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  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 [Xbox 360]
Cheat mode
Select "Unlock Menu" at the "Options" menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Elite challenges
Press Y, Up, X, LT, RT, A.

Super strength potions
Press X, Left, Right, A, RT, RB.

Stronger Protego Totalum charm
Press Y, B, Up, Left, RT, Right to strengthen your Protego Totalum charm so that nothing can get through it.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
A Bumpy Landing (10 points): Arrive at The Burrow with Hagrid.
A Day to Remember (10 points): Survive the events at the wedding.
A Bitter Coffee (10 points): Escape the London café.
An Unexpected Ally (10 points): Make peace with Kreacher and discover the criminal element.
A Difficult Case (20 points): Enter and exit Umbridge’s courtroom.
A Friend from Afar (10 points): Encounter with the student and the goblin.
A Slither in the Snow (20 points): Discover the secret near the place it all began.
A Necessary Relocation (20 points): Abandon hope that a friend will return.
A Cold Dark Night (20 points): Follow the Light and face the Darkness within.
A Clue to Investigate (10 points): Piece together what has been seen to discover a direction forward.
A Desperate Betrayal (20 points): Uncover some answers in exchange for freedom.
A Valiant Friend (20 points): All but one live to fight another day.
Dragon Dodge (10 points): Escape a dragon’s lair after waking the dragon!
Wand-master (20 points): Use every spell in the game successfully at least once.
Liquid Experience (20 points): Use all available potions in the game successfully.
Confusion Reigns (5 points): Cast Confundo to cause an opponent to defeat other enemies.
Got it Covered! (10 points): Cast Wingardium Leviosa to create cover against incoming spells.
A Strong Shield (5 points): 20 Protego deflects.
Quibbler Collector (10 points): Collect half of all the copies of The Quibbler.
Avid Quibbler Collector (20 points): Collect all the copies of The Quibbler.
Daily Prophet Reader (10 points): Collect half of all the copies of the Daily Prophet.
Daily Prophet Subscriber (20 points): Collect all the copies of the Daily Prophet.
Wizard's Wireless Listener (15 points): Collect half of all the Potterwatch passwords.
Wizard's Wireless Wizard (30 points): Collect all the Potterwatch passwords.
The Benefit of Experience (5 points): Increase Harry’s abilities up a level for the first time.
Reached Level 3 (10 points): Increase Harry’s abilities to level 3.
Reached Level 6 (20 points): Increase Harry’s abilities to level 6.
Reached Level 10 (30 points): Increase Harry’s abilities to level 10.
Reached Level 15 (40 points): Increase Harry’s abilities to level 15.
Reached Level 20 (50 points): Increase Harry’s abilities to level 20.
Defeated 100 Enemies (10 points): Defeat 100 enemies in Story Mode.
Defeated 250 Enemies (25 points): Defeat 250 enemies in Story Mode.
Defeated 500 Enemies (50 points): Defeat 500 enemies in Story Mode.
Defeated 1000 Enemies (75 points): Defeat 1000 enemies in Story Mode.
Ron’s Saviour (10 points): Defeat 35 Acromantula.
Expert Aim (25 points): 50 quick Stuns.
From Under the Cloak (25 points): 50 stealthy Stuns.
First Showing (10 points): Post a result online for a Challenge for your Friends to compare.
Comprehensive Showing (10 points): Post a result online for every Challenge for your Friends to compare.
Survivalist (30 points): Get a 5 star rating on any Hard Challenge!
Friendly Rivals (5 points): Compare your ranking on any Challenge with a Friend on your Friends list.
Defender against the Dark Arts (25 points): Complete on Easy.
Auror Material (35 points): Complete on Medium.
Order of the Phoenix Recruit (60 points): Completed on Hard.
Demented (10 points): Spurn a Dementor's Kiss.
Wizarding Workout (40 points): Complete the final Kinect mission.
Capable Casting (15 points): Cast every Kinect spell.
Wave of a Wand (15 points): Complete a Kinect Mission in solo play.
Waves of Wands (15 points): Complete a Kinect Mission in co-op play.

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