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  Rayman [cheats&guide]
Password for 99 lives and all of the cages captured and all the levels beaten.

password: 942KV3W9XD


Playing Guide

Dream Forest World:
Jungle Level 1 Just after the red flower that bends, climb the vines and go left to find a free life.

Jungle Level 2:
Jump on the flower at the very left of the screen and then leap to the vine hanging above it. Grab all the blue tings around the vine, and then go for the platform on the right. If youve collected ten tings, the magician will take you to the first bonus level. Defeat the hunter by hitting him when he lowers his pistol.

Jungle Level 3:
Betilla the fairy will now grant you the power to throw your fist. Scamper to the far-right side of the screen, jump and knock down the purple grape. Leap on top of it, and then vault onto the platform to exit the level.

Jungle Level 4:
To get the special powers that are suspended above the water, find the nearest purple grape, knock it down and shove it with your fist into the water. Once the grapes are in the water, you can jump on them and move (carefully!) left and right. Using this technique, you can find another magician at the bottom-right side of this level.

Jungle Level 5:
Beyond the second floating platform, youll see a bunch of blue tings. Spring off the platform and grab them; theyll lead to a cage of Electoons. Be ready to duck, though, because theres a hunter waiting.

Jungle Level 6:
Try to stay in the middle of the screen so you can see which direction the mosquito is coming from.

Jungle Level 9:
Jump up and knock Tarayzans clothes down, which are stuck on the vine. He will give you a magic seed. You can plant the seed repeatedly and then jump on the plants that grow to advance through this level. You cannot, however, plant one seed on top of another. When you reach the exit on this level, a free life will appear on the left side of the screen.

Jungle Level 10:
Knock the purple grapes down onto the heads of the nasties below. You can then use the grapes as stepping stones. On the second island, you will see one of the scavengers and a bunch of Antitoons. Dont use the grape against them or youll miss a cage of Electoons. Instead, approach the island from the left by water using another grape. Punch all of the Antitoons while still on top of the grape. Then dislodge the grape that floats above the island. Push it to the right and into the water. (One way to move grapes is to jump on top of them, punch in the opposite direction you want to move, and then duck. When your fist comes back, it will bump into the grape first and push you along.) When you arrive at the next island, a cage will fall from the sky.

Jungle Level 11:
Climb up the first vine thats holding the purple grape. Go to the top and then down and a cage will appear. Knock the grape down, jump on top of it, and ride it down the hill. Before you get to the end, jump off the grape and onto a floating platform. Jump over to the right again and youll find a magician. On the right side of the magicians platform youll see a blue ting. Jump off after it and platforms will appear leading you to another cage.

Jungle Level 12:
Get the tings on top of the mushroom tree. A cage will appear on the ground. When you see the photographer, while floating on the grape, dont get off. Stay on it to reach another cage. The tentacle can only be stopped by punching it in the mouth. Jungle Level 13 Climb the tree to grab the tings and a cage will appear below. Before exiting the level, knock down a grape and push it left into the water. Float right on it for more cage discoveries.

Going back:
Once you acquire the power to hang and to punch, you can go back and pick up a few more cages. Dont worry about the bosses - once beaten they wont mess with you again. In Jungle Level 2, three more cages will become accessible. In Jungle Level 5, get on the falling platform at the very top of the screen. As you are falling, wind up quickly and punch to the left to dislodge the grape. You will fall on a platform with the grape. Jump on top of the grape and swing over to the left with the grapple until you see the cage. Then jump down to the mushroom tree and another cage will appear. In Jungle Level 12, climb the vine just after the photographer and get rid of the bad guys. Youll find a magician and then some flying hooks that will lead to a hidden cage.


Band Land
Music Level 2:
Advance to the end of the bongo, then retrace your steps, bounding over the cloud, and you will find a free life. Jump above the exit panel at the end of the level. When you land on the left side of the panel, a cloud will appear off to the right side of the screen. Mount the cloud and it will take you to a cage.

Music Level 3:
At the second flying maracas, just after the photographer, dont get on it right away. Instead, fall beneath it. Continue going down until you find a cage. Retrace your steps.

Music Level 4:
Go after the lone power-up hanging over the edge and you will find a hidden reserve of power-ups, tings and a golden fist.

Music Level 5:
When you arrive at the first photographer, instead of continuing forward, jump over to the platform on the left. Shrink by touching the fairy, and follow the tings. Fall down onto the brown spinner and descend until you see the notes and then jump off to the left. Take the second ascending cloud and you will see a cage. After freeing the Electoons, get back on the cloud and retrace your steps. At the exit, jump over to the other side of the panel and fall down to the button. Go left and you will find another cage. Retrace your steps and at the far-right side make a leap of faith and a cloud will appear to take you to the exit.

Music Level 7:
At the second arrow-shaped group of tings, just after the false notes (which you must get past by ducking), instead of continuing down, jump onto the ledge at the far-left side of the screen, then jump over to the right and you will find a cage. A little lower down, just after you see an arrow-shaped group of tings pointing upwards, pick up a lot of speed and with a big leap you will reach another platform where there is a hidden cage.

Music Level 8:
Timing is everything when the trumpets blow you back and forth. Try to jump early enough to reach the higher platforms. After the photographer, instead of descending, climb up the platforms to find the free life.

Music Level 9:
Move toward the right, jump on the first bongo, and then retrace your steps and you will find a cage. After the photographer, jump on the two small platforms and then retrace your steps. A brown spinner will appear. Hitch a lift and be taken to a cage. Once youve reached the walking drum, jump off onto one of the sliding platforms. Youll hear a noise which means that something has appeared. Jump back left to find the bonus level. At the end of the level you will seem stuck because the exit panel is not in sight. Tee hee. Jump on the upper slippery platform and a cloud will appear. Take the cloud, and the exit panel will appear.

Music Level 12:
Jump on the clouds above the first Tibetan and a cage will appear near the entrance level. When you see a series of four clouds underneath a group of tings, drop down beneath the clouds to find another cage.

Music Level 14:
At the far-right side of the level, you will see a cage beneath you thats inaccessible for the moment. Take the steps going up, which will lead you to another cage. After your picture is taken by the photographer, you will begin a long downward slide. Pick up a lot of speed (be careful to duck underneath the notes) and run all the way into the wall on the far-right side of the level (you will see some sparkling stars). If you picked up enough speed, brown spinning wheels will appear upon impact with the wall. Ride them up to another cage. You can move from left to right on the cymbals, but when they start to vibrate move to the middle. Its the only spot to avoid getting squashed.The flying hooks will lead you to another cage. Continue going up and you will find a free life.

Music Levels 15 & 16:
Mr Sax cannot feel your punches. To overcome him, punch his false notes back into the hole in his horn.

Going Back:
Once you get the helicopter power at the end of Level 9, go back to Level 2. In the fourth level (the one with the lightning) the helicopter will allow you to grab a flying hook which leads to a cage.


Blue Mountains
Mountain Level 1:
Before grabbing the first flying hook that you see, advance forward a little more and get the fist that allows you to punch further. You will need this fist to grab the hook. Jump to the left of the exit panel at the beginning of this level and fall down. Crawl right, past the rock monster, and a cage will appear behind it. Go up and youll find another cage as well. You will see a blue ting hanging above empty space. Jump into the gulf and it will lead you to more tings and a cage.

Mountain Level 2:
You can vault or break the large rocks that block your way. Sometimes they have bonus surprises hidden within them. When you find yourself stuck in a narrow cavern with bouncing lava rocks and Mr Stone walking above, break the rocks and advance to the right. A cloud will appear above. Break the rocks again and go back to the left side of the cavern and climb up. Jump on the cloud to make good your escape.

Mountain Level 5:
To avoid falling rocks, hang on the edge of platforms and let them bounce over you. At the end of the level (on the bottom right-hand side), fall in a hole following the ting path. You will end up at the foot of two rock monsters. Chin them with a couple of hits to the head. Get the power-up on the bottom left and clouds will appear leading to another cage.

Mountain Level 6:
Smash the rock to free the musicians guitar and he will give you a special vial that allows you to fly. Oh yeah. After the first photographer, fall down in the hole to the right where a cage is hidden. After the second photographer, fly a little longer and you will see a power-up. In the hole beneath the power-up is another hidden cage. Theres a free life hidden underneath the platform with the exit sign.

Mountain Level 7:
Cut the frayed section of the cords with your helicopter hair. This is the only place you can cut the cords and prevent the huge slab of stone from forcing you into the water. Once youve reached the grass, fly up into the first opening, where there is another hidden cage.

Mountain Level 9:
After a long trek, fall down before you reach the grass and youll find a magician. Jump into the next cavern, or the one after, and youll find a group of tings. After the photographer, jump down to the left in the second cavern and youll find a cage. Throw your fist at the lava balls while jumping into the air. This will help keep you from sliding. When you see the series of blue steel balls jump into either the second or third cavern and youll find another cage.


Picture City
Image Level 1:
Before jumping on the pencils, knock down the yin yang and jump on it. Spring to the next platform and go right to find more tings and a cage. Retrace your steps. While on the first pencil after the photographer, jump up between the two pencils for a power-up. A platform will appear to the right which will give you access to a cage later on. At the end of this level are eight yin yangs. Climb to the left to get the golden fist. A platform will appear. Jump on it and jump left to get the ting. A cage will appear on the other side of the eraser. Go back to the platform that will take you up to the level with the cage. Knock loose one of the eight yin yangs, push it behind the exit panel, jump on top, get the super helicopter liquid, fly up and get a free life.

Image Level 2:
At the end of the level, knock the yin yangs and you can get access to a free life.

Image Level 3:
Do not touch the first fairy you see. Go up to the yin yangs and punch away the pointed ones. Jump on the normal one and platforms will appear to take you to bonus power-ups. You will see another fairy, who will shrink you so you can get more bonuses below. Retrace your steps to the first fairy. Let her enlarge you to reach the next cage. There is a square bouncing eraser just past the jumping Antitoon. Jump onto it and then leap to the moving platform to the right. From this platform you can wind up and punch the yin yang to the left. Go back to the bouncing eraser, jump on top of the yin yang, and then punch the cage. Do the second half of this level twice: once large to find the last high-up cage, and once lilliputian so you can leave. At the end of the level Rayman will be large. Grab the flying hook and touch the fairy to become small to exit.

Image Level 4:
You cannot hit Space Mama when she protects herself with her rolling pin. Hit her while she is in the air.

Image Level 5:
Once youve reached the second series of red pens, drop down between them and grab one of the hooks. Swing over to a rising platform, past the hunter (who you cant kill) and jump on to the bouncing erasers with the yin yang. You must knock the yin yang loose, push it over to the right slightly, jump on top, and with a slight running start, jump across to the next platform. You can also push the yin yang into the gulf and use it to climb out on the other side. Once youve reached the flying hooks, swing across them to find the power-up. Once you grab it a cloud of flying hooks will appear to the right. Swing carefully on them to reach the exit.

Image Level 6:
To get past the spikes pointing down, use the helicopter power to slow your bounce. Jump over the exit sign at the end of this level, but dont touch it. A cage will appear beneath you.

Image Level 7:
The tings indicate the route to follow to the cage at the bottom of the bouncing erasers. After the photographer, in order to get past the two rows of pencils, let yourself fall down the oily hill and you should be able to evade everything without having to jump or fly. There is a cage in this section though. Once you get the power-up at the end, platforms will appear to take you to the end.

Image Level 8:
To get the cage trapped between the yin yangs with spikes, you have to swing off the flying hook, punch the yin yang while in the air, turn around quickly, and grab the hook once more. At the end of the level, jump over the exit panel and youll see a cage. There are two exits to this level; if you end up in the lower level exit, you will not be able to return and reach the upper level to find the cages. To find these cages, you will have to re-enter Space Mamas crater from the beginning.

Image Level 9:
By choosing the descending path, youll eventually discover a magician. After the magician, hang right until you reach a dead end. A free life will appear on the other side that you can reach later via a long slide. Once youve got the life, go back up and then jump down into the next hole. Youll see a cage guarded by two hunters. After the photographer, you will see a cage high up. To reach it, keep going and slide down a V-shaped hill. From the extreme right side, slide back to gain speed and then jump from the left edge to reach a higher level. Keep going left and youll reach the cage. To find the exit, follow the tings down the middle of the V-shaped hill.

Image Level 10:
Try to move around on the platform and punch to avoid objects in your path. At the exit, jump over the sign and onto the can of paint. A platform will appear taking you up to a cage.

Image Level 11:
Space Mama can be hit, except when shes pointing to shoot with her rolling pin laser and when shes protected by the washing machine. When shes behind the washing machine, try to avoid the lasers and punch the machine. The vibrations from your punches will break the machine (you can see how many hits it takes by looking at the dial on the machine).


The Caves of Skops:
Make sure that you investigate the caverns beneath you on the first part of the level. They may be hiding a cage or two. Once you pass the blue steel ball, and then go up and start going left, try doing a running jump into the void. There will be a cage at the end. Once you free this cage, a cloud will appear taking you to the right side of the screen the way you came. Ride it but dont get off. Let it bring you back to the cage you just liberated. Another cloud will appear taking you to yet another cage (remember to duck, though). To beat the Scorpion, keep jumping on the falling platforms while avoiding the Scorpions claw until all of the platforms are gone.

As the last platform falls, jump and hang on the ledge on which the Scorpion is sitting. He will then move backwards. Jump up on the ground. Hell then advance a couple of times while throwing his claw. Each time he does so, jump and hang over the edge until the Scorpion retreats. After about three times, hell retreat all the way to the right. You must move quickly to avoid the lava.

Cave Level 9:
If you hang on the first platform (where the board is located) a cage will automatically appear. Follow the moving clouds and you will discover a second cage. Now you can use your grabbing fist. After the photographer, if you use the big power, you will see a new series of hooks low on the left of the platform where the photographer is located. If you go there, and come back, you will find a cage. After the photographer, let yourself fall down after the first pink stalactite; it will bring you to a cage. Near the water, jump as precisely as you can to get the small platform you can see out of the water. If you succeed you will see a cage appear on the border of the water on the left.

Cave Level 10:
When Mr Skops is attacking, walk to the end of the platform and hang on the border of the platform to avoid being killed. When the lava rises for the second time run to catch the hooks.

Cave Level 11:
You can hurt Skops only when he shoots at you with fireballs.


Candy Chateau
Chateau Level 1:
If youve lost your run-up, send your fist in the opposite direction to the way you wanted to go. Your run-up will miraculously return.

Chateau Level 2:
You are being pursued by an evil Rayman. Follow the tings road and you will arrive in a pit. Run to the left, jump on the cloud on the right and keep going until you reach a cliff of nougat. Move on via the chocolate way and jump down the cliff on the right. The exit door will appear.

Chateau Level 3:
The first curse from Mr Dark reverses your left/right directions. This will last until halfway through the level. You will see the first photographer at the top of the cherries mountain. Let yourself fall down to her and on the right you will find an extra life. Mr Dark is lurking in wait after the second photographer. Your arch- nemesis will hex you with a curse that forces you to run unless you avoid it by running back.

Chateau Level 4:
Mr Dark has confiscated your grabbing fist! Hang around and your friends the Electoons will bring it back. The first hybrid: half Skops, half stone is only vulnerable when he chucks his claw at you. The second hybrid: two Space Mamas - easy meat. The third hybrid: Moskitos head, Mams body and Saxs feet will try to crush you when youre in midget mode. When he falls, jump down and hit his head. With the three hybrids dead, the dastardly Mr Dark is vanquished and all the little Electoons can live happily ever after... or can they

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