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DYING LIGHT - Test Your Surv
Steam is region locking PC g
Assassin's Creed Unity Patch
Assassin's Creed Unity Patch
Hatred: Steam Greenlight "Ca
Windows 10 Xbox App For PC S
Sunday Reading - Raven's Cry
Weekend game, movie, hardwar
Just Cause 3 Screenshots
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Far Cry 4 - Patch 1.5
Dragon Age: Inquisition Patc
SimCity 2000: Special Editio
AMD Catalyst 14.12 Driver -
Samsung's Gear-VR Headset on
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Del
LittleBigPlanet 3 - 20 Years
King of Wushu Trailer with N
Street Fighter V - Gameplay
BioShock Infinite Linux Hint
TechNews - Windows 10 will r
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - E

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Though Guild Inc. - Site presents games: The Aztec: True History of Empire Hired Team Sea Dogs Pilot Brothers: On The Track Of Striped Elephant Pilot Brothers: The Case Of Serial Maniac Sumo Provincial Gambler Dragon's Island Mathematical Games Tales Album Patience Ideal Battlefield Logical Games Pack Wild Snake Rendezvous with a stranger girl (3656 hits)
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Arcade - Flash Kit - Create your own favourites list, rate games and play online!!!! (3115 hits)
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XP Games - A Windows XP Freeware Game Guide - This guide covers the better Freeware games from Independent Developers and Commercial Publishers. The following games are 100% free full games, not Demos or Shareware. (2710 hits)
Video Games Strategies - resource for all strategz... (2703 hits)
GamesUp - from A to Z of Computer and Video Games... (2693 hits)
Ultimate Gamer - news, reviews and previews in pc gameworld (2692 hits)
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HotGames - nice game demo review site ! (2612 hits)
The Daily Telefrag - Our site has it all - game previews, game reviews, tons of screenshots but the most important thing is - exclusive materials and screenshots directly from developers, especialy Russian. Our site can be your main source of news from Russian game developers! (2597 hits)
ToTheGame - good screenshots, reviews, previews, news database (2594 hits)
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PrimaPublishing - wanna buy walktrough for your favorite game ? (2159 hits)
Magnum's Page - This is a home page of cheating program Last Hope. This is a program for changing values like money, ammo... in games. It simply search for given value in memory of selected proces. (2130 hits)
PCbit Software, Inc. - help you quickly find the information and software you need (2126 hits)
The Armchair Empire - Good gaming reviews, previews, features.... (2123 hits)
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Game Briefs - Chuck Miller Editor-in-Brief (2040 hits)
Game Sites - Gaming Top Sites (2019 hits)
Entertainment Depot - Gaming website (2005 hits)
Steam Community - The Steam Community is a mandatory update to the Steam client! (1998 hits)
KingsNews - #1 for the latest release news (1988 hits)
GameCabinet - A (mostly) monthly games magazine (1963 hits)
Game Degrees - The University of Advancing Technology offers specialized video game design degrees that will prepare you for a great career in computer and video games. (1921 hits)
Just Free Games - exquisite collection of downloadable 3D games for free (1881 hits)
ESRB Game Rating - ESRB Game Rating & Descriptor Guide (1860 hits)
Ace Games - Gaming news, reviews and previews for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC and Gameboy Advance. Win games in our monthly competitions and write reviews for the chance to get free games (1843 hits) - allows gamers to buy and sell videogame titles, new and used, in an auction-style setting (1825 hits)
Game Chronicles - gaming website (1811 hits)
MAP-Factory - MAP-Facotry is a web site for every mappers to publish their maps and for all First Person Shooter players to download them. (1790 hits)
NuneWorld - gaming website with cheats,walktru and forums (1775 hits)
Warrior Nation - legitimate non-profit gaming community (1768 hits)
GameCopyWorld - no-cd patches, cheats, etc (1747 hits)
RYL: Path of the Emperor - Skill-Based Player vs. Player Tournament to Culminate in $1,000,000 Grand Prize Costa Mesa (1726 hits)
Frag Dolls - gaming website (1720 hits)
LucasFiles - additional downloads for Lucas Arts games (1706 hits)
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith - great fansite (1686 hits)
Hookedgamers - gaming website- reviews, previews, news (1676 hits)
YouGamers - new destination site for PC gamers offering original game content, previews, gaming industry news, exclusive interviews, and full game reviews (1659 hits)
BoomTown - gaming website (1653 hits)
Co-Optimus - Website Dedicated to Co-Op Games (1653 hits)
Total Video Games - Quality gaming news and information (1650 hits)
Relic News - gaming news for Relic's games (1648 hits)
The STX DevNet - development network who's aim is to provide quality web hosting for Mod Makers (1634 hits)
Myth Games - Game reviews, news, previews, competitions and discussions. (1632 hits)
Games Daily - gaming website (1622 hits)
Tech N' Gaming Central - gaming/tech news (1622 hits)
E For All Expo - gaming show salted for October in L.A. (1614 hits) - gaming website (1606 hits)
TOP 100 PC game sites - TOP 100 portal is a rating system that integrates multiple rating sites dedicated to different topics (i.e. watches, software, travelling). (1576 hits)
GameHelper - gaming website (1562 hits)
Gaming Shogun - gaming news (1559 hits)
TheFragFactory - one of the UK's LAN Event organisers (1518 hits)
GameCloud - gaming website / downloads (1509 hits)
Warlock Team - Daily motorsport & racing games news (1499 hits)
Dats Gaming Servers - the best performing game servers available at unbeatable prices / they also offer Licensed Ventrilo Servers (1481 hits)
Free Games - Free games, freeware and shareware games, reviews, downloads and news (1469 hits)
Gamesxtream - game streaming download service (1455 hits)
Wicked Screenshots - This site is dedicated to hosting any and all wicked in-game screenshots taken by the players themselves. (1446 hits)
GamePublic.Com - Cheats, Guides, Reviews (Game Search Engine) (1438 hits) - Box Network Torrent Tracker - v2.0 :-D DVD-R, DivX, Xvid movies, games.... (1438 hits)
Game Trailers - Movie trailers for games (1430 hits)
That VideoGame Blog - gaming news (1420 hits)
SGMAGIC.COM - A Chat forum for both Gamers and non Gamers (1405 hits)
Video Game Voters Network - The organization's initial focus will be opposing The Family Entertainment Protection Act. (1387 hits)
Czech Abandonware World - download old games! (1306 hits)
XeNTaX Wiki - XeNTaX Wiki lists more than 1000 game archive specifications! (1300 hits) - game search engine (1272 hits)
Show Me the Games, - SMTG is a crazy plan to try and prove that indie game developers, despite theoretically being in competition, can come together as a group, throw some money in an 'advertising' bucket, and help promote each others games. It's true that getting indie developers to organise together is like herding cats*, but I've owned 4 cats over my life, so I'm not scared. Using the amazing nasa-like technology of random numbers, the SMTG site randomises the games listing so nobody gets 'top slot'. This simple listing of games is hopefully just the start, there may well be competitions, discount bundles or all kinds of stuff happening on SMTG in the future. The main point is that we now have a fixed location to host that kind of thing. (1264 hits)
Mod DB - Games and mods development for PC XBOX Playstation Nintendo (1211 hits)
GotFrag - eSports themed news site (1185 hits)
GamesBizWire (GBW) - independent game developers news (1069 hits)
Digital Battle - DigitalBattle covers the latest in video game news, updates and analysis. (1053 hits)
AMD Game - AMD has just launched a brand new gaming microsite that provides gaming news, reviews, forums, monthly contests and prize giveaways and a handy tool to evaluate your system’s performance (1049 hits)
Finest Ladders - gaming site for non gamers and gamers alike (1043 hits)
UberScore - videogame press site which index game reviews, cheats, videos from other sites (1042 hits) - The site, whose name is an acronym for Good Old Games, is a new games-on-demand platform that allows old fogies (and young fogies) to buy some of the best PC games of all time – many of which just can't be found in stores anymore – and play them on modern hardware, completely free of intrusive DRM. is poised to become the center of the classic-games universe with a huge community section including forums, user reviews and ratings, as well as insightful commentary and editorials from some of the industry’s most beloved writers. (869 hits)
Total Blizzard - for all things related to Blizzard (835 hits)
World of DISCIPLES (Disciples 3) - turn-based tactical RPG (779 hits)
The Lead and Gold - Fatshark's wild west third-person shooter (779 hits)
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