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 Gameguru Mania News - Jun,20 2014 -  
Watch_Dogs PC Update Does Not Resolve Stuttering! - patch
(hx) 02:44 AM EDT - Jun,20 2014 - Post a comment / read (11)
A couple of hours ago, Ubisoft released the highly anticipated PC update for Watch_Dogs. Naturally, a lot of gamers could not wait to get their hands on it and see for themselves whether the stuttering issue has been fixed or not. After all, Ubisoft claimed that it has added a number of performance improvements in this patch. Well, it appears this patch makes zero difference (thanks DSOGaming) to the annoying stuttering, if not making it even worse than what it was before. According to a lot of reports, this update does not fix the stuttering side-effects and in various cases it makes it even worse :D OMG!
SO it was the patch after all ?! are you freaking kidding me ?! A BIG FIX for the stuttering ? WHERE ?! THE ******* GAME RUNS THE SAME, I have been patient for a month since the release which was horrible too because of your great servers and Steam Copy ala Uplay.

Everything is ****, I'm dissapointed, can't enjoy the game I payed for and I will never be able to since these patches fix nothing. NO MORE ubisoft games, everything is going down for free if I will ever want one.

DO NOT EVEN MAKE WATCH DOGS 2 PLEASE - get your **** together first. 6 years + delay and still a piece of crap ... idiots
I strongly suggest disabling auto-updates from UPLAY at this point. Those of you who are experiencing worse performance can disable auto-updates and then delete both patch.dat and patch.fat.
last 10 comments:
Tom(12:53 PM EDT - Jun,20 2014 )
that's what you get when you knowingly buy a console port. I know I did the same thing with Titanfall.

Crashezz(01:17 PM EDT - Jun,20 2014 )
To be fair though, Ubisoft never actually said this patch fixed the stuttering, they said they have found the cause and working on a patch for it but never said this patch fixed it, just performance improvements.

I didn't notice any difference at all after the patch, but then i haven't had any probs with the game yet. Must be one of the lucky ones :)

doodah(02:48 PM EDT - Jun,20 2014 )
You're quoting Koogle in stories now, hx? Geez..

heretic(03:54 PM EDT - Jun,20 2014 )
doodah> You're quoting Koogle in stories now, hx? Geez..

I've quoted some post from Ubi forums..just to show the atmosphere there ;-)

El_Coyote(02:30 AM EDT - Jun,21 2014 )
Heh those kinds of forums are usually just an echo chamber for ocd 13 year olds.

Csimbi(07:26 AM EDT - Jun,21 2014 )
Seems like the usual from UBI.
At least it works for some.
I wonder when people will ditch UBI for good.

gx-x(04:34 PM EDT - Jun,21 2014 )
Csimbi> Seems like the usual from UBI.
At least it works for some.
I wonder when people will ditch UBI for good.

it's hard to ditch them when they purchase almost everything worthwhile...It's easy to first get the game for free and see if it works tho...

Csimbi(09:25 AM EDT - Jun,22 2014 )
A class-action lawsuit perhaps?
Car makers would have been prosecuted already if they had so many problems with a product...

gx-x(09:46 AM EDT - Jun,22 2014 )
Csimbi> A class-action lawsuit perhaps?
Car makers would have been prosecuted already if they had so many problems with a product...

yeeeaaa but it's kinda different. Cars can get people killed and lawsuit involves and revolves around negligence and it's a big thing in that case (lives at stake) while it would be hard to win that against software company/publisher (like suing ketchup company for making a bad tasting ketchup ). You would have to go for "with intent to mislead consumers", and making that case would be VERY hard, they would just make an endless loop out of it...


the only thing customers can do is read reviews, first impression, "pirate" the game and then decide. If it's crap - don't buy it. If enough people do this, sales will drop and that is the biggest punishment for the company, especially if you get their sales down by a lot. Remember their (ubisoft's) always online DRM and boycott that followed? That had effect did it not? Their sales were down just by 15-20% or something like that, I forgot...

Crashezz(01:41 PM EDT - Jun,24 2014 )
In a perfect world, Ubi could make the games and then someone like square enix could optimize them.

I quite like most of Ubi's games, they are usually quite long so you get good moneys worth and generally enjoyable throughout, its just the optimizing part they suck at. Although watch dogs works fine for me i know it could have been better had someone else tweaked it, same with black flag.

I say square enix because of games like the tomb raider reboot and sleeping dogs, they look great and run great.

At least they ditched that bullshit always online crap!!

Csimbi(02:13 PM EDT - Jun,24 2014 )
Crashezz> At least they ditched that bullshit always online crap!!
Not from Heroes... Still could not buy/play that damn game...

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