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 Gameguru Mania News - Jun,22 2006 -  
Prey Demo - demo
(hx) 01:27 AM EDT - Jun,22 2006 - Post a comment / read (15)
3D Realms has released the promised playable demo (local US mirror ~ 449MB) for Prey, allowing you to try out this imminent sci-fi first-person shooter by Human Head Studios.. This demo contains the first five levels of the single-player campaign along with a pair of deathmatch maps. Word is: "Defy the law of nature with gravity flipping, a feature that allows you to walk on ceilings and turns deathmatch mode upside-down. Explore unreachable areas with wall walking, and transport from one sphere to another through space-bending portals. With all these unique gameplay elements, you don't want to miss this highly anticipated FPS demo!"

The demo can also be found on GameSpot (->, Ausgamers, 3D Gamers,, FileNuts, FileShack, FragLand, Gamezone, GH, GWN, VGPro, WP, YahooGames.

Update: I really like the demo! There are some bugs here and there... but great stuff! Thank you for giving us a character with some fucking personality. It's nice hearing him say shit. Why haven't I seen that in a game since Duke?
last 10 comments:
Genoism(02:39 AM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
anyone try this, it any good? I hate fps that have no story.

lmer(04:24 AM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
*click* but don't wait for my impressions, i'm on 512k^595933889/3dgamers/games/prey/prey_demo.exe^491019189/3dgamers/games/prey/prey_demo.exe^1519927495/ftp1/062006/prey_demo.exe^129913279/3dgamers/games/prey/prey_demo.exe^1784597616/ftp1/062006/prey_demo.exe

Guru(05:08 AM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
Loved it :)

torracat(12:29 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 ) kinda looks like they modified the doom engine....
at any rate, they do it justice. the one thing that bothered me about the doom3 games was that they way overplayed the dark shadow thing. this game is much lighter and makes beter use of the shadows and whatnot. graphically it is really really good. but what I appreciate most about it is their attention given to a unique, engrossing storyline. I am really interested in finding out what happens here. it looks like its going to be a really good story.

Stumpus(02:59 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
Yes a very good demo -lengthy too, it took me 1hr 7mins to complete it :)

The upside down/sideways whatever way up levels reminded me of Sin MP (the *first Sin* circa '95 i think? not todays reworked version)

The story is looking good also, what realy incidently hooked me *originaly* with HL2 when i played it. Until of course VALVE milked it to death and drip fed the remainder of the; 'what happened to Alyx'....what a bunch of tossers! :evil: I'll never buy the episodes, and for that matter ANOTHER Valve product.

Here's hoping Prey doesn't go down the tubes like valve.....

CaptStar(03:05 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
It definately wasnt 95, cause that would be before Quake. Sin was the same year Half Life 1 came out, so 1998.
And ill say this: I havent played Prey yet, but I think it looks awesome. And from what you guys have said, and from what ive read from others,
3D Realms has definately redeemed themselves with Prey.

gordho(06:30 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
One can only hope that this was their testbed for duke. If that is the case then we might actually see a new duke nukem game! :shock:

lmer(07:51 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
Same old..same old..i'll skip the rant, you're wellcome.

So what else is there to look for? I guess GTA4 in a year. :(

yhancik(08:26 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
can you make a FPS without having those metal corridors, ugly-ass zombie/cyborgs and other 70th generation photocopies of H.R. Giger's aliens ?


wall ceiling looks original, but that's all

so yes, maybe it's a good standard fps, but i've had enough of those yet
i'm still looking for something more

xxxx(09:03 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
Sin ( 98 )
HL1 ( 98 )
Quake 2 ( 97 )
Quake 1 ( 96 )

HL1 was/is nothing but a supped up Quake engine game that everyone swooped too because it allowed continued scripting beyond Quake 2. Hello Bh scripts, zoom scripts, speed scripts, reload scripts, meelee scripts. You want to know where cheating really took off? Take a look at Quake 2 and HL 1. People exploited Q2 and moved on to HL 1 with little difficulty. UT had anti-cheat before HL 1. And Valve is one of the first to outright ban lots of players with VAC 1. VAC 2 continues to do nothing but yet look at the communities. If Valve ever removed the ability to script, it would be their downfall. UT is in almost every way has always been a better engine to mod on and to play on because lots couldn't be troubled with learning the console. And scripting on UT is nothing like on HL.

Prey I'm gonna try now. See if it's just another ugly doom 3 looking game. Already I am not impressed by the Quake stylish enemy. Here we go... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

nb411(10:35 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
The demo is awesome, and I agree about the main character, funny as hell :) It may not e revolutionary but it is very innovative and trys very hard to be interesting and most importantly entertaining. My hat is off.

xxxx(11:32 PM EDT - Jun,22 2006 )
Same here, this is a totally awesome and 'original' game. The detail is very nice. It hides the ugly thoughts of doom 3 in my head. I must say I am totally shocked how cool 3D Realms is and I love their attention to details that make their games so cool. Voices are great, sound, menu setup, server setup and everything all works. The deno has more skins than some retail games. I love when his hand interacts with the environment. My hats off to 3D Realms! Great game, great demo and please rush it to the store NOW! I am foaming at the mouth to see what DNF is gonna be like. Thank you 3D Realms for refreshing my interest in gaming. 8)

miglaugh(12:33 AM EDT - Jun,23 2006 )
It's been a while since a demo has made me really want to buy a game. There's no point in reinventing the wheel comment wise; this just is fun to play; suprisingly, a hard thing to come by nowadays. Too bad they're still dealing with clipping issues and too many visible angles where there should be curves.

yhancik, if you're looking for something more, I think you'd better step back from gaming for a while. This kind of "shift" is all we can expect and hope for. With the ammount of money needed to get a game off the ground these days noone will be taking the kind of chances to produce the kind of game you hope for. Maybe crysis will be more up your alley, but that'll be up everyone's alley.

I was wondering what would help me kill the time while planning the big updgrade, this game will certainly help.

ThePacifier(05:03 AM EDT - Jun,23 2006 )
Well..i really enjoyed the game and im looking forward to buy this one...other thing that amazed me is that at high settings..everything run pc is a pentium m 1.8 ghz with a x700 and 1 gb runs very good!!

Bring it on!!

xxxx(09:59 AM EDT - Jun,23 2006 )
ThePacifier> Well..i really enjoyed the game and im looking forward to buy this one...other thing that amazed me is that at high settings..everything run pc is a pentium m 1.8 ghz with a x700 and 1 gb runs very good!!

Bring it on!!

Ya really, this game kicks Doom 3 butt in terms of performance. I didn't even change a thing in terms of what Prey detected. Not a drop of lag Anywhere!! It's maxxed out on my system minus AA which I couldn't and never have cared for anyhow!! Prey is amazing because it's 3D Realms really and truly is an amazing company that cares about what they release. I was really shocked that 3D Realms did such a great job on this. Can you imagine how much the rest of the industry is gonna soak 3D Realms ideas..

The only gripe I have is you can see your reflection but you can't see your body, which blows and appears cheap to me. In Riddick they showed his body and to me that was and is very cool. Hopefully this is just a drawback of the demo and they include this in the game. But it certainly wont stop me from buying the game!

The game took me a hour to finish maybe, but I'll likely play it another dozen times. MP is actually quite tough too..

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