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 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,20 2016 - all 
No Man's Sky - FIGHT Video - console
(hx) 12:53 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Hello Games has released a new trailer for No Man's Sky that focuses on the battles and fights that players will engage in. As its description reads, on a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. No Man's Sky releases on August 9th.

Life is Strange - Episode 1 is Now Free - briefly
(hx) 12:51 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Starting on the 21st of July, Episode 1: Chrysalis will be free for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac and PC!

Obduction delayed - briefly
(hx) 12:50 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment / read (1)
Cyan has announced that its new adventure game, Obduction, has been delayed. The game was originally planned for a July 26th release, however the team decided to delay. the game few weeks (until the week of August 22nd) to do a bit more cleaning and polishing.
Hey Backers,

We'll get right to it - we are down to the wire, and we have to delay a few more weeks. We are SO sorry! Please let us explain…

The last few weeks have gone very quickly. We’ve been working long days, and seven day weeks. Obduction has been getting better and better. But we still found ourselves implementing the last couple of systems we needed instead of having quality time to focus on squashing more bugs. Last week we still had a chance, if everything worked perfectly. At the end of the week the leads met to discuss our options. We were so close, we could ship. But we came to the unanimous decision that if we shipped it was driven mainly by the deadline — not because we were satisfied. Obduction is a product that we’re very proud of, and we don’t want to let unpolished edges get in the way of an amazing immersive experience.

So with humble hearts, but admittedly a bit of relief, we’re taking another few weeks (until the week of August 22nd) to do a bit more cleaning and polishing. No excuses, we should be better with our estimated completion dates. It’s really hard — please forgive us.

We know that you are an amazing group of supporters. Most of you have already expressed that you trust us to give you the best Obduction experience we can. We realize that there are a few folks that will think this is just another “20 minute gate delay” of a plane that will never depart. We really do understand the skepticism. We wish you could be here with us, play Obduction, see how good it is, and how close we are. We think it would change your mind.

Thanks again for your understanding and support.
Titanfall 2 - Inside Development: Intro Video - preview
(hx) 12:45 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
Want more information about Titanfall 2? This upcoming video series will take you behind the scenes of Respawn to speak directly with the developers who are spearheading the new game. There are a handful of videos planned, starting with an intro from Producer Drew McCoy. If any of you out there are dying to know more about something please let us know. This look at development will give fans insight into the development of TF2 including the Multiplayer tech test, and leading up to the worldwide launch on October 28th.

NHL 17 - EA SPORTS Hockey League: Build Your Brand - console
(hx) 12:43 PM EDT - Jul,20 2016 - Post a comment
NHL 17 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13, 2016.

 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,19 2016 - all
Mafia III 'Lincoln Clay: The Soldier' trailer - movie
(hx) 06:07 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
2K Games and Hangar 13 have released the first in a new series of six feature trailers for Mafia III. This one is titled 'Lincoln Clay: The Soldier.' Mafia III is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on October 7.
Get an inside look at the motivations of Lincoln, a man robbed of his family. Orphaned at an early age and raised on the streets of New Bordeaux, he fell in with the black mob. Now, back from Vietnam, his adoptive family has been wiped out by the Italian Mafia - and Sal Marcano will pay with everything he holds dear. The Mob is about to learn that family isn't who you’re born with, it's who you die for.

BATMAN - The Telltale Series on August 2nd - briefly
(hx) 04:49 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
Telltale Games announced today that the first episode of BATMAN – The Telltale Series will be released on August 2nd.

LawBreakers - Play The Enforcer - briefly
(hx) 04:38 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment / read (2)
Boss Key Productions has released a new video, showcasing the Enforcer class for its upcoming arena shooter, LawBreakers. The Enforcer is all about run and gun gameplay. Players can zone enemies by using the Aerator Rifle, get close by using the Badger Shock Pistol or finish off their foes with the shoulder-mounted Bloodhound Launcher.

Dead Rising is coming to the PC - briefly
(hx) 04:37 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
According to Eurogamer, Capcom has confirmed that Dead Rising will be coming to current-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). Eurogamer did not reveal any release date or what changes will be made to the game. My guess is that Capcom will officially reveal more about this re-release in the coming weeks.

Cossacks 3 will launch for PC on Sept 20th - briefly
(hx) 04:15 PM EDT - Jul,19 2016 - Post a comment
GSC Game World announced today the release date of the sequel to the award winning Cossacks series, Cossacks 3. Cossacks 3 will launch worldwide on the September 20th, exclusively for PC at retail

 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,18 2016 - all
Microsoft's $399 2TB Xbox One S Launches Aug 2nd - console
(hx) 06:41 PM EDT - Jul,18 2016 - Post a comment / read (6)
The slimmer, sleeker Xbox One S is coming on August 2nd. Today Microsoft announced that the $399 2TB launch edition will arrive in "select regions" on that date, though consoles with smaller hard drives (1TB and 500GB) won't be hitting stores just yet. It's still possible to get the redesigned Xbox One in time for launch by preordering from Microsoft directly or the big retailers you'd expect, like Amazon. Xbox One S is the most compact Xbox yet, 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One, and includes a built-in power supply. We also shifted one of the three USB ports and the pairing button to the front of the Xbox One S alongside the newly added IR blaster for increased accessibility. Beyond the fresh new design, Xbox One S is the first and only console that allows you to watch Blu-ray movies and stream video in stunning 4K Ultra HD with High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The 2TB launch edition Xbox One S will be available in limited quantities for $399 USD on August 2 in the following regions: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and United States. Xbox One S will also be hitting store shelves for additional markets later this year. For those of you looking for additional Xbox One S hard drive options, we will also be offering the console with 1TB and 500GB hard drives for $349 USD and $299 USD, respectively, so you can choose the right console for you. More details on the specific availability dates of these two options will be shared soon.
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Gameplay Preview - preview
(hx) 06:26 PM EDT - Jul,18 2016 - Post a comment
Featuring brand new gameplay footage captured on PC (AMD), Mark takes Adam Jensen on his first mission into the heart of the aug ghetto Golem City.

Star Wars VR game on Steam for free - freegame
(hx) 05:59 PM EDT - Jul,18 2016 - Post a comment
ILMxLAB has just released the first Star Wars VR game on Steam. Trials on Tatooine is a free game that everyone can download right now from Steam, and supports the HTC Vive headset. In Trials on Tatooine, players will wield a lightsaber as they leap into action in the most immersive Star Wars virtual reality experience ever. Players will be able to repair the iconic Millennium Falcon, and defend the plucky droid hero R2-D2 from incoming stormtroopers in this captivating experience set after the events of Return of the Jedi.

            OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer (64-bit OS required)
            Processor: Intel i5-4590 or equivalent
            Memory: 8 GB RAM
            Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970
            DirectX: Version 11
            Storage: 5 GB available space
            Sound Card: Stereo or 5.1 Surround


            OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer (64-bit OS required)
            Processor: Intel i7-4790K or greater
            Memory: 16 GB RAM
            Graphics: NVIDIA GTX TITAN X
            DirectX: Version 11
            Storage: 5 GB available space
            Sound Card: Stereo or 5.1 Surround

Rimworld Steam Key Fraud Halted - briefly
(hx) 05:56 PM EDT - Jul,18 2016 - Post a comment
Ludeon Studios sent out a press release announcing that they've been forced to stop giving Steam keys to those who buy the DRM-free edition of Rimworld from their site, though the game is still available for purchase directly from Steam .
If you bought before today, you can still get a key. However, I’ve been forced to stop offering Steam keys for those who buy today and in the future. We’ve been getting hammered by fraudsters who are obviously more experienced at this than I. Shutting it down for now is the only way to avoid thousands of dollars in chargeback fees and lost sales. It’s time to take a breather, because I can’t fight this 'live'.

The game is, of course, for sale on Steam if you want a Steam copy. Buying from our site will give DRM-free copies as before, but no Steam key.

All the stolen keys are being cancelled, and should be deactivated before they can be sold (or soon after, depending on how fast Valve does it). The funds they were stolen with are being returned to their rightful owners. If you don’t want to get ripped off by fraudsters, be sure to buy direct from Steam.

If you bought direct from us before July 17 and find your key cancelled, it may be due to a separate glitch we had (affecting only a few dozen people). You should be able to get a new key immediately from the Steam key giver, and continue playing where you left off.
Steam's Weekly Top Sellers - briefly
(hx) 10:41 AM EDT - Jul,18 2016 - Post a comment / read (2)
Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve. As we can see, Arma 3 Apex and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are this week's best selling games.
Arma 3 Apex
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dead by Daylight
Grand Theft Auto V
No Man's Sky
Raw Data
NECROPOLIS: A Diabolical Dungeon Delve
 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,17 2016 - all
Weekend game, movie, hardware deals - briefly
(hx) 08:50 AM EDT - Jul,17 2016 - Post a comment / read (1)
Here's a selection of this weekend's PC / Blue-ray movies, hardware deals.
  • Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition - $8.74 (60% off)
  • Simcity 3000 Unlimited  - $5.49 (50% off)
  • Dead Space - $8.74 (60% off)
  • DOOM PC - $47.90 (20% off)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition Blu-ray + Theatrical Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD UltraViolet Combo Pack) - $24.99 (31% off)
  • Fast & Furious 1-7 Collection - Limited Edition (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD with UltraViolet) - $77.99 (22% off)
  • The Divergent Series: Allegiant [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD] - $17.99 (55% off)
  • ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q 27-Inch 2560 x 1440 Display 144Hz Refresh Rate WQHD G-SYNC Monitor - $669.99 (16% off)
  • Car Charger, Segawoot Quick Charge 2.0 Fast Charging Premium Aluminum 2-Port USB Car Charger for iPhone 6 6S Plus 5 5c 5s, Samsung Galaxy S6 S6 Edge Plus Note 5 Note 4, Nexus 6 - $6.99 (46% off)
  • Delton Apple Certified Lightning To USB Sync and Charge Coiled Cable For iPhone 6,6s,6 Plus, 5/5s 5Se iPad/iPod (4 Ft Cable-Yellow) Retail Packaging - $7.64 (41% off)
  • Calcium & Magnesium - With Vitamin D 3 & Boron - $12.54 (57% off)
Star Citizen backer gets his $3000 pledge refunded - briefly
(hx) 07:53 AM EDT - Jul,17 2016 - Post a comment / read (4)
I think I've already written about how a recent change in Star Citizen's Terms of Service (ToS) has made it more difficult for backers to request a refund. It turns out there is still a way to get a refund, you'll just need the help of the LA Attorney General, FTC, and DCBA. One Star Citizen backer, Streetroller, who had backed the game to the tune of $3,000 was looking to get their money back after growing tired of waiting for the game to be released. In its current state the game is a series of alpha modules that show elements of the game, but are not yet the unified whole that backers supported. It starts with Streetroller writing an email to developer CIG on June 24th, saying:
To Cloud Imperium Games and / or Robert Space Industries:

Because of various changes of policy by Cloud Imperium Games or Roberts Space Industries, the product remains unfulfilled and no longer constitutes the product(s) I originally purchased.

To bring this to a resolution, I am requesting a full refund.
In a long response from Cloud Imperium Games, the company explained what it was not going to refund Streetroller's $3,000 pledge, saying: Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:
You made your pledge to the crowd funding campaign to raise funds for the development of 'Star Citizen'. When you contributed your pledge it was applied to the building of the game and the team and resources needed to make it happen. The funds are not idly maintained in a bank account for months or years in case someone wants his/her money back. Cloud Imperium Games has been working diligently on the development of the game and has published extensive information on the development process on its website at We are very serious about accomplishing what we set out to do, which is to build a great game. We endeavour to keep everyone informed and educated on the progress of game development and what is accomplished with their support: reports, updates and web shows have been made available regularly, and our first game play offerings came online as early as fall of 2013. These offerings have been progressively and incrementally expanded over time to share access to the work in progress. We have created substantial foundation for the game, and early release versions are currently available.

As noted above, your payment was a deposit to be used for the 'Game Cost' as defined in your crowd funding pledge agreement [...], and the deposit has since been "earned by CIG and become non-refundable" since it was "used for the Game Cost...". You also agreed to "irrevocably waive any claim for refund of any deposit amount that has been used for the Game Cost and Pledge Item Cost..."". The only exception would be a return of unearthed funds remaining in case of an abandonment of the project; this exception does not apply as we have not abandoned development. If you pledged on Kickstarter, you agreed to these terms when you transferred you pledge account to

Star Citizen is a project for gamers, by gamers. By financing the project using crowd funding, our team is not beholden to a publisher who would insist we ship a game unfinished, de-featured, or broken to meet a particular schedule. Thanks to continued backing of our community, we have the needed creative freedom over the project to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming technology and to create a unique game with a unique approach. We feel the results such as unparalleled immersion and fidelity which have been highlighted in many reviews and community reactions, are already speaking for themselves!
Streetroller didn't take that without a fight. Drawing attention to the ToS CIG referred to in its reply, Streetroller pointed out that he had agreed to an earlier agreement than the recently changed contract. In its reply CIG remains firm and says it will not refund him. He then tells CIG he is going to be getting third parties involved, including Los Angeles' attorney general:
I know my rights, and I won’t let any company - even on I may have liked - to take $3,000 from me.

I’m informing you that I’m filing with the FTC, DCBA, and IC3.

I’ll also be contacting the attorney general of Los Angeles and filing fraud claims on Paypal.
As well as contacting the organisations listed above, Streetroller files for a refund through Amazon. He is shortly returned $900. Two days after that Streetroller receives the rest of the money he had pledged to CIG. So, it is possible to get a refund for Star Citizen, you just have to get the LA attorney general on your side.
TechNews - iPhone 7 design shown off - tech
(hx) 07:32 AM EDT - Jul,17 2016 - Post a comment / read (2)
  • CORSAIR Launches New ML Series Fans With Magnetic Levitation - CORSAIR has announced the launch of its new range of ultimate, high-performance cooling fans, the ML Series. Equipped with a revolutionary new Magnetic Levitation Bearing and custom rotor design, the ML Series redefines fan performance to deliver higher airflow, lower noise and better cooling, whatever the requirement. When powered, the magnetic levitation bearing completely suspends the fan blades from the motor housing, delivering almost frictionless operation. The huge reduction in friction, in comparison to all conventional physical contact bearings, allows the ML Series to offer lower noise at higher RPMs giving PC Enthusiasts a true no-compromise fan.
  • Huawei MateBook review: Going toe-to-toe with Surface - The main drawback to the MateBook for me is the keyboard, along with the lack of a way to prop up the device if a third party keyboard is used. I'd also recommend getting a model with 8GB RAM to anyone considering this purchase. Other than that, the Huawei MateBook is a wonderful device. It's clear that it was carefully crafted and it's well-designed.
  • Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Headset Review - Are you ready to take your audio to the next level?
  • Password Hacking Software Cracks Thousands Of Passwords In Seconds - Dr. Mike Pound demonstrates how a password hacking hardware called "Beast" can make short work of your "strong" passwords.
  • T-Mobile Giving Away Galaxy On5, J7 to Families  -  T-Mobile is kicking off a new promotion that will let family plan subscribers score a free Samsung smartphone. The free phones are tied to specific service plans. Families who subscribe to T-Mobile's 6 GB Simple Choice plan pay $30 per month per line for service and can receive a free Samsung Galaxy On5 smartphone ($140 value). The $30 cost is applied to the first four members of the family, with additional lines costing $20 each per month. Similarly, families who subscribe to T-Mobile's 10 GB Simple Choice plan pay $40 per month per line for service and can receive a free Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone ($240 value). The $40 cost is applied to the first four members of the family, with additional lines costing $30 each per month. In both cases, families can get up to 12 free phones. The price of the free phone is covered via monthly service credits over a period of two years. Once the two-year period is over, the customer owns the phone outright. Customers who cancel service before the two-year period is over will be responsible for the balance of the phone's cost. T-Mobile's back-to-school promotion begins July 13.
  • iPhone 7 design shown off in a new leaked video - The low resolution video comes from Dutch website TechTastic, who have a decent track record with leaks in the past. Most of the key design highlights seen in the leaked images of the iPhone 7 are also seen in the video, including the relocated antenna strips, protruding rear camera lens, and the same basic design that Apple has been using since 2014. However, unlike the leaked photos, the video does show the bottom of the handset as well. As rumored, the bottom does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack. That basically means you will no longer be able to directly connect your favorite pair of headphones with the new iPhone 7. Instead, you will need to use the Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor.
  • One Year Later, Turing Phone Finally Ships - Turing Robotic Industries started taking preorders for its secure Turing Phone back in July 2015 with plans to ship in August. The company later promised to ship by December 2015, but it didn't. In February, Turing made a fundamental change to the device when it swapped the Android-based operating system for Jolla's SailfishOS 2.0. Now, a year after it first took preorders, Turing is shipping the Turing Phone. The phone itself is made of a liquid metal alloy that Turing claims is tougher than titanium and steel. The phone has a 5.5-inch full HD screen, quad-core Snapdragon processor with 3 GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera, and s support for some U.S. LTE bands. The phone comes in five different models, the Turing Cardinal, Pharaoh, Beowulf, Dark Wyvern, and DW Glaedr. More so than the hardware, the Turing Phone is about providing secure communications, including encrypted messaging, email, and calls. Though it runs SailfishOS, the device will have access to the Google Play Store and Google Apps. Pricing starts at $610 for the standard model.
  • T-Mobile to Zero-Rate Pokemon for Weekly Tuesday Promo - T-Mobile says starting July 19 customers will be able to play Pokemon Go on their smartphone without impacting their monthly data allotment. T-Mobile is adding Pokemon Go to its T-Mobile Tuesday customer appreciation program. Customers will need to take action to get the free Pokemon data. First, customers need to download the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Once signed in, customers can claim the free zero-rated use of Pokemon on T-Mobile Tuesdays July 19, July 26, August 2, and August 9. Once claimed, Pokemon usage will not touch customers' high-speed data plan through August 2017. The zero-rated Pokemon promo is only available to claim for the next four Tuesdays and goes away after August 9. Beyond the Pokemon promo, on Tuesday, July 19 T-Mobile customers can claim a free Lyft ride of up $15, a free Frosty at Wendy's, and 50% off select accessories. Last, T-Mobile says 250 people will win $100 in PokeCoins, and five people will win a Pokemon Go hunting trip for two anywhere in the U.S.
  • Mastercard Adds Retail Mobile Payments to Bank Apps - Android owners will soon be able to use their own mobile banking app - rather than Android Pay or Samsung Pay - to make tap-and-go payments in stores. Mastercard has expanded its Masterpass program to mobile devices so consumers can make contactless payments at various retailers. Mastercard first introduced Masterpass in 2014 to power in-app and online payments. Customer credit card data is stored in the cloud and tokenized for security, allowing people to make purchases with one click. Mastercard is extending Masterpass to its banking customers so those banks can add contactless payment capabilities to their own apps. Some of the first banks to support contactless payments include Bank of America, Capital One, Citi, Fifth Third Bank, KeyBank, People's United Bank, and Virginia Credit Union. Mastercard says 17 banks in total plan to add mobile payments to their apps in the near future. (One glaring omission at launch is JPMorgan Chase, which has so far shunned Android Pay. Chase is working on its own mobile payment service that has yet to launch.) Contactless, Masterpass payments will be available at more than 5 million retail locations across 77 countries that accept contactless payments via NFC. In the U.S., BJ's Wholesale Club will be among the first to support the bank-based mobile payment tool, with JetBlue, Saks, Lord and Taylor, Subway, and The Cheesecake Factory to follow shortly. It will be up to the individual supporting banks, such as Citi, to add contactless payments to their mobile apps.
  • Extracting Gold From Used Electronic Devices - It's not a lot, but pretty much every hunk of modern electronics has tiny bits of gold wire inside that make it go. Mining this precious metal takes a lot of work, but if you're dedicated it could even be a sustainable business practice.
  • A MONSTER CALLS - Official Trailer - In Theaters October 2016 - A visually spectacular drama from acclaimed director Juan Antonio Bayona (“The Impossible”), based on the award-winning children's fantasy novel. 12-year-old Conor (Lewis MacDougall) attempts to deal with his mother's (Felicity Jones) illness and the bullying of his classmates by escaping into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales that explore courage, loss, and faith.
  • Star Trek Beyond (2016) - "Scotty Meets Jaylah" Clip - Starring Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban. Star Trek Beyond is coming to theatres July 22, 2016.
  • 250 Anime Recommendations - Saying that this guy loves anime a lot is probably an understatement ;-)
  • Rogue One Live Stream Opening Crawl Star Wars Celebration 2016 - Opening sequence from the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration 2016
  • 40 Years of Goth Style (in under 4 minutes) - Goth Fashion 1976-2016: From UK punks to today's Nu Goths, watch the evolution of goth clothing, hair and make-up styles. Batcave, Lolita, Cyber, Steampunk, Pastel Goth and more
  • Toilet Paper Machine 2.0 - Now you can cut toilet paper in one slice, no more waiting!
  • Kids meeting their favorite soccer players! - Kids meeting their favorite soccer players!
  • The Riders Of The Well Of Death - This "Well Of Death" in India is one of the world's most dangerous car stunt locations. And these men will risk anything for the thrill of the ride.
  • Start up heavy tank destroyer after 65 years - ISU-152 "Zveroboy" soviet heavy tank destroyer developed and used during World War II. Lost in Ukrainian village. 65 years later come alive.
  • Japanese Gamers vs. American Gamers - check it out, lol
  • Kate Upton Landmine Squat/Squat Jump Combo - Kate Upton crushes heavy landmine squats followed immediately by squat jumps with the rings. Strong! This is a great (but hard!) pairing that smokes the glutes and legs while also jacking the heart rate up like crazy. Kate makes it look easy, but trust me, it's not.
  • The best pics on the Internet #202 - All pictures are carefully handpicked
  • Hottest Babes on the Internet #85 - Which one is hottest? ;-)
Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star Teaser Trailer - movie
(hx) 03:49 AM EDT - Jul,17 2016 - Post a comment
Coming in September, Season Pass holders will receive our third digital expansion pack, Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star. More new maps – on ground and in space – new weapons and star cards and two new heroes including one larger-than-life character we know you've been patiently waiting for.

 Gameguru Mania News - Jul,15 2016 - all
Tyranny - Gameplay Stream - preview
(hx) 07:41 PM EDT - Jul,15 2016 - Post a comment
Tyranny, the brand new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive where the fight between good and evil is over, and evil won. Coming 2016.