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Map all lines:
Pause game play and press Triangle(2), L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All walls and boundaries will appear on the map for the current stage.

Map all items:
Pause game play and press Triangle(2), L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All objects including enemies, items, weapons, and secret switches will appear on the map as blue triangles.

Pause game play and press Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle. To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. Your character will be invincible, however unlike the invulnerability power-up, your screen will not turn white.

Weapons, ammunition, and keys:
Pause game play and press X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left(2). To confirm correct code entry, a message will appear on the bottom of the viewing window and will disappear the game is resumed. All weapons, ammunition for them, and keys for current level will be available.

All Weapons, Lots of Ammo, & All Keys
Pause the game and press X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left. A message will appear if done correctly. You will now have all weapons, the maximum amount of ammo, and all of the keys for your current stage.

Level select:
Pause game play and press Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X. If the code was entered correctly, a menu will appear in the top half of the viewing window. Press Left and Right to select a level, and confirm your entry with Square, Circle, Triangle, or X.

Transparent walls:
Pause game play and press L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right. Your character may now see through one layer of wall or sprites.

Random levels (version 1.0):
Enter DOOMMNLxxx or H3LL1SHxxx, where xxx the same character such as !!! or 666, at the password screen. The game will start at a random level with an unusual amount of ammunition, armor, and life.

Level / Health / Armor / Weapons / Password / Title

Ultimate Doom
02 125% 200% All CR!3WDD3DB Plant
03 200% 200% All 3JJCMK8W64 Toxin Refinery
04 200% 200% All 03LTJ0Y!02 Command Control
05 200% 200% All H33!1HFTHK Phobos Lab
06 200% 200% All 04MSKZX9Z1 Central Processing
07 125% 200% All YTTLCXXLXV Computer Station
08 200% 200% All 09SMBY04YW Phobos Anomaly
09 200% 200% All 7KKBLD7V53 Diemos Anomaly
10 100% 200% All FM4217GSGJ Containment Area
11 200% 200% All H!!3WDGLDB Refinery
12 200% 200% All 07QPDW26WY Deimos Lab
13 350% 150% 12346 WTXQ9C3W12 Command Center
14 100% 200% 123456 RBR4G!LDLN Halls of the Damned
15 300% 175% 1236 WTXQ9C3W11 Spawning Vats
16 50% 75% 1234567 548C7DFWYX Hell Gate
17 100% 125% 1234567 JOC89DZPQS Hell Keep
18 100% 125% 1234567 JGB9CT0NRT Pandemonium
19 100% 200% All 9QLTKR0!02 House of Pain
20 100% 200% All 78M63QX921 Unholy Cathedral
21 200% 200% All S!61FHVQJG Mt. Erebus
22 200% 200% All 33QHFTT6WY Limbo
23 200% 200% All VBGQPJ!Y46 Tower of Babel
24 200% 200% All ZYKTLW7V53 Hell Beneath
25 200% 200% All 0DJSM4HW64 Perfect Hatred
26 200% 200% All LS5YPTCRKH Sever the Wicked
27 200% 200% All ZDJSMVRW64 Unruly Evil
28 200% 200% All 1YKTX4QV53 Unto the Cruel
29 200% 200% All XKF6R8LZ97 Twilight Descends
30 200% 200% All DJX07Q4HTR Threshold of Pain

Doom II
31 200% 200% All C0W1!QNJQS Entryway
32 125% 200% All VM!3V1D3DB Underhalls
33 150% 200% All W394W2DMFC The Gantlet
34 150% 200% All ZQ58ZKJRKH The Focus
35 175% 200% All Z758ZKJ8KH The Waste Tunnels
36 200% 200% All 5C2V3DQBNL The Crusher
37 200% 200% All NCKBLX7V53 Dead Simple
38 200% 200% All 1Q580FCRKH Tricks and Traps
39 100% 200% All HTMSKZZ9Z1 The Pit
40 200% 200% All WS58ZKCRKH Refueling Base
41 200% 200% All CSNRG2W820 O of Destruction!
42 200% 200% All WT670JBQJG The Factory
43 200% 200% All DQLTJ1Y!02 The Inmost Dens
44 100% 200% All 2N94VFFMFC The Suburbs
45 200% 200% All CQLTJ0Y!02 Tenements
46 200% 200% All WR492GDSGJ The Courtyard
47 200% 200% All PFFGXH3777 The Citadel
48 200% 200% All JWCJV2X479 Nirvana
49 200% 200% All CJJTM35964 The Catacombs
50 200% 200% All M!T174XZXV Barrels of Fun
51 200% 200% All 5770MX2CDF Bloodfalls
52 200% 200% All YJLW3PPCPM The Abandoned Mines
53 200% 200% All DKKBLM58J3 Monster Condo
54 200% 125% All 7L3!266DJK Redemption Denied

Bonus levels
55 200% 200% All RCMSKZX9Z1 Fortress of Mystery
56 200% 200% All 8J94VFHMFC The Military Base
57 200% 200% All RJSMBY04YW The Marshes
58 200% 200% All 8K!3WDGLDB The Mansion
59 200% 200% All RKTLCXZ3XV Club Doom

Playing in linked mode with only one disc:

Note: Sony does not recommend removing a spinning disc from the Playstation.
Connect two Playstations with the linkcable, and power on both systems. Begin Doom on Playstation 1. Select Deathmatch or a cooperative game. Playstation 1 should try to connect to Playstation 2. Wait a few seconds, remove the disc from the Playstation 1, and start the game on Playstation 2. Enter all selections identically to Playstation 1 and begin playing.
The game will hang from time to time. At these points, swap the disc to the other Playstation after waiting a few seconds before removing the disc.

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