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  NFL 2K [DC]
Cheat Codes
To activate cheats you must go to the option screen, go to codes, and enter the following codes:

Turbo: Gameplay is extreemly fast. (you must go to the options screen, game speed, change it to turbo, after putting in the code for it to work)

Slowmo speed setting:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter DEDMAN as a case-sensitive code to unlock the "Slowmo" setting under "Game Speed".

All-Star Sega team:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter SUPERSTARS as a case-sensitive code.

Alternate text:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter SCRAWL as a case-sensitive code.

High pitched commentary:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter SQUEEKY as a case-sensitive code.

Fat players:
Choose the "Codes" selection on the options screen. Enter LARD as a case-sensitive code.

Auto-defense play selection:
Press A(2) when on defense to have the CPU pick the best play to stop your opponent.

When on the 4th down, do not press A(2), because the CPU will not select a punt return, or field goal defensive play.

Auto-offense play selection:
Press A(2) after your opponent picks their defensive play to have the CPU choose the most effective play.

Press B after the team gets ready to kick an extra point, field goal, kickoff, or punt to select any player besides the kicker. The CPU will control the kicker and will automatically complete the kick.

Quieter crowd:
Press X while on offense before hiking the ball.

Louder crowd:
Select an offensive linebacker and press X before the ball snapped.

Extra player creation points:
Bring the creation points all the way down to zero, then move them back up. You should receive one extra creation point for every area, which can result in ten to eleven extra points overall.

Create a 100 rated DT:
Use the following stats to create a DT that has a 100% ability rating.

7' height
450 lbs. weight
Speed: 100
Agility: 76
Jumping: 0
Remaining attributes: 100
Create a 100 rated WR:
Use the following stats to create a Wide Receiver that has a 100% ability rating.

Preset: Balanced WR
Speed: 90 or 96
Agility: 90
Jumping: 90
Break tackle: 53 or 47
Hold onto ball: 100
Upper body strength:80 or 77
Lower body strength: 50
Catch: 100
Get open on run route: 100
Alternately, use the following stats:

6'4" height
208 lbs. Weight
Any type (aggressive, speed, balanced)
Lower body strength: 27
Upper body strength: 27
Remaining attributes: 100
Create a 99 rated DE:
Use the following stats to create a Defensive End that has a 99% ability rating.

Preset: Balanced DE
Speed: 100
Agility: 100
Jumping: 100
Aggressiveness: 2
Upper body strength: 100
Lower body strength: 76
Tackle: 100
Def. Rush Supp: 100
Def. Pass Rush: 100
Use the following stats to create a Defensive End that has a 100% ability rating.

7' height
285 lbs. weight
Aggressive type
All settings at 100 except Aggression (56) and Lower Body Strength (all that is left).

7' height
265 lbs. or higher weight
Run blocking: 31
Pass blocking: 31
Remaining attributes: 100
Create a 100 rated TE:

7' height
245 lbs. weight
Lower body strength: 2
Break tackle: 88
Hold: 81
Upper body strength: 88
Catch: 81
Get open: 85
Pass block: 87
Remaining attributes: 100
Create a 80 rated LB:

6' 2" height
260 lbs. weight
Aggressiveness: 30
Blck ball: 20
Remaining attributes:100
Lose creation points:
Do not hold A when creating a play. If you do, sometimes the game will not read correctly and will take a point away. Slow down when in the 90s and tap A until reaching 100.

Fake play selection:
Use the following trick to select a play without revealing it another player. Hold A to select a play. Continue to hold that button and search for a fake play. To get a different formation, continue to hold A and press B. You may also release A and change formations.

Time out in versus mode:
Use the following steps to call a time out in versus mode for anyone other than player one. Pause game play, then press the Analog-stick on controllers two, three, or four to highlight the time out option, then press A.

Hint: Blocking punts:
On the fourth down and over 5 yards (if not, the CPU will take the offsides penalty), jump offsides just before the quarterback hikes the ball. If you do not do this in time, the ref will call you offsides before the play. If done correctly, you will be offsides but still trying to block the punt. If you do block the punt, then the CPU will most likely decline the offsides penalty and you will get the ball wherever it was blocked.

Hint: Easy onside kicks:
When kicking off the ball, select a normal kick off. Point the arrow very low and down the middle. Kick it as far as possible. If done correctly, the ball will hit the ground and bounce back to your team for an easy onside kick.

Hint: Easy sacks:
Turn off onsides, then after your choose a play make your player go very near the QB. When he hikes the ball, tackle him and get a sack.

Hint: Get 15 or more yards with the Titans:
Run the ShotGun And Inside Corner play, wait for about two or three seconds and press X (F. Wycheck). He will always be open to catch the ball.

Glitch: Player creation:
Create a wide receiver with full arm scale and leg scale. Press Start to display the attributes page. Under "Receiver Type", select "Speed Receiver" and set the following to get a strange object at the top:

Glitch: Menu select:
Hold the Analog-stick to highlight the menu buttons to be selected. The D-pad will highlight the buttons, but not allow the option to be executed.

Glitch: Commentary:
When you have possession of the ball, run straight backwards until you run out of bounds. This will cause the commentator's to say that you had scored two points, but the scoreboard will record that the opposing team had scored. This will place the commentary out of sync with the real score throughout the entire game.

After scoring over 200 points the commentary will omit your score and just announce the part of the score that is under 200 points.

Glitch: Get the ball back after every kickoff:
Choose "Kickoff" but point the arrow down and to the left. When you kickoff, your power bar should be at the lowest possible setting. Try to set it to 0. Then, as the ball is kicked, it will either go out of bounds or a defender may receive it. As the ball is in the air, switch to the closest defender and press A to set his power to full. If he receives the ball, hit the defender to cause him to fumble, which should happen most of the time. If he does not receive it, the ball may go out of bounds. Before it does, hit the defender in the back. This will cause a clipping penalty. Although the the penalty will be called, you will get the ball back (1st and 25). Note: This trick requires some practice, but can be done,

Glitch: 15 yards with fair catch:
Turn on the fair catch interference option. Press Y to signal for a fair catch while receiving a punt, then intentionally bump into a defensive player. The game will place the ball 15 yards from the location of the foul.

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