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  Madden NFL 2002 [Xbox]
Unlimited Creations Points
Create a player. Then at the Roster, go to Edit Player. Highlight the player you want to edit and press Right to get to Speed. Now press A, A.

Unlimited John Madden #298:
How to get John Madden #298 every time you buy a pack of Madden Cards. First you need all 329 Madden Cards. Then pick a Madden Card you don't want, like Cheerleader Card and sell all the cards you have for it till you have zero for that card. Then start buying Madden Cards, each time you buy a pack of Madden card you will receive a John Madden #298. Once you have 15 John Madden #298, Then sell back 14 of them. If you keep buying cards after 15. It will put you back to zero John Madden #298.

Easy way to Get Multiples of cards:
First of all you have to star a profile and play games to get tokens. Then buy packs of cards. Now start another profile and do the same. Then save all the data. Now go to the trade screen and trade which card you want from the second profile to the first. Its best to trade three cards for one and then save the first profile but don't save the second profile. Now turn the power off. And turn it back on.

Last Updated 1/16/02
(Copyright 2002 jerichoholics16)
_credits to !.ACA.!,, NFL.com_

Hey everybody! Here's what a lot of you wanted, updated rosters. I
didn't get to fully check the whole roster in the game to see if it
fits the cap room and team/FA lists. The rosters are based from the
day the playoffs started (1/12/02). Some players did retire already at
the end of the season, but I didn't drop them. Later on, I'll try to
put in attributes for the created players as well for the originals. If
you have any comments about mistakes, problems, etc, you can e-mail me
at or send a post on the message board about them.
Other than that enjoy.

Edit Players:

LG #68 - Bears - Mike Gandy #69 6'4" 313 lbs.
TE #83 - Bengals - Sean Brewer #43 (same)
RG #76 - Bengals - Victor Leyva #77 6'3" 322 lbs.
CB #24 - Bucs - Dwight Smith #26 5'10" 212 lbs.
FS #37 - Bucs - John Howell #38 5'11" 202 lbs.
DT #93 - Bucs - Ellis Wyms #96 6'3" 282 lbs.
RG #66 - Bucs - Russ Hochstein #65 6'3" 300 lbs.
SS #36 - Bucs - Than Merril (same)
FB #42 - Bucs - Jameel Cook (same)
TE #84 - Bucs - Sean McDermott (same)
RE #92 - Cardinals - Kyle Vaden Bosch#93 6'4" 270 lbs.
RT #78 - Cowboys - Cha-ron Dorsey #79 6'6" 348 lbs.
LB #56 - Cowboys - Markus Steele #55, 6'2" 240 lbs
FS #29 - Colts - Idrees Bashir #28 6'2", 206 lbs.
LB #57 - Eagles - Quinton Caver #55 6'4" 227 lbs.
TE #84 - 49ers - Eric Johnson #82 6'2" 230 lbs.
CB #25 - 49ers - Rashad Holman #26 5'11" 190 lbs.
DT #95 - Giants - Ross Kolodziej #99 6'2" 290 lbs.
K #1 - Giants - John Markham (same)
HB #35 - Jets - Lamont Jordan #34 5'10" 230 lbs.
DT #66 - Jets - Kareem McKenzie #67 6'6" 327 lbs.
LG #64 - Packers - Bill Ferrario #63 6'2" 311 lbs.
RG #73 - Patriots - Matt Light #72 6'4" 305 lbs.
C #60 - Ravens - Casey Rabach #61 6'4", 361 lbs.
LE #94 - Ravens - Dwayne Missouri #92 6'4" 260 lbs.
LB #57 - Redskins - LaVar Arrington #56 (same)
LT #73 - Titans - Adam Haayer (same)
DT #94 -FREE AGENT - Alonzo Spellman (same)

Created Players:

White Players

Tom Brady
Patriots QB #12 1 yr
6'4" 220 lbs Age: 24
College: Michigan

Ty Detmer
Lions QB #14 8 yrs
6'0" 194 lbs Age: 34
College: Brigham Young

Tommy Maddox
Steelers QB #8 8 yrs
6'4" 220 lbs Age: 30
College: UCLA

Mark Rypien
Colts QB #16 13 yrs
6'4" 225 lbs Age: 39
College: Washington St

Josh Booty
Browns QB #12 Rookie
6'2" 217 lbs Age: 23
College: LSU

Scott Covington
Bengals QB #4 3 yrs
6'2" 217 lbs Age: 25
College: Miami Fl

Phil Stambaugh
Jaguars QB #17 Rookie
6'3" 218 lbs Age: 22
College: Lehigh

Marc Bulger
Rams QB #10 Rookie
6'3" 215 lbs Age: 24
College: West Virginia

Doug Johnson
Falcons QB #11 1 yr
6'2" 225 lbs Age: 24
College: Florida

Matt Lytle
Panthers QB #8 1 yr
6'4" 225 lbs Age: 26
College: Pittsburgh

Mike Lucky
Cowboys TE #86 1 yr
6'6" 273 lbs Age: 26
College: Arizona

Shayne Graham
Bills K #17 Rookie
6'0" 192 lbs Age: 24
College: Virginia Tech

Jay Feely
Falcons K #4 Rookie
5'10" 206 lbs Age: 25
College: Michigan

Owen Pochman
Giants K #9 Rookie
5'11" 177 lbs Age: 24
College: Brigham Young

Jason Baker
49ers P #7 Rookie
6'1" 195 lbs Age: 23
College: Iowa

Brian Moorman
Bills P #8 Rookie
6'0" 180 lbs Age: 25
College: Pittsburgh St

Chris Hanson
Jaguars P #2 1 yr
6'1" 215 lbs Age: 25
College: Marshall

Tom Rouen
Broncos P #8 8 yrs
6'3" 225 lbs Age: 33
College: Colorado

Hispanic/Tan Players

Jose Cortez
49ers K #6 Rookie
5'11" 205 lbs Age: 26
College: Oregon State

Black Players

Jarious Jackson
Broncos QB #17 1 yr
6-0 228 lbs Age: 24
College: Notre Dame

Dominic Rhodes
Colts HB #33 Rookie
5-9 208 lbs Age: 22
College: Midwestern Texas State

Jason Brookins
Ravens HB #44 Rookie
6'0" 235 lbs Age: 25
College: Lane

Ben Gay
Browns HB #34 Rookie
6-1 227 lbs Age: 22
College: Garden City CC

Rod Smart
Eagles HB #24 Rookie
5'9" 185 lbs Age: 24
College: Western Kentucky

Ken-Yon Rambo
Cowboys WR #87 Rookie
6'0" 195 lbs Age: 23
College: Ohio State

Reggie Swinton
Cowboys WR #80 Rookie
6'0" 175 lbs Age: 26
College: Murray St

Eddie "Boo" Williams
Saints TE #82 Rookie
6'4" 235 lbs Age: 22
College: Arkansas

Bennie Anderson
Ravens OG #66 Rookie
6'5" 305 lbs Age: 24
College: Tennessee St

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila
Packers DE #94 1 yr
6'4" 253 lbs Age: 24
College: San Diego St

Lenny Webster
Ravens DT #79 8 yrs
6'5" 288 lbs Age: 32
College: Maryland



K Steve Christie
WR Kwame Cavil
S Henry Jones
LT Jon Carmen
QB Pete Gonzalez
LB Corey Moore

CB Tom Carter
DT Tom Barndt
DT Clif Groce
DE Kevin Henry
DE Jevon Langford
FS Tremain Mack
P Daniel Pope
WR Craig Yeast
CB Carlton Gray

FB Mike Sellers
LG Steve Zahursky
MLB Chester Burnett
ROLB Rahim Abdullah
WR Darrin Chiaverini
HB Travis Prentice
QB Spergon Wynn
DB Perry Phenix
DB Rashidi Barnes
DB Anthony Poindexter
OL Jim Pyne
HB Errict Rhett
RB Marc Edwards

DL Harald Hasselbach
OL Ethan Brooks
P Nick Harris
OL Quentin Meujahr
OL Phil Ostrowski
LB Ricardo McDonald
DL Maa Tanuvasa
OL Todd Fordham
WR Eddie Kennison
LOLB Henri Crocket

DE Byron Frisch
HB Chrys Chukwuma

QB Roderick Robinson
WR E.G. Green
QB Billy Joe Hobert
CB Raymond Walls
TE Josh Keur
K Danny Kight

OG Alex Sulfsted
WR Tony Horne
LB Richard Jordan
DT Steve Martin
RB Frank Moreau
DT Dan Williams
LB Andre O'Neal
CB Pat Dennis

DB Calvin Branch
RB Eric Metcalf
LB Ryan Phillips
OG Tony Hutson

S Kevin Williams
C Jason Andersen
QB Josh Heupel
OT Brandon Winey
HB Autry Denson
CB Ben Kelly

P Lee Johnson
WR Bert Emanuel
DE Greg Spires
WR Tony Simmons
CB Kato Serwanga
DT Garrett Johnson
WR Shockmain Davis
HB Robert Edwards
QB Michael Bishop
S Tony George
LB Rob Holmberg
WR Terry Glenn (optional)

OT Jumbo Elliott
LB J.J. Syvrud
C Dennis O'Sullivan
TE Scott Slutzker
DT Jason Wiltz
LB Courtney Ledyard

QB Kent Graham
S Ainsley Battles

WR Reggie Jones
WR Rodney Williams
RB Jermaine Fazande
S Armon Hatcher
OG Jason Thomas

WR Karsten Bailey
OG Frank Beede
OG Eric King
DE Matt LaBounty
QB Travis Brown

OG Chad Ward
C Dwayne Ledford
S Carnell Lake
QB Jamie Martin
OL Reggie Nelson
P David Leaverton
FB Kevin Clemens

DB Evan Howell
HB Chris Barnes


WR Tony Martin
CB Conrad Hamilton
SS Marty Carter
WR Eugene Baker
QB Eric Zeier
FB Kevin McLeod
K Jake Arians
OL Wes Shivers
DE Randy Garner
WR Vinny Sutherland
C/OG Calvin Collins
WR Jammi German
MLB Jesse Tuggle

LB Khari Samuel
HB Skip Hicks
HB Marlon Barnes
OG/OT Jerry Wisne
DT Van Tuinei
WR Bobby Engram
CB Thomas Smith
DE Clyde Simmons
DT Mike Wells
WR John Capel

HB John Avery
WR Damon Hodge
OG Craig Page
DE Ben Williams
QB Tony Banks
TE David LaFleur

TE Pete Mitchell
OT Aaron Gibson
HB Rueben Droughns
QB Jim Harbaugh
S Eugene Clinton
OT Andy Vincent
LB Jason Glenn
DT Eric Wilson
DT Loran Kaiser
LB Darnell Robinson

S Chris Akins
QB Henry Burris
DT Russell Maryland
HB De'Mond Parker

S Devin Bush
LB Dustin Cohen
DT Ray Agnew
QB Joe Germaine

WR Nate Jacquet
HB Moe Williams
DE Fernando Smith
LB Antonio Wilson
OL Jay Humphrey
OL Mike Malano
QB Billy Cockerham
RT Korey Stringer

LB Phil Clarke
DE Marques Douglas
S Steve Gleason
OG Albert Traylor
DT Ennis Davis
HB Chad Morton
K Jeff Hall

K John Markham
K Jaret Holmes

HB Darnell Autry
FB Stanley Pritchett
DB Jason Bostic
DE Greg Jefferson
QB Ron Powlus
S Kevin Williams

DE Brad Ottis
FB Paul Shields
TE Jay Tant

DE John Milem
OL Tyrone Hopson
S Pierson Prioleau
K Jamie Rheem

QB Ryan Leaf
OT George Hegamin
S Than Merrill

HB Kenny Watson
QB Jeff George
DL Derrick Ham
DT Mario Monds
OG Derrick Fletcher
QB Todd Husak
LB Eddie Mason
OG Michael Moore
LB Chaz Murphy
OL Terrance Simmons
S Joshua Symonette
CB Deion Sanders

WR Jim Turner
QB Jeff Lewis
DE Alvin McKinley
DE Gillis Wilson


K Shayne Graham
S Pierson Prioleau
WR Eugene Baker
G John Romero
QB Travis Brown
P Brian Moorman

QB Scott Covington
DT Randy Chevrier
TE Kirk McMullen
OL Ray Redziniak
CB Kevin Kaesvirhan
CB Ligarius Jennings
DT Mario Monds
P Nick Davis
DE Bernard Whittington

OL Gaylon Hyder
RT Barrett Brooks
S Devin Bush
QB Josh Booty
S Chris Akins
DT DeVone Claybrooks
TE Jake Moreland
DB Dyshod Carter
DT Alvin McKinley
OL Richard Mercier
DB Ray Jackson
OL Terrance Sykes
LB Anthony Denman
HB Carl Fair
OL Paul Zukauskus
WR Jammi German
HB Ben Gay

C Ben Hamilton
QB Todd Husak
OL Brandon Winey
LB Donnie Spragan
WR/TE Matt Dominguez
DT Cyron Brown
DE Paul Toviessi
C David Diaz-Infante
CB Eric Davis
QB Jarious Jackson
P Tom Rouen

CB DeRon Jenkins
HB Skip Hicks
HB Jonathan Linton
FB Wes Ours
WR Tony Simmons
QB Mark Rypien
LE Mark Thomas
HB Dominic Rhodes

DT Nate Hobgood-Chittick
DT Monty Baisel
QB Joe Germaine
S Shaunard Harts
CB Corey Harris
HB Aveion Case
DT Tyrone Williams
WR Eddie Kennison
CB Ahmad Hawkins
WR Reggie Jones
OG Victor Allotey

S Brandon Jennings

LB Corey Moore
OG Andy Vincent
DT Henry Taylor
S Ray Green
DT David Bowens
S Scott McGarrahan
QB Cade McNown
OT Spencer Folau
RG Jamie Nails
S Shawn Wooden

OT Stephen Neal
P Ken Walter
DL David Nugent
LB Matt Chatham
LB Roman Phifer
LB Bryan Cox
CB Terrell Buckley

CB James Rooths
LB Jason Glenn
LB Dwayne Gordon
HB Chad Morton
WR Craig Yeast

QB Tommy Maddox

CB Scott Turner
WR Patrick Batteaux
KR Glyn Milburn
LB John Holecek

HB Jay Graham
WR Bobby Engram
QB Trent Dilfer
S Harold Blackmon
OL Dennis Norman

OL Todd Fordham
K Jaret Holmes
LOLB Joe Tuipala
QB Phil Stambaugh
QB Roderick Roderiguez
P Chris Hanson

C Dale Hellestrae
K Danny Kight
HB Moe Williams
HB Terry Allen
HB Jason Brookins
OG Bennie Anderson
DT Larry Webster


WR Alvis Whitted
DT Brandon Miller
DT Ron Moore
CB Darrien Gordon
LB Henri Crockett
K Jay Feely
OT Dave Kadela
QB Doug Johnson

DE Joe Tafoya
FB Stanley Pritchett
HB Leon Johnson
HB Autry Denson
S Than Merrill
TE John Davis
QB Danny Wuerffel
S Michael Dumas

LB Keith Adams
WR Darrin Chiaverini
QB Ryan Leaf
TE Mike Lucky
WR Ken-Yon Rambo
WR Reggie Swinton

OG Tyrone Hopson
CB Ray McElroy
LB Brian Williams
QB Scott Dreisbach
DE Anthony Herron
HB Aveion Cason
WR Bert Emanuel
LB Khari Samuel
HB De'Mond Parker
CB Chidi Iwuoma
S Tommy Bennett
OT Robert Hicks
DT Kelvin Pritchett
QB Ty Detmer

DT Jared Tomich
FS Scott Frost
S Billy Jenkins
S Matt Bowen
CB Keith Thibodeaux
QB Billy Joe Tolliver
TE Bobby Collins
DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

LB O.J. Brigance
QB Jamie Martin
DE Chidi Ahanotu
CB Jerametrius Butler
QB Marc Bulger

P Lee Johnson
LB Pete Monty
CB Dale Carter
DB Stalin Colinet
OL Everett Lindsay
C Brody Heffner-Liddiard
HB Travis Prentice
LB Andre O'Neal

LB Roger Knight
WR Wane McGarity
TE Eddie Williams
TE Lamont Hall
FB Moran Norris
K John Carney

K Owen Pochman
K Morten Andersen

WR Sean Morey
DE Uhuru Hamiter
HB Rod Smart
S Kevin Williams
DE Derrick Burgess

TE Nathan Hodel
OT Jarvis Borum
DE Andy Bowers

QB Rick Mirer
K Jose Cortez
LOLB Terry Killens
P Jason Baker

K Doug Brien
TE Mike Roberg
HB Rabih Abdullah
OG Shane Grice

OG Alex Sulfsted
WR Eric Metcalf
CB Kato Serwanga
LB Donte' Curry
DE Donovab Arp
QB Kent Graham
DE Otis Leverette
S Keith Lyle
QB Tony Banks
HB Michael Bates
HB Ki-Jana Carter

DT Cedric Killings
DE John Milem
LB Darren Hambrick
OT TJ Washington
DE Chris Slade
QB Matt Lytle

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