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  Saw [Xbox 360]
Lock combinations
* The combination for the padlock in the room (Melissa 3-2) where the person is electrified and dropping slowly into the water that you are standing in is "435".
Jimmie Nassen
* The combination for the lock with the different colors on the lamps on the last door to enter the Theater stage is "831".
* The solution to Melissa 3-9 is "838".

Easy "Never Truly Free" achievement or trophy
After unlocking the "Cost Of The Truth" achievement or trophy by using the truth door, load the previous level. Use the freedom door to unlock the "Never Truly Free" achievement or trophy.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Treasure! (10 points): Unlock first container.
It Was An Accident (10 points): Kill first minion.
Self-Defense (15 points): Kill 10 minions.
Duress (20 points): Kill 20 minions.
Just Experimenting (10 points): Used Health Syringe for the first time.
I Can Stop Anytime (20 points): Used 20 Health Syringes..
You've Wasted Your Life (5 points): Idle for five minutes.
Would You Like To Know More? (20 points): Find your first Asylum File.
Who Is The Jigsaw Killer? (15 points): Find your first Patient File.
Darwin Would Be Proud (20 points): Died once.
Kill Or Be Killed (30 points): Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.
Give Me Five! (10 points): First kill with a Mannequin Arm.
Homerun (10 points): First kill with a Bat.
Sometimes It Sticks (10 points): First kill with a Nail Bat.
Cleaning Up (10 points): First kill with a Mop Handle.
Pipe Dream (10 points): First kill with a Pipe.
Surgeon (10 points): First kill with a Scalpel.
Penetrated (10 points): First kill with a Syringe.
You've Been Served (10 points): First kill with a Table Leg.
You'll Need This Afterwards (10 points): First kill with a Crutch.
Grave Digger (10 points): First kill with a Shovel.
Lights Off (10 points): First kill with a Table Lamp.
Hatchet Job (10 points): First kill with a Hatchet.
Fire Hazard (10 points): First kill with fire.
Splitting Headache (10 points): First kill with Scissors.
Say Hello To My Little Friend (10 points): First kill with a Gun.
Wait For The Boom (10 points): First kill with an Explosive Mine.
Whoops! (10 points): First kill with a Stun Mine.
Choked Up (10 points): First kill with a Gas Mine.
I'm In Charge (10 points): Fought first NPC.
Curb Stomp (10 points): Stomped first Minion to death.
Merciless (20 points): Stomped five Minions to death.
Forced Entry (10 points): Unlocked first door.
Locksmith (20 points): Unlock 5 locked doors.
Professional (50 points): Unlock 20 locked doors.

Additionally there are eleven secret achievements.
It's A Trap! (40 points): Complete Reverse Bear Trap.
What Was That?!? (5 points): First encounter with Pighead.
Hit And Run (40 points): Release Jennings from his Trap.
Damaged Goods (40 points): Release Amanda from her trap.
Absent Parent (40 points): Release Melissa from her Trap.
Aphasia (40 points): Release Oswald from his Trap.
Eager Student (40 points): Release Obi from his Trap.
Born Victim (40 points): Release Jeff from his Trap.
Violence Begets Violence (40 points): Kill the Pighead.
Cost of the Truth (100 points): Complete Game using Truth Door.
Never Truly Free (100 points): Complete game using Freedom Door.

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