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  Cabal Online [cheats]
Easy skill experience
Use the following trick to gain easy skill experience to level up your skill ranks. When you start, the "Auto-Attack" option is turned off by default. Turn it on by pressing O or [Esc] during game play. Click the "Options" button, then the "Game" tab. At the near bottom should be an unchecked box labeled "Auto attack". Check it. You no longer have to tap [Normal Attack] to attack. Resume the game and play as usual, doing all the quests you can, killing monsters, selling useless items, etc., until you reach level 10 to 14. This strategy may differ depending on your class, but the gain is universal in that you will gain skill experience for both sword and magic. Unequip all your weapons and find an area where you can "Punch" (normal attack) a orange-named (strong level) monster for 1 damage. Although 1 point of damage is best, doing 2 to 10 is fine, but you will gain less skill experience. Click on the monster, press [Normal Attack], and your character should start attacking the monster constantly, without you having to do anything except change to another target once the previous one dies. If you must use skills like Regeneration to keep healing, it is recommended you get a "Life Absorb Ring", which will constantly absorb HP from the damage you deal to a monster. To make this even easier and require less attention, play the game in windowed mode. It can then be minimized if desired and check every few minutes to switch targets. This trick will give a constantly supply you with skill experience while you do other things on your computer. Recommended monsters to do this on are Plant Toads (Green Despair), Lynxhorn Zombies (Bloody Ice), and Desert Foxes (Desert Scream).

Vakimton In
Find a "Very Weak" monster zone. Get a lot of MP pots and mass kill the monsters using nothing but your skills. Use magic if you want to level magic skill, or a sword to level up sword skill. This method is slightly slower, requires more attention, but you will get rare items (for example, Chaos Lamps, Formula Card Level1, Royal Fixer Level1, and Raw Plantinums) due to the number of kills.

Vakimton In
Play the game as usual until you reach level 40. Use skills at every opportunity, and never use normal attack. Once you reach level 40, use your money to search and buy Adept gear. Do not buy anything lower than +3 skill exp if it is over 200,000 Alz. With Adept equipment you should gain fast skill experience (using only skills and no normal attacks). Then continue the game as usual.

Chaos Lamp
When get a Chaos Lamp, 90% of the time to an average C.Lamp Opener will get low value items such as 50 Return Stones, 50 level 3 HP pots, and similar objects. 10% of the time they will get something good (for example, an Astral Bike or a map part). You can sell these Chaos Lamps to players for over 300,000 Alz (recommended) or to a local NPC shop for a 250,000 Alz. Do not buy Chaos Lamps for 400,000 Alz.

Easier quests
Some quests usually involve killing the same thing. Rather than doing them one by one, do these quests all at the same time. For example, you may get a quest that involves killing several skeletons, skeleton warriors, and skeleton mages. Because they are all in the same area, stack all these quests at the same time and then do them together to save valuable time.

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