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 Gameguru Mania News - Oct,01 2009 -  
Risen PC Demo Released - demo
(hx) 07:58 PM EDT - Oct,01 2009 - Post a comment / read (7)
Piranha Bytes has released a playable PC demo of Risen, allowing you to try out their action-RPG. Word is: Within this demo of Risen, you will venture deep into the mysterious island called Faranga and experience a story never before told. The 1GB demo can be found on, FileShack, GH, The Patches Scroll. It's coming out today on PC, but won't make it to the Xbox 360 until early 2010.
last 10 comments:
Stumpus(04:29 PM EDT - Oct,02 2009 )
All i can say about this demo is WOW! What a very good engine it has, i was amazed that you could actualy venture into the undergrowth practicaly ANYWHERE and the rendering of the plants,trees and flowers were meticulous -Crysis eat your heart out :wink: The vloumetric effects were pretty damn good also.

Thanks hx for bringing this demo to my attention, much appreciated.
Will be looking out for this asap 8)

PoliticalMaestro(06:11 PM EDT - Oct,02 2009 )
I played the demo its average at best as for the 1GB download what a waste of bandwidth. Short lived indeed i managed to complete the demo in about 15mins, besides it lacked any uniqueness. More like a clone than anything original especially in comparison to Oblivion or Witcher they're in another league. Wait for bargain basement to pick this up for around a fiver, no way does it justify £34.99 or even a tenner, best get a curry the satisfaction will outlast this tripe.

Majnun(10:22 PM EDT - Oct,02 2009 )
Well, my preorder arrived before the demo was released so this is based on the full game, not the demo which I haven't played.

If you like Gothic 1 or Gothic 2 &/or G2+ Night of the Raven then you will love this game. It's very much a "gothic" game in the sense of those first two (nothing like the 3rd, for good or bad). At first I laughed that it was so much like G1 & G2 and thought how completely unoriginal (and in some ways it is), but after 15 hours of playing I've realized that it just doesn't matter. It's a good game, great game if you liked G1 & G2.

Graphics are an improvement over G2 & G3, but no they're not as good as other recent games. But if you write this kind of game off on that alone you're a fool.

It's semi-open world, as in where you can and cannot go is determined by how powerful you are (enemies don't scale like Oblivion,etc). The combat is much more interesting and challenging than Oblivion (which isn't saying much) and probably equal to but not as polished as The Witcher.

I've no idea why I'm writing so much here, bottom line if you liked Gothic 1 or Gothic 2 you will love this game. It's well worth the $40 that I spent on it.

Stumpus(08:44 AM EDT - Oct,03 2009 )
ah see i haven't played the witcher or gothic so it's a subjective debate -as they usualy are.Old school rpg never levelled up enemy with you. It's refreshing for me and that's what matters in the end 8) Also game are doing it for 24.99

PoliticalMaestro(09:45 AM EDT - Oct,05 2009 )
and probably equal to but not as polished as The Witcher
You're having a laugh surely you jest as for Witcher it has won many awards unlike Risen. I began disliking Witcher in the beginning as i've bought the enhanced edition recently. After weeks of gathering dust i decided to have another attempt and it worked, if the game has a intriguing plot, decent graphics, enthralling gameplay and coded efficiently then it will outlast any lambaste. Those that code will remain on the road, and those that can't will erode and remain like a lode, this ends the ode.

Majnun(04:43 PM EDT - Oct,05 2009 )
Well, I was only talking about the combat being nearly as good but not as polished as The Witcher.

In every other aspect The Witcher completely blows Risen away. No argument there.

Penetreitor(05:10 PM EDT - Oct,09 2009 )
If you want to see plants instead play a game stand up from your computer and go to your garden.

I can't understand that someone still developing this kind of games after Oblivion released years ago.

I'm uninstalling this boring game right now!!!

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