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 Gameguru Mania News - Feb,08 2017 -  
Upcoming AMD Ryzen chips scaring Intel? - tech
(hx) 04:53 PM EST - Feb,08 2017 - Post a comment / read (5)
According to Forbes' Anthony Leather, Intel is prepping not only price cuts but a hyperthreaded i5 as a response to the soon to be released AMD Ryzen chip family. Could Intel's dominance in the desktop gaming scene soon be over?
The rumor mill continues to turn regarding AMD's Ryzen CPUs, which are due for release next month. This time, though, it's Intel that's the subject of some interesting news as it seems to be getting a little scared of what AMD has up its sleeve.

The French website, has made claims that its sources are pointing to three very interesting moves from Intel, to combat the threat AMD's Ryzen poses in potentially undercutting its enthusiast CPUs.

The first and most interesting is a Core i5-7640K, which will not only offer a 200MHz boost in frequency compared to the current Core i5-7600K, but amazingly, the website also claims it will feature hyper-threading. This is Intel's trickery that allows one core to provide two threads to mimic the work of two cores. You don't see the same performance increase as you do from a true second physical core, but there's a definite speed boost in multi-threaded applications.

Traditionally, Intel has only offered hyper-threading on its Core i7 K-series when it comes to unlocked quad-core desktop CPUs, so the move is unprecedented in bringing extra performance to its Core i5-series. It's clearly worried about AMD's offerings in the Core i5-7600K's price range of around $240, with the AMD SR5 CPUs looking likely to offer a minimum of 4 cores and 8 threads - the same as the would-be Core i5-7640K, with some even offering 6 cores and 12 threads according to this leak, and its cheaper SR3 range offering the same 4-core/8-thread configuration as the current Core i5-7600K.

The second rumor includes a second unlocked Core i7 CPU to sit alongside the current Core i7-7700K - a so-called Core i7-7740K, which will offer a speed increase over the original CPU. However, this will till fall short of offering the kind of allure of AMD's 6-core/12-thread SR5 CPUs, especially if the latter cost the same or a little more; don't forget that AMD's Ryzen CPUs all offer unlocked multipliers so are overclockable.

Finally, the website also briefly covers price drops for Intel's CPUs. This is the most logical result of a successful launch from AMD that brings some competition to the enthusiast CPUmarket. Intel has practically been allowed to charge what it likes for its CPUs as there hasn't been much of a challenge from AMD, especially at the high-end. The likelihood is that CPUs such as the Core i5-7600K, which costs $240, could well see double-digit percentage price cuts, with this particular model dropping to below $200.
last 10 comments:
Csimbi(01:23 PM EST - Feb,09 2017 )
Intel has been overpricing its CPUs for the last couple of years.
It's about time someone gives them a run for their money.

Thudo(09:27 PM EST - Feb,09 2017 )
Competition would be quite good: its been a decade+ since we've had that in the CPU realm. Consumers would only win.

gx-x(07:50 AM EST - Feb,10 2017 )
Csimbi> Intel has been overpricing its CPUs for the last couple of years.
It's about time someone gives them a run for their money.

and AMD is following the suite. Never have we had middle end GPUs cost over 200$, now they cost 250$ from AMD and 300$+ from nVidia. Now, according to rumors, ryzen is going to cost over 300$ if you want a good one. There used to be a time when Barton was under 200$, and it was flagship. Yes, intel is to blame, but AMD isn't dumb not to exploit the existing overpricing. Still cheaper but still way overpriced.

PS. Funny thing is, except for quad channel on intel, new 500$ CPU isn't really much better (it almost isn't) than their previous gen CPUs that you can get for under 200$. 4790K still going strong and beating all skylakes, quad channel or not. Albeit, 4790K isn't under 200$, but some 4xxxK or 3xxxK i5, even some i7s are.

Tom(10:53 AM EST - Feb,10 2017 )
$300+ ya, I'm sure Intel is worried, Intel will just tweak a cpu and put another name to it, just like their bullshit chipsets and socket changes. Not to mention the millions of devices out there with Intel. Not to mention the dismal market share AMD has in the cpu market. Why the fuck is AMD even around, how do you keep losing and staying in business? What's the prediction for AMD OOB now? 2019? 2020.. :roll:

heretic(08:26 AM EST - Feb,11 2017 )
I hate intel for their business strategy though, they have some very dirty tricks, especially with the x86 license. They just make it impossible for anyone else to enter the market and kill of anyone who does. Furthermore all the deals they make with various shops to only sell intel based systems...

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