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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,25 2019 -  
Apex Legends Player Spends $500 On Items - briefly
(hx) 09:52 AM CET - Feb,25 2019 - Post a comment / read (8)
Launching earlier this month, Apex Legends is proving to be a huge success for EA as it forms the latest addition to what many would’ve considered an oversaturated ‘battle royale’ gaming market. With its free-to-play mechanics, however, it is already garnered a pretty significant number of players. As you might expect, while the game is ‘technically’ free, there are more than a few things you can actually spend money on. Yes, we’re basically talking loot boxes here. In a style similar to CS:Go, if you’re lucky enough in Apex Legends, your loot box may contain a rare item. In the case of Apex Legends, this forms ‘Heirlooms’. These form ‘ultra-rare’ cosmetic accessories and have a ‘drop chance’ of less than 1%. In a report via Kotaku, however, one player spent around £380 to get one of these unlocks. The bad news, however, is that he says it was entirely not worth it!

To preface this, I am a 24 year old college graduate with a bachelors degree from a 4 year university. I have a full-time job, a long term girlfriend, and have my life together for the most part. This is merely to show that this can happen to anyone, not just young kids and those not educated on the predatory nature of loot boxes in games.

I’ve played video games my whole life, I’ve seen all the micro transaction tactics before, including loot boxes. I’ve put hours into Overwatch and Rocket League, two games notorious for their loot box system.

However, these games didn’t tempt me into ludicrous spending. In my many hours in both games I probably spent less than $30 total. I’ve never had much luck when it comes to loot boxes and despite wanting the items inside, I knew the math behind it and wasn’t going to throw my money around chasing the carrot on a stick.

Along with this, I’ve never bought scratch offs, lottery tickets, etc. I knew the odds and thought my money was better spent elsewhere.

So why was this time different? The answer was the elusive Wraith heirlooms.

Yesterday I began my journey into the rabbit hole that is chasing after the heirloom items, something that has a <1% chance of dropping.

Why did I do this after everything I just wrote, knowing the math behind these loot boxes?

What got me with Apex Crates was the guaranteed “pity timer”. If you open 500 crates you are guaranteed a heirloom bundle. To top it off, the only heirlooms in the game right now are for Wraith (my main) and I wanted to secure them before new ones dropped, lowering my chance to ever luck out and receive them.

At least 3 of my friends have gotten the Wraith heirlooms in only a few crates, all the streamers have them, surely it wouldn’t take me the whole 500 crates right?

Wrong. I bought bundle of coins after bundle. Each time thinking to myself, “The heirlooms will come this set of packs”. I knew from the very first crate that I would be entering into a serious sunk cost fallacy but I still couldn’t stop. I opened up crates until I reached #500, the guaranteed Wraith heirlooms.

I can tell you it wasn’t worth it. I now own every single blue rarity item in the game, along with countless legendaries for almost every gun and legend in the game, none of which I really care for or wanted. All in the hunt for a set of items that has a less than 1 percent chance of dropping.

Feel free to roast me, I deserve it. I’ve already roasted myself plenty. I just hope this story will resonate with some people and maybe help prevent someone from doing the same thing I did. I can provide proof of my purchases if necessary.

TL;DR: I spent $500 opening 500 Apex Crates In search of the Wraith heirlooms. I got them on my 500th crate. Don’t be like me.

last 10 comments:
gx-x(01:36 PM CET - Feb,25 2019 )
This person finished college with bachelors somehow. What did he study? Genders?

ps. He probably has college debt too (student loans). Money just rains :D

Csimbi(02:14 PM CET - Feb,25 2019 )
This is merely to show that this can happen to anyone

It shows that - despite you appear to have everything - are a first class idiot.
Lootbox -> gamble -> ban the fuck out of it

Feel free to roast me, I deserve it.

No. You deserve worse.
You are the reason such games even exist.
That, on my scale, makes you a scum.

lorcro2000(02:29 PM CET - Feb,25 2019 )
On the other hand, this is a good thing for people who like Apex. If they make money off it, they'll support it and expand it and keep it going for a long time.

But it's easy to fall into that trap once you start. You figure you'll just gamble a little bit... and then you gamble a little more... and before you know it you're so deep in that you refuse to give in. It's diabolical but there you go. I've never done it yet, but I've been close a few times, specifically on SWTOR. I really really wanted a few items but sanity prevailed.

Csimbi(02:41 PM CET - Feb,25 2019 )
lorcro2000> I really really wanted a few items but sanity prevailed.
You keep a strong spine.

Koogle(10:32 PM CET - Feb,25 2019 )
tbh at least he has posted about it...most people never post about how they've fucked up and thus more end up going down the same path.

KuBr0(10:01 AM CET - Feb,27 2019 )
wow, he spent 500$ on a game ! :D

go tell that to the guys who spend several k on one game that are into Star Citizen or simulation games like DCS or driving simulators :D pfffffft, pathetic peasant ...

Tom(02:15 PM CET - Feb,27 2019 )
Koogle> tbh at least he has posted about it...most people never post about how they've fucked up and thus more end up going down the same path.

You mean like YOU?

StGoldie(03:47 PM CET - Mar,14 2019 )
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