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  Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands [Xbox 360]
New Game+ mode
Complete the game and start a new game session. All your original upgrades will be present but will not be active until the Sand Army is released.

Sarcophagus locations
Search the following locations to find all ten Sarcophagi. When you get near a Sarcophagus, you will hear a sound and see their blue orb glow.
* Near the exit of "The Stables", climb to the top of the octagonal-shaped room.
* In "The Fortress Courtyard", jump to the platform beneath the circular switch you have to activate to progress through the level.
* After the spiked floors in "The Fortress Courtyard", drop off the main path. Slide along the series of ledges to reach the Sarcophagus.
* Near the exit of "The Prison", activate the switch to open the gate. As you quickly run past the traps to roll under the closing door, and before you exit the prison, go to the right to climb the wall. Then, go right again.
* At the start of "The Sewer" when you are climbing the frozen water spout, jump towards the beam. Use the frozen water spout again to reach a second beam above the first one. Then, jump over a gap to reach the Sarcophagus.
* Near the exit of "The Sewer", walk along the side path on the left. Freeze the water to swing across the gap and reach the Sarcophagus on the other end.
* Enter a room in "The Royal Chambers" with a water spout on the left with switches to its sides. Freeze the water and use it to jump towards each switch. The Sarcophagus is behind a door that opens after activating both switches.
* In the middle of "The Royal Chambers", you will reach a room with a waterfall on both sides and two accompanying water spouts. Freeze the water, jump up to the second water spout, and use it to jump towards the waterfall. While in mid-air, quickly unfreeze your ability so you will go straight through the waterfall and land on a ledge. Then, climb up to find the Sarcophagus.
* Near the exit of "The Royal Chambers", jump on a ledge to the right of the water wheel room. Continue on the ledge without freezing the water. Then, perform a wall run up from the ledge to reach the wall. Jump off the wall to reach a pole. Jump off the pole to another ledge, and move left across it to find the Sarcophagus.
* At the beginning of "The Throne Room", climb the wall on the left until you reach the balcony to find the last Sarcophagus.

Easy "Our Little Secret" achievement or trophy
Start the game under the Normal difficulty setting. Then, at the very beginning, switch to the Easy difficulty setting and play through the game.

Easy "Sand Nemesis" achievement or trophy
When you get to Rekem, there will be an area where you fight three Glowing Sand Creatures (the ones that spawn other Sand Creatures). Use your power slash to kill the Sand Creatures that they spawn. After you have a few of hits, run around the arena and repeat the process until you unlock the achievement or trophy.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Memories of Azad (20 points): Reach the thick of the battle.
A Warm Welcome (20 points): Catch up to Malik.
Solomon's Army (30 points): Release Solomon's Army.
Just us and them (50 points): Close the fortress gates.
Not what it looks like (50 points): Defeat Ratash.
Eye of the Storm (30 points): Reach the final fight.
Prince of Tides (50 points): Complete the Enemy Tides Challenge.
Power Boost (20 points): Find and break a sarcophagus.
Got Walkthrough? (50 points): Find and break every sarcophagus.
Completist (50 points): Purchase every item in the upgrade menu.
Anger Management (15 points): Break 100 vases and sarcophagi.
Sand Nemesis (30 points): Kill 50 enemies in a row without being hit and without using upgrade powers or the Power of Time.
And King of Blades (20 points): Kill 500 enemies with the sword.
Acrobat (30 points): Jump on enemies 30 times in a row without falling or using the Power of Time.
Like Dominoes (15 points): Knock down 5 enemies with one kick.
Floors are for losers (15 points): Wall run for a total of 1/2 mile (805 meters).
Stay Dry (30 points): Move on solidified water for 1 minute without using the Power of Time.
Untouchable (30 points): Defeat Ratash in the Throne Room wihout taking any damage.
Death from Above (30 points): Finish off 10 enemies in a row using only the Aerial Slash.
Invincible (20 points): Finish the final battle against Ratash without taking any damage.
And stay down! (15 points): Use the finishing lunge 20 times.
Air Time (15 points): Perform 20 Aerial Slash attacks.
David and Goliath (15 points): Finish 5 titans with the Aerial Slash.
This is Persia! (20 points): Kick 20 enemies off of ledges.
Attack from all angles (15 points): Knock down 15 enemies using the aerial kick.
Swift as the Wind (15 points): Defeat 30 enemies using the Power of Flight.
Big Finish (10 points): Defeat an enemy by doing a power attack on the fifth hit in a combo.
Elemental Control (20 points): Upgrade one power to level 4.
Ding! Level Up! (15 points): Purchase your first upgrade.
Close Call (15 points): Save the Prince's life by using the Power of Time.
Not how it Happened (15 points): Use the Power of Time 20 times.
Prince of Fire (15 points): Defeat 50 enemies using the Flame Trail.
Prince of Earth (15 points): Defeat 50 enemies while using the Stone Armor.
Prince of Water (15 points): Defeat 50 enemies using the Ice Blast.
Prince of Wind (15 points): Defeat 50 enemies using the Whirlwind.
Additionally there are five secret achievements.
No longer human (50 points): Suffered defeat at Malik's hands.
Welcome to Rekem (30 points): Arrived in Razia's city.
Power of the Djinn (30 points): Razia becomes part of sword.
End of the Army (50 points): Complete the game.
Our Little Secret (5 points): Don't Worry. We won't tell if you don't.

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