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 Gameguru Mania News - Jun,21 2008 -  
Call Of Duty 5: First Trailer - movie
(hx) 04:32 AM EDT - Jun,21 2008 - Post a comment / read (6)
Well, there you go. World War Two, explosions, American soldiers running around shooting bad guys...

last 10 comments:
doodah(06:51 AM EDT - Jun,21 2008 )
Looks more like Viet Nam to me!

amra(09:22 AM EDT - Jun,21 2008 )
It is vietnam, but anyway just the same senseless war thing. Ok surely it is a real thrill to play some strategic game, perhaps from time to time something like that, but do we need every half of a year some new 'hype around killing people'?

War itself is nothing you should teach the childrens to much, because they are hanging around with those shit way every day. Their heads are too empty for just filling them with war.

miglaugh(09:51 AM EDT - Jun,21 2008 )
Dude ^^,

All due respect, but you are in the wrong place to be preaching the anti-violence mentality, "for the children" no less.

Children don't belong playing these games, PERIOD. Stop [u:1d04bb29ae]them[/u:1d04bb29ae] all you want.

But, an adult, 21+ person like me has to scratch through a day of work dealing with backstabbing managers, false promises and all around hypocrisy. There are times I want to scream at people, but that paycheck helps repress those feelings (wouldn't want to be fired would we?).

If there wasn't an outlet to release some stress into, there would be a high probability that they __________("fill in the blank"). Lookup the definition of burnout.

So, if I want to do terrible terrible things to virtual people in a computer game, that's my business. If you think getting rid of these kinds of games is going to make the world a better place you're deluding yourself. There is no way the world is going to get "better", period.

If you just meant to acknowledge the fact that this "stress relief" shouldn't be necessary in the first place, I agree. But, that isn't the case, and it hasn't been the case ever, so no point in bringing up the obvious on a "game" forum where the primary function is a "violence delivery system".

In other words, loosen up. It's the only way your going to make it.

PS. Treyarch sucks, this game will suck.

darknothing(10:58 AM EDT - Jun,21 2008 )
yawn enought with ww2, Vietnam ... and for the kids not playing these games... parents will always buy these games for there kids not caring about the rating at all. i see it all the time in EB games

amra(09:40 PM EDT - Jun,21 2008 )
Sorry miglaugh, but you didn't read my post carefully ;)
I didn't 'preach' some anti-violence, I even said I play those games too from time to time. So I agree with you on most things, sure mankind needs 'some paycheck'. But for myself, I have enough of this ww2/vietnam/etc. stuff.
I judge nobody who plays codX or similar games, everybody can feel free, as long as it is virtual.
But as darknothing did, I have to repeat it too, kids (means 21-) will play these things, even with your period. Not only because most titles have console-versions this is as easy as taking a breath.
And I personally don't need a new wargame about ww2 or vietnam or something like that every 6 months.

miglaugh(09:33 AM EDT - Jun,22 2008 )
Ok, turns out we agree more than I thought.

I just am NOT OK with the idea that "kids will play these games even if we don't want them to, so stop making the games".

I've come across the "one person ruins the fun for many" scenario far too often in my life, but when it comes to games, I'm not willing to back down because of what they do to other people. I can handle it fine; if they can't, they need to be dealt with, not me - and not the games.

But I do agree, they need to move on from WWII already. And don't forget, treyarch sucks so this specific game wouldn't be good anyhow.

I wish flight sims were still popular. Bring out a new Commanche title or a Falcon, oooooh that'd be nice.

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