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  WWF Wrestlemania 2000 [N64]

Super finishing move:
First, get a special. Throw your opponent into the turnbuckle. Grab him, then press C-Up + C-Down + C-Left + C-Right

High risk double team:
Select 3-Way, Royal Rumble, or Tag-Team mode. Set the game so your teammate (in Tag-Team) or opponent (in 3-Way or Royal Rumble) is controlled by the CPU. Once the match begins, get in a weak or strong grapple, then press L to get in a rear grapple. From here press C-Up to get your opponent on your shoulders. No matter what the CPU is doing (except if stunned, down, or in a grapple), he will stop it, run to the nearest turnbuckle, jump on it, and lay the Smackdown on the wrestler on your shoulder.

Get Extra Wrestlers:
Finish the Road to Wrestlemania Mode

Get a Random Wrestler:
On the character select screen press C-Down

Different Costumes:
At the character select screen press C-Right or C-Left

See Finishing Moves:
The spirit meter must be on Special then get in a tie-up and press the Analog Stick

Manager interference:
Start a one-on-one match and select a wrestler that has a manager/valet. Select an opponent that does not have a manager/valet. Start the match and wait for a run-in. After the new wrestler enter the ring, your manager will jump into the match and beat up the interfering wrestler.

Pick up a weapon:
Go to the side barricade. Then, face the crowed and press C-Up.

Steal opponent's finishing move:
Strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meter is flashing, then press the Analog-stick in any direction while simultaneously pressing A + B. Now you can humiliate your opponent by smacking him or her around with their own move.

High Flying Fun:
When your opponent is out of the ring. Bounce off the ropes opposite your opponent and hold down A to fly over the ropes and crank you opponet. It looks cool and is fun to.

Steal opponent's taunt:
Rotate the Analog-stick clockwise.

Unlock Jim Ross:
Get to the WWF World Championship Match to unlock Jim Ross.

Unlock Shawn Michaels (HBK):
Complete the Road To Wrestlemania mode and get the Championship Belt. After the final match, HBK's music will play. He will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. Successfully beat HBK to unlock him.

Unlock Stephanie McMahon:
Go through the Road To Wrestlemania mode using Test. Stephanie Mcmahon will accompany him after a few matches. She will then be unlocked.

Unlock Paul Bearer:
Go through the Road To Wrestlemania mode using the Undertaker. Paul Bearer will accompany him after a few matches. He will then be unlocked.

Unlock Dude Love:
Reach Summerslam without losing any matches and win the WWF title. Dude Love will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. He will now be unlocked.

Unlock Cactus Jack:
Win the WWF Hardcore Championship belt and defend it approximately three times. Cactus Jack will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. He will now be unlocked.

New Age Outlaw appearance:
You can have Billy Gunn come out with Road Dogg by changing his titantron and entrance to Road Dogg. When they appear, the game will say New Age Outlaws.

Godfather's Ho as a manager:
Clone your wrestler from Godfather. You can change any attribute, but it is necessary to have his fighting style.

Flip opponent on turnbuckle:
Press L while an opponent is stunned in the corner to flip him on the turnbuckle

Headbangers appearance:
Edit Chaz and change his clothes to Thrasher's, name to "MOSH" (case-sensitive), theme and video to the Headbangers, and edit his first costume. When fighting Mosh and Thrasher, they will appear as the Headbangers.

Go to "Edit" and select one of the Originals. Then, go to "Clone" and select Debra, Terri, etc. You may now edit the woman. Select "Attire" and change the outfits. Costumes for Stephanie McMahon and two other females are there. You have to save her as an Original. You can trade her to go over to the Superstars Fed. with the other females.

Manager assistance:
Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is the first person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three to have your manager be controlled by player three. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. Note: This only works for single matches.

Tree Of Woe position:
While your opponent is in the turnbuckle, grapple him then press L.

Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown appearance:
Put Mark Henry music and video under D'Lo Brown to make them appear together.

The People's Elbow:
When doing The People's Elbow and The Rock is running toward the first rope, hold C-Down until he gets to the second rope to jump over your downed opponent. Then, on the way back to your opponent, press B to finish it with the elbow.

Losing created wrestler moves:
When creating a wrestler and selecting the moves, if you do not go to decision and instead press B, it will not save the moves. You will have to go through them again.

Mooning woman wrestler:
Select a woman wrestler and choose Badd Ass Billy Gunn as an opponent. Steal his taunt to pull down your pants and moon him.

Different belt:
Win the title with Stone Cold and after a few matches he will come to the ring with his Smokin' Skull belt! It is then available in the create-a-belt mode.

Get Jerry "The King" Lawler:
Get To the WWF Championship Match To Get The King

Gangrel's Blood Mist:
Pick any create a player A-P. Then go to clone and clone Gangrel, next go to move set. Then go to front grapple and select front special. Go down and you will find blood mist. Click on it and you will be able to do that special with that player!

Replacement moves in creation mode:
The following moves can be used as replacements in creation mode.

-The FlowDDT can be used as Ravens Evenflow DDT
-The Sledgehammer can be used as goldbergs jackhammer
-The jacknife powerbomb can be used as Kevin nashs Jacknife powerbomb
-The Insiders edge can be used as scott halls outsiders edge
-The 3/4 turn into neckbreaker can be used as DDP's dimaond cutter
-The X factor can be used as Jazz's Jazz stinger
-The leg drop off the top can be used as Sabus Arabian Face buster
-The T-bone suplex cna be used as Taz's T-bone suplex
-The Sharpshooter can be used as Stings scorpian death Lock
-The Pimp Drop can be used as Saturns DVD.

Slow motion move preview:
Enter wrestler edit mode, go to the move edit option and preview a move. Hold C-Right while previewing to see the move in slow motion.

Rebound off the ropes with an attack:
Certain characters like the Hardys, Kane, and others can rebound off the ropes with an attack. Run towards the ropes while tapping A. Jeff Hardy does a Moonsault and Kane and Matt Hardy do Flying Elbows.

Chokeslam by Undertaker or Kane:
Get in a strong grapple, then press Up followed by B.

Powerbomb by Undertaker or Kane:
Get in a strong grapple and press Down followed by A.

Undertaker's walk on rope:
Throw your opponent in a corner, get a strong grapple, then press B.

Mr. Sockko:
Select Mankind and start any match. Tap the Analog-stick again Mankind's attitude is flashing to pull Sockko from his pants. Socko will remain on Mankind's hand for the rest of the match. Note: This can only be done with Mankind and you cannot assign the taunt to other wrestlers in edit a wrestler mode.

When you clone a women wrestler and edit the clone you can make the dummy that you do the moves to in edit a wrestler mode.

Use Al Snow's "Head" as a weapon:
Select Al Snow as a wrestler in a singles match. Go to the barricades to get a weapon. Your weapon will be "Head" automatically.

D-generation-X appearance:
Set X-pac's and Road Dogg's music as DX and make their video DX. They will appear together with "D-generation-X" is displayed.

Union appearance:
Place Show, Mankind, Shamrock, or Test with the Union music and no video. They will appear together with "Union" displayed.

The Corporate Ministry appearance:
Set either Vince, Shane, or the Undertaker's music and video to The Corporate Ministry and they will appear together in a tag match with "Corporate Ministry" displayed.

Summer Slam WWF Heavyweight title:
Win the King Of The Ring tournament to get a WWF Heavyweight title shot at Summer Slam.

Climbing over the cage:
Get your meter high enough so you do not fall down when you are on the cage, Then, get your opponent down and go as high as you can on the cage. Hold Up and rapidly tap B to slowly climb over.

Climbing the cage faster:
Get a special while playing in a cage match. Your wrestler will be able to climb the cage twice as fast.

Ram opponent's head into cage:
To ram your opponent's persons head into the cage in a cage match, hold A to enter a grapple. Continue to hold A and press C-Right.

Blocking Sweet Chin Music:
This is easier to do in 1P vs. 2P mode with both controllers under your control. Select Stone Cold as player one and HBK as player two. Get a special with Stone Cold and have HBK at kicking distance. Then, press B on controller two. Right before HBK kicks, press R with Stone Cold. You should block the kick, spin HBK around, and then do the Stunner. This is an impressive looking move and resembles what happens during the game's introduction sequence. You can do this trick with anybody. Get to punching distance; Stone Cold will block the punch and then do his finisher.

Easy wins:
This trick works best with wrestlers that jump to the top rope rather than climb. As soon as the match begins, climb the turnbuckle farthest from your opponent, hold the Analog-stick to taunt the crowd twice, then press R to fall to your feet. While you do this, the CPU will assume that you are simply going to do your high risk maneuver, so they back off. Keep doing this (occasionally switching turnbuckles) until you get a special. Then, repeat as much as needed.

Double Front Flip:
Have a created wrestler's entrance as a flip over the ropes and celebration taunt as Taunt 66. Enable TKOs and being a match. TKO your wrestler and get on the apron. Your wrestler will perform a Double Front Flip.

Reverse Frankenstiener off the top ropes:
Create a wrestler and set his behind special as the Reverse Frankensteiner. When the match begins, get a special, run your wrestler in the turnbuckle, then press L. Then, hold A and tap the Analog-stick.

Fake jump outside:
Use the following steps to do the fake jump outside like Rey Mysterio Jr. Create a wrestler with that fake move. Get your opponent on the outside, then run to the opposite direction of your opponent (in the ring). Hold the Analog-stick just when you hit the opposite side of the ropes until your wrestler does the move.

New Stone Cold Clothes:
Beat the "Road to Wrestlemania" with Stone Cold to obtain new outfits.

Start a game with test and go through it after a few matches Stephanie McMahon will appear. If you start with Undertaker, Paul Bearer will appear.

Funny First-Blood Trick:
Play a first blood match and royally whoop your opponent, then grap a weapon and smack him till he bleeds. Then, watch the replay of you winning, notice that your opponent is already bleeding before he is whacked. Just a little trick to try.

How to Create Miss Kitty:
Clone Chyna, Change her height to 5'5". Then change:
Accompanied by: CHYNA
Full Name: Miss Kitty
Short Name: The Cat

Make the Brood appear:
All you have to do is put either Edge's or Christian's music and video on the Brood to match Gangrel's music and video and when you select them as a tag team it will say the Brood, but it has to be either Edge and Gangrel or Christian and Gangrel

Never Lose on Road to Wrestlemania:
If you lose a match in Road to Wrestlemania return to the screen with the list of matches, then hit B and choose exit. This will reset the event. When you continue your Road to Wrestlemania game it will be like the match never happened.

How to do the Senton bomb:
Someone be Jeff hardy, and someone be a guy with a special that TKO's you. (EX: Matt Hardy-Diamond Cutter or Bradshaw-Close Line from Hell) After someone gets a special like the Close Line from Hell or something along those lines, be Jeff and get on the turnbuckle when the person is in the TKO mode, (when he's trying to get up) Well while hes getting TKO'ed go off the turnbuckle, and Jeff will do the Senton bomb.

The Dooms Day Device:
You can pull off the Dooms Day Device (Hawk and Animal, the Legion of Doom's finisher) by having a three way, or tag match. Have your partner/opponent be controlled by the CPU. Get in a strong or weak back grapple and press C-Up. (When you do this, make sure the opponent you want to get pummeled has a very, very low attitude meter. I'm talking close to "DANGER.") Your partner/opponet should get on the closet turnbuckle and knock the living daylights out of the opponent on your shoulders.

Do a different special move!:
Get up to special and and do your special move, while your opponent is on the floor do a full taunt and pick him up again, grab him and do your special again. you shood do the bear hug providing your original move wasn't the bear hug. this works on both sides.


Here is a list of translated moves:

Sledge Hammer Goldberg's Jackhammer(WCW)
Jack Knife PB Nash's Jack Knife Power B.
Insiders Edge Scott Hall's outsiders edge
Pimp drop Saturn's Death Valley Driver
Sharpshooter Sting's Scorpion Death Lock (no SP)
DD DDT (back) Sting's Scorpion Death Drop
Choke Slam 3 Sid Vicious's choke slam(not SP)
Snow Plow Shane Douglas's Pitsburg Plunge
Downward Spiral Kanyon's Flatliner
Running Scissor Kick Booker T's move
Gigantic Bomb Sid Vicious's power bomb
Powerbomb to facebuster Kidman's move
Shotting star Kidman's shooting star(not a SP)
Stone Cold Stunner Disco Inferno's Disco Drop
Broncobuster Rey Myst. Jr.ruff ryder (corner)
Tombstone PD Fit Finley's Tombstone PD
3/4 Neckbreaker DDP's diamond cutter
Red BloodMist Yoshihuru Tagirs'Mist(ECW)
Frog Splash RVD 5* frog splash (not a SP)
Pimp Drop tommy dreamers special
Tombstone PD Justin Credible's special
X Factor Jazz's Jazz stinger
Spear Rino's Rhino Buster (not a SP)
Gargoyle Suplex One of Taz's moves
Flowing DDT Raven's Evenflow DDT
Japanise PowerB. Super Crazy's special(not SP)
Leg Drop Sabu's Arabian Facebuster

THQ left this move out: Power Fusion - Rakishi's move

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