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  Extreme Fishing 2 [iPhone]
Complete fish book
*all the names of areas are abbreviated, ex:yangzi river=yr


1. spotnape ponyfish (es,ch)
2. grass puffer (es,yi,tp)
3. fivespot flounder (m,ch)
4. anemonefish (yi,tp)
5. plecostomus (m,tp)
6. spotted velvetfish (m,ch)
7. longwing searobin (es,yi,tp)
8. eastern flower porgy (m,ch)
9. silver-stripe round herring (es,yi)
10. round herring (es,ch,tp)
11. osbecks grenadier anchovy (m,yi)
12. japanese stargazer (es,ch)
13. sand lance (yi,tp)
14. indian ariomma (m,yi,tp)
15. yellowtail amberjack (es,ch)
16. japanese scad (m,tp)
17. belted beard grunt (es,yi)
18. bluestriped angelfish (m,yi,ch)
19. stripey (m,ch,tp)
20. neon damselfish (es,yi)
21. flying fish (ch,tp) d-grade
22. tanakas snailfish (m,ch)
23. pufferfish (m,yi)
24. brassblotched rockfish (ch,tp)
25. balloonfish (es,m)
26. japanese grenadier anchovy (es,ch)
27. striped eel catfish (yi,tp)
28. sardine (es,ch)
29. cocktail wrasse (es, tp)
30. yellowfin puffer (es)
31. scorpionfish (m,yi)
32. dotted gizzard shad (ch)
33. pacific cod (m)
34. bartail flathead (m)
35. sea raven (yi,tp)
36. japanese sillago (es,tp)
37. horsehead tilefish (m,tp)
38. dolphin fish (ch)
39. whitemouth jack (yi,tp)
40. sea chub (es,ch)
41. mackerel (m,ch)
42. herring (es,yi)
43. darkbanded rockfish (m,tp)
44. blotched eelpout (yi)
45. richardson dragonet (es,tp)
46. threadsail filefish (m,yi)
47. japanese sandfish (es,yi)
48. multicolorfin rainbowfish (m,ch)
49. blackspot razorfish (yi)
50. atka mackerel (tp)
51. inshore hagfish (es,tp)
52. japanese stargazer (m,ch)
53. unicorn filefish (es,yi)
54. gnomefish (m,ch)
55. graceful catshark (tp)
56. japanese soldierfish (es,ch)
57. black pomfret (m,ch)
58. japanese pufferfish (m,yi)
59. brown hagfish (es,ch)
60. mirror dory (es,yi)
61. mottled spinefoot (m,yi)
62. purple puffer (yi,ch)
63. blackfish (yi)
64. crescent sweetlips (es,m)
65. daggertooth pike conger (yi,tp)
66. blackhead seabream (es)
67. sea mullet (yi,ch)
68. spangled emperor (yi,tp)
69. tidepool gunnel (es,tp)
70. largescale blackfish (es,m)
71. japanese spanish mackerel (ch,tp)
72. ridged-eye flounder (m,tp)
73. hong kong grouper (ch,tp)
74. seabass (es,yi)
75. alfonsino (m)
76. red gurnard (m,yi)
77. korean rockfish (es,ch)
78. pacific pomfret (es,ch)
79. japanese halfback (yi,tp)
80. nautilus (yi,tp)
81. bluespotted boxfish (ch)
82. lobster (m,ch)
83. cutlassfish (es,m)
84. blackspotted catshark (es,ti)
85. japanese bullhead shark (tp)
86. starspotted smooth-hound (ch)
87. skipjack tuna (m,tp)
88. blackmouth angler (yi)
89. spotted halibut (yi,ch,tp)
90. zebra bullhead shark (m,yi)
91. brown croaker (es,ch)
92. skate ray (yi,tp)
93. brown guitarfish (es,ch)
94. japanese sleeper ray (m,tp)
95. lamprey (es)
96. spotted knifejaw (m,yi)
97. bigeye tuna (es,ch,tp)
98. lionfish (m)
99. stellate puffer (es,ch)
100. pacific barrelfish (yi,tp)
101. convict grouper (es,m)
102. shortfin mako (ch)
103. striped jewfish (m,ch)
104. salmon shark (yi)
105. ara (es,m)
106. ocean sunfish (tp)
107. red seabream (es)
108. longtooth grouper (yi,ch)
109. longfinned bullseye (es,m,tp)
110. false kelpfish (yi,tp)
111. scorpion fish (es,ch)
112. greenling (m,ch)
113. african pompano (yi,tp)
114. tripletail (m)
115. horseshoe crab (es,yi)
116. chinese emperor (m,ch,tp)
117. bluespotted cornetfish (es,yi)
118. silver chimaera (tp)
119. whip stingray (yi,tp)
120. sharpnose sevengill shark (es,ch)
121. bastard halibut (es,yi)
122. green sea turtle (m,tp)
123. live sharksucker (es)
124. green sturgeon (ch,tp)
125. dugong (m,tp)
126. striped marlin (ch)
127. irrawaddy dolphin (m)
128. huge darkbanded rockfish (es,yi)
129. giant manta (yi)
130. yellowfin tuna (m,ch)
131. grouper (es)
132. tarpon (es,ch)
133. minke whale (yi,tp)
134. humpback whale (ch)
135. megamouth shark (m,tp)
136. giant squid (tp)
137. pelican eel (m)
138. viperfish (yi)
139. coelacanth (ch)
140. sperm whale (m)
141. oarfish (yi)
142. megalodon (tp)
143. whale shark (es)
144. bowhead whale (tp)
145. stone moroko (yr,lp)
146. freshwater minnow (yr,lb)
147. candiru (lp,lb)
148. danionella (yr,lb)
149. angelfish (lp,lb)
150. yellowfin goby (lp,lb)
151. striped shinner (yr,lb)
152. japanese smelt (yr,lp)
153. dongsari (yr,lp)
154. arawana (lp,lb)
155. crucian carp (yr,lb)
156. sharpbelly (yr,lp)
157. javeline goby (lp,lb)
158. bluegill (yr,lb)
159. long-nosed barbel (lp,lb)
160. kukji (yr,lp)
161. river pufferfish (yr,lb)
162. ayu sweetfish (yr,lp)
163. elephantnose fish (lp,lb)
164. japanese eel (yr,lp)
165. golden mandarin fish (yr,lb)
166. goby minnow (lp,lb)
167. korean piscivorous chub (yr,lp)
168. catfish (yr,lb)
169. piranha (yr,lp,lb)
170. lungfish (lp,lb)
171. zebra tilapia (lb)
172. masu salmon (yr)
173. saddled bichir (lp)
174. snakehead (yr,lb)
175. bass (lp,lb)
176. barbel steed (yr,lp)
177. big-scaled redfin (yr)
178. predatory carp (lb)
179. salmon (lp)
180. roughskin sculpin (yr,lp)
181. tiger sorubim (lb)
182. finescale tigerfish (lp)
183. eyespot gourami (yr)
184. common carp (yr,lp,lb)
185. alligator gar (lp)
186. pink river dolphin (yr)
187. arapaima (bl)

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