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Diablo 4 will also have Pala
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Which is the best graphics c
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 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,11 2019 - all 
Basement - a drug-dealing strategy game is leaving early access! - briefly
(hx) 09:55 PM CET - Nov,11 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game where you play a scientist who is forced to do illegal stuff in your basement. Actually it’s all about management. You build your own enterprise producing several types of drugs, find the right place to sell them, invite scientists and security, avoid federal agents and build the most effective company. You start in your own basement. Since the police has no interest in a small dealer, you have the chance to grow. Once your expansion becomes noticeable you’ll be allowed to sell at higher rates, get better workers, upgrade your production and access new technologies. But be careful! This growth will attract the cops. With rapid growth, your enterprise will become fragile. If it survives all the troubles it faces, you will become invincible. Otherwise, you will lose money, workers and respect. While your influence in the city shortens, you risk being imprisoned in the end.

Finally a game that represents America correctly :D
Crysis Co-op Announcement - mod&map
(hx) 05:24 PM CET - Nov,11 2019 - Post a comment
The new 2019 version of this mod will allow you to play the single-player campaigns of both Crysis and Crysis Warhead in co-op. The mod will also replace Gamespy with Steam. This basically means that it will add support for the Steam master server, so that you no longer have to connect to servers through direct IP addresses and removing the necessity of using VPN software. The downside here is that you’ll need a Steam version of Crysis Warhead, otherwise the mod will not work. Crysis Co-op 2019 will also come with some new gameplay features. For instance, players will be able to revive their fallen comrades via the defibrillator. It will also have new game dataset rules, as well as a compatibility mode. Furthermore, players will be able to select which character to play as through the campaign. The team is currently awaiting for Crytek’s approval to release the Crysis Warhead campaign. Moreover, the team aims to release this new version of the Crysis co-op mod in December 2019.

Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides Operators Gameplay Gadgets - briefly
(hx) 01:10 PM CET - Nov,11 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
Ubisoft announces details about Operation Shifting Tides, saying the fourth and final season of Year 4 for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will go live tomorrow on the test server for their tactical shooter.
Watch a new bolt-action sniper rifle shoot through walls and Operators alike as Operation Shifting Tides comes to Rainbow Six Siege. In addition to her rifle, the Attacker, Kali, brings a versatile underbarrel explosive charge to help destroy enemy gadgets, while Wamai gives the Defenders extra cover by deploying grenade-grabbing magnetic devices. Learn the ins and outs of the new gadgets, and spot the big changes to the Theme Park map in the latest rework.
Diablo 4 will also have Paladin & Amazon at launch - briefly
(hx) 01:07 PM CET - Nov,11 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
This information comes from a leak about Diablo 4 that surfaced on Reddit four whole months ago. That leak got a lot of things right, like the game’s art style, its classes, its combo system and more.

Hello Heroes of Sanctuary,

I am one of the 1st people who have seen Diablo IV behind closed doors and I know many are eagerly waiting for the details and goodies on what's the next big thing in the Diablo universe/franchise. Obviously I cannot give away my credentials or who I am other than the fact that Diablo IV was finally showcased to some of the employees at Blizzard. Take this for what it is, I don't care if you believe it or not as I have really nothing to gain from this. With that being said - this is what Diablo IV and what will be happening in the near future.

  • Official Title - Diablo IV (No sub title)

  • Camera View and Genre - Isometric MMOARPG

  • No Load Times (except loading in the game for the first time or logging in and out)

  • New sophisticated Engine with a ton of improvements over Diablo III and new functionalities for new gameplay systems and visual design

  • Made for consoles in mind from the get go

  • Art Style is VERY dark, gory/bloody and gritty - think Diablo II days mixed with Dark Souls and Bloodborne but much more modernized obviously. The new engine is able to create atmospheric visuals and dark tones that immerse the players. Picture the world of Sanctuary as if it was in the Dark Souls or Bloodborne universe. Super dark and gothic.

  • Blizzard are happy with the many systems and improvements they've made over the course of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls such as the Kunai Cube, Wardrobe loadouts, Seasonal Journeys, Rifts/G-Rifts and so on.

  • Blizzard learned a lot from their Diablo III and Reaper of Souls mistakes/lessons and used the feedback to create and design new and improved systems for Diablo IV

  • Music is going to harken back to Diablo I and Diablo II. It will feel very very familiar to the old-school Diablo fans but also have it's own unique twist to it and sound that is catered specifically to Diablo IV

  • Blizzard will be treating Diablo IV as a reboot of the franchise. Those who wanted a Diablo II Remake and a brand new Diablo game will be pleased. Basically, it's a combination of both made for the modern era. Best way to think of this is the latest God of War that was released in April for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.

  • Diablo II Remake/Remaster was planned, but they later realized that it would be much better to give the franchise a complete reset and put majority of the fans requests into 1 giant package.

  • The demo we've seen lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. I am not sure if this is the same demo they will be using for Blizzcon later this year or if they have a new one in the works specifically created for the fans and press too see.

  • The demo showcased core elements of Diablo IV such as the Loot, Barbarian Class (a bit of Druid as well), Combat and the most interesting (in my opinion) how it all comes together as an isometric MMO and blends in with a brand new eco-system and creates a next-generation Diablo experience

  • The world of Sanctuary is MUCH MUCH MUCH larger than before due to the game going the MMO route. The space is necessary to accommodate the players.

  • A server will hold around 100 or so people at a time as of now.

  • Tristram will be one of the Hub cities in the game. (This was one the one we saw in the demo) Blizzard has stated there are more hub-cities, but did not show or told us what they are.

  • You can trade items in the game with other players such as gold, basic crafting materials (special crafting materials are soulbound and cannot be sold) and any kind of loot ranging from grey quality and all the way up to rare yellows. Blizzard is not sure yet what to do with Legendary items/weapons yet and if they should be tradeable or not as far as the game's economy goes due to competitive fairness and end-game systems that have a lot of functionalities with the legendary loot.

  • The class that was showcased in great detail to the employees was a Barbarian- signature moves such as whirlwind return and many other favorite skills. Druid was also part of the demo, but for extremely short time and only used as an example for their new combo combat system.

  • Combat system will have combos. You will be able to use a combination of skills in succession to do more damage or create larger area of effect attacks. As a Barbarian you can chain pull into an enemy and then jump over them and then you have a choice of either throwing them into another demon or grabbing them and then pummeling them into the ground with your bare hands or simply stunning the target and then use an execution move to chop their head off. You can ONLY do execution moves when the enemy is near death.

  • The demo showed how a druid player can use the combo system. In the clip the player was able to morph into different animal forms (including wolf and bear) during mid-combat flawlessly without any weird transitions or awkward attack animations using different sets of moves and skills from each of the forms in a matter of seconds. It looked very impressive.

  • The combo system was created to evolve combat for the Diablo franchise. Blizzard wanted to make sure that if they're going dark and gritty, the combat had to be dark and gritty as well.

  • Paladin, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Amazon and Druid are planned for launch with more coming later. Blizzard wants people to feel like this is Diablo II all over again but in a completely new era of the franchise. Blizzard were also debating whether to include the Druid or Necromancer class at launch of Diablo IV. Blizzard decided put the Druid for launch of Diablo IV and Necromancer for later, since the Necromancer was released already for Diablo III.

  • Crafting will return in Diablo IV and will be a very important system and part of the entire game and its economy. If you enjoy crafting in MMOs or in games in general then you are in for a treat according to Blizzard.

  • Blizzard is well aware of games such as Path of Exile, Grim Dawn and Wolcen and their current skill systems. As a matter of fact, they have a whole special team dedicated to playing those games extensively for research and game development purposes. Blizzard are creating something new unique of their own for Diablo IV as far as character progression goes and yes stat allocations are back as well.

  • No word on PvP yet or anything of that sort. However, Blizzard did say that since they're going the MMO route, the PvP factor is kind of important to a lot of players. Although, right now they're strongly focusing on creating a fantastic PvE Diablo experience. They do not want to promise anything in regards to PvP ever since with what happened to PvP in Diablo III only to later disappoint the fans. PvP is something that will be looked at in the future once the game is in a stable place and the playerbase is happy.

  • Diablo IV will be the new era for Diablo and will be a game as a service. New free content patches will come out that will add quality of life changes, new additions, items and so on. Paid expansions are also possible, but right now its still undecided and Blizzard won't know until the game is launched and until they see if its successful or not. They do not want to announce anything that's regarding to paid content until they are 100% sure of their plans and what they will be adding next post-launch.

  • Right now the goal is to get the game ready playable demo for Blizzcon's 2019 and of course all the marketing material as well. After that, it will be preparing for the beta in 2020 and then the release.

  • Release is being debated between late 2020 or early 2021 depending on how things go, but as of now it seems early 2021 is more likely. Will be coming to PC PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.

Steam Weekly Top Sellers - briefly
(hx) 12:52 AM CET - Nov,11 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
Here are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:
Planet Zoo
Planet Zoo
Grand Theft Auto V
Football Manager 2020
Valve Index VR Kit
STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order
Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition
Destiny 2: Shadow
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,10 2019 - all
Which is the best graphics card for Red Dead Redemption 2? - briefly
(hx) 02:16 PM CET - Nov,10 2019 - Post a comment / read (3)
If you really want to nail down 60fps or greater in Red Dead Redemption 2 at high/medium settings, you’ll need to pack at least an Nvidia 16-series GPU or greater. While the GTX 1060 6GB is one of the most popular graphics cards on the market for mainstream gaming, it only just scrapes 1080p60 on average in most benchmarks. Across the board, framerates above and beyond 60fps are possible at 1080p, but don’t expect ultra-smooth high refresh rate gaming on anything other than the very best Nvidia Turing graphics cards – such as the RTX 2080 Super and RTX 2080 Ti. The 1440p club is even more elusive. At this resolution even the latest 16-series mainstream cards fall a little short of 60fps. An RTX 2060 Super will net you acceptable frame times, although its bitter rival, the AMD RX 5700, manages just a few frames more. Ramping up to 4K is a privilege enjoyed only by graphics card royalty. Red Dead Redemption demands serious silicon to reach 60fps at 4K, and even the RTX 2080 Super struggles to get there despite its power and price tag. The RTX 2080 Ti is the only option for 4K in Red Dead Redemption 2 – at least without drastically dropping graphics settings.

Rockstar will pay you to find vulnerabilities in Red Dead Online - briefly
(hx) 01:51 PM CET - Nov,10 2019 - Post a comment / read (2)
Rockstar has expanded its hacker and vulnerability bounty programmes to include Red Dead Online. Since 2016, Rockstar has been offering hackers, modders and anyone willing to hunt down bugs and identify vulnerabilities a lot of money. The focus of each bounty changes, but they’ve all been on the developer’s Hackerone site. Earlier this week, the developer updated the page with a new bounty, this time to add in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. The bounties cover all platforms, and include the Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App and iFruit Mobile App. The post doesn’t specify what sort of vulnerability Rockstar is looking to find this time, however. As stated on the main policy page, Rockstar will pay a minimum of $150 per successful vulnerability submission.

Hello Hackers!

We have an announcement regarding our invite-only private program. To date, the private program has been a targeted bounty campaign to root out a very specific type of potential vulnerability in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, we are happy to announce that beginning today, we will now be accepting a wider variety of vulnerability reports for in-scope vulnerability categories for the following titles:

  • Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online on the following platforms:
    • PS4
    • Xbox One
    • PC
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online on the following platforms:
    • PS4
    • Xbox One
    • PC
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App
  • iFruit Mobile App

The full scope and eligibility requirements can be found on the landing page of the private program. If you have not already done so, you may apply for an invitation to the private program by completing the enrollment form here. We will not accept reports pertaining to in-game vulnerabilities that are submitted to the public program page. If you wish to submit an in-game vulnerability, you must do so through the private program.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in the private program!

Rockstar also continues to offer the Incorrect Ban Bounty, which challenges researchers to find a reproducible cause for an unfair ban, such as users running third-party software that may have triggered a false positive. This is a $10,000 bounty which has been running for a while.
Field of View mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 - mod&map
(hx) 09:32 AM CET - Nov,10 2019 - Post a comment
The first FOV mod/tool for Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally available. This tool allows you to adjust your in-game FOV. This tool also removes black bars from the in-game cutscenes, cinematic cameras, shops and a number of other areas at 21:9 and wider resolutions. Furthermore, it removes pillarboxing from the photo mode. Do note that this is a Cheat Engine script, so your anti-virus may falsely flag it. Rockstar does not officially support mods, so make sure to use this (and all other future mods) in the game’s single-player mode. Otherwise, Rockstar may ban you. As its creator stated:
I’m not aware of reports of people getting banned over the use of Flawless Widescreen in GTA V, but use the tool provided here at own risk and ideally avoid playing RDR Online without restarting the game after applying the hack.
 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,09 2019 - all
Silent Hill First Person remake is now available - briefly
(hx) 03:24 PM CET - Nov,09 2019 - Post a comment
Zero Trace Operative has released a first-person fan remake demo of the original Silent Hill game. Do note, though, that this is a concept demo featuring the game's 'beginning nightmare' and nothing more. It's also really short (about 3-5 minutes) and there are no plans to turn this demo into a full game.

Just Cause 4 Reloaded is free weekend - briefly
(hx) 03:20 PM CET - Nov,09 2019 - Post a comment
Square Enix has launched a free weekend for Just Cause 4. PC gamers can go ahead, download, and play Just Cause 4 Reloaded for free on Steam until November 11th. Do note that this is a free-to-play weekend, meaning that you won’t be able to play the game after November 11th. Just Cause 4 Reloaded packs the base game, as well as additional premium content. It also features previously released improvements and additions to the game. After all, and despite its flaws, Just Cause 4 can still be a fun game.

 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,08 2019 - all
Tame the Wild West With These RDR2 Cheats - in-house
(hx) 09:33 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment
PC owners have been drooling over this console game since it launched last year. It's finally on PC and looks great! Want to have even more fun with the game? Check out the +14 Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer by Cheat Happens. It includes cheats such as Unlimited Health, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Dead Eye, Unlimited Max Health Core, Unlimited Max Stamina Core, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, Use Item Gives Max, Set Money On Pickup, Unlimited Horse Gallop Stamina, Game Speed, Edit: Mouse Over Inventory Count, Edit: Current Hour of Day and Edit: Current Minute of Hour. Check it out in the video below.

Ninja Talks on Faze Jarvis' Lifetime Fortnite Ban - interview
(hx) 09:21 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment / read (4)
A popular content creator in the Fortnite scene known Faze Jarvis was recently banned for life from Epic Games’ Fortnite after he showed video footage of him using an aimbot to cheat in a solo’s match. Ninja has now become involved in the conversation surrounding the lifetime ban after making comments during his own live stream. To give context, Faze Jarvis posted a video explaining that he had been banned, and you’ve no doubt seen the images shared online of the 17-year-old crying while he apologies to his fans. From his video, he seems to have been unaware that there would be such severe consequences for his actions, “It didn’t even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life” he explained. Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja has jumped in with his thoughts on the situation, and it appears to have sparked up mixed reactions online. During his Mixer stream, Ninja was in conversation with members of his party discussing the situation, the video on the conversation can be found below as a recording of Ninja’s stream.

Death Stranding PC Pre-Orders go Live - briefly
(hx) 09:18 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment
Death Stranding has been shipped and hand-delivered by Norman Reedus himself to customers all over the world today as the highly anticipated Kojima Productions title finally arrives. While PS4 players will be getting ready to climb mountains and caring for BB over the weekend, the PC players who wish to get the title will be waiting until it lands on Steam and the Epic Games Store simultaneously as revealed today by publisher 505 Games. There don’t appear to be any benefits or bonuses to pre-purchasing Death Stranding on either launcher, but both are available for $59.99. The release date is still unknown but is still slated for Summer 2020. The Steam version can be pre-ordered from here, while the Epic Games Store version is here.

Diablo 4 gameplay - the Sorceress & the Druid - movie
(hx) 08:43 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment
GameInformer has shared two new gameplay videos for Diablo 4. The first video shows 10 minutes of gameplay footage with the Sorceress, while the second shows twenty minutes of gameplay footage with the Druid. Diablo 4 will be always-online and will not feature any offline mode. Moreover, the game will have cosmetic microtransations, and there might be cross-play support between all platforms.

Valve might be working on Steam Cloud Gaming - briefly
(hx) 04:13 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
It seems that Valve might be working on a competitor for Google Stadia.  Based on the SteamDatabase/SteamTracking information found on github the Steam Games partner portal page contains the following line of code: function SignLatestCloudGamingAddendum(returnURL). This streaming service could possibly be Valve’s response to Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Xbox Cloud Streaming, GeForce Now and others. Valve has not confirmed any of these yet.
FAIRY TAIL gameplay video - movie
(hx) 03:59 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment
Fextralife has shared a video, showing the first 20 minutes from the upcoming JRPG, FAIRY TAIL. FAIRY TAIL will be based on Hiro Mashima’s best-selling manga and anime series of the same name. The game follows the spell-binding plot from “The Grand Magic Games” story arc. As such, it will enable gamers to re-live, or experience for the first time, the exciting episodes of its storyline. Players will be able to experience stories previously told in the manga and anime. Moreover, they will even be able to enjoy never before seen story and quest elements. The game will be coming to the PC in 2020.

Nuclear Throne and RUINER are now available for free - freegame
(hx) 03:56 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
Epic Games is currently offering for free Nuclear Throne and RUINER on the Epic Games Store. PC gamers can acquire their free copies for these two games from today and until November 14th. Next week, the team will be offering for free The Messenger. Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter. Players will fight their way through the wastelands with powerful weaponry, collecting radiation to mutate some new limbs and abilities.

On the other hand, RUINER is a brutal action shooter set in the year 2091 in the cyber metropolis Rengkok. Players will assume the role of wired psychopath. Players will lash out against a corrupt system to uncover the truth and retrieve their kidnapped brother. To do so, players will combine preternatural reflexes, augmented tools, and the arsenal of fallen foes to tear down HEAVEN.

AO Tennis 2 Announced - briefly
(hx) 03:52 PM CET - Nov,08 2019 - Post a comment
BIGBEN and Big Ant Studios have announced their partnership for the publishing and distribution of AO Tennis 2, the second game in the official Australia Open series. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher released the first details, release date, and debut trailer for this tennis game. In AO Tennis 2, tennis fans can take themselves from the outside courts to centre-stage glory in the all-new narrative-driven career mode. For the first time in AO Tennis, success for a young talented player depends as much on external events as great play on the court, which provides deeper immersion into the world of professional tennis. Players can once again use Big Ant’s celebrated content editor, which was loved by the community in AO Tennis, to customize every element of their game. Furthermore, all content created and shared by users since the first game from 2018 will be available in AO Tennis 2. That’s over 20,000 players and hundreds of courts that can be enjoyed by fans of the sport.

 Gameguru Mania News - Nov,07 2019 - all

AMD Announces Ryzen 9 3950X - tech
(hx) 11:56 PM CET - Nov,07 2019 - Post a comment / read (1)
Today, AMD introduced the third-generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors for creative professionals, starting at a whopping $1399. But if you don't need that much power, AMD also announced the release date for the Ryzen 9 3950X CPU, which was announced in June and later delayed. As the top-tier offering in the Ryzen lineup, the Ryzen 9 3950X has 16 cores and 32 threads, with a base clock speed of 3.5GHz that can boost up to 4.7GHz. It has 72MB of cache and 44 PCIe lanes in conjunction with an X570 motherboard. The TDP matches the Ryzen 9 3900X at 105W. Just like the new Threadripper CPUs, the new AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is coming on November 25, and it will cost $749 - a significant step up from the 12-core 3900X, which cost $499 when it was announced. For "mainstream" desktop computers, AMD also announced a new Athlon processor today, the Athlon 3000G. It's the first Athlon processor based on the Zen architecture that can be overclocked, and it also comes with Radeon Vega 3 graphics. It has two cores and four threads running at 3.5GHz. The TDP is just 35W and it will cost $49 when it launches on November 19.

Lastly, AMD announced a fascinating new platform feature called ECO Mode. Applicable to all socket AM4 processors that have "Zen 2" CPU cores (Ryzen 5 3500 and above), ECO Mode is essentially a cTDP (configurable TDP) implementation for the desktop platform. You flick a toggle in Ryzen Master, and the processor's TDP is capped at 65 Watts on-the-fly. So when not gaming or doing serious work, you can turn on ECO Mode and ensure your processor never draws more than 65 Watts. For the mighty Ryzen 9 3950X, ECO Mode offers 77 percent performance, but 44 percent lower power-draw, and 7°C lower temperatures.
Just Cause 4: Complete Edition Trailer - movie
(hx) 11:33 PM CET - Nov,07 2019 - Post a comment
Just Cause 4 Complete Edition and Reloaded Edition is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Unlock the true potential of Just Cause 4 with the Complete Edition! This ultimate all-in-one package includes all previously released improvements and additions to the game as well as access to all Black Market, Expansion Pass and Premium content.
Jump into an explosive open-world sandbox experience, fully loaded with a wide selection of weaponry, vehicles and gear. Strap into your wingsuit, equip your fully customizable grappling hook, and get ready to bring the thunder!

Just Cause 4 Complete Edition includes:
- Just Cause 4
- Black Market Bundle (Access to all Black Market/Premium Content)
- Dare Devils of Destruction Expansion
- Los Demonios Expansion
- Danger Rising Expansion
- Skystriker Weaponized Wingsuit
- Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet
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