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#Game development - the sites useful for game developers

Apogee/3D Realms - In development: Duke Nukem Forever, Max Payne, Prey; Released: Duke Nukem, Shadow Warior, Terminal Velocity ... (3631 hits)
id Software - creators of the famous 3d action games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, Hexen (3400 hits)
Epic MegaGames - 7th Legion, Fire Fight, Extreme Pinball, Jazz Jackrabbit 1-2, Tyrian ... (3160 hits)
21st Century Entertainment - a developer and publisher of pinball games for the PC (2686 hits)
Activision - independent developer and distributor of entertainment software, games rights licensing for Quake 2 and Hexen II - 3d action games, authoring and licensing of products such as Zork the Nemesis, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, MechWarrior... (2479 hits)
NovaLogic - makers of F16, Comanche, F22-Raptor, Delta Force and more... (2476 hits)
LucasArts (former LucasFilm Games) - well known gamemakers, authors of games such as Indiana Jones adventures, Monkey Island, Sam'n'Max, Grim Fandango, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, X-Wing saga, Rebel Assault and others.. (2446 hits)
Hasbro Interactive - Game publisher for Monopoly, Scrabble, The Game of LIFE..... (2357 hits)
Delphine Software - the makers of Another world, Flashback and Darkstone (1965 hits)
DID - Digital Image Desing - F22ADF, TFX, EF2000 and more (1899 hits)
EA Sports - a division of Electronic Arts making sport simulators games (1652 hits)
CORE - makers of Tomb Raiders, Fighting Force and more... (1641 hits)
Massive Entertainment - Ground Control makers (1596 hits)
BlueByte - the creators of games, like Settlers, Albion, Battle Isle, Incubation, Archimedean Dynasty... (1573 hits)
Orange Games - Jazz Jackrabbit 2 & Core makers (1518 hits)
Sierra - the producer of many well known graphics adventures, simulators and others... (1485 hits)
Capcom - A good company. Capcom is the maker of all the Resident Evil, and many arcade hits such as Street Fighter II. (1467 hits)
Electronic Arts - home of many game titles (1457 hits)
Titus Software - Virtual Chess 2 makers (1448 hits)
Digital Illusions - makers of MotorHead and some pinballs (1386 hits)
Take Two - GTA, RailRoad Tycoon II publisher (1381 hits)
Shrapnel Games - Game publisher (Combat Command 2, Space Empires IV, Steel Beasts ....) (1350 hits)
Ubisoft Entertainment - creators of many games, such as POD, Rayman, Redline Racer, Sub Culture... (1349 hits)
Team 17 - the creators of Alien Breed sequel, Worms 1/2, Addiction, P.I.G. (1347 hits)
Fiendish Games - SuperChix '76 , Red Baron, Tower of the Ancients, Superchamps makers (1346 hits)
Terminal Reality - Nocturne, 4x4 evolution, FLY! makers (1260 hits)
Redstorm - game developer/publisher for Freedom: First Resistance , Bang! Gunship Elite, Rogue Spear: Urban Operations (1243 hits)
Accolade - the creator of games such as Deadlock, Test Drive, Jack Niklaus Golf... (1220 hits)
Battleline Games - their current projects include the completion of Epoch Star, and marketing a modern-day remake of an old arcade classic, Asteroid - ES, for free distribution and shareware. (1218 hits)
Looking Glass Studios - creators of Flight Unlimited, Thief, System Shock & more (1218 hits)
Yosemite Entertainment - makers of Navy Seals, SWAT2, the Realm & more (1199 hits)
Cyberlore studios - Majesty, Dead Lock 2, HOMM 2: The Price of Loyalty, Warcraft II makers (1170 hits)
Impressions Games - Pharaoh, Civil War Generals creators (1133 hits)
Mad Genius Software - home of GunMetal game (1131 hits)
SEGA - U don`t know SONIC ? Look here ! (1130 hits)
4D Rulers - GORE makers (1086 hits)
Gametek - the creators of Dark Colony, Robotech ... (1079 hits)
Matrix Games - Steel Panthers: World at War , War in russia makers (1077 hits)
Project Two Interactive - european Jack Jazzrabbit publishers (1070 hits)
BMG Interactive - the creator of Pandemonium, Spec Ops (1055 hits)
Topware Interactive - the authors of Jagged Aliance 2, Knights and Merchants, Earth 2140, Septerra Core and other fine titles (1050 hits)
Strategy First - game publisher (Submarine Titans,Man of War II ,DISCIPLES: SACRED LANDS,Clans, (1047 hits)
Raven Software - HexenII, Mage Slayer, Take No Prisoners... (1044 hits)
Fifth Dimension - the gaming company from Ukraine (1041 hits)
Cavedog Entertainment - makers of Total Annihilation (1024 hits)
Ellipse Studios - Submarine Titans makers (1020 hits)
Octagon Music Productions - This company has created the audio for games such as Colin Mcrae Rally 1+2, Toca Touring Car series, Sydney 2000, 007 Racing and F1 World Grand Prix 2000 (1002 hits)
Devil's Thumb Entertainment - game developers for Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation and PC formats (996 hits)
CartsGames - game developer (984 hits)
LittleWing - japan pinball makers (980 hits)
Double Aught - Duality creators (966 hits)
Volition, inc - makers of Descent : Freespace (953 hits)
Illusion Softworks - creators of Hidden & Dangerous (950 hits)
Neorean - Game distributor and publisher (Akuma, L.O.D, Bushido) (946 hits)
Konami - makers of many games for Sega MD, GameBoy, PlayStation and PC (939 hits)
Pumpkin Studios - creators of WarZone 2100 (914 hits)
Atari - Creator of the first arcade videogame, Pong, and many classic hits like Pac-Man. Now part of Hasbro Interactive, which rarely uses the Atari name and logo... sic transit gloria mundi. (904 hits)
CatWare - creators of Shattered Light (903 hits)
Mythos Games - Magic & Mayhem / Duel - The Mage Wars makers (902 hits)
Krome Studios - Mike Stewart's Pro Bodyboarding,ChampionShip Surfer, Kat Burglar makers (893 hits)
Cinemaware - Creators of Defender of the Crown, Three Stoges, It came from the desert, TV sports series. Classic games available to download. (891 hits)
Metropolis - Robo Rumble, Witcher, Gorky17 makers... (883 hits)
Rayland Interactive - Bang! Gunship Elite makers (883 hits)
NerveLab - creators of Reborn (880 hits)
Lego Media - Developer of Lego games (879 hits)
Testology - Andy Robson created Testology in June 2006. Testology has been set up to provide a very high quality of Quality Assurance, games consultancy and testing-staff placement to the entire games industry. Testology will work closely with the development teams and publishers in all areas of game development and on all projects, big or small. (873 hits)
Monolith Productions - makers of Blood, Claw and more... (860 hits)
Interplay - distributors of Dungeon Masters, Descent and more & more games... (853 hits)
Atomic Games - Close Combat makers (853 hits)
HumanHead Studios - creators of Rune (852 hits)
Silver Lightning - creators of Ancient Evil, Rally Challenge... (850 hits)
Bethesda Softworks - makers of legendary Elder Scrolls saga, Terminator : Future Shock & SkyNET (846 hits)
Ingava - small freeware retro games (846 hits)
Kalisto - makers of 5th Element, Nightmare Creatures & more... (845 hits)
Team Fortress Software - makers of TF for Q & TF2 for Half-Life (837 hits)
Stainless Steel Studios - Empire Earth makers (832 hits)
Eycon - Eyecon has developed an Artificial Intelligence system to drive the Quake III style "GORE" by 4Drulers Software. Eyecon's own Children's Educational Game "Count10", makes use of this latest technology to create a unique, immersive learning experience for young children (828 hits)
Instant Access - producer of Shugotenshi ( Shogo Mission Pack ) (824 hits)
PAN Interactive Publishing - One of the leading publishers of interactive entertainment in Europe. (The Outforce, DS:The Fallen, Konung)) (816 hits)
Yager Development - Yager makers (803 hits)
Insomnia Software - Decay creators...... (803 hits)
Logic Factory - creators of Ascendancy, Tone Rebellion... (780 hits)
Factor 5 - Rogue Squadron creators (774 hits)
Bungie - Marathon & MYTH creators (771 hits)
Temple Games - Rogue Warriors & Match Race makers (770 hits)
Symbiosys Software - game developer (766 hits)
Vicarious Visions Inc. - creators of Terminus, Dark Angel, Dark Rage & Synnergist (766 hits)
Simon & Schuster Interactive - game publisher,Star Trek DS9: The Fallen and DS9: Dominion Wars... (757 hits)
Dexterity Software - small arcade, puzzle, and strategy games (753 hits)
LavaMind - makers of Gazzilionaire, Zapitalism, Profitania.... (752 hits)
Starbreeze Studios - The company is currently developing Enclave, a first person shooter for multiple platforms, and Epsilon, an RTS title (752 hits)
eSim Games - Steel Beasts makers (748 hits)
FunCom - Longest Journey, Steel Rebellion & D.I.R.T makers... (744 hits)
Lost Toy's - "MoHo" makers (736 hits)
Silverback Entertainment - Harbinger makers - Harbinger is an action / RPG set in a sci-fi universe (732 hits)
The MuckyFood Productions Ltd. - makers of Urban Chaos (729 hits)
Cauldron - makers of the game Spellcross (727 hits)
Aegis Simulation Technologies - creators of BFRIS (726 hits)
The official Flash Point home page - Information about tactical combat simulation Flash Point offering the player total war game experience including infantry and use of any available vehicles... (721 hits)
Nikita - russian makers of PARKAN (719 hits)
O3 Games - The Outforce makers (710 hits)
Infinite Machine - game developer (698 hits)
Cinematix Studios, Inc. - Always on the look out for extra-ordinary people to join our eclectic team. Cinematix is currently in the process of creating the future of gaming right here and right now... (691 hits)
BlackOmega - The Stroggos Conspiracy makers (690 hits)
Starbreeze Studios - Enclave makers (688 hits)
Termite Games - New World Order Makers (682 hits)
Relic - game developer (680 hits)
Actual Entertainment - makers of the game Gubble I/II (679 hits)
Lobstersoft - puzzle / board family shareware games (662 hits)
K-D Lab - creators of Vangers, Biprolex+, MOBL, Mechosoma, about KD development process, KD products, KD team, etc. (658 hits)
RipCordGames - author's of titles such as Forced Alliance, Armor Command, Space Bunnies... (657 hits)
BrainWare - Developer of the Descent Mission Builder by Interplay (638 hits)
MegaMedia Corporation - Ancient Conquest makers (630 hits)
The other guys - Project X, Sidescene makers (610 hits)
Soft Enterprises - SKOUT developers (609 hits) - the official website of Creative Edge Software (608 hits)
Lithium Software - makers of very good Q2DM mod & QOOLE (607 hits)
HumanSoft - creators of Seed (604 hits)
Southpeak Interactive - producer of family / puzzle titles (600 hits)
RadioActive Software - Half-Life : Level Five makers (598 hits)
THQ Inc - game publisher (595 hits)
Perceptum - the Varginha Incident creators (594 hits)
Red Button Entertainment - The company was co-founded by Rob Rafei, formerly the long time art director at Naughty Dog. The new company will concentrate on developing new game concepts and describes itself as wanting to be the "United Artists of games (593 hits)
Karma Labs, Inc - The Adventure at the Chateau d'Or makers (592 hits)
Reakktor - Piranha creators (590 hits)
Sylum Entertainment - creators of Curly's Adventure & Zero-G (590 hits)
Nevolution Games - Shadows of Reality makers (584 hits)
Anyware - Agharta makers (582 hits)
Genetic Anomalies - Chron X creators (581 hits)
N'Lightning Software Development, inc - Catechumen makers (571 hits)
Evolution Games - Spotswood & Eric, Europa makers (569 hits)
ThrushWave Technology - The Rift makers (566 hits)
Lonely Cat Games - Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe makers (558 hits)
Pharaoh Productions - DOMINION makers - the upcoming action-based multi-player RPG for Xbox and PC (556 hits)
WestLake Interactive - MacUnreal authors homepage (548 hits)
Pseudo Interactive - creators of Inertia (541 hits)
pixelsplash - the creators of Drone (539 hits)
Elpin Systems - makers of Way Point Zeta (527 hits)
Ratloop - makers of HAB-12 (526 hits)
Broderbund - Now part of Mattel Interactive (523 hits)
Tomorrow Corporation - Tomorrow Corporation is a new "authentic indie labor" developer formed by 2D Boy co-founder Kyle Gabler (World Of Goo) and Experimental Gameplay Project contributor Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth) (516 hits)
Ritual Entertainment - makers of SiN (513 hits)
LOADED STUDIO - creators of Blip & Blop, (502 hits)
Maxim industries - Maximillia makers (501 hits)
Junction Point - The company's founder, award-winning game industry veteran Warren Spector, has been a pioneer in the "player-driven gameplay" arena for over a decade (489 hits)
Akor software - Sea Dreams is a ultimate logic game for all ages. There are nice graphics and sounds of real ocean in the game. (483 hits)
Wolverine Studios - official website (478 hits)
Certain Affinity - Max Hoberman, the multiplayer team lead for Halo 2 and Halo 3, has left Bungie to start Certain Affinity in Austin, Tx. (451 hits)
Junction Point Studios - Austin-based studio (449 hits)
Slipgate Ironworks - John Romero's New Company (427 hits)
Touchdown Entertainment - homepage (391 hits)
Farm 51 - new developer formed by four veterans of virtual entertainment: Radomir Kucharski (working previously in 2015, Inc. on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and Men of Valor: Vietnam), Wojtek Pazdur and Kamil Bilczynski (both working before in People Can Fly on Painkiller franchise), and Robert Siejka, ex President 3D Magazine. (383 hits)
Red Jade - The new London, Ontario Canada company was formed by members of the now former Digital Illusions Canada which was recently shut down when Electronic Arts bought DICE. (382 hits)
Carbine Studios - California-based MMORPG developer (377 hits)
Smoking Guns Studios - founded by John Johnson, Angie Radwan-Pytlewski, and Drew Dunlop, all formerly of Relic (374 hits)
Lantern Games - official website (372 hits)
Lucky Chicken Games - developer behind games for most console platforms, PC, and handheld systems (370 hits)
Eugen Systems - official website (356 hits)
Trilogy Studios - new developer formed by industry vets Rick Giolito, Mark Skaggs, and Michael Pole (339 hits)
Kingsisle Entertainment - start-up MMOG developer (335 hits)
DoubleBear Productions - new Seattle, Washington-based developer founded by Brian Mitsoda, formerly of Black Isle Studios, Troika Games, and Obsidian Entertainment. (319 hits)
Falling Leaf Systems - they will release Halo 2 and Shadowrun for Windows XP (318 hits)
AsoBrain Games - they offer simple Java games of some of the most popular boardgames of the moment. (304 hits)
Telltale Games - LucasArts ex-employees (299 hits)
Crytek - CRYENGINE2, Crysis, Far Cry developer (279 hits)
Infinity Ward - Infinity Ward's site has been relaunched! (271 hits) - Play company was founded in 1994 in Warsaw POLAND. We employ 34 persons in the firm, and have own building near Warsaw , POLAND (241 hits)

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