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  Damnation [Xbox 360]
hBonus weapon
Enter BlowOffSomeSteam as a code at the "Unlockables" menu. The weapon is a gun with a blade attached to the bottom of the barrel that kills in one hit.

All weapons
Enter LockNLoadAll as a code at the "Unlockables" menu.

Custom characters
Enter PeoplePerson as a code at the "Unlockables" menu.

Custom loadout
Enter LockNLoad as a code at the "Unlockables" menu.

Insane difficulty
Enter Revenant as a code at the "Unlockables" menu.

Big head mode
Enter LincolnsTopHat as a code at the "Unlockables" menu.

Emblem locations

There are a total of twenty emblems.
* On the ground floor of the buildings in the back of where you fight the first set of enemies.
* In the mines, on the second floor of the house after you climb up the chain holding a large crate or the series of wooden molding.
* Once outside, in the single story building near the billboard that is shot down before the second driving sequence.
* At the back of the domed structures before taking the zip line to the roof near the conveyor belt.
Mesa Dorado
* After dismounting the bike at the end of the first driving sequence, inside the building to the left before climbing onto the plateau with the artillery.
* After the second driving sequence, on the ground floor of the tall building to the left when overlooking the next area from the top of the canal wall.
* Once in the interior, on the ground floor of the building after the ladder beside the waterwheel and before the rope bridge.
* To the right of where you start the turret fight with Selena.
* Once outside again, on the second floor of the building on the right, inside the cavern after the gondola.
Convoy Chase
* Halfway through the driving sequence, after dropping the totem segment onto the bridge, located behind the totem pole to the left after driving up the newly made ramp.
* Once outside, near the back side of the area with the square pools and four lantern holding statues (after the spiral staircase and before the gondola).
* During the fight with Dayden, on the second floor of the building in the middle of this area.
Terra Verte
* To the left of the statue before entering the city gates.
* On the way to the top of the governor's mansion, inside the floor where the metal stairs begin. Go to the left of the building near the windows.
* In the glass building opposite the Waterworks building.
* Once inside the Waterworks building, on the ground level opposite the entrance to this building.
PSI Complex
* At the end of the driving sequence, to the right of the elevator.
* After walking up the conveyor belt, in the second floor of the building to the left after the ladder.
* Once inside the base of Prescott's tower, behind the elevator.
* After exiting the elevator into the fight with Prescott's, inside the smaller building to the right.

Hidden multi-player map weapons

Boiler Room: An Arrow rifle can be found bottom middle on the boiler.
Broken Home: A Revenant gun is located on the middle bridge.
Cathedral: A Revenant gun and grenades are at the bottom middle of the map.
Cave In: Check around the platforms in the middle of the map to find an Arrow rifle.
PSI Topside: There are sniper rifles hidden around the map.
Shaft: Battle to the bottom of the map to obtain a Arrow rifle.
Shaman: Look around the center totem, there may be something hidden in the tall grass.
Town Hall: The bridge below the roof gap has a Revenant gun.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Enabling cheat codes does not prevent achievements from becoming unlocked.
Trooper (35 points): Complete the Game on Casual.
Peacemaker (75 points): Complete the Game on Hardcore.
Revenant (130 points): Complete the Game on Insane.
Double Time (10 points): Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any difficulty
People Skills (50 points): Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty.
Sniper (20 points): Get 20 Headshots.
Where'd They Come From? (20 points): Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.
Pedestrian Crossing (20 points): Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.
Pyro (20 points): Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.
Dumb Luck (10 points): Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.
Wall Jumper (20 points): Successfully wall-jump 100 times.
Free Style Walker (15 points): Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 seconds or less.
Found It! (10 points): You or a Co-op partner collects 1 Emblem.
Finders Keepers (30 points): You or a Co-op partner collects 10 Emblems.
Emblematic (50 points): You or a Co-op partner collects 20 Emblems.
Skeet Shooter (10 points): Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.
Sure Shot (10 points): Get 10 Kills in a Ranked Multiplayer Match.
Party Animal (15 points): Host 25 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Explosive Expert (30 points): Kill 3 players at once with Trip Mines in a Ranked Multiplayer Match.
Cerebral Assassin (10 points): Get 10 headshot kills in one Ranked Multiplayer Match.
Winner's Circle (20 points): Win 25 Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Been There, Won That (10 points): Win 1 Ranked Multiplayer Match of each Type.
Have Gun, Well Traveled (20 points): Win 1 Ranked Multiplayer Match on every Map.
Let's Go Streaking (20 points): Win 10 straight Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Quick Draw (15 points): Kill 10 enemies using only the Autorevolver in a ranked Multiplayer Match.
Sticky Fingers (10 points): Capture 3 flags in a Ranked Multiplayer Match.
Thief In The Night (20 points): Capture a flag in 10 straight Ranked Multiplayer Matches.
Top Of The World (20 points): Win 5 straight Ranked King of the Hill Matches.
Pacifist (20 points): Make a Flag Capture in a Ranked Multiplayer Match without firing a shot or using grenades.
Additionally there are nine secret achievements.
Terra Verte - Casual (10 points): Completed Terra Verte on Casual.
Mesa Dorado - Casual (10 points): Completed Mesa Dorado on Casual.
Boomtown - Casual (10 points): Completed Boomtown on Casual.
Terra Verte - Hardcore (25 points): Completed Terra Verte on Hardcore.
Mesa Dorado - Hardcore (25 points): Completed Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.
Boomtown - Hardcore (25 points): Completed Boomtown on Hardcore.
Terra Verte - Insane (50 points): Completed Terra Verte on Insane.
Mesa Dorado - Insane (50 points): Completed Mesa Dorado on Insane.
Boomtown - Insane (50 points): Completed Boomtown on Insane.

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