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Windows 8 hotkeys :P

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:20 pm    Post subject: Windows 8 hotkeys :P Reply with quote

(* Somebody on the DT forums initially posted the Fischer-Price style for the 'formerly known as Metro' interface ... it was funny)

Now then, from that site ...
Win+C - They call that the Charms menu?

+X - That could be actually useful. Very similar to half of what the Win7 Start menu has. Some extra option, and some fewer ... If only they'd put in a Win7 style text/expandable group list of installed apps, it would be perfect, IMO.

+I - useful for Metro apps, since being consistent and just tapping the Alt key to bring up the app's menu, if it has one, just didn't make sense.

+Q - If anybody thinks that the 'apps search' interface is in any way better than the Win7 start menu, they are either blind/can't read and require the icons, or receive compensation of some sort.

+D - As stated earlier, very useful to get a person quickly to the GUI from the menu.

+Tab - Only switches between Metro apps, of which the GUI and menu are both considered to be. Alt+Tab is better since it moves you through all opened apps, metro or desktop, except for the actual Fischer-Price menu.

+H - S hare (to S ocial media) is an H ... get those people a dictionary. (Win+S is still available, so it's obvious that this particular key combination was not thought out to well. (BTW, this does not work from the desktop.)

+M - Almost the same as hitting Win+D to bring up the desktop, then Win+D again, to minimize/restore application windows. (Except this isn't a toggle, you can't hist Win+M again to restore your application windows) Kind of a waste.

+W - Ahh, search for settings (meaning apps) instead of things like Printer settings. (Win+W Control Panel, then Printers ... so much better then going directly to the Printers control panel app, which you could do from the Win7 Start menu </sarc>)

+F - Seems to be the exact same as Win+W (Love the redundancy)

+R - Combining the Win+W/F, Win+R and Win+Q gives almost the same functionality and clicking the Win7 start menu. (You have to do the +R thing to run Calc since +W or +F will only show that there is a calculator app, but not run it)

+E - Exactly the same as Win7

+(1-9) - WTF ... use Alt-Tab to move to the open application, FP or GUI since you get a small preview of what that app actually is. This Win+(1-9) means you have to know what the application that you want is actually internally numbered, and only on the desktop, and only the first 9 desktop applications are available to this mode of navigation. (Worthless)

+. - Ugh! Hey, at least you can see what's happening with 2 metro apps at a time ... that's got to be worth something right?

+Z - Since simply hitting that pesky Alt key to bring up hidden menu's was just too much to ask for consistency. (Metro apps cannot have any of the common controls/interfaces that are seen on the desktop apps ... that just wouldn't make sense.)
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use it constantly!
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