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Combat Simulation - dedicated to military simulation games (4455 hits)
Navy Seals - a squad based, full 3D action game / military simulation (2854 hits)
Fighting Steel - Combining the depth of a detailed simulation and the tactical challenges of the finest wargame, Fighting Steel re-creates the most spectacular naval gunnery battles of WWII from 1939-1942. (2394 hits)
UKTrainSim - Microsoft Train Simulator fansite (news/tutorials etc) (1834 hits)
Gadget Tycoon (Crazy Factory) - "Tycoon" style game where you create toilets with TV, voice-activated flush and built-in bidet action (1190 hits)
Viva Pinata Wiki - This unofficial fansite has information on Viva Pinata the Xbox 360 game, (983 hits)
Silent Hunter 3 - offical website (807 hits)
Uplink - High tech computer crime and industrial espionage sim by Introversion (741 hits)
SWAT 4 - official website (730 hits)
Bus Driver - mass transportation simulator - product page (668 hits)
Infestation - Infestation official site (619 hits)
Ski Park Manager - official site for Ski Park Manager by Microids (578 hits)
Casino, Inc. - the game will challenge players to establish and manage a successful casino empire whilst using any means necessary to make life difficult for the competition. (566 hits)
Ultimate Ride - Build and customize an entire 3-D roller-coaster-ride experience and environment, then experience it in the first person, e-mail it to your friends to ride and rate, or post on to compete for "Rollergod Status." (542 hits)
Ship Simulator 2006 - game of nautical navigation (516 hits)
City Life - official website (507 hits)
Wildlife Park - Wildlife Park Official site (485 hits)
Restaurant Empire - food services simulator (476 hits)
Political Machine - strategy game where players take on the role of campaign manager for a presidential candidate (462 hits)
The Apprentice: Los Angeles - game from Legacy Interactive based on the latest installment in The Donald's reality show that tests candidates' suitability to the world of big business by having them run lemonade stands (461 hits)
Game Tycoon - simulation that will allow you to "build and manage your own game development studio (424 hits) - The simulation community headquarters (400 hits)
Uplink: Hacker Elite - real-time simulation game (396 hits)
Sid Meier's Railroads! - product page (388 hits)
Harpoon 4 - Larry Bond's Harpoon 4 website (Naval sim) (385 hits)
PT Boats: Knights of the Sea - official website (377 hits)
Coffee Tycoon - management/strategy game which lets gamers build a coffee empire (351 hits)
Universal Boxing Manager - Manage up to 6 different boxers, each one with different stats and skills, in 17 weight categories (321 hits)
WildLife Park 2 - official website (316 hits)
Bass Tournament Tycoon - With ground breaking features such as the Bass-Cam, that lets you follow the underwater path of a trophy bass or the ability to truly sculpt the land both above and below the water, this game delivers an extraordinary tycoon world creation experience combined with rich and vibrant graphics . You build the lake and the ecosystem, you become a tournament tycoon and you live the dream of being the champion all in one great game thats totally addictive. (303 hits)
Gratuitous Space Battles - Ever wanted to own your own space battlecruiser? A big one. With phasers and lasers and engines and shields and other cool stuff? So have we. And we don't own one either. But here at Positech Games, we DO own a physical spaceship that you can have. A real PHYSICAL space battleship! Behold the almighty Imperial Centurion Cruiser! (295 hits)
Dangerous Waters - multi-platform naval sim. (289 hits)
Sid Meier's Railroads! - homepage (282 hits)
Plant Tycoon - An all-new version of the award-winning handheld game, this virtual gardening simulation game will let players breed and crossbreed plants while they search for six magic plants and build from a simple backyard garden to a lavish nursery empire. (274 hits)
Marine Park Empire - official website (264 hits)
VEGA$: Make it Big - VEGA$: Make it Big Official Website (257 hits)
SubSim - The Web's #1 Submarine Simulation Resource (230 hits)
Wild Earth - homepage - photo safari game (225 hits)
Democracy - omplex and involving political strategy game where you try your best to maintain control of an entire country! Can you keep the Socialists, The wealthy, the farmers and countless other social groups all happy enough to re-elect you? Will your country be an economic success or a poverty-stricken hell? (198 hits)
Democracy II - Like it's predecessor, Democracy 2 puts you in the position of the leader of a new government, tasked with running the country, and keeping the electorate happy in the run up to each election. Democracy 2 will retain the emphasis on complexity, depth and gameplay of the original, with a more sophisticated AI model under the hood, but a similar visual approach to managing all the myriad laws, policies and decisions of your government. (186 hits)
Restaurant Empire 2 - The sequel to the widely popular Restaurant Empire game takes you further into the depths and delights of the culinary universe than ever before. (160 hits)
Farming Simulator 2011 - In Farm Simulator 2011 players take on the role of a young farmer faced with the test of building a successful business. Beginning with just a thousand acres of beautiful rolling countryside and a small collection of vehicles, they progress through the game by completing a range of farming tasks over 18 hour days, like breeding and feeding cows, spreading manure, milking, plowing, seeding and baling, eventually building up wealth to invest in newer and better equipment and machinery. With licenses from leading manufacturers such as DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT, Farming Simulator 2011 features a variety of sophisticated and authentically replicated equipment for players to choose from, including tractors, combine harvesters, plows, seeders and balers. (125 hits)
Trials Evolution: Trials Evolution - Trials is an award-wining, best-selling series of computer and videogames, in which the player is challenged to guide his bike and rider through a series of ever more difficult and challenging obstacles. Featuring realistic physics, leader boards, multiplayer, an in-game editor, and more, the Trials games will challenge your competitive spirit and creativity to the limit. (121 hits)
Hacker Evolution: Untold - Flight Zero - Flight Zero continues where the original game ends. When all the dust has settled and everything has been shut down for good, a mysterious person enters the old headquarters of the Xenti Corporation. Nobody knows for sure who is he, or what he wants from there, but you are quickly called in to use your hacker skills to track him down. As you chase him, the story slowly unfolds. Apparently somebody has stolen a copy of the code running the old Xenti systems in an attempt to reinstate everything. This can’t happen again. You find yourself chasing the flight on which the unknown individual is, in attempt to stop him and retrieve the stolen files. Perform even higher profile hacks this time, in new environments. (111 hits)
Goat Simulator - Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. (102 hits)
openBVE Train Sim - an open source, freeware train simulation (101 hits)

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