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 Gameguru Mania News - Aug,08 2006 -  
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic SP demo - demo
(hx) 02:27 PM EDT - Aug,08 2006 - Post a comment / read (11)
As promised, Ubi Soft has released a playable demo (local US mirror ~ 1.4GB) for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic, allowing you to try out this Source-powered first-person fantasy action RPG by Arkane Studios. The massive 1.4GB demo offers a tutorial along with the first level of the game.

The demo co-premiered on 3D Gamers and FilePlanet, and mirrors are now online on Boomtown,, FileFront, FileShack, GH,, VGPro and WP.
last 10 comments:
yhancik(03:05 PM EDT - Aug,08 2006 )
1.4Gb ?
demos are getting bigger and bigger those days

anyway it's way too much for my monthly download limit :/

AhPook(06:40 PM EDT - Aug,08 2006 )
Ahh, Might and Magic, used to love those games, not so much the Heroes series though.

Hopefully Dark Messiah will be good and a bit nostalgic.

Love living in a rural area except for not having broadband :cry: Will have to download it at a friend's place this weekend.

xxxx(10:23 AM EDT - Aug,09 2006 )
Yes I wasn't a fan of the Heroes either. This though looks great and I plan on getting it. In the old days, I finished all the MM titles. I just hope this new one doesn't lag like hell like Oblivion. I hate Bethseda, they write the worst code in the industry imo. Everything they release is buggy and not optimized and though years have passed by they've gone nowhere in terms of code quality. Too bad nobody gives a shit. Morrowind was the crossover imo, where people just didn't give a shit anymore if games had lousy code.

yhancik(04:00 PM EDT - Aug,09 2006 )
from what i read here and there, the demo is time-limited (around 30 minutes, but it includes the tutorial)

xxxx(08:33 PM EDT - Aug,09 2006 )
I downloaded it over last night. Tried to install it tonite and it said, "send error report to ms" :(

Now that I know it's 30mins, wont even bother wasting the bandwidth, I'll just pick it up at the store. Thanks for that info.

xxxx(08:03 PM EDT - Aug,10 2006 )
This game is awesome. You need to try it. I'm so done with Oblivion when this comes out. So glad they didn't destroy this classic game with a cheap quality game. Glad they did it on a FPS engine, even if it is Source. 'Enhanced' Source engine. hehehe. Fighting and everything is so cool its just more exciting to play. 10 thumbs up!

DarknessIncarn8(08:50 PM EDT - Aug,16 2006 )
when i try 2 run install shield wizard the thing finishes installing and my curser is an hourglass around it like theres something there but its invisible i think my comp is halffreezing when it tries 2 run the program this sux any1 else hav this problem????

DarknessIncarn8(09:00 PM EDT - Aug,17 2006 )
[quote="xxxx"]Too bad nobody gives a shit. Morrowind was the crossover imo, where people just didn't give a shit anymore if games had lousy code.[/quote]

2 tru 2 tru 2 many people dont care if the game has a wrs code than bz (battle zone hav u evr playd that game? its better than many 2day) which was releasd the first time in the 80s i think it was then rmd to hav better 3d graphics somtime from 1990-1995 its pretty :(

Stumpus(05:09 PM EDT - Aug,19 2006 )
well i'm not too impressed, i cannot understand the references to Oblivion??? This is more like a 2006 version of Hexen crossed with Hitman controls. Besides it's just caves with a bare glimpse of outside. What's with the points system...? erm that has more in common with LOTR.

Whilst people have a dig at Bethesda they sadly fail to realise that they raised the bar that not one other company has *ever* got near. Sure there are aplenty RPGs out there possibly better for a story, but they are linear scripted-follow-this-path-only affairs.

Bethesda like Bohemia interactive (operation Flashpoint) and Far Cry have created worlds that are true free roam and daring. Plus the HUGE amount of code that goes into writing 100+s of quests and sub quests is CRAZY! You guys are being silly pointing the finger as if they are producing a 10hour game that goes A to B 'The End'

Sadly each to their own i guess.

Paulie(12:16 PM EDT - Aug,20 2006 )
Well, anywho, Im buying a new graphics card thanks to this new MM.
Played the demo, it was truly great, but fps was bit low on my X800GTO, so i thought why not buy a X1900GT and OC the shit out of it with the help of little Vf900cu :twisted:

Game looks and feels awsome, and its not caves with a glimpse of outside :roll: Demo had a big part of outside work. i.e. getting into the castle for one.

I like the new fighting system, but it seemed a bit confusing to get the character to do what I wanted not what he feeled doing, but practice makes master, right? :D

Stumpus(04:21 PM EDT - Aug,20 2006 )
Game looks and feels awsome, and its not caves with a glimpse of outside Demo had a big part of outside work. i.e. getting into the castle for one.

That's not outside LOL! Following a path around a cliff is far from outside. TombRaider may as well be classed alongside it then? What is the difference in level design? It's find the switch for this..jump across this..and so on. Soooo linear

This is seriously overhyped and it rips off those games that i have mentioned; Tombraider,Hexen,Hitman among others. What happened to the testing? I lit an arrow then fired it into a dark cave wooden beam (obviously to light the way ala the many ways in Oblivion) did it light up the area?...erm no. Plus there is no scale to the arrow when you pick it out of said wooden beam it's **tiny**!!! -oh an whilst we are on that subject, fire an arrow(s) into an enemy and try and pick it out of the body? Yep you can't.
Same goes for looting corpses, another no-no.

The more you actualy compare the two games ,the more shallower MM get's -there is no denying it. Unless of course you just cannot see it...

Oblivion and MM are completely different genres afaic.

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