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B-17 Flying Fortress [hints]
B-17 Gunner [level changer]
B-Hunter (all missions cheat)
B-Hunter [cheats[
B.U.T.T.O.N.: Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now [cheats]
Babes N Balls Xtreme Beach Soccer [trainer +1]
Babydow [cheats]
Back to Baghdad [cheats]
Back To Bed [cheats]
Back to the Future 2
Back To The Future 3 [cheats]
Backyard Baseball 2005 [cheats]
Backyard Baseball [cheats]
Backyard Basketball 2004 [cheats]
Backyard Football 2002 [cheats]
Backyard Football 2004 [cheats]
Backyard Football 2008 [cheats]
Backyard Football 2009 [cheats]
Backyard Hockey 2005 [cheats]
Backyard Hockey [cheats]
Backyard Skateboarding 2006 [cheats]
Backyard Soccer 2004 [cheats]
Backyard Soccer [cheats]
Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers [cheats]
Bad Boys 2 [cheats]
Bad Boys 2 [savegames]
Bad Boys 2 [trainer +3]
Bad Boys 2 [trainer +4]
Bad Day L.A. [trainer +4]
Bad Dudes [cheats]
Bad Falkers v1.41 [trainer +2]
Bad Folkers V1.4.1 [trainer +10]
Bad Folklers v1.44 [all access cheat]
Bad Folklers v1.44 [trainer +2]
Bad Piggies [cheats]
Bad Rats - The Rats Revenge [cheats]
Bad Rats [cheats]
Bad Rats: The Rats Revenge [cheats]
Bait [trainer +1]
Baldur 's Gate: Tales Of The Sword Coast
Baldur's Gate 2 [list of items]
Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn [trainer +8]
Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn [character editor]
Baldur's Gate +11 Trainer
Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn [cheats updated]
Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn&Throne of Bhaal [FAQ]
Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal [cheats&item codes]
Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal [final savegame]
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn [trainer +5]
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal [trainer +6]
Baldur's Gate Perm. Exp. Cap Remover
Baldur's Gate Save Game Editor
Ball Breaker 3D v1.4 [trainer +2]
Ball Breaker 3D [trainer +3]
Ball Inferno v1.0 [trainer +2]
Ballance [all access cheat]
Ballerburg [trainer +2]
Ballistics [all access cheat]
Ballistics [hex cheats]
Ballistics [trainer +2]
Ballistyx v1.04 [trainer +1]
BallMaster v1.59 [all access cheat]
BallMaster v1.59 [trainer +1]
Balloon Blast v1.0 [all access cheat]
Balloon Blast v1.1 [all access cheat]
Balloon Headed Boy! Deluxe v1.0 [unlocker]
Ballpoint Universe [cheats]
Ballpoint: Universe Infinite [cheats]
Balls Millenium [trainer +1]
Balls Millennium 1.1.5 [trainer +2]
Balls of Steel
Balls of Steel [cheats]
Ballswaper v1.04.3 [trainer +1]
BallSwapper v1.00.1 [trainer +1]
BallSwapper v1.03.1 [trainer +2]
BallSwapper v1.04 [trainer +3]
BallSwapper v1.05.1 [trainer +1]
BallSwapper v1.20.1 [trainer +2]
BALLSWAPPER.V1.04.2 [trainer +1]
Balltris v1.1 [trainer +2]
Balltris [trainer +2]
Bambuzle [cheats]
Banana Dash 2 [cheats]
Bandits - Phoenix Rising [cheats]
BANG! Gunship Elite [cheats]
Bang! Gunship Elite [score trainer]
Bang! Gunship Elite [trainer +1]
Banished v1.0 [trainer +3]
Banished v1.0 [trainer +7]
Banished v1.0 [trainer +9]
Banished v1.0.0 - v1.03 [trainer +1]
Banished V1.0.0 [trainer +3]
Banished V1.0.2 64bit [trainer +8]
Banished V1.0.5 64bit [trainer +14]
Banished V1.0.5 beta 64-bit [trainer +9]
Banished V1.00 32bit-64bit [trainer +9]
Banished V1.00 64bit-32Bit [trainer +6]
Banished v1.03 [multi-trainer +60]
Banjo Tooie [cheats]
Baphomets Fluch II [final savegame]
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus [unlocker]
Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride [cheats]
Barbie Pet Rescue [cheats]
Barbie Secret Agent [cheats]
Bardbarian [cheats]
Bards Tale I : Tales of the Unknown
Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley [cheats]
Baroque [trainer +3]
Baseball Mogul 2004 v6030 [trainer +1]
Baseball Mogul 2004 [trainer +1]
Baseball Mogul 2005 [cheats]
Baseball Mogul 2008 [trainer +1]
Basement - Early Access [trainer +5]
Basement V3.3 64bit [trainer +3]
Basilisk Games Eschalon Book I v1.04 [trainer +7]
BasketBelle [cheats]
Bass Pro Shop's Trophy Bass 2007 [unlocker]
Bass Pro Shops Trophy Bass 2007 [savegame editor]
Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007 [trainer +4]
Bastion [cheats]
Batman Arkham Asylum V1.1 [trainer +3]
Batman Arkham City V1.1.0.0 [trainer +2]
Batman Arkham Knight v1.1 [trainer +17]
Batman Arkham Knight v1.1 [trainer +17] STEAM Windows 10
Batman Arkham Knight v1.2.0.36 [trainer +17]
Batman Arkham Knight V11172015 [trainer +9]
Batman Arkham Knight [trainer +9]
Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate V1.00 [trainer +1]
Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart [trainer +7]
Batman Arkham Origins Initiation [trainer +8]
Batman Forever [cheats]
Batman Vengeance [trainer +1]
Batman: Arkham Asylum [cheats]
Batman: Arkham City [cheats]
Batman: Arkham Origins v1.0 Update 1 [trainer +20]
Batman: Arkham Origins v1.0 Update 3 [trainer +20]
Batman: Arkham Origins v1.0 [trainer +4]
Batman: Arkham Origins [cheats]
Batman: Vengeance [trainer +5]
Batman: Vengeance [unlocker]
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 [cheats updated]
Battle Arena Toshinden [cheats updated]
Battle at Sea v.1.0 [trainer +1]
Battle Beast
Battle Beast [cheats]
Battle Boattle 2 [trainer +2]
Battle Boattle [trainer +2]
Battle Chess [cheat]
Battle Engine Aquila [trainer +3]
Battle Fantasia: Revised [cheats]
Battle Fleet 2 Atlantic Campaign V1.21 [trainer +3]
Battle Fleet 2 [cheats]
Battle For Troy [cheats]
Battle For Troy [trainer +13]
Battle for Troy [trainer +5]
Battle for Troy [trainer +7]
Battle Group 2 [cheats]
Battle Islands [cheats]
Battle Isle
Battle Isle - The Andosia War [cheats]
Battle Isle 2
Battle Isle 3
Battle LA [trainer +3]
Battle Mages [cheats]
Battle Mages [trainer +10]
Battle Mages: Sign Of Darknes [cheats]
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness v1.07 [trainer +1]
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness [trainer +5]
Battle Of Britain [cheats]
Battle of Britain [cheats]
Battle of Empires 1914-1918 V1.43 [trainer +4]
Battle of Empires 1914-1918 [trainer +4]
Battle of Europe [trainer +1]
Battle of Europe [unlocker]
Battle of Europe [unlocker]
Battle of the Immortals [cheats]
Battle of Tiles v1.05
Battle Packman v1.12 [cheats]
Battle Painters V1.01 [trainer +2]
Battle Race 3D [trainer +1]
Battle Raper 2 [cheats]
Battle Realms (v1.02) [trainer +8]
Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf [trainer +4]
Battle Realms [cheats&hints]
Battle Realms [peasant trainer]
Battle Realms [Peasant Trainer]
Battle Realms [walktrough]
Battle Realms: Winter Of The Wolf [cheats]
Battle Snake v.1.2 [trainer +1]
Battle Snake v1.2 [trainer +3]
Battle Snake v1.3 [trainer +2]
Battle Snake v1.3 [trainer +3]
Battle Snake v1.4 [trainer +2]
Battle Snake v2.0 [cheats]
Battle Snake v2.0 [trainer +5]
Battle Through Time v1.1.2 [trainer]
Battle Worlds Kronos V1.4.3 [trainer +1]
Battle: Los Angeles [cheats]
Battle: Los Angeles [trainer +3]
BattleBlock Theater v1.0 [trainer +2]
BattleBlock Theater [cheats]
Battlecruiser Millennium [cheats]
Battlefield 1942 Deluxe Edition [cheats]
BattleField 1942 v1.31 [fog trainer]
Battlefield 1942 v1.4 (final) [trainer +3]
Battlefield 1942 v1.4 [trainer +3]
Battlefield 1942 v1.40 [trainer +1]
Battlefield 1942 v1.45 [trainer +3]
Battlefield 1942 v1.5 [trainer +3]
Battlefield 1942 [cheats]
Battlefield 1942 [trainer +4]
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII [cheats]
Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome [cheats]
Battlefield 1943 [cheats]
Battlefield 2 demo [tactical timelimit fix + all weapons enabler]
Battlefield 2 [cheats]
Battlefield 2 [key changer / manager]
Battlefield 2142 v1.01 [trainer +4]
Battlefield 2142 [cheats]
Battlefield 2: Special Forces [cheats]
Battlefield 3 [cheats]
Battlefield 3 [promo trainer +3]
Battlefield 3 [trainer +3]
Battlefield 3 [trainer] (update 10)
Battlefield 3 [unlocker]
Battlefield 4 v1.0 [trainer +3] (HOG)
Battlefield 4 All Versions [trainer +11]
Battlefield 4 Update 04-06-2014 x64 bit [trainer +7] [LinGon]
Battlefield 4 v1.1 [trainer +11] (FLING)
Battlefield 4 v1.1 [trainer +3] (HOG)
Battlefield 4 v1.1 [trainer +9] (maxtre)
Battlefield 4 [cheats]
Battlefield 4 [trainer +11] (FLING)
Battlefield 4 [trainer +2]
Battlefield 4 [trainer +7] (Alex)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (retail - patch #3) [trainer +12]
Battlefield Bad Company 2 (steam - patch #3) [trainer +12]
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Steam [trainer +2]
Battlefield Hardline V1.06.15 [trainer +5]
Battlefield Hardline v1.07.15 [trainer +4]
Battlefield Hardline v2.0 [trainer +12]
Battlefield Hardline v2.0 [trainer +6]
Battlefield Hardline v2.0 [trainer +9]
Battlefield Hardline [trainer +5]
Battlefield Hardline [trainer +6]
Battlefield Heroes [cheats]
Battlefield Vietnam v1.02 [trainer +3]
Battlefield Vietnam [trainer +1]
Battlefield Vietnam [trainer +8]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 v1.6 (v602574) [trainer +6]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 v795745 [trainer +6]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 [cheats]
Battlefield: Hardline [cheats]
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada - Beta v0.7487c [trainer +17]
Battleground 3: Waterloo [cheats]
Battlejeep v.1.03 [trainer +3]
BattleJeep Version 1.02 [trainer +10]
BattleMan v1.0 [level codes]
BattleMan v1.0 [trainer +7]
BattleMan v1.09 [cheats]
BattleMan v1.09 [trainer +7]
Battlepaths [cheats]
Battleship Surface Thunder [trainer +2]
BattleStar 2000 V3.0 [trainer +3]
BattleStar 2000 v3.1 [trainer +2]
BattleStar 2000 v3.2 [trainer +1]
BattleStar 2000 v3.3 [trainer +2]
Battlestar Galactica [trainer +4]
Battlestations: Midway [cheats]
Battlestations: Midway [unlocker]
Battlestations: Pacific [cheats]
Battlestrike: Force Of Resistance [cheats]
Battlestrike: The Road to Berlin [unlocker]
Battlezone - Trainer (+6)
BattleZone 2 [cheats]
Battlezone II [trainer +3 and cheats]
Battlezone [cheats[
Battlezone: The Red Odyssey [cheats]
Be-Happy Version 1.0 [trainer +2]
Beach Head 2000 [trainer +3]
Beach Head 2000 [trainer +8]
Beach Head 2002 [cheats]
Beach Head 2002 [trainer +3]
Beach King Stunt Racer [all access]
Beach Life [cheats]
Beach Life [Level Unlocker]
Beach Life [trainer +2]
Beach Resort Simulator [trainer +2]
Beach Slam Pro Beach Volleyball v1.05 [trainer +4]
Beach Slam Pro Beach Volleyball v1.1 [trainer +2]
Beach Slam Pro v1.0 [trainer +2]
Beachhead 2000 [cheats]
BeachHead 2002 XL [cheats]
Beachhead 2002 [cheats]
Beam Breakers [cheats]
Beanotown Racing [all access cheat]
Beast Boxing Turbo 1.0 [trainer +3] PROPHET/STEAM VERSIONS
Beast Wars - Trainer (+2)
Beast Wars [cheats]
Beasts of Prey - Early Access b1135 [trainer +1]
Beat Ball 2 v1.1.0 [trainer +1]
BeatBlasters 3 V43330826 [trainer +3]
Beavis & Butt-head Do U [cheats]
Beavis & Butt-head: Bunghole in One [cheats]
Bedlam 2: Absolute Bedlam [cheats]
Bedlam V1.00 [trainer +2]
Bedlam [cheats]
Beer Tycoon [trainer +1]
Beetle Buggin [points trainer]
Beetle Buggin [trainer +2]
Beetle Crazy Cup [cheats]
Beetle Crazy Cup [savegame]
Beetle Junior v1.7 [trainer +8]
BeeTris.v2.2 [trainer +1]
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe [cheats]
Bejeweled 3 Steam [trainer +2]
Bejeweled 3 [cheats]
Believe In Santa v1.0.0.6 [all access cheat]
Belladonna [cheats]
Berkley Bass Tournament Tycoon [unlocker]
Besieger [cheats]
Bet On Soldier: Black-Out Saigon [trainer +1]
Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport [cheats]
Betrayal At Krondor
Betrayal in Antara
Betrayer V1.00 [trainer +3]
Betrayer V1.8.5816 [trainer +3]
Betrayer V1.9.6884 [trainer +3]
Better Late Than DEAD - Early Access 0.11.9 Alpha [trainer +2]
Better Late Than DEAD V0.13.1 [trainer +9]
Better Late Than DEAD [trainer +9]
Bettys Beer Bar v1.3.2 [all access cheat]
Bettys Beer Bar v1.4.8 [trainer +2]
Beware Planet Earth Steam [trainer +2]
Beyond Divinity [cheats]
Beyond Divinity [walkthrough]
Beyond Good & Evil v1.01 [trainer +5]
Beyond Good & Evil [cheats]
Beyond Good & Evil [extractor]
Beyond Good & Evil [savegame editor]
Beyond Good & Evil [trainer +2]
Beyond Good & Evil [trainer +8]
Beyond Good and Evil [cheats]
Beyond Good and Evil [savegame cheat]
Beyond Normandy Assignment Berlin [trainer +2]
Beyond Normandy Assignment Berlin [trainer +2] (proper)
Beyond Sol V1. [trainer +6]
Beyond Sol V1.0.5 [trainer +6]
Beyond Sol V1.0.6 [trainer +6]
Beyond The Law The Third Wave [all mission cheat]
Beyond The Law The Third Wave [cheats]
Bicycle Board Games [cheats]
Bie All Arkanoid Clone +1 Support 7 Games Trainer
Bie's multi-trainer v2.01 [+41 games supported]
Bieber's BarRoom Games Bowling [trainer +2]
Bieber's BarRoom Games Darts [trainer +2]
Bieber's Cavity Crusade [trainer +2]
Big Air Wakeboarding [all access cheat]
Big Biz Tycoon 2 [cheats]
Big Biz Tycoon 2 [trainer +1]
Big Biz Tycoon 2 [trainer +3]
Big Biz Tycoon [cheats]
Big Biz Tycoon [trainer +2]
Big Brother [trainer +1]
Big Game Hunter 2 [cheats updated]
Big Game Hunter 2 [trainer +10]
Big Game Hunter 3 [cheats]
Big Head Zed v1.07.222 [unlocker]
Big Kahuna Reef v1.2.23 [unlocker]
Big Kahuna Reef v1.4.5 [unlocker]
Big Money Deluxe [trainer +2]
Big Mutha Truckers (final) [trainer +1]
Big Mutha Truckers 2 [trainer +4]
Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder [unlocker]
Big Mutha Truckers [all access cheat]
Big Mutha Truckers [cheats]
Big Mutha Truckers [deviance trainer +10]
Big Mutha Truckers [trainer +10]
Big Oil [trainer +1]
Big Pharma Trainer v1.02 [trainer +3]
Big Pharma v20150626 [trainer +3]
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing [cheats]
Big Scale Racing [cheats]
Big Scale Racing [trainer +1]
Big Top Slots v1.1 [trainer +1]
Bikini Karate Babes [cheats]
Billy Blade And The Temple Of Time [trainer +8]
Billy Bob Invasion to the Flying Islands.v1.0 [all access cheat]
Billy Bob Invasion to the Flying Islands.v1.0 [cheats]
Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg [all access cheat]
Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg [trainer +4]
Bin Weevils [cheats]
Binary Domain [cheats]
BinarySun Bubble Blitz v2.02 [trainer +2]
BinarySun Bubble Bomb v1.5 [trainer +2]
Binman v1.0 [cheats]
Binman v1.0 [trainer +2]
Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4 PC) v1.10 [trainer +10]
Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4 PC) [trainer +6]
Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4 PC) [trainer +7]
Bionic Dues V1.103 [trainer +4]
Bionic Dues [cheats]
Bionicle Heroes [cheats]
Bionicle Heroes [trainer +5]
Bionicle Heroes [unlocker]
Bionicle: The Game [cheats]
BioShock (PC) FAQ/Walkthrough by TheCrimsonOmenBioShock
BioShock (PC) FAQ/Walkthrough by XiamutBioShock
BioShock 2 (patch #2) [trainer +15]
BioShock 2 V1.5.0.019 [trainer +6]
BioShock 2 [cheats]
Bioshock demo [trainer +1]
Bioshock demo [trainer +6]
Bioshock Infinite (for v1.1.25.5165)[Mega trainer]
BioShock Infinite Steam [trainer +8]
Bioshock Infinite v1.1.24.21018 [trainer +6]
Bioshock Infinite V1.1.25.5165 [trainer +8]
BioShock Infinite [cheats]
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 v1.1.25.5165 [trainer +9]
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea [cheats]
Bioshock V1.1 [trainer +6]
Bioshock v1.1 [trainer +8]
BioShock [cheats]
BioShock [Mega Trainer 1.0 V2 +11]
BioShock [Mega Trainer 1.0 V3 +11]
Bird Hunter: Wild Wings Edition [cheats]
Bird Pirates v1.4 [trainer +3]
Birdie Shoot [trainer +1]
Birdies v1.0 [all access cheat]
Birds Town [cheats]
Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance [cheats]
Bit Dungeon 2 V1.95 [trainer +5]
Bit.Trip Beat [cheats]
Bit.Trip Core [cheats]
Bit.Trip Runner [cheats]
Bit.Trip Void [cheats]
Black & White : Creature Isles [cheats]
Black & White : Creature Isles [FAQ]
Black & White v1.10 [trainer +15]
Black & White [cheats&hints updated]
Black & White [easter egg&hints]
Black & White [FAQ]
Black & White [unlock 3 creatures]
Black and White (retail) [trainer +7]
Black And White 2 v1.21 [trainer +4]
Black And White 2 [all access cheat]
Black And White 2 [cheats]
Black And White 2: Battle Of The Gods [cheats]
Black And White Update v1.20 [trainer +4]
Black and White [creature editor]
Black And White [MegaTrainer]
Black And White [trainer +2]
Black and White [trainer +4]
Black Beetle [trainer+2]
Black Buccaneer [trainer +4]
Black Buccaneer [trainer +4]
Black Buccaneer [trainer +5]
Black Dahlia [cheats]
Black Mesa version 1.00 [trainer +4]
Black Mesa [cheats]
Black Moon Chronicles +4 Trainer
Black Moon Chronicles: Winds of War [cheats]
Black Star Firs .Attack v1.5 [trainer +2]
Black Star: First Attack v1.6 [trainer +3]
Blackguards 2 v1.1.8454 [trainer +5]
Blackguards 2 V1.1.8454.2 [trainer +5]
Blackguards 2 [cheats]
Blackguards 2 [trainer +5]
BlackGuards V1.5.34047s [trainer +5]
Blackguards V3.5.6.44817 [trainer +5]
Blackhawk Striker 2 v1.0 [trainer +2]
Blacklight: Retribution [cheats]
Blacksite Area 51 v.1.2 [trainer +3]
Blackstone Chronicles [cheats]
Blackthorne [cheats]
Blackwell Legacy [cheats]
Blackwell Unbound [cheats]
Blade and Sword [cheats]
Blade and Sword [trainer +8]
Blade and Sword [trainer +9]
Blade of Betrayal v1.0 [all level access]
Blade of Betrayal v1.0 [trainer +3]
Blade of Betrayal v1.01 [trainer +3]
Blade Runner [Magic Trainer +3]
Blades of Time [cheats]
Bladestorm Nightmare V1.00 [trainer +5]
Blair Witch 3: The Kelly Edward Tale [mana trainer]
Blair Witch Project Vol 1: Rustin Parr [cheats&hints]
Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr (Demo) [cheats]
Blair Witch Volume 2: Coffin Rock 1886 [cheats]
Blair Witch Volume 3: Elly Kedward Tale [cheats]
Blake Stone 3.0
Blam! Machinehead
Blast It! [cheats]
Blast Through [trainer +5]
Blasterball 3 v1.0 [trainer +1]
BlasterBall 3 v1.0 [unlocker]
Blasteroids Delta [trainer +1]
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend 1.0 [trainer +4]
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend V1.00 [trainer +5]
Blaze & Blade - Trainer
Blazer Ball V1.0 [trainer +5]
Blazer Ball v1.05 [trainer +2]
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII [cheats]
Blazing Angels of World War II [all access cheat]
Bleifuss 2
Bleifuss Fun [cheats]
Bleifuss Rally
Blip and Blop Balls of Steal v1.4 [trainer +2]
Blitzkrieg 2 - Fall of the Reich [trainer +1]
Blitzkrieg 2 v1.4 [trainer +3]
Blitzkrieg 2 [cheats]
Blitzkrieg [cheats]
Blix [level passwords]
Block Cluster [trainer +4]
Block Drop [cheats]
Block Legend DX [cheats]
Block Rox [trainer +2]
Blockland [cheats]
BlocKluster v1.3 [trainer +2]
BlockOut Ressurection v1.52 [trainer +1]
Blocks eXterminator v1.00.10 [trainer +2]
Blockstorm [cheats]
Blood & Magic [cheats]
Blood 2 - Trainer (+1)
Blood 2 [cheats]
Blood 2: Nightmare Levels [cheats]
Blood and Gold Caribbean V2.00 [trainer +13]
Blood Bath at Red Falls
Blood Bowl 2 [cheats]
Blood Bowl 2 [trainer +2]
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition [cheats]
Blood Omen 2 : Legacy of Kain [cheats]
Blood Rayne Betrayal V1.00 [trainer +2]
Blood Rayne Betrayal V1.1.2016 Trainer +2
Blood Shareware
Blood [cheats updated]
Bloodbath Kavkaz [cheats]
BloodLust Shadowhunter v10.05.2015 [trainer +4]
BloodLust Shadowhunter [cheats]
BloodLust Shadowhunter [trainer +4]
BloodRayne 2 [cheats]
BloodRayne 2 [trainer +10]
BloodRayne 2 [trainer +7]
BloodRayne 2 [unlocker]
BloodRayne Betrayal v1.0 [trainer +5]
BloodRayne Demo [cheats]
Bloodrayne [all access cheat]
BloodRayne [cheats]
BloodRayne [trainer +2]
Bloodrayne [trainer +5]
BloodRayne: Betrayal [cheats]
Bloody Good Time [cheats]
Bloody Streets V1.00 [trainer +3]
Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion [cheats]
Bloons Tower Defense 5 [cheats]
BlotterGeist v1.3 [trainer +1]
BlotterGeist v1.5 [trainer +1]
Blue Estate v1.0 64-bit [trainer +2]
Blue Estate [cheats]
Blue Force
Blue Libra [cheats]
Blue Lightning
BlupiMania-2 v1.0e [all access cheat]
Blur [cheats]
Blur [trainer +8]
Boa Constrictor v2.0 [trainer +1]
BoaBite 3D [trainer]
Boarder Zone [cheats]
Boards And Blades.2 [all level saves]
Boat Fury [trainer +4]
BOB (c) Mindwarp [all level codes]
Bob [trainer +1]
Body Blows [cheats]
Boid [cheats]
Boiling Point - Road To Hell [money trainer]
Boiling Point - Road To Hell [trainer +4]
Boiling Point - Road To Hell [cheats]
Boiling Point - Road To Hell [trainer +8]
Boiling Point v1.1 (EU) [trainer +1]
Bolt [cheats]
Bomb Dunk v1.0.9 [trainer +3]
Bomb Golf v1.12. [shot trainer]
BombBlox [trainer +1]
BomberFun [trainer +3]
Bomberic [trainer +2]
Bomberman vs Digger v2.07 [all levels cheat]
Bomberman Vs Digger v2.07 [trainer +5]
Bomberman vs Digger v2.07 [trainer +7]
Bomberman Vs Digger v2.1 [trainer +8]
Bomberman vs Digger v2.14 [trainer +9]
BomberMania [trainer +1]
Bombing Bastards 1.0 [trainer +4]
Bombing Bastards [cheats]
Bonampak v1.0 [trainer +2]
Bone: The Great Cow Race [cheats]
Bonecraft [cheats]
Bongo Boogie 1.0 [level unlocker]
Bongo Boogie 1.0 [trainer +3]
Bongo The Rabbit v1.2 [trainer +3]
BongoBoogie v1.4 [trainer +6]
BongoBoogie v1.5.021404 [trainer +7]
Bonkheads - Trainer (+2)
Bonus Tetris plus Fusetris v3.0 [trainer +2]
Bonzala [trainer +1]
BonziBUDDy [cheats]
Bool v1.02 [trainer +1]
Boom-O.v1.0 [trainer +2]
Border Patrol v1.02 [trainer +2]
Borderlands 2 V1.0.55.49172 [trainer +12]
Borderlands 2 V1.7 [trainer +12]
Borderlands 2 [cheats]
Borderlands 2 [trainer +18]
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel v 1.0.3 DLC [trainer +22]
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel v 1.0.4 [trainer +24]
BorderLands The Pre-Sequel V1.00 [trainer +14]
BorderLands The Pre-Sequel V1.00 [trainer +19]
BorderLands The Pre-Sequel V1.00 [trainer +8]
Borderlands v1.01 [trainer +16]
Borderlands v1.2 [trainer +16]
Borderlands v1.3.1 [trainer +16]
Borderlands v1.4.1 [trainer +16]
BorderLands V1.4.2.1 [trainer +6]
Borderlands [cheats]
Borderlands [trainer +16]
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel v1.0 [trainer +8]
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [cheats]
Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx [trainer +16]
Borrowed Time [cheats]
Boson X [cheats]
Boss Rally - Savegame
Bot Arena 3 [cheats]
Bot Colony [cheats]
Bot [cheats]
Botanicula [cheats]
Botology v1.0 [trainer +4]
Boulder Bash [trainer +7]
Bounce Out v1.0 [trainer +2]
Bouncin Balls v1.502 [trainer +2]
Bound by Flame v1.0 - v1.1 [trainer +2]
Bound by Flame V1.00 [trainer +4]
Bound by Flame V1.00 [trainer +5]
Bound by Flame V1.00 [trainer +7]
Bound by Flame V1.00 [trainer +9]
Bound By Flame [cheats]
Bounty Train V0.6152 [trainer +5]
Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami [cheats]
Bowl X-Treme v1.0 [trainer +1]
Bowla Dash - Trainer
Bowlda Dash [cheats]
Bowlda Dash [trainer]
Bowling U.S.A. [cheats]
Box Me In V1.0.3 [trainer +3]
BoXiKoN v1.3.4 [trainer +6]
BoxMan v3.01 [trainer +1]
BoxMan v3.01 [trainer +2]
Braid [cheats]
Brain Blocks Super Bubbles Deluxe v1.03 [trainer +1]
Brain Trainer 1 and 2 RiP [trainer +1]
Brain Trainer 2 [trainer +1]
Brain Wave 2 [cheats]
Brain Wave [cheats]
Bram Stoker's Dracula - hex cheats
Bratz Babyz [trainer +4]
Bratz Babyz [unlocker]
Bratz: Rock Angelz [cheats]
Bratz: Super Babyz [cheats]
Brave Crab v1.31 [trainer +1]
Brave Dwarves 1.0 [trainer +3]
Brave Dwarves 2 Deluxe v1.26 [trainer +10]
Brave Dwarves 2 Gold v1.21 [all access cheat]
Brave Dwarves 2 Gold v1.21 [trainer +10]
Brave Dwarves 2 Gold v1.21 [trainer +4]
Brave Dwarves 2 Gold v1.40 [trainer +10]
Brave Dwarves Back For Treasures v1.1 [trainer +5]
Brave Dwarves v1.1 Set 2 [trainer +5]
Brave Dwarves v1.1 Set 3 [trainer +5]
Brave Dwarves v1.1 Set 4 [trainer +5]
Brave Dwarves v1.1 Set 5 [trainer +5]
Brave Dwarves [trainer +6]
Brave Piglet v1.0 [all access cheat]
Brave Soul [all access cheat]
Brave Soul [trainer +4]
Brave Soul [unlocker]
Braveheart Cheat Codes
Braveland Wizard [cheats]
Breach 3 [cheats]
Breach and Clear Deadline [trainer +5]
Breach And Clear V4.2.1.11687 [trainer +3]
Breach and clear V4.2.2.12621 [trainer +2]
BreadieQuest Halloween III v1.0 [trainer +7]
BreakFree [cheats]
BreakIn.v1.0 [all access cheat]
Breakneck Speed Trainer
Breakneck Money Trainer
Breakout Casino 1.3 [trainer +2]
Breakout Casino v1.2 [trainer +1]
BreakOut [all Levels cheat]
BreakQuest v1.1.0 [all access cheat]
BreakQuest v1.1.5 [trainer +2]
BreakQuest v1.1.6 [trainer +2]
BreakQuest [cheats]
Breath of Fire IV [trainer +8]
Breed [all access cheat]
Breed [cheats]
Breed [trainer +1]
Breed [trainer +2]
Breezeblox [cheats]
Brian Lara Cricket [cheats]
Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 [cheats]
Brick Break V2.3 [trainer +2]
Brick Shooter [trainer +1]
Brick-Force [cheats]
Brickles3001 v1.04 [trainer +1]
BrickMan 1.0 [all access cheat]
BrickQuest v1.9.3 [unlocker]
BrickQuest v1.9.3. [trainer +5]
Bricks Destroyer v1.0 [trainer +2]
Bricks Destroyer v1.4 [trainer +18]
Bricks of Camelot v1.00 [all access cheat]
Bricks of Camelot v1.00 [cheats]
Bricks of Egypt 2 v1.01b [trainer +5]
Bricks of Egypt 2: Tears of the Pharaohs Deluxe v1.01B
Bricks of Egypt 2: Tears of the Pharaohs Deluxe v1.01B [cheats]
Bricks of Egypt v1.11 [all access cheat]
BrickShooter v2.3 [trainer +1]
Bridge It [cheats]
BridgeBuilder v12.18.00 [all level cheat]
Brigade E5: New Jagged Union [cheats]
Brink v1.0.23692 [trainer +3]
Brink [cheats]
Britneys Dance Beat [trainer +1]
Brix v3.0 [trainer +1]
Brixout XP v2.55 [trainer +2]
Brixout XP [cheats]
BrixOut.XP v1.5 [trainer +1]
Brixout.XP v1.6 [trainer +1]
BrixoutXP v1.6 [all access cheat]
BrixoutXP v1.6 [cheats]
BrixoutXP v1.75 [trainer +5]
Broforce The Expendables Missions EXPENDABROS [trainer +1]
BroForce V3152 [trainer +2]
BroForce v3789 [trainer +2]
BroForce V3903 [trainer +2]
BroForce V4.2.2.12621 [trainer +2]
BroForce [cheats]
Broken Age [cheats]
Broken Age: Act 2 - Walkthrough
Broken Land [gold trainer]
Broken Sword - Save Game
Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror - Remastered [cheats]
Broken Sword 3 walkthrough
Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars - The Director's Cut [cheats]
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon [cheats]
Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror [cheats]
Broomstick Racer v1.4 [all access cheat]
Broop's Balls v1.0 [trainer +1]
Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood [all access cheat]
Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood [cheats]
Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway [cheats]
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 [all access cheat]
Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 [cheats]
Browning African Safari - cheat codes
Browning African Safari Deluxe [trainer]
Brutal Legend V1.00 [trainer +8]
Brutal Legend [cheats]
Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now (B.U.T.T.O.N.) [cheats]
BS Hacker Replay Demo [money trainer]
BtS - Evacuation [cheats]
Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands [cheats]
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v1.5 [trainer +3]
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v1.6 [cheats&level codes]
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v1.6 [trainer +2]
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v2.5 [trainer +2]
Bubble Bobble Nostalgie v2.7 [cheats]
Bubble Bobble Quest v1.0 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble Quest v1.1 [rainer +9]
Bubble Bobble Quest v1.2 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble Quest v1.3 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble The New Adventures v1.0 [cheats]
Bubble Bobble World 1.3 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble World v1.1 [level codes]
Bubble Bobble World v1.1 [trainer +2]
Bubble Bobble World v1.1 [trainer +7]
Bubble Bobble World v1.2 [trainer +3]
Bubble Bobble World v1.4 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble World v1.5 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bobble World v1.6 [trainer +10]
Bubble Bubble 2 Hero Plus [trainer +2]
Bubble Bubble Swim v1.0 [trainer +1]
Bubble Bubble Swim v1.01 [trainer +1]
Bubble Diff v2.11 [trainer +2]
Bubble Escape [hints]
Bubble Frenzy v1.0 [trainer +1]
Bubble Frenzy V1.0 [trainer +4]
Bubble Frenzy v1.0.5 [trainer +2]
Bubble Frenzy [trainer +4]
Bubble Hero 2 (trainer +10)
Bubble Ice Age v1.02 [trainer +1]
Bubble Ice Age v1.1 [trainer +1]
Bubble Ice Age v1.1 [trainer +1] by PiZZA
Bubble Ice Age v1.2 [trainer +2]
Bubble Ice Age v1.27 [trainer +2]
Bubble Me v1.0 [all access cheat]
Bubble Shooter Family Edition v5.02 [trainer +1]
Bubble Shooter v4.01 [trainer +1]
Bubble Shooter v4.02 [trainer +1]
Bubble Strike 2001 [trainer +1]
Bubble Strike v4.10 [trainer +2]
Bubble Strike v4.10 [trainer+3]
Bubble Strike v4.15 [trainer +3]
Bubble Strike v4.16 [trainer +1]
Bubble Strike v4.16 [trainer +3]
Bubble Town [cheats]
Bubble XMAS v1.01 [trainer +1]
Bubble.Strike.v4.0 [trainer +1]
BubbleDiff v2.0 [trainer +3]
BubbleDiff.v2.21[trainer +3]
Bubblefish Bob v1.0078 [unlocker]
BubbleKing v2.64 [trainer +2]
BubbleLines v2.42 [trainer +4]
BubbleTop v2.2 [trainer +1]
BubbleTop v2.24 [trainer +1]
BubbleTop v2.28 [trainer +3]
Bubu Kong in Love Triangle v1.15 [unlocker]
Buckmasters Deer Hunting [cheats]
Bud Redhead The Time Chase v1.3 [trainer +5]
Bud Redhead The Time Chase v1.3rlfx [cheats]
Bug Squash v1.02 RETAIL [cheats]
Bug Squash v1.02 [all access cheat]
Bug Squash v1.02 [trainer +5]
Bug Too! [trainer +3]
Bugatron Gold v1.17a [trainer +1]
Bugatron Gold v1.17c [trainer +1]
Bugatron Gold v1.5 [trainer +1]
Bugatron v1.01 [trainer +6]
Bugatron v1.03 [trainer +6]
bugatron v1.03a [trainer +1]
Bugatron Worlds v1.01a [unlocker]
Bugdom 2 v2.00 [trainer +5]
Bugdom 2 [all access cheat]
Bugdom [all levels cheat]
Bugdom [cheats]
Bugged Out Rally [all access cheat]
Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters [all levels&hints]
Bugs Bunny - Lost in Time
BugVaders [trainer +1]
Buick PGA Tour Courses [cheats]
Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source [cheats]
Build-a-lot [cheats]
Buildcity v1.09 [Buildings Unlocker]
Buildcity v1.09 [Campaign Hacked Savegame]
Buildcity v1.09 [Puzzle Mode Hacked Savegame]
Buildcity v1.2 [all mission unlocker]
Buildcity v1.3 [trainer +3]
Bullet Bill 2 [cheats]
Bullet Candy v2.0 [trainer +1]
Bulletstorm Update #1 [trainer +11]
Bulletstorm [cheats]
Bulletstorm [trainer +11]
Bully [cheats]
Bumbledore [cheats]
Bumper Wars [all access cheat]
BumpeX v1.0 [trainer +8]
Bungau v1.01 [trainer +2]
Bunny Bounce Deluxe v1.0 [unlocker]
Bunny Money v1.0 [trainer +2]
Burger Shop [trainer +3]
Burn [trainer +5]
Burning Cars [cheats]
Burnrate [trainer +1]
Bursting Bubbles Deluxe v2.0 [all access cheat]
Bus Cablecar Simulator: San Francisco [trainer +1]
Bus Driver [savegame]
Bus Simulator [unlocker]
Business Tycoon
Business Tycoon [Cheats]
Bust a Move 2 [cheats]
Bust Em v1.0 [trainer +1]
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition [cheats]
Butterfly Escape v1.0 [all access cheat]
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command [trainer +3 upd]
Buzz LightyYear Of Star Command [trainer +3]
Buzzing Cars [cheats]
Buzzing Cars [trainer +6]
BVS Solitaire Collection [trainer +3]
Bygg Flygplan Med Mulle Meck [cheats]