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 Gameguru Mania News - Apr,24 2005 -  
Sunday Mods - mod&map
(hx) 07:29 AM EDT - Apr,24 2005 - Post a comment
  • Fraghouse Invasion 4.0 UT2k4 - The Fraghouse Invasion, has been updated to version 4 (download ~ 137MB). In addition to new maps, weapons, monsters, skins and more, the mod features a few twists on standard Invasion, in that monsters spawn at specific locations rather than player starts, giving the player a chance to set up a stronghold defence.
  • CTF-Rail_Beta 1 UT2k4 - 1973 has posted CTF-Rail_Beta 1 for testing at the Atari forum and is looking for some feedback
  • DM-Echo map for UT2k4 - Joe Swinbank has just released a map named DM-Echo for your fragging pleasure!
  • Team Damage v1.09 mutator UT2k4 -  This handy little mutator allows server admins to easily control players who abuse friendly fire.
  • Q2-DOOM 3 Screenshots - BluesNews has posted 3 screenshots of the Quake II for DOOM 3 modification that will be released on The Mean Arena when complete. Kiltron and his team have re-worked everything from scratch for the Doom 3 engine!
  • Infernal Death Orgy (1.0) Doom 3 - Infernal Death Orgy makes kombat faster, harder hitting, and much more intense! Your blood will spill profusely as you struggle to overcome the horrifying ordeal that lies ahead!
  • Beta Labs Pilot Doom 3 - Finally the first episode following up the campaign is finished and still so many to go (can't say exactly, until I feel like stopping). This map has much, MUCH, more detail than the campaign maps and it's scarier to, so enjoy.
  • Faiakes RoE-Extended (1.0) Doom 3 - Basically a weapon and gameplay mod (34MB) with a few graphics alterations. The mod featues - Big Light On All Weapons, Extended PDA, Personalised Weapon Names & Hud, New Weapon Skins, New Monster Skins, Semi-Auto Pistol, Semi-Auto Shotgun, Mine/Flare Grenade, Plasma Gun Radar, Plasma RailGun, BFG SafetyValve, Extra Friendly NPCs and more.
  • DOOM to DOOM 3 Map Converter (1.3) - This is a new version (download) of the tool that converts DooM wad files into Doom3 map files. It contains a more compatible material file as well as some adjustments to the gameplay. The texture conversion is done a whole way easier now.
  • Half-Life 2 Tim Coop Mod (beta 1.01) - This new beta features new lvl2 map, new lvl3 map, new antlion_troopers2 map, new Ravenholm Coop Beta2 map, fixed Autoteamswitch, Increased the smg firerate and more.
  • Half-Life 2 MM Weapons Mod - The weapons changes are as following: Pistol fire selectable (Auto/semi auto), Shotgun fire selectable (pump/semi auto), SMG Fire selectable (scope/grenade), .357 fires as fast as you can click, Shotgun primary fire reduced spread and more pellets. Secondary fire fires 50 pellets (instead of 16), RPG fully auto, unlimited ammo. (fires seagulls) - laser turnoffable, AR1 fires twice as fast and has a clip of 60.
  • Half-Life 2 Killspace Map - Crazy map nothing else like this in the Half-Life Universe!
  • Half-Life 2 DM Store This Map - This HL2 DM map is inspired by the HL map, "turkeyburgers" and the following HL2 maps. Word is: "You are inside a very large storage closet that contains the floor level as well as 3 levels of shelves. Choose from a variety of sources to get yourself to and from each level. This minimap incorporates the use of strategy to gain a decisive victory."
  • Half-Life 2 DM Ratpadshop Map - A really nicely done map made by Cannabliss, a huge room.
  • CS: Source DE Bora Map - This is a really nicely done map made by Justin Iezzi, a small island in the middle of no where.. have fun.
  • CS: Source AWP Bunkers Map - This map is actually a remake of a Rainbow Six Rogue Spear map called bunkers. Its pritty simple but game play is very fun.
  • CS: Source HE Tennis 2005 - He_tennis_2005 is a rather fun throwing grenade map made by TMG
  • TerraStats v0.4.11 - TerraStats is a CS: Source server-side ranking plug-in that ranks players with a bit more depth than their kill-to-death ratio, has been updated to version 0.4.11.
  • Dev Compiler 1.2 Beta - Many mappers for the original Half-Life may have already been introduced to DevCompiler, a program that enables users to compile Half-Life maps. With the release of DevCompiler 1.2 Beta, DC now supports users to compile not only HL maps, but HL2 maps as well.
  • Stationbeta (Soldier of Fortune 2) - A very well done map (27MB) by -=RcK=-SCALPER. This map is a must for all you Star War fans,and the music truely fits it. Check it out and see what you think.
  • Imperial Assault Alpha v0.71 (C&C Generals) - A new alpha version of the Star Wars based Zero Hour TC Imperial Assault has been released. The new version weighs in at 152 MB and doesn't require the previous version to work.
  • Only War Public Beta 1.0 (C&C Generals) - The long-awaited first public beta of Warhammer 40K-to-Generals TC mod Only War is available now.
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