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  Hostile Waters [cheats updated]
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Start the game with '-setusupthebomb' as a command line parameter. The easiest way to do this is to create a shortcut on your desktop, right click on it, and select 'properties'. Then add '-setusupthebomb'
to the very end of the text in the 'Target' field. Make sure to add it even outside of the quotation marks.

Start your game and hit F8 to bring down the console.
Then enter one of the cheat codes below.

Cheat Codes

enableallmovies 1 - Enables All Movies
filthylucre 1 - Give 999999EJ
invulnerable 1 - All Units Invulnerable
revealmap 1 - Reveals Mission Map
Winlevel 1 - Successfully Complete Mission


'Hostile Waters' +5(84) cheats. Cracked By CyberMan, 24.03.2001

Just run the game with the '-setusupthebomb' option (HostileWaters.exe
-setusupthebomb) and then ingame you can press F8 to bring the console where
you can use one of this cheats (F8 again will remove the console. Codes are
case sensitive):

Code Effect
enableallmovies 1 Enables all movies into the 'Cinema' menu
filthylucre 1 Gives 999999EJ
invulnerable 1 All you units is invulnerable
revealmap 1 Reveals mission map
Winlevel 1 Successfully complete mission

Here the list of unresearched codes. Please note about you may use code
variants such as 'code', 'code 1' or 'code anything_what_you_want' for different


Braving the torrid waters of Rage's action-strategy romp is no mean feat. Fear
not - this game guide will help you stay afloat.

What's the best way to attack an island?

Advance carefully into enemy territory. Take out any targets you come across
while keeping out of the enemy's field of vision. Should you stumble upon two gun
emplacements in close proximity, try to position your vehicle so that one gun is
immediately behind the other. In this way, only one gun is able to attack your
vehicle, making your job much easier.

What's the use of being able to manoeuvre whole groups?

At the start of the game you are forced to deal with the enemy on your own, but
as the game progresses and the enemy attacks become more forceful, the ability to
coordinate group attacks is essential.

How should I assemble units?

When assembling units, remember that they have different abilities. For instance,
if you equip one helicopter with a rocket launcher, make sure you equip another
with a machine-gun. In a dogfight, the machine-gun will be able to deal with
enemies at close range, while the rockets provide excellent long-range cover.

What should I do with the Scarab?

Regularly check on your Scarab as it often gets stuck on corners or on objects.
You should destroy big objects with rockets so that the Scarab has less work to
do and can concentrate on the task of collecting energy. Always remember that you
can only produce units if you have enough energy.

Can I avoid the rockets?

As much as you enjoy pumping the enemy full of heat-seeking missiles, bear in
mind that they are always waiting to extend you the same courtesy. You can avoid
the enemy's rockets by flying towards him immediately after he has fired. As the
rockets aren't very easy to control, it's unlikely that he'll be able to hit you.

How high should I fly?

Always fly close to the ground. The advantage of this is that when you are
attacked from behind, you can sweep behind a hill or rock-face to avoid your
opponent's missiles.

What vehicle should I use to attack?

Consider carefully which vehicle you use to attack the enemy positions. Some gun
turrets can only be used on air targets, while ordinary tanks only shoot at
ground targets.

How can I defend a particular area?

If you have enough energy, build a wall of Sentinels. You can use the Pegasus to
position them, gradually moving your battle line forwards and providing yourself
with a solid defensive position in case of attack.

Should I allocate a character to each vehicle?

As you only have a few characters at the start of the game, you should manually
control any vehicles that you don't use much. The Pegasus, for instance, is
hardly used at all except for transporting. You should let the computer control
any repair units, as they are essential both during and immediately after

Why should I destroy refineries?

By destroying refineries it is possible to stop the production of enemy tanks and

Due to the importance of these structures, they are always well fortified, so
keep a look out for nearby oil tankers to use as quick and easy ammuntion. If
there aren't any tankers in the area, use the Pegasus to air-lift some in. Once
you have destroyed a few refineries, your opponents will find it hard to produce
any additional units and, in most cases, you won't need to worry about the
production plants any more.


What do I need to do at the start of this mission?

First build a helicopter and a Scarab. Take the Scarab to the island and search
the area for usable waste. Collect 5,500 energy units before turning your
attention to the second objective.

What do I do with the crashed helicopter?

Steal the helicopter wreckage from inside the deserted base with the Pegasus,
then transport it to the aircraft carrier to be recycled. Now build the Hornet
helicopter, which has weapons systems. Use the Hornet to repel the oncoming enemy


What do I do first?

Fly to the island and destroy the satellite installation and surrounding oil
pumps. Be sure to check that the production plant has ceased producing tanks, and
then completely destroy the building with your Hornet. Collect the scrap metal
with the Scarab, then fly the Hornet to the centre of the map and destroy the
security systems.

What do I do with the gun?

Use the Pegasus to fly the gun to the aircraft carrier and have it examined.
Meanwhile, find the last radar position and destroy it.


What's the best way to destroy the helicopter base?

To ensure that there are no more helicopters on this side of the island, you
should first take out the two pumps. Following this, transport the Scarab to the
mainland to begin scavenging for energy. Instead of flying to the centre of the
island (where there are plenty of heavy guns waiting to shoot you down), fly to
the northwest of the island to pick up the tank. Then plot a course to the
northeast of the island and drop the tank on the helicopter base. Use a few
rockets to set the tank alight and blow up the hangar. Now you can attend to the
satellite dish in the centre of the island, making sure to destroy the four gun
turrets on the corners first.

How do I destroy the satellite dish?

Fly to the docks and take the second tank. Drop the tank next to the satellite
dish and fire at it. Wait to intercept the radio message before you destroy it.


Where should I start my attack?

First attack the fortress on the hill in the north and collect the scrap metal
lying around. Salvage the unknown object from the fortress with the Pegasus and
take it back to the Antaeus. After a short examination you will be able to build
the Salamander, which can be used on both water and land. Your second target is
the helicopter production plant in the centre of the island. Be aware that the
area around the hangar is closely guarded. Then fly to the south and destroy the
other helicopter production plant. The aircraft on the runway also has to be
destroyed. Once this has been dealt with, a giant alien plant will sprout out of
the wreckage.

At this point you should stop your air attack and send in the Salamander. It can
take care of the big gun turrets without sustaining much damage. Finally, send in
the Scarab to salvage some energy, and, most importantly, pick up the remains of
the alien growth.


Which vehicles should I build?

In this mission a wrong investment can have disastrous effects. Build a Hornet, a
Pegasus and a Scarab. Set down the Scarab on the dock using the Pegasus and then
recycle the Pegasus. With the extra energy, build a Sentinel with a rocket
launcher. In the meantime, send the Hornet to destroy a few buildings on the dock
to give the Scarab something to collect. Once you have collected enough energy
you can build another Sentinel. Equip it with a Scalpel, which is ideal for close

How do I protect my ship?

Build a Scarab with a repair unit and leave it on the Antaeus to repair the
Sentinels that are lying around. Another Hornet will help you to intercept the
enemy helicopters and bombers.


Which vehicles do I need to start off with?

Make a Salamander, a Scarab and a Hornet. Use these vehicles to attack the beach
and destroy all security systems in the neighbourhood. Occasionally, you may have
to tell the Scarab where to collect scrap metal otherwise it stands around doing
nothing. Instruct the Salamander to follow the beach towards the northeast. Take
out the defence systems, most of which are programmed to deal only with air
targets. Once this danger is removed, you can turn your attention to the boat by
the pier.

Where will I find the laser?

Order a chopper to fire at the boat, while you steer the Pegasus towards the
harbour. Pick up one of the green crates using your hook and take it to the
Antaeus to be investigated. As soon as the laser has been researched, equip a
Hornet with one and fly it to the marked spot on the map. Use the zoom function
to help you take out the pilot standing by the helicopter on the other side of
the road.

How do I destroy the installations?

You must destroy the enemy air force and supply buildings. These are in the
western part of the island. Fly close to the base with the laser-equipped Hornet
and try to destroy it from a safe distance. As the laser isn't very good at
hitting flying objects, you should take a couple of Hornets with you for
protection, equipped either with rockets or a Scalpel. You should also order
artillery fire from the aircraft carrier. Once you have achieved this mission
aim, fly to the small island in the west and destroy the ship lying at anchor

Near the air force base you will find a tanker which you can use to sink the


How do I defend the Antaeus?

Build a Sentinel, a Scarab, a Pegasus and a Salamander. If you have enough
energy, build another Sentinel and take both to the platforms at the entrance to
the northern ravine. Now your attackers won't be able to get to the Antaeus. Use
your Scarab to collect the scrap metal in the ravine, then use the returned
energy to build a repair unit and position it behind the two Sentinels. Once the
harbour has been secured, build a Hornet and use it to take out the distant gun

How do I destroy the power plant?

The power plant is in the north of the island. Fly toward it and attempt not to
get embroiled in any fighting on the way. Once you arrive, immediately launch an
air attack on the building from the Antaeus.


How do I get the 6,000 energy units?

It's relatively easy to get the 6,000 energy units. First make a Puma and
camouflage it, and then send it along the road a few hundred metres in an
easterly direction where it will serve as a radar to detect approaching
helicopters. Send the Scarab into the camp on the beach so that it can destroy
the silos and collect the pieces. If an enemy helicopter appears, return with the
Scarab to the marked spot on the beach. Once you have collected enough metal,
drive the Scarab into a safe hiding place. Now explore the island with the Puma
and note the position of the three radar stations with their white spherical tops
and four searchlights. Then go to the northeastern section of the island where
you will find the secret rocket base. The rockets will be fired shortly after you
appear, giving you just 18 minutes to destroy all three radar stations. You will
need a Pegasus helicopter for this task. Fly it to the beach opposite the
Antaeus. Behind it you will find the end of the tracks on which two highly
explosive containers can be found. Take the containers to different radar
stations. You will find the third container at the end of the tracks behind the
radar station in the northwest. Use a few well-aimed shots at the containers to
blow up the radar stations.

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