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  Farming Simulator 19 [cheats]
How to Enable The Developer Console:
Follow these steps:

* Browse and open Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 2019
* There, open the file "game.xml" with the Notepad.
* At the very bottom you will see "developer" line under it will be "controls"
false change it to true.
* Launch the Game.
* You can Press "F2" to see how much FPS you have.
* You can type enableframeratelimit false to turn off the 60 FPS cap.

The console "which has two modes" is activated/toggled using the tilde key (link), which normally is placed to the left of the 1 key and above the Tab key. However some keyboard-layouts may have it placed elsewhere.

The first mode of the console, is reading mode. Note that the PageUp and PageDown keys will scroll up/down in the console lines.

The second mode, is the command mode, where you can type in commands among those the quit command, to quickly shutdown Farming Simulator, if in case something went wrong when loading a map/mod.

Pressing the tilde key a third time, closes the console.

-=Some Useful Console Commands=-
- q

- quit

- exit

- showFps [true | false]

- gsSetDayTime [hour].[fraction]

- gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode

- gsDrawGuiHelper [false | decimal-value]

- gsSetFOV [integer-value]

- listResources

There are other console-commands, which can be found by continuously pressing the Tab key.

For the development controls, some function-keys now toggles extra special rendering and/or texts on the screen:
- F2 = FPS / frames-per-second display
- F4 = wireframe mode
- F5 = two modes; a) Collision-/Trigger-/Wheels-wireframes and b) Light-wireframes
- F8 = several technical statistics texts

When gsToggleFlightAndNoHUDMode is enabled, use the following letter keys:

- J = enable/disable flight of avatar.
- Q / E = increase/decrease flight (hover) of avatar when NOT in a vehicle.
Hold SHIFT for faster movement.
- O = hide/show HUD, which includes; helpbox, clock and panel-bars for vehicle/money.

Tips & Tricks for Beginners:
1.Free water. Water from your pump on your farm (any pump on map actually) costs you money. Free water can be obtained by backing the water tank trailer into the river and loading it while submerged. The sandy "beaches" next to natural water formations is the best and safest spot.

2.Starting Tractors. You have more tractors than you really need. Keep your biggest tractor and then the one with the lowest hours. This will give you two tractors to start with.

3.Missions. Many feel that missions pay to much for to little effort and shun them. That is your choice in how you want to play YOUR game. Missions are a good (prob best) way to earn cash. In FS19 all you have to do is show up and provide the labor (time). As the equipment is provided to complete the mission.

4.Do not freak out at high equipment maintenance. An old tractor that costs 5 times as much to maintain as a new one is still very much profitable to run. Don’t get rid of equipment just because it isn’t shiny and new, only sell it if you genuinely don’t need it and have something better.

5.Working your own fields is a pretty slow way to make money in single player. If you are looking to expand quickly, look to other options, such as:
- Missions (tons of easy money quickly)
- Solar power / beehives (slow money, but zero effort, making for short days)
- Greenhouses (IMHO, a nice compromise between fields and solar, you still have to do a bit of work, but it’s not nearly as long and grinding as fields)

6.Maintenance is paid daily so will be more of an issue if you like to speed up time, if you like to play fast then it is recommended you place some passive incomes to offset the costs, Greenhouses are the best value by far, even if only supplied with water.

7.Don’t smoke near the slurry tank.

8.Icons beside each type of crop will show if the price of it is higher or lower than normal. Every now and then a special demand will go up at a certain buyer and you can make a huge amount of money if you happen to have a large stockpile of said crop.

9.You can buy a fertilizer spreader or a sprayer and fertilize your crops after
they’ve been planted to double your yield upon harvest.

10. The goal of the game is to earn money, buy better equipment, fields, and harvest more advanced crops.

Infinite Money:
You have to edit both careerSavegame.xml and farms.xml, and ensure that the money matches in both files. "farms.xml" will have a number followed by a period and several 0’s. Just change everything to the left of the decimal to match what you’ve changed in the career file.

First go to your savegame, for example first save slot:
documents / mygames / FarmingSimulator19 / savegame1 / careerSavegame.xml

and change this line near the end

< money >500000< /money >

Then go to:

documents / mygames / FarmingSimulator19 / savegame1 / farms.xml

and change this line near the end


to whatever you like - have fun!

Application Load Error 0000065432 Fix:
Please configure Farming Simulator 19 in administrator mode at startup:

1.Run Steam and click LIBRARY.
2.Right click on Farming Simulator 19 and click Properties.
3.Click the LOCAL FILES tab then the BROWSE LOCAL FILES button.
4.Right click on the FarmingSimulator2019.exe application -> Properties.
5.Click the Compatibility tab then check Run this program as an administrator
and click OK.
6.Open the x64 folder.
7.Right click on the FarmingSimulator2019Game.exe application -> Properties.
8.Click the Compatibility tab then check Run this program as an administrator
and click OK.
9.Run Farming Simulator 19.

Fields Sizes and Cost (Ravenport and Felsbrunn):

Data about the field sizes and how much they cost in Ravenport and Felsbrunn.

I have collected the data about the fields size in acres, and the cost of purchasing the land. This should help you in making an informed decision on what field to buy next. Keep in mind that this is based off the original field size. Some land may have space to make a larger field or other valuable items such as trees. Without much surprises, lands that are occupied mostly by a field, without much extra grass or other empty land, offer the best value.

Field Size (ac) / Land Value

Field 01 - ??? ac / 313,512
Field 02 - 7,15 ac / 315,960
Field 03 - 5,04 ac / 295,392
Field 04 - 25,44 ac / 811,992
Field 05 - 25,62 ac / 810,312
Field 06 - 9,49 ac / 438,312
Field 07 - 18,4 ac / 644,808
Field 08 - 38,5 ac / 1,212,288
Field 09 - 7,6 ac / 495,456
Field 10 - 7,32 ac / 423,864
Field 11 - 22,82 ac / 680,664
Field 12 - 11,09 ac / 856,272
Field 13 - 15,14 ac / 847,680
Field 14 - 1,93 ac / 102,624
Field 15 - 3,23 ac / 126,288
Field 16 - 3,61 ac / 137,904
Field 17 - 4,76 ac / 213,912
Field 18 - 2,01 ac / 171,240
Field 19 - 1,76 ac / 210,182
Field 20 - 1,95 ac / 227,040
Field 21 - 2,47 ac / 147,984
Field 22 - 2,39 ac / 280,032
Field 23 - 1,37 ac / 202,992
Field 24 - 0,67 ac / 36,2712
Field 25 - 0,67 ac / 36,2712
Field 26 - 0,67 ac / 36,2712

Field Size (ac) / Land Value

Field 01 - 5,8 ac / 378,912
Field 02 - 5,38 ac / 287,280
Field 03 - ??? ac / 303,816
Field 04 - 4,04 ac / 472,440
Field 05 - 2,36 ac / 277,848
Field 06 - 12,91 ac / 853,680
Field 07 - 9,28 ac / 503,928
Field 08 - 6,37 ac / 331,752
Field 09 - 7,47 ac / 291,864
Field 10 - 12,89 ac / 530,064
Field 11 - 5,18 ac / 192,648
Field 12 - 13,89 ac / 453,984
Field 13 - 10,11 ac / 304,704
Field 14 - 9,65 ac / 403,656
Field 15 - 3,11 ac / 225,000
Field 16 - 11,77 ac / 604,872
Field 17 - 7,4 ac / 261,840
Field 18 - 4,89 ac / 180,192
Field 19 - 3,97 ac / 174,648
Field 20 - 1,8 ac / 181,968
Field 21 - 5,93 ac / 281,592
Field 22 - 9,42 ac / 403,824
Field 23 - 5,55 ac / 446,832
Field 24 - 3,3 ac / 292,512
Field 25 - 1,84 ac / 158,808
Field 26 - 2,88 ac / 125,520
Field 27 - 4,29 ac / 204,696
Field 28 - 1,43 ac / 107,496
Field 29 - 1,2 ac / 128,448
Field 30 - 3,91 ac / 181,008
Field 31 - 3,91 ac / 223,704
Field 32 - 2,56 ac / 201,192
Field 33 - 3,03 ac / 271,728

Horse Guide:
In this guide I'll show how to make a profit with horses.

-=Buying a Paddock and a Horse=-
Paddocks are in the placeables menu under animal pens.

Horse paddock (8 Horses) - 50.000
Large horse paddock (16 Horses) - 95.000

After buying a paddock press R on the square and select a horse.
You have 8 different horses to choose from.

Every horse costs 5.000, and if you're not transporting it the fee is 300 but I'd sugest
doing it this way. (The trailer costs 16.000 or 1.280 if you're leasing and if you're buying
only one horse it's more expensive).

-=Buying a Horse and Transporting It=-
If you want to transport the horse and not pay the 300 fee follow this.

-=The animal dealer is located=-
Near the field 14 on Ravenport.
Near the barn (Fields 16 and 25) on Felsbrunn.

You need to lease or buy the animal trailer (Under animal transport).

If you plan on buying 4 or more horses lease the trailer, but if not pay the 300 it's cheaper for "one time use".

After you buy your horse unload it at the exact same place as before.

You've Placed a Paddock, Bought a Horse. What to Do Now?

In this section you'll learn how to keep your horse fit, clean and healthy as well as how to feed it.

To keep your horse healthy give it water, straw and food. One horse requires 350l of water and 700l of straw.

To feed it you need 3.500l of oats and 3.500l of hay. To get oats you can either grow your own and harvest them or buy them in the shop.

-=Riding and Keeping Your Horse Clean=
You've fed your horse, and everything is at 100% except fitness.

Every horse you buy has 5% of fitness and you need to ride it every day.

As you can see my horse is not fit and not clean. After you ride it to 100% (Daily riding: 100% on the left) you'll need to clean it. Hold the left click on the horse to clean it. Since I already rode it the fitness level will get up to 13% after 00:00 (12:00 AM).

-=Selling the Horse=-
Your horse is 100% fit, clean and ready for sale.

Go to the animal dialog (Place where you buy it) double click on your horse on the right side and press confirm.

Since my horse isn't at 100% but 13% I can sell it for ~6.000. A 100% horse can be sold for 45.000+. You just have to ride it, keep it clean and feed it.
(Price goes up by ~5.000 for every 10%).

Processing into silage:
Chaff must be stored in a silo: build it on your parcel or use those located near a Biogas Plant (you need to purchase its parcel).

* Level chaff in a silo before you cover it up.
* Put chaff into a silo, tamp and cover – wait about 24 hours to get chaff.
* Load it on a semi-trailer by using a front loader with a shovel or fork.
* Sell silage at a selling point (the price depends on what is happening on the market)
or in a Biogas Plant (the price is always the same).

Tip 1: you can feed silage to your cows. However, the amount of silage collected with a
forage harvester and the amount of work put into it are all aimed at selling it in large quantities.

Tip 2: the amount of silage is the same as grass/hay/chaff you have stored in a silo/bale.
* Buy a Biogas Plant and a large loader,
* Transport chaff right into a silo in a Biogas Plant,
* Sell silage by transporting it with a loader right to a tank,
* Try to get chaff from corn. You can also get it from grains or mowed grass.

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