than you. let people know what you
are doing or what plans you have if you know the basic area and directions.
9.As a MTF Commander, same thing as Lieutenant but you also command them. Please do use your card as much as you can to get you and your squad down to Heavy ontainment Zone (HCZ) and eliminate as many SCPs as possible and maybe keep 2-4 people remain in Entrence Zone (EZ) to make sure no Class D or SCPs reach the surface.
10.Being a Class D can go many ways and some options are better than others but
it all depends in what type of lobby you are in with others. Most of the time the Class D are all just trying to hog whatever they can to escape which ends in them recklessly all dying. Use taht to your advantage if you are in that type of game and try to slip by or get what they dropped but also only take what you need.
10b.If the others are also communicating and trying to play it safe then try to
work with them to get what you all need which is a high level card. Find ANY
card and then find SCP 914. You are now already this close to escapng!
If you did the tutorial then this should be easy to find out how to get it
to a O5 Level Card.
11.Do not touch or mess with something you do not know. That simple!
12.Tesla Gates are more useful then you think and can help you lose your chasers quickly.
13.Take your time on the Tesla Gates and do not try to rush past them which can lead to a quick instant death that you will most likely not be happy about.

Keycards are divied into three groups and four tiers. SCP Containment (access to SCP rooms), Security (armoury and entrance gate areas) and Administration
(entrance zones and entrance gate areas).

Card prefixes are as follow:

CC = Containment Chamber access
AA = Armoury Access
IA = Intercom Access
CA = Checkpoint Access
EGA = Entrance Gate Access

CC = Low | AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = N/A | EGA = N/A

-=SCP Containment=-
Tier 1 - Janitor
CC = LOW| AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = N/A | EGA = N/A

Tier 2 - Scientist
CC = MEDIUM| AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = N/A | EGA = N/A

Tier 3 - Major Scientist
CC = ALL | AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = YES | EGA = N/A

Tier 4 - Containment Engineer
CC = ALL | AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = YES | EGA = YES

Tier 1 - Guard
CC = LOW| AA = LOW | IA = N/A | CA = YES | EGA = N/A

Tier 2 - Senior Guard

Tier 3 - MTF Lieutenant

Tier 4 - MTF Commander

Tier 1 - Zone Manager
CC = LOW| AA = N/A | IA = N/A | CA = YES | EGA = N/A

Tier 2 - Facility Manager
CC = ALL | AA = N/A | IA = YES | CA = YES | EGA = YES

Tier 3 - Chaos Insurgency Hacking Device

Tier 4 - O5 Command Keycard
CC = ALL| AA = ALL | IA = YES | CA = YES | EGA = YES

How to Win Against Scientists as a D-class:
Ever wondered how to steal the scientists cards and laugh at them while you
escape, and they die in the decontamination? Well, here is how.

The absolute basics of winning over your scientist overlords.
Get a Gun and Shoot Them
A gun can spawn in a few different places in the light containment zone. There
are 3 guns in the armory, but assuming the game just began, you won't have a
good enough keycard to open it. A gun can also spawn in the following rooms:

SCP-372's chamber
SCP-173's chamber
SCP-012's chamber

Where the gun spawns is completely random, but you may also find a keycard in
the places mentioned above. You can use this keycard to access SCP-914, where
a scientist has probably already found his way.

To upgrade your keycard in SCP-914, you need to drop it. Use this to your
advantage. When a scientist drops a card, simply pick it up and upgrade it for
yourself. On some custom servers you can also put the scientists on the Rough
or Coarse setting to kill them as a part of a custom plugin. Be careful, as
this will destroy their card as well.

Lesser Known Methods

It's unlikely that you're going to get it early in the game, I've only gotten it about twice my entire time playing this game. In SCP-372's chambers are 2 filing cabinets. Holding E on them will search them and grant you a nifty item. Sometimes it's junk like a 50 cent coin or a flashlight, but every once in a while you can get a disarmer. Find a scientist and disarm them with it, you can steal their cards, guns and everything else they had. You can also steal their cards and trap them in a room with no chance of getting out.

If you are running away from SCP-173, and a scientist is on the other side of the door, looking at SCP-173, you can close the door behind him, forcing him to either wait until SCP-173 snaps his neck or turning around to open the door, making SCP-173 snap his neck. Win/win.

Other times, you can convince SCPs to kill the scientists for you. Just explain
that you will turn into Chaos Insurgency when you escape and you will help them, and the open the door to SCP-914 for your new friends while the scientists are busy upgrading.

-=Chaos Insurgency=-
Okay, not really a less known method, but Chaos Insurgency are your friends and
will happily destroy and scientist that comes their way. You just have to hold
out until they get to light containment zone.

Things to Watch Out For

If a scientists feels threatened, they might pull a gun on you. Hint, hint: you
don't want that. Make sure that you or another D-class gets a gun, not a scientist.

-=Nine Tailed Fox=-
You might want to stay on a scientists good side for when Nine Tailed Fox
inevitably show up and want to kill you. If you are on the scientists good side, they can tell them otherwise and convince them to either disarm you or just spare you, which is what you want.

Even your fellow D-class can betray you, if they had a deal with the scientists.
Trust no one. If you hear an announcement on the intercom VERY CLEARLY stating that they are CHAOS INSURGENCY, example: "Hey what's up everyone! chaos in the building, here to save the d-bois!! immediately assume otherwise.

And Finally...

Be careful, and good luck.

The Section of LCZ:

A small summary of the different rooms of LCZ. The new update brought us numbers on the walls of rooms. So let's dive down and see what they identify as.


It means Armory. If you see it, it's the door to the armory.

-=EX-A and EX-B
Leading to Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B.

The door leading to the hallway containing the door to 012
(the room with the card and the stairs).

It's the door to SCP-914.

The hallway with the toilets.

-=AL01, AL00, and AL02

The corresponding airlocks.


SCP-372's Chamber.


PT is obviously short for Peanut. This is the door to 173's staircase.

I forgot what it was after PC, but this is the room with the computers.


Class D Cells.

HS, HC, IX, IT, VT etc

These are just hallways. Nothing much. They have numbers on them to help navigate.

Here's what I know so far on these..

HS: Hallway Straight
HC: Hallway Corner
IX: Intersection (The hallway with four doors on each side)
IT: Intersection (3-Way)
VT: Ventilation (Hallway with the big vent)

Every Item in Light Containment Zone:
This basic guide will tell you the all the places where you can find items
in Light Containment Zone as a Class-D or Scientist in the early round.

-=SCP-372's Chamber=-
You can acess SCP-372's containment without any keycard and It's the best room
to acess at the start.

(x1) Zone Manager Keycard (next to the drawer)
(x1) Pistol (inside the cell)
(x1 of any) Scientist Keycard / Radio / Flashlight (inside the drawer)

The Bathrooms don't need a keycard to be acessed, and there's usualy 1 or
2 items inside.

(x1) Janitor / Scientist Keycard (next to the sinks / on top of the toilets)
(x1) Pistol (next to the sinks / on top of the toilets)

-=SCP-012's Chamber=-
You'll need a Scientist Keycard or higher to acess this room.

(x1) Pistol (ocasionally spawns on top of the table)
(x1) Major Scientist Keycard (frequently spawns on top of the table)

-=SCP-173's Chamber=-
This is probably the most dangerous place to look for Items and is usually empty, you don't need a keycard to acess this room.

(x1) Pistol (in the control room next to 173's cell, there's ocasionally a pistol)

-=Armory Room=-
You'll need a High Level Keycard, obtained via upgrading to acess this room

(x3) Fragmentation Grenade (always appaers inside the crate in the right)
(x3) Flash Grenade (always appears inside the crate in the left
(x1) Project 90 (always appears on top of the table)
(x1) Pistol (always appears on top of the table)
(x1) MP7 (always appears inside the crate behind the table)
(x3) Weapon Manager (always appears on top of the table)
(x3) 7.62 MM ammo (always appears on top of the table)
(x3) 9MM ammo (always appears on top of the table)

This isn't a room where you'll obtain items, but where you can upgrad your items
or steal Items from others If you'd want to do that for some reason.

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