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Why Extinction Needs to Come Back to Call of Duty

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PostPosted: Fri May 31, 2019 3:02 pm    Post subject: Why Extinction Needs to Come Back to Call of Duty Reply with quote

With Call of Duty's cooperative mode being over saturated with zombies, Extinction can make a huge comeback and breathe fresh air into the dwindling franchise.

This year's Call of Duty is going to be developed by Infinity Ward. After Call of Duty Ghosts, every Call of Duty's cooperative mode included Zombies, a once Treyarch exclusive mode.To say Call of Duty Zombies is over saturated by this point would be an understatement, and something new for Call of Duty's cooperative mode would certainly generate some hype for the next Call of Duty.

I think Extinction would be an excellent choice for Infinity Ward to undertake. Extinction, while unpopular at release due to player's apathy towards it, has grown quite a following the past year, and for good reasons.

Extinction has done a lot right, and really could be a competent competitor if the playerbase can give it more of a chance than they did with Call of Duty Ghosts. But why should they? Is Extinction worthy of a comeback?

To briefly explain the main gameplay loop of Extinction, you progress by carrying a drill to hives, and then defending the drill from aliens called cryptids. As you progress, it becomes more difficult with more cryptid types thrown into the ring. You also have randomized challenges that you can complete for extra skill points.

You use these Skill points to upgrade the following from your loadout: Class, sidearm, ammo type, team support, strike package, equalizer.

Extinction is difficult, even on normal so you'll have to utilize your loadouts effectively and cooperate with your teammates in order to succeed. With Extinction's linearity, the difficulty is fine focused and next to perfect on every map.

Despite being linear, there is a lot of replay ability in Extinction. The challenges are different in each run. You can try out different loadouts and upgrade them a different way. As you play, you'll earn teeth to use in the armoury for extra upgrades. Try your hand at hard-core difficulty and lastly, use relics gained from prestige levels to make the game even more challenging but gain a higher score.

Extinction also has a coherent and interesting story and lore to boot. While playing through the maps of Extinction, you'll come across audio and video logs to explain the story and develop the world further, with some in-game cinematics. The ending of the story leaves a lot of questions but concludes Call of Duty Ghost's season well.

Extinction has innovated the Call of Duty cooperative mode formula. Loadouts that you now see in Zombies were first used in Extinction, and goes a step further and includes the armoury, allowing for more upgrades and progression.

Extinction brought the idea of boss fights into the mode with the Breeder and Kraken, which are both great fights and quite the spectacle. There is a lot Extinction did first and it hit the nail on the head with all of these advancements.

Times were different when Extinction arrived with Call of Duty Ghosts, Zombies weren't as prevalent and were still new, and with player's dislike towards Ghosts, Extinction was severely hurt. Times have changed however, and Infinity Ward have a golden opportunity to bring it back in full swing and break the monotony of Call of Duty.

Written by Ambrose Smith of paper writing service whose passion is to write about video games.
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