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Vince Desi on POSTAL 2 future
(hx) 12:13 PM CEST - Jun,23 2003

GGMania got a chance to chat with Vince Desi, the CEO of Running with Scissors, about future of POSTAL 2, their recenly released first-person shooter  He confirmed us they are hardly working on the promised MP patch which should be ready for the holidays.

GGMania: Are you pleased with the reactions that POSTAL 2 received?

Vince Desi: Shit yeah, people all over the world are going postal, we made #1 in the USA and Russian, and its done very well in Europe and Japan

GGMania: Was there something that you think could have been done better or was there anything left out of POSTAL2 because of time restraints or budget restraints that to this day makes your cringe?

Vince Desi: I wish we had a little more time so all the fixes in the patch could have been in the game, but thats what patches are for. Still I hate patches.

GGMania: What would you say you are most proud of with POSTAL 2?

Vince Desi: The fact that we didnt compromise on the content, there were many big publishers that were interested if we would take stuff out, but hey thats not us, this industry is just as full of shit as other big biz.

GGMania: Can you tell us about what the next project is you are working on? Do you plan to release an addon for POSTAL 2?

ince Desi: We're working on th eMP addon for P2

GGMania: Do you plan POSTAL 3?

Vince Desi: The fan mail demands it!

GGMania: You promised a multiplayer patch for POSTAL 2. What is the current state of the patch's progress and when will it be released?

Vince Desi:We're shooting for Xmas, we're a small team, self funded , we had to make some hard choices and so now the best thing is to do it right, clean it up and have it ready for the holidays.

GGMania: What games do you have on your hard drive right now that you play frequently?

Vince Desi: Since P2 came out I get several hundred emails a day, sometimes Ive got over a thousand waiting, and since I personnally answer everyone myself it doesnt leave much time, right now its 7am where I am , I got up at 530 and i was answering em until I came across yours reminding me to answer these questions, the only game i play now is playtesting P MP.

GGMania: If you had 24 hours to live what would you do with your time?

Vince Desi: Great question. Tell the most important people in my life that I love them, then I would go out and party!

GGMania: Now the last questions, do you like donuts? <grin>

Vince Desi: Only the ones with yellow frosting

GGMania: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything you want to add that we didn't cover?

Vince Desi: Make sure you get the patch!

genre: FPS
release: April 2003
developer: Running with Scissors
publisher: Whiptail Interactive

last 10 comments:

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 14:24
What! Postal 2, again you gotta be kidding me. You know what to be honest I personnaly think that the first and original Postal 2, is a s**ty game!. Well, well come on now wait a minute! I mean the graphics and background are pretty amazing but there are something missing!. I think the game needs more weapons, on the game cover the player character is holding some kind of AK-47, look alike or something with a scope on it. But were is the good ol AK-47, and the M-16 assualt rifle in the game is not even shoot accurate. Another dissapointment is a rotten cow heads what a sucker "ROTTEN COW HEADS" geez can't they be a better weapon then a freakin cow heads. Besides it beautiful graphics and PISSING on peoples the game need more weapons!. Even GTA: Vice City, beat the hell out of Postal 2, in comparison to weapons. If the developers even think about making Postal 3, I hope that it will be packed jam with weapons. Well overall, I say Postal 2, is pretty worth buying game if you don't care about how many weapons.

tomposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 15:29
like who plays this crap? I seen some videos and stuff and the game just sucks. I saw the price in the store over the weekend and almost coughed up a lung laughing at the ridiculously high price. Dream on Vince Desi.. The guy at the store also commented on it being a complete loss for his store. He has managed to sell 5 copies and he has 6 copies that came back for tradein.

Ashikposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 16:14
Postal 2 - is game that every big-fuck-off-in-yo-face gamer should have! But, no - BUT..... where da fuck is good ol' games like: Carmageddon, Blood, etc... Fuck you senators, fuck u ESRB, fuck u all of u morrons that eat donuts and drink your fuckin' coffee 'til u fuckin' choke 'n' die, muthafuckas! I want that Duke will say - shit appens, eat shit 'n' die! I want Caleb, not Cate Archer, back! I want Max Damage runnin' over peds, with speed over 200 miles per hour! Though Cate Archer is fuck-a-licious! Yeah!!! And because there IS a FUCKERS like diz senator, fuck his name 'n' family too, diz is ONLY A DREAM, nuthin' more! Fuck. Vince Desi - rulezz! Senator - BIG FAT FUCK U VERY MUCH, FUCKFACE!

Bobposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 16:22
Number 1? Wow, this guy is completely full of shit. Then again after seeing the game it makes sense.

Chrisposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 16:28

Unclebobposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 16:33
Great game Vince. Play it before commenting guys! With the patch the only poor issue (loading times between levels) has been solved.

)-°»posted - Jun, 23 2003 - 16:45
If anyone thinks the game is less enjoyable because of the huge loading sequences (wich includes myself) should really get the new patch. the loading speeds are much improved. too bad for the non-multiplayer option, but as i read, that will be taken care of as well :))

Erbozposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 17:28
Dang! It's really surprising that developers who 1) seem to have some sick sense of "humor" and 2) create a game that looks so ugly like an old C64 game .... get so much attention. I simply don't get it :(

Smack M. Sillyposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 17:51
The game is brilliant. If you're too much of a retard not to enjoy the sick humor for what it is, rather than as a commentary on how you should live your life, then retreat back to your parents' basement, go back to jerking off to your AOL signup CDs, and shut the hell up. Losers. "Wah, the game needs more guns!" "Wahhhhhh, pissing on people is gross!". Fucktards!

meposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 18:11
The game was **MADE** for retards, it's the **only** way they can express themselves. Just look at the intellectual expressions on this page it says it all (look it up if you don't know what it means -you might learn something other than drugs and crime..) Number 1, Yeah right! IN YOUR DREAMS!! It was the cheapest piece of software for sale in the UK when released -'cause they can't shift it. At least Carmageddon and Blood where *classics* and original. Postal 2 is sold on sensationalism *alone* there is **NO** gameplay!!

Hollyposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 18:17
woooo major swearing from people. When i hear people swear a lot that basically just tells me they are angry. You can swear all you want if you don't say anything logical about the game then why would i care what you got to say? what does the word "fucktards" mean? im not familar with that term. No i don't enjoy "sick humor". Cause i don't think its "funny" in any regard to degrade people. But that does not mean i don't like violence though. its a grey world its not black and white. So sometimes its a tough call on what i like and what i don't. As for AOL i hate it when they send me CD'S so i usually mail then back there spam.

Rikposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 18:44
Postal is an awesome game and NOT a game for winging fuckwits! As I keep saying "If you dont like it then FUCK OFF AND PLAY SOMETHING ELSE!" There are people who love games like this and people that just suck. So, to all those who suck "ON YOUR KNEES BITCH!"

tomposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 19:02
as I said, Hx should filter for idiots like Rik and ban them from the site. Simple as that.

senor bag of crapposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 19:21
look at all the little girls bitching

Raindropsposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 19:58
Postal2 is crap. It did get a few laughs out of me, but the "thrill" of the game died after about 15 minutes. I mean, come on, if you've been playing this game for hours and you still think it's funny to urinate on someone, then you're probably under the age of 6, or you're just really stupid.

Erbozposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 20:50
Hey, you stole my mail adress !? :)

anonymousposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 20:58
hahaha....I just enjoy all these retards swearing to each other...hahaha...all of you got issues..hahaha

none@none.cpuposted - Jun, 23 2003 - 21:20
hahaha you got issues too motherfucker hahhaha here's the bottom line: you're all fucking retarded so shut the fuck up

C64 Rox!posted - Jun, 23 2003 - 23:01
hmm graphics like a c64? Lol a shitty comment from a shitty lamer (none@none.cpu) game is quite cool but not as good as all the other fps games out there!

Bet you'd like to knposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 00:02
Wow what a bunch of intellectuals, and the people trashing the game don't grab me as the cream of the crop either. Look I've got a brain, I enjoy puzzle games, RPG, all types of games. For what this game is it does it way better than Vice did. Its a game about dark humor. Yes dark humor does include things that are gross and will typically piss off your blue collar Republican. With the patch this game is a good game, with all the mods that are being worked on for it, some which are fantastic, adding whole new places, weapons, who knows, this game will be great. Too bad most of you are too busy whining to realize this games true potential in its mods.

anonymousposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 01:07
oh...i still enjoy it and i won't shut up so...what you are gonna do...all you can do just swearing and do the same thing like retard. is perfect for you....your brain is none...air head. that's why you have a really perfect name for you...none. hahaha you shut up nigga

xposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 01:13
this game has poor level design, repetitive gameplay and for a unreal tech engine the graphics are subpar, the sequence with the elephants was good but the game lacked any real depth or innovative gameplay.

Lotusposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 02:31
Personally I *like* the long load times! It gives me time to take a nice few hits from my "health" pipe!

Bob Collierposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 02:33
i am extremely dumb.

postal2ownsposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 02:38
Fuck you all. This game kicks ass. Good job, keep making funny shit like this. Fucking close minded pieces of shit, arrogant bastards.......

Markposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 03:08
This game kicks ass? Hmmmm...I think there are two year olds who can kick more ass than this game. Content aside, this game features the most awful art and level design that I have ever seen in an Unreal engine game (or maybe even any engine). As for the person above who said that the game's true potential is in its mods, it must be nice to live in such a fantasy world. If there's something worse that Postal 2, it would have to be a Postal 2 mod. What a piece of shit.

hollyposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 04:40
I find the game boring and uninteresting. There's no challenge. There's nothing you can get out of it to make yourself better than you are. lol more stupid comments by people. claiming everyone is dumb,stupid, e.t.c.. Some people find degrading acts funny i don't.I think its cowardly. But hey its not illegal to be a coward. So you got to learn to tolerate it. Its so funny/disturbing to see people just swear. Ive heared it all, its all old an unintelligent. Whats even more amusing is that some people actually think it will make me angery lol? im beyond that you got to say/do something intelligent to make me angry not just swear at me.Its like a monkey yelling at you you can't understand it and you don't really care. I laugh at your feeble attempts to make me angry, its pathetic. whats a fucktard?,whats a fuckwit? i could be wrong but those words don't exist. i not familar with those terms. does someone have a definition of those words? the only thing i can say is if your using a word that has no meaning then you not making any sense. Unless your speaking some other language ? Words are powerful learn how to use and you get far.

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 09:32
You know what peoples "Rise Of Nations" got it worse complains and abusing comments from us proud PC gamers. But yet it scored a solid score of 93% by a "PC GAMER" magazine for August 2003 VoL,10 #8. Haha! pretty interesting.

WOLF HUNTERposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 09:59
I don't really find that interesting "PC GAMER" gets paid to put in reviews. And "PC GAMER" rating does not mean shit to me since i never read it. or any other Gaming magazines. I don't need a magazine to tell me if i should buy a game i play the demo for that. if there no demo then i might try the "MAGAZINE" but not likely. Big magazines don't have the balls to "discredit" games frequently they just want money.Pop the jar open cause this game is going inside that mud pit. i fill the jar with mud i put this game in it and then several years later i can "dig it up" and remember why i buried it . thats what this game is good for . its like when you use mud to keep your lawn looking wet in certain area's . I don't like mud so both the game and mud go toghether. just like plants and mud. and incests and mud.

POstal fanposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 10:06
POSTAL ROCKS! Good job Vice Desi. Respect!

kamushkinposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 13:35
We (gamers from Russia) want in PostaL: 1.More weapons & ammo 2.More drugs 3.More enemies 4.Blow job is cool,but we want to fuck girls & maybe lick their pussies 5.More missions 6.To kill more fuckin' muslims. It will be coll- big city like NY or Chicago . & more & more things something like this. I want to make special russian (ru. language) site & forum about POSTAL,Wish list,mods,patches, & ...&...&... What you think about it? Best wishes. Sorry about my bad english... From Russia with LOVE. Soza.

anon.posted - Jun, 24 2003 - 14:00
i absolutely love postal 2... the ai routines pull off some purely hilarous incidents on their own... but it dosen't hurt to toss a grenade into the mix to spice things up. we're all entitled to our opinions, keep that in mind at all times on all sides of the fence.

iamaproud12yearoldposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 15:32
kamushkin - man you are one sick puppy. I love that tho, gamers from russia, look at his email address, everyone i know that has tried this game has said it's made fo a 12 year old game. PC Gamer from a review standpoint is crap, but if any review site i hate more for crap reviews and tough reviews is gamespot.. always controversy when they rate something and they rated Rise of Nations 93%. If they rated it 93% as well as other review sites, that tells me its a good game and the ones trashing it have to be retards who just suck at those games period. Postal 2 is overprice crap and I'd imagine it was written by some zit faced teenager who has sex with his sister and walks around with her period on his face.

posted - Jun, 24 2003 - 16:41
Postal 2: Written by the criminally insane for the criminally insane.

Erbozposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 17:20
It's hilarious. Seeing all those Kazaa teens bitching around to protect the "status" of their game of life .... Postal. Jeezes, I knew Postal was writting for kids with a lower than average IQ, but I never knew babies would be interested in it either.

meposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 17:31
"Comments from kamushkin - posted - 07:35 AM EDT - Jun,24 2003 We (gamers from Russia) want in PostaL: 1.More weapons & ammo 2.More drugs 3.More enemies 4.Blow job is cool,but we want to fuck girls & maybe lick their pussies 5.More missions 6.To kill more fuckin' muslims. It will be coll- big city like NY or Chicago . & more & more things something like this. I want to make special russian (ru. language) site & forum about POSTAL,Wish list,mods,patches, & ...&...&... What you think about it? Best wishes. Sorry about my bad english... From Russia with LOVE. Soza." What was i saying about?? example here, a person that can't seperate reality from i can't believe what this guy just wrote......"lick a pussy" on your monitor Sorry to enlighten you but outside your darkened bedroom there **ARE** real women! Not that you would be intelectual enough to stimulate them with your subtle one-liners LOL All those that express themselves with swearing; ***GET A LIFE***

Frakkabrakkaposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 20:20
Yo, Madhadder, you're telling me that you've decided the game sucks based on some low-rez movies and the word of some pimply cash register operator when there's a downloadable demo available? You are a tool. I bet your mom buys your clothes, too.

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 20:49
To Kamushkin Russia). We AMERICAN, hated bastard Russian, coming with a nasty abusing comments like YOU. REMEMBER, the cold war Hahaha. Just remeber next time to show more respest to us American, gaming web site and you will get respected. You know what I wish that once in a while that may be (hx) and his crew of staffs coulda drop by on us comments. He must be PISS to see all the swearing and worse swearing complains and comments. I gotta say that love it very simple to use and very simple to complains on GAMES. Not like most gaming web sites were you have to become a member what a crappy that is. Just want to say keep up the good works staffs. Honor,Pride,Respect,Bravery,Courages. AMERICA!-Lone Wolf-

Bob Collierposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 21:09
i am a huge retard.

tomposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 21:11
to frakkabrakka - Why you abusing me? I didn't say anything wrong. I seen the game, I played the game fool. Initially I saw a demo and I saw movies. FOOL. The game to me, is for kids. Pissing on people and stuff shows the maturity level of the game right there. It's a disgrace to games and isn't humourous whatsoever. Like I said, a game for kids that's violent and personally, should be banned. My rating, game gets 10%, poor use of an engine, poor humour and too violent for kids.

Vince Desiposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 22:22
Cool down guys! I respect the criticism. But for now, I have a wife to lickelicki. Be nice to each other, otherwise there won't be a MP addon. //Vince

Erbozposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 22:30
Yo! ! We need more kiddie-game interviews, the kiddie bashing is hilarious!

fposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 22:31

YOU STUPIDposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 22:35
To Bob Collier, ARE YOU A FAT LAZY A** OR ARE YOU A RETARDED AND STUPID SCUMBAG. Man I hate RETARDED peoples with a RETARDED comments. LIVE and LEARN, you sounds like one of those fat 300lbs retarded peoples who's mother trap you in your own room full with junk foods and drink. RETARDED,STUPID, DUMP AND DUMPER, have you see the movie lately which one ARE YOU...Hehehe..Hahaha..[cough] Hahahaha...

blueball billyposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 22:38
Comments to kamushkin i find your comment "6.To kill more fuckin' muslims." very disturbing. your so ANTI-HUMAN. This game is for people who don't respect people in general. its got lots of sick and disgusting features in it. I won't play it cause i don't agree with the values to projects. I AM BETTER THAN THAT. this is a LOSERS game.

Valiadposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 23:28
This isn't a hate mongering game. It's not a "find all the stereotypes you hate and kill them!" game, it's about freedome. Unlike real life, it lets you do whatever the hell you want without fear. Wanna stand on the roof and piss on people who are walking by? Who would! Go do it! Wanna take out your frustration for standing in line at a bank buy blowing away the guy infront of you? Then do it! Wanna NOT kill innocent people and just enjoy the npc interactions? THen do that, instead! Don't complain it's sick and immoral and juvenile! So what if it is? That's the point! Do you want people to ONLY make games to appeal to YOUR specific moral values and opinions? Fuck no! Some people, like myself and many other fans here, have a sicker sense of humor! Just because YOU don't find it funny doesn't mean it's NOT funny, it's just not funny to YOU! I could sit through the latest beloved romantic comedy and not laugh once, but that doesn't mean the movie is bad, it's just not my thing. If you love this kind of thing then allright! Get together and talk about how much fun it is! If you DON'T like it then move on to something else and shut the fuck up!

aloposted - Jun, 24 2003 - 23:40
u guys funny to read lol

FrakkaBrakkaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 01:11
Madhadder, so now you suddenly "played" the game? When did you go from "I saw some videos and stuff" to "played it"? Moron. Why not form some opinions of your own instead of spewing ignorant crap. ...The power of the internet...

i love gamesposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 01:47
P2 has more gameplay between the grenades and the kicking than in *all the weapons* in most games! Play the game people before you come up with crack-baby hiccuping about how bad it is. to Mark ( "most awful art ... that I have ever seen in an Unreal engine game (or maybe even any engine)." Do you people play GAMES or are you comparing p2 to REAL LIFE? The graphics are great! But the gameplay is where it really shines!

khuontaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 01:57
i only purchased this game with the intention of playing it...and play it i did. also, did i mention that my IQ is higher than anyone's here (98%) and that this game made me re-examine my life? this game redefines fun while at the same time leaving the spelling unchanged.

smarkter thanposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:05
khuonta: TYR TO FUUUKING BEAQT ME! I'M stornger thnan your moem could every makre you! postal 22222222 is 22222 fun for me to beatt you with! gamking makes me love to win! think you smarkter thena me! Thinkks some more thne!

The Pwnisherposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:07
Yeah, Frakka, Madhadder is a genius. Saying "(supposed store employee) has managed to sell 5 copies and he has 6 copies that came back for tradein." This game must really suck if somebody has pre-emptively returned it.

FrakkaBrakkaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:07
Dude, you should invest in spelchekr

FrakkaBrakkaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:12
madhadder is a mathical JEENIUS, man. He's also so psychic that he can determine how fun a game is by looking at an animated postage stamp of it. And his mom buys his clothes. But cahs register guy is his close personal advisor. Am I banned yet?

khountaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:14
i can tell be your typing smarkter that you are "poking fun" at me. i anticipated this move, being that i am really really smart, and i already got you back on some other forum that you haven't even gone to yet. sucker... at any rate, postal 22,222,222 isn't even out yet, and i don't think you will even be around when it is, i know that i don't think i'll live that long. besides that, i bet they don't even call it that. i bet they call it postal million, adventures of the broussard.

smarkter thanposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:17
KhoutaI don'ts konw swhat your talkjiogn back aboutwhen you say that you are on a notherh formu and i'not htere but yFUKSYOU FOROTRYING RETRD! YOU HOTINKA you sarewt so smarkter withsthe talking bigs tthingk again! I"MkoNW I AM TH9INKING!! AGIN! POSTL2 WROCKS! I LVE!

FrakkaBrakkaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:17
madhadder is posting on forums that don't even EXIST yet, brainiac....

The Pwnisherposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:21
Of course then there's Erboz with this bit of brilliance: "(they) create a game that looks so ugly like an old C64 game" Ouch! A stinging rebuke from somebody who probably wasn't even conceived when C64s were around. The graphics in this game are comprable to most current releases. Then he follows up with ".... get so much attention. I simply don't get it :(" No. You don't get it. You never will, unless "it" is a reacharound after being sodomized by a priest.

Frakkaawfuckitposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:22
Reacharound WROCKS!

Mr. Furiousposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:27
Jeeze, Smarkter, take some ritalin and calm down. Then again, even your disturbing gibberish isn't as painfully stupid as Lone Wolf and his AK-47 comment. Well, first off, it's an M4 in the game, and we all know how amazingly different the game play is between an AK-47 and an M-16, don't we? RWS could have substituted the model for an AK and Lone Wolf would have been happy, while everyone else complained that they're essentially the same weapon. Genius, guys. Today, the lone wolf rides in a pack, of one.

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:32
I think the game would be better if it had more guns. Like it could have a shiney pistol and a slightly less shiney pistol for variety. That would rool...

Valiadposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:35
I'm stilling voting for a poptarts shooting toaster-gun. I just don't understand how anyone can post something like smarkter's message.. And i don't mean the actual content or opinion since I can't understand it... What could possibly cause someone to write that? Don't tell me because he's like some little kid or somethnig.. I don't know about you but i know by the time I was 6 i had a MUCH better grasp over the english language then that... The only other explanation i that he's about 500 pounds, and his italian sausage sized fingers are hitting several keys at the same time...

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:35
and a black pistol with a green light on top.

bobposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:35
i think the slightly less shiny gun should have a slighty louder noise than the shiny gun, for conversations sake. i hate you.

ghostfacekillahposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:35
Supergames guy... i agree! Postal 3 could have a variety of real world machine guns.. it would be greaT! You could have one that fires about every second and then one that fires a little faster and then one that could fire even faster! I think they could make a fourth gun, but that could get a little repetitive--plus they need to save the good ideas for the sequels!

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:38
NO! You fool! The less shiney and more louder gun would be seperate for variety! You are clearly NOT a genius game designer...

smarkter thanposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:38
valida! you DIE FROMM THE Killling! postal2 multiperlya will make ityou my beech! comd play now for the death ofs uws all! THNKS!

ghostfacekillahposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:39
Wow.. super game guy.. you should calm down. Bob was just offering his opinion. Obviously you need some work with people skills. (PS--bob.. i liked you're idea about gun.. it sounds neat!)

Shinyposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:40
Man, this gamre so needss a shinee gun. I was playing tye demo and was like Wtf? why isn't my gun shining? Every other game has shinye guns, but whatz sit with the postals2 guns not having the shiny? fuckin apple2 games had fucin shinee guns. posgal2 sucks my ass

bobposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:41
thanks dogg, i'm just trying to keep it all up ons... loud guns are most definantly the shizzle for rizzle.

SUPERGAMEDESIGNGENIUposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:41
You are all fools! Why have something stupoid like a anthrax infested cow head? They need a really awesome weapon like a knife!

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:43
And a slightly longer knife!

ghostfacekillahposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:43
Bob, All up on what? (i may have a hip-hop namesake that sounds cool--but my son told me about it and how to spell it.) Regardless.. keep the good ideas rolling guys! We can make postal 3 right here--right now!

khountaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:45
bob, you are obviously not that intelligent. i know because i am, and we are able to recognize others with "the gift." loud guns are not shiny guns. shiny guns can be loud, but are not quite as loud and are actually different from their louder brothers. hope this helps.

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:45
That's louder thanj the other knife

Shinyposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:47
as lojng as the kinife is hshinne. not like postl2s shiot. wtf? why no knifeer with the shines? funcklin thuer were punchcard games with dshiney knifes. thinmds game sivnns.

bobposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:48
thanks for your help guys, and for the positive comments too. i think you should be able to through the longer knives, but only at people who have the louder guns. the shiny knives should be kept closer to the player and use the spacebar.

Waitingposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:53
Does anyone know when the promised multiplayer is coming? I heard it's by this Christmas, but that's a really short time, that leaves, what, like maybe 3 months? Shit, they better be workin' round the clock!

Valiadposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:55
You fools are all obviously overlooking the devestating potention as a weapon for squirrels. You want real world? Nothing more real world then a motherfuckin' SQUIRREL!

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:56
I heard it's already done but they're waiting until after duke forever comes out

ghostfacekillahposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:56
THREE MONTHS! you're kidding.. i don't think you did your math right, Waiting. From here to Christmas is about 5 months.. easy. So.. I think RWS has PLENTY of time to work on it.

GeorgeBposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:57
Duke will return

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:58
If they didn't SUCK.

Waitingposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:59
i heard DNF still isn't done because brussard and his team spend all their time posting to each other some obscure message board

dukeloverposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 02:59
Duke's done? Cool!

bobposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:01
i thought it was because the g-man had fat pudgy fingers that kept messing the code.

smarkter thanposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:02
HAYE BOBBBB! MABE IFYOU sthfutht fuks upI COULD tipe! i'ts' geneitci! mom couldn'st tipe either! so stop obotheriing me!!

Valiadposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:05
Waiting : Pft, what kind of retarted game company spend their time talking to each other on a message board? I mean shouldn't they be working or something? Or spending time with their precious family? Or a bottle of booze? How retarted does a company have to be to talk to each other on message boards all evening long!

supergamedesigngeniuposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:08
Four words... "when it's done"

GeorgeBposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:16
That's three word you simpleton. Same as stfu.

Rezposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 03:57
As embarrasing as it is for me to admit this, after reading all the comments posted by other P2 fans, I am indeed one myself. I am a hardcore gamer and have played them all my life. And I really enjoyed Postal 2. Yes, I won't lie, it has a buttload of flaws. But it has a certain charm to it that brings me back to the game again and again. It is one of the most innovative FPS games I've played since Deus Ex infact... I found this title very refreshing after all the serious and releastic shooters that are released lately, which are all bandwagon titles. Most games that use "stealth" don't even need it in the game... claiming a game needs stealth is more of a marketing angle these days. Postal 2 was different. It was open ended and you could do what you want, you had to go to your objectives and were not just dropped in a level, it places you in some bizzare scenarios, I liked how some objectives turned into a full on action game, while others just let you walk around trying to get signatures for a petition. It almost seemed artistic with the constant irony in the game, and how it's about having a really terrible week and being "pushed over the edge". I enjoyed it more than Unreal 2, which was an over-hyped load of crap. Most people here seem to have not even played the game and based their thoughts in reviews. Do not believe the reviews, especially from big name sites. The review at IGN is almost solely based on what's in the demo... quite pathetic really. Play it for yourself and if you still don't like it, fine. But don't knock it if you ain't at least tried the demo. Postal 3 could be fantastic if they fix all the flaws from postal 2. keep it up guys. And supergamedesigngeniu... that was two and a half words.

Rezposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 04:04
Doh... three and a half, rather. My bad.

xposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 04:48
postal 2 was a insult to postal 1, why the fuck was the POSTAL guy being bossed around by some whore. Postal 1 guy was insane and would have fried her ass - The story/concept of P2 is completely random and is more cartoonish than the evil twisted atmosphere of the first one which i loved. BRING BACK THE DARKNESS FOR P3!

Your mom.posted - Jun, 25 2003 - 10:43
I read that postal 2 was like a prequel to postal 1... it was the week he lived through before he went insane and went on his killing spree in postal 1.

Goddyposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 11:02
Is it me? Or does everybody like this game? I don't, many Europeans don't... It's freaking marketing -I'm going to make you buy this game because you can kill people in ways you have never seen before- crap... I don't like this game at all...Graphics suck bigtime, gameplay is even worse..No THX!

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 11:36
DOG Treats and CAT SILENCER! Haha what a game, it very funny. Couple of shots and the CAT is dead. Hahaha!

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 11:49
Hmm! I hope that Vince Desi, and his running with scissors crew would think twice before making any future POSTAL's game. I think (hx) should phone Desi, and his crews and ask them to check out over at, what the Postal 2, fans have to say about it. Haha, it will be like nightmare come true. Keep up the kills you guys you know what I mean to all of you who hate the as much as I do. I'm looking forword to for comments to hit a smacking 100's record break!

meposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 12:58
Jesus christ, reading these posts is like trying to understand a **DYSLEXIC** meeting!!(sorry no real offence meant to dyslexics) but the standard of writing here is **TERRIBLE** namely; Shiny - ffisdf smarkter than - somsmart. Somehow you guys fell off the conveyor belt when brains were being fitted... I stand by my initial post about Postal2 'attracting' retards like honey attracts bees. Seriously, some of you people must still get a thrill out of pulling legs off flies when your hitting your 20's..or was that being a bit generous, Still going through pubs are we? We've got a forum brewing of potential psychotic loose screws here... Well looks like we know where the next lot criminaly insane delingquents are wonder the worlds in such a state.

Rezposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 13:36
You are just as pathetic as anyone else who has posted here. That may be hard to accept, but you'll have to at some point in your life. Sorry.

meposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 14:14
Comments from Rez - no."You are just as pathetic as anyone else who has posted here. That may be hard to accept, but you'll have to at some point in your life. Sorry." Of course that **INCLUDES YOU** Oops you forgot that didn't you -damn where's that 'edit' button when you need it....So why does a rational post make me pathetic? Is it because you feel ashamed to defend Postal 2 *AND* yourself? Because that is exactly how it looks from here... Deus Ex,System Shock2,Thief 2 or genres like that **HARDLY** compare to P2! What the hell have you been smoking...It's like compairing Formula 1 to Bangers or stock cars Deus Ex 35hours -or there abouts- to complete with multiple endings. How much quality is there in P2 compaired to the lateral thinking of Deux Ex et al? How did you *honestly* enjoy something which **IS** as linear as Unreal 2 -hwoever hard you try to distance yourself from it. If you play P2 other than killing,stealing then the game is broken -it's pointless, it isn't a thinking mans game, it's not unique. Compare it to Carmageddon where it's cars against cars or against peds with some bloody excellent weapons; 'Mine Shitter' or 'pinball mode' were absolute classics. Then of course you could record your replay's and save them. What is soooo original about P2 other than cashing in on moral issues? Muslims,pissing on women, kicking life-like bodies about on the ground, bodies which go into the pheotal position when burned, that's NOT funny that's bloody deranged!! Sorry Rez-no. your the *pathetic* person for buying it,it's nothing i would show to my mates that's for sure or boast about.

Valiadposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 15:14
Oh but it's FUN to show your friends! They call you sick and evil, and then they sit there for hours playing it themselves! Everyone has a dark side, we're just willing to admit it. The way to play the game is more like an RPG, create a character in your head and play it out based on how that character would react to those situations. I personally enjoy playing the trouble maker, getting shit started and then backing out to watch everyone go at it at each other, hilarious. I hate people who call other people retarted because they like games that you don't get...

Snaps_Grant is gayposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 16:13
Its fun just to blow shit up, I whant more weapons though. I meen the aim is like the Swedish Rogue Spear clan "Snaps" "DWD" and "SWESOB", its no good, The clans downloaded cheats so they could have Auto Aim and SE, well all cheaters can blow Bob Dylan

Lard Assposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:00
COME ON, if you gonna Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk, do so but hey let's not attacking one another we surpose to team up together and insulted the GAME remember. We are here to reviews the game and cap the hell out of the game or be nice about it. Not everybody is happy or not everybody is angry so let just read the comments and SHUT THE HELL UP huh!

UNIT BITCHposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:03
I don't like this game. WHy? well its boring i don't like the missions. I just don't feel the thrill when playing it all i feel is like im a box shooting at targets in a shooting range. Its seems like "DUCK HUNT". But thats just me eh?. im only one person. There's no "style" it just seems like un-directed violence. not directed violence.I see lots of dumb comments on this page which some of which are conclusions based on ridiculous assumptions. making a cogent argument on the basis of an incorrect assumption is a fallacy that too many people are making here. making a argument with No premise means you got to learn how to make a cogent argument lol? i also don't like the fact that this game gloryifies hate towards muslisms. THATS HIGHLY ANTI-HUMAN. so i won't play it. if the population was more diverse in the game then it would be more acceptable. --------------------------------------- comments of Valiad-shh you stated "Everyone has a dark side, we're just willing to admit it." i don't think its as simple as saying they are two sides dark and good(if thats what you mean?). its a grey world. they are multiple sides. example human,dog,shark. e.t.c .. i tend to look at sides being WHO'S species are you loyal too. and then doing whats best for your species. im PRO HUMAN ARE YOU? ---------------------------------------- Ok khuonta when you say "did i mention that my IQ is higher than anyone's here (98%) and that this game made me re-examine my life?" thats a completely dumb statement and shows your NOT SMART. First you DON"T know most of the other people's IQ levels so you have no way of comparing your IQ to anyone one else's. Since you can't compare your IQ you can't possibly conclude its higher or lower than anyone elses. Therefore you comment is totally stupid. ------------------------------- Comments from khuonta - paleface@keepinemdow posted - 07:57 PM EDT - Jun,24 2003 i only purchased this game with the intention of playing it...and play it i did. also, did i mention that my IQ is higher than anyone's here (98%) and that this game made me re-examine my life? this game redefines fun while at the same time leaving the spelling unchanged. ---------------------------------------- WHAT THE HELL YOU STILL READING THIS? IM DONE LOL?

ThePwnisherposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:13, you're brilliant, mate. Let's look at what you just said, shall we? "What is soooo original about P2 other than cashing in on moral issues?" I don't know, why don't you tell me? Muslims? Why didn't you mention the priests (theoretically catholic) and hindus? What about everyone else that for all you know represent jews, protestants, buddhists and toaist alchemean sorcerors for all we know. What's the problem here, do you see things as muslims versus the rest of the world? Pissing on women, I must have missed this. Did rws release a patch that limits you to pissing only on women? Damn those runningwithscissors mysoginists. Another delusional view of yours. Kicking life-like bodies around? And here the delusion becomes more ingrained as now computer graphics which most people here seem to think look like rubbish are now "life-like" (with an aside that kicking in Postal2 is actually one of the games most ingeneous mechanics, which prats like noone here will never give them credit for). And they go into a "fetal" position (yeah, people here are dyslexic but they probably know fetal is spelled with an "F" and not a "pheo". Look in the mirror mate, it's not rws or most anyone here that sees the world as muslim, mysoginistic or life-like. Just you.

ThePwnisherposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:17
Ah, then there's UNIT BITCH who aside from having difficulty with his SHIFT KEY LOCKING UP at inopportune moments, also cannot grasp that the world is diverse and contains more than muslims. No, sir, the game is not "ANTI-HUMAN IN ALL CAPS" you, sir, are anti-muslim or are in some other way too focused on Islam to realize the world is diverse.

Hamid Beggotposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:31
well I'm a iraqis nationalist and I don't see why do you people so hate muslims we are just like your christians counter part. we muslims have cause and purpose too, but we also believe in lawlessness and killing. by the way my name is Hamid Alzukid Beggot, I now live here in your backyard the U.S, and my hometown is in new york. please i'm new at here at so please be gentle.

UNIT BITCHposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:33
no im not anti-muslim why would i say "don't like the fact that this game gloryifies hate towards muslisms." if I was ANTI-MUSLISM. im standing up for them. don't you understand english mr "ThePwnisher"? i don't even know 50% what islam's about? so how can i be focused on islam? obviously from my comment "if the population was more diverse in the game then it would be more acceptable. " this shows i do understand the world is diverse. i have been to 7 countries. its obvious the world is diverse why would you say something so dumb? Man you can read but you don't understand. Is english your second langauge , fifth? is that your problem? i seems you did not understand what i said thats all i got to say to you mr "ThePwnisher". AND ANOTHER THING I DON'T HAVE DIFFICULTY USE THE SHIFT KEY I JUST LIKE USING CAPS LOCKED IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT THEN LEARN TO TOLERATE IT!

UNIT BITCHposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:35
well mr Hamid Alzukid Beggot.I DON"T HATE MUSLIMS. BUT DON"T DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE PUT YOUR REAL NAME ON A WEBSITE. THEY ARE LOTS OF CRIMINALS that can steal your identity by stealing your personal information.

jonposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:36
made 100 comments on this page. never seen so many. wooooooooooooooooooo party?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yeah this game i think is sucky. there's no stragety to its too easy i need a challenge not a bobing for apples game.

martin crabsposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:37
STFU jon your a dumbASS. THIS GAME ROCKS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~ yes i use the tilda key if you don't fuck off.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

krysposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:42
OMG, this game rox. I can't wait for multiplayer and I can't wait for POSTAL 3. FUCK LIBERMAN! VINCE FOR PREZ!

Lone Wolfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:51
You know Vince Desi, have a chat with (hx) about a farther future on P2, I wish he coulda check out at what the fans have say about his game. He f**k big time I bet and yeah we made it to the 100 comments. I thought RON was bad and now p2 is even worse. Keep it coming peoples. Let give Vince Desi, a heart-attack.

khountaposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:54
unit bitch, if that is your real name, i have to ask you why you are so agnostic towards my IQ. do you even know what agnostic means? i don't, i had to look it up. furthermore, the solution to your question regaurding how i know everone's IQ is quite simple: length times width. i don't dislike anyone, but i hate fanaticals...especially from the sector 5 region. upper-fith quadrant, circle gets the sqaure. and welcome to ny hamid, i just recieved an email that states i can hypnotize everyone, but i already knew this.

hxposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 18:59
I'm going pull-off my belt and start spanking everybody right now, I can't believe it you bastard peoples why are you peoples going wild protest mad about this game. Ahh, I'm going call Vince Desi, personally and have a long talks about any future events on Postal 2. There you have it FAN's You ruin it all for all of us. Ahhh...

GeorgeB'sAnalButterfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:03
YA DILDICK LONEWOLF! im sure RWS is gonna stop making postal 3 cuz your monkey asscock says that some people on ggmania dont like his game. i thinkyoud better remove your head from your crusty cornhusk infected asshole and realize, that you and noone else means shit to them or anyone else. THEY ARE BANKIN OFF OF YOU FAGS RAGGIN ON THEM!! i fling pooo at you....

William Clintonposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:16
Calm down "GeorgeB'sAnalButterf" if that is your name. As for you for making fun of mr.president name you gonna GET IT. Anyway who's gonna give damn about it the game industries already making millions of dollars on this crappy game, even if you cries your ass out they still gonna make more games. So express yourself buddy it AMERICA.

GeorgeB'sAnalButterfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:19
HEY i like postal 2 william on the other hand like to pretend you are gay right before you fall asleep so that you have hot assgang dreams. LONG LIVE GAYBASHING!

ghostfacekillahposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:22
khounta.. i have trouble understanding your logic--but let me say, I can see your a very intelligent man--nay, person. I'm unsure about your use of agnostic, but clearly you have a handle on the language, so you know what you're doing. Rez: let me say--rock on! I agree that the game compares to Deus Ex! The freedom in both games is what appeals to me and the involved gameplay! You're not just limited to 'kill the soldiers at the end of the hall'--you can do whatever you want! It's great! Unit Bitch: "if the population was more diverse in the game then it would be more acceptable. " You have played the game, right, Unit Bitch? It would be quite embarrassing for someone to be dishing out their opinion on a subject about which they have no knowledge. If you do play the game you'll see, as I believe Pwnisher said, there's a great variety of people in the game. Black, white, men, women, fat, skinny, hindu, christian.. it's quite varied.

GeorgeB'sAnalButterfposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:33
ghostface, i do understand you like the title. ARE YOU SOME SORT OF CORPORATE sound like you have a butt plug cemented to your rectum. and BAYSIDE HIGH RULES! no dats da butt! I also enjoy tennis - DA LADIES MAN!

im dumbposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 19:55
i have no clue what hx means? i don't understand his comments. im dumb.

UNIT BITCHposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 20:00
i felt the culture was not varied enough for me. Maybe you disagree thats certainly your right. there are thousands of cultures though. but only a handful in the game. So i was disappointed.

ispy thepieposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 20:06
the game does not have enough violence in it so i don't like it. and no hot chicks.

meposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 21:45
ThePwnisher - CoolSkullTShirt@hotm Ok a spelling mistake makes me 'dyslexic' yeah sure, with a name like 'pwnisher' enough said. fetal is spelled with an "F" and not a "pheo". Look in the mirror mate, it's not rws or most anyone here that sees the world as muslim, mysoginistic or life-like. Just you. Erm your **totaly** up your backside mate!! re-read some of the posts above, missed something have we? Like the **ANTI- MUSLIM** comments....jeez come back when you can string together some critisism.... Have a look in the mirror Mr. perfect you've just made an ass of yourself. I would keep the subject on topic before you dig yourself a hole, that you can't get out off..

Bill Gatesposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 22:00
Postal2 owns you. Admit it.

m2bposted - Jun, 25 2003 - 22:06
I love Postal 2. Some of the humor falls flat, but the design is excellent and it's just plain fun to play. It's also great for letting out agression as well.

Rezposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 01:54
for me: Your arguements would be better if you actually read my posts. Did I say that the patheticness does not include me? I did not. I'm just as bad as anyone else who had posted here. Don't make assumptions. Deus Ex, System Shock 2 and Theif 2 are all better games than Postal 2. I did not compare them. I said Postal 2 is the most innovative game I've played since Deus Ex, which is not a direct comparism. Deus Ex was released a long time ago, and the other two games even before that. In between that time, little has happened to the genre. Postal 2 was innovative because it was a satire of modern life and even videogames, which was the point of the game and is one that few other developers would dare attempt. I guess you just didn't get it. Either way, it was a breath of fresh air for me when the genre is filled with bandwagon titles which are just getting less and less interesting. The game is flawed. I know that. RWS knows that. But it was fun, and that's all that matters. If they do a Postal 3 and keep the concept and improve the design, it could be great. The reason I called you just as pathetic, by the way, are because of your rude and childish comments such as generalising anyone who likes this game as a "retard". Anyone who has a different view from you about this is a retard? Just because they enjoy a game that you don't? You're damn right with your comment before... "no wonder the world is in such a state". Now you can reply and insult me as you wish, but I refuse to discuss this any further. I've said all I wanted on this topic and don't need to prove myself to you or anyone else here. Good luck with your life. Thankyou.

Rezposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 02:00
Now on to other matters... I too was rather shocked at the anti-muslim themes in the game. But the game IS supposed to shock remember... but that is indeed, hardly any excuse. At least they take a shot at the christians too. First the fact that they will break all the laws of their relegion by mowing down the attackers and a more subtle way with money... it's clear postal was taking a shot at organised relegion when you go to confess, and the priest doesn't even need to know what you've done to forgive you... just as long as you've put money in the donation box. This is further proven by the fact that in one of the curch rooms, there is a pile of money on a desk. I'm a christian myself, and just thought it was funny. *shrugs* just my thoughts. I can understand why people would get offended with the anti-muslim themes though.

nord dejayposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 02:49
i like MOST humans. so i get offended when people talk in a ANTI-HUMAN fashion.thats basicaly why i don't like the game concepts and values. I think they too anti-human. So i don't play it cause i don't want to be what this game is. I don't want to become a worse human being i wan't to be a better human being. im not sure if that makes any sense to you what i said was kind of vague but its the only way i can think of explaining it. as for the "insults" well Rez no i won't insult you cause i think swear words are undescriptive and unintelligent. what do i mean by swear words? well the words that project anger and not ideas. like FUCK but NOT say STUPID. i don't care how you feel i only care what you think.

Gonepostalposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 03:25
People suck dejay! Sure you like everyone...

Gonepostalposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 03:26
well "most" like you said... most suck too.

nord dejayposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 03:43
maybe you just meeting the wrong people? try some other thats all i can say.

BarnieYourFriendposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 04:59
peoples,peoples come on lets be friend it only a video games. Nowadays the world is like a battle-zone so lets shake-hand and love one another alright it only a game.

SPAMAPOLOGYposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 06:06
OOPS, sorry for the spam. I just read the rules, I'll behave from now......... Here are the 9 rules that all Gameguru readers have to follow: 1) No racism or discrimination against sexism, race, religion, homosexuality or any other that can hurt or dishonnor people are allowed and will be punished by banning (IP) 2) No verbal violence, flaming (beginning a fight) or "dirty-talk" is allowed: no swearing or using sexual loaded words. 3) No harassing. Be nice, people. Any postings or chat questions including personal attacks or threatening, violent, sexual or downright mean comments-including using the word "duh" or calling somebody stupid-will be deleted immediately. 4) No spamming is tollerated (spamming is trying to get people to a website for commercial reasons) 5) We do not allow people to post about so called warez and crack sites on this website. Nor will we tolerate any further posts about warez, cracks, warez sites and crack sites. 6) No breaking the law-or encouraging other people to. Whatever you might think about things like underage drinking, doing drugs or other things that are illegal, this is not the place to encourage anyone to do anything illegal. Any postings or chat questions that promote illegal activities like these will be deleted. 7) Don't post anything that has a sexual or violent content including links to pictures, stories or drawings. 8) Stay on topic. Blabbing about stuff that doesn't relate to the article wastes space and time. 9) We are not responsible for what's posted by any user.

giGGlerposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 06:39
Wow...this game sure generates a lot of conversation. :)

aloposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 07:36
yup sure it does and 146 way to go postal LOL!

alo"posted - Jun, 26 2003 - 07:37
oops it was 136 :P

Lard Assposted - Jun, 26 2003 - 09:17
It's BED-time peoples come on just look at the time will ya it already 1:30am. Don't you guys have to go work! I do. Work,work, it's life you know.

qman55posted - Jun, 26 2003 - 16:05
im at work lol? i don't have to do shit here lol? im the boss! lol??? I just don't like the title of the game. And i don't like the fact that they are no hot chicks. And i don't like the fact that its not a startrek based game. So i won't buy it. I only play games that got hot chicks and some sci-fi action.

ToXiCFLUFFposted - Jun, 28 2003 - 04:58
It's real nice of RWS to release a patch with so much new content after the initial version, and the promise of an upcoming patch is even better. I don't really get why this game offends people so much. Yes, it's tasteless, insensitive, utterly politically incorrect and moderately sadistic, but it is a game. And a fun game at that. It's not like it's going to corrupt society - even if it did, you would have to question the kind of society that was raising people who can't even distinguish between real life and a video game.

$$$$$$$$$posted - Jul, 07 2003 - 04:27
this game is for crack whores. its so degenerate. if thats what you want to be a crack whore. then yeah i guess you could play this game and probabaly like it but why would you desire such patheticness?

Doorhatposted - Jul, 08 2003 - 14:09
It's hilarious how the anti-postal people here are just as much if not more pathetic than the postal fans here. Just look at the above post.

Arnasposted - Jul, 12 2003 - 22:54
postal2 is a cool just that it loads wery slou and it kud by longer i finisht this geme in 8.34min but i love this game !!!!!!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$posted - Jul, 13 2003 - 20:39
if you find violence and disgusting acts being preformed on people "hilarious" then all that shows is you have a weak character. They are lots of funny things that are not harmfull to humans. like i said before its a game for crack whores. your just a bloody coward thats why you find degenerate acts amusing. MR DOORHAT.

UNIT BITCHposted - Jul, 14 2003 - 17:03
Mr khounta your comment makes no sense and is completely idiotic. "the solution to your question regaurding how i know everone's IQ is quite simple: length times width." how to length and width apply to determining your IQ is superior? its completely irrevelant. i don't think your smart cause you don't make smart comments you making obviously stupid comments and the make a stupider commetn to try and make of for it. Spare me your arogrant bullshit.

posted - Aug, 04 2003 - 04:38
this game is for loser crack whores. It encourages violence and degenarate acts agaisnt people. I will not play a game thats so obviously hate filled towards humanity. Im PRO-HUMAN not ANTI-HUMAN. This production of this game just shows the patheticness of this company. They are trying to get people to reach into the worst part of themselves and live it. WELL I SAY NO! i will never accept this kind of game.

ARS OFF!posted - Aug, 14 2003 - 20:04
all i can say is fuck you vince desi for making such an anti-human and degenerate scum sucking game. I can't believe how degenerate this game is. All this game does it encourage people to be losers and to behave like a sick idiotic animal. This game is filth and no-store should cary this game. Vince desi and his team are a pathetic humans i will never ever buy a game from vince desi or anyone associated with vince desi again in life. i will no longer shop at stores that sell this game. violence in video games is ok for certain games. but this game is sooo sick is digusting i barf on this game. THIS GAME IS LIKE A PIECE OF POO. YEAH SURE IF YOU LICK IT ENOUGH YOU MIGHT LIKE THE TASTE BUT WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO? POO IS BAD FOR YOU AND SO IS THIS GAME!

posted - Nov, 16 2003 - 08:19
You ppl are fucking niggers. You act like this game is awful but you prolly never played it. Stop crying if you dont like the game because ur a little pussy then stfu. ~~ o no it encourages violence, stfu stupid niggers its a god damn game stop being such a crying bitch, just mad cause there isnt a fucking a happy story line. You bitches who cry about how bad this game all ur posts are the fucking same about "violence is bad" and "its stupid". Its not ment to have a fucking story, its a game where u can get fag bashing without getting in trouble(even tho im sure half of u are the center of attention of that). This is a great game if you like gta3 and vice city then this game is perfect for u. Very nice stress reducer. ~~ sorry for breaking so many rules but only way to get this across these fags

Mikeposted - Mar, 22 2004 - 18:20
Hey everyone This is an awesome online game in which you compete against over 100,000 other real people. It’s really good if you take the time to learn how it works. Give it a try and join my army which is rapidly rising in rank, here is my link

coopdoggposted - Apr, 12 2004 - 10:20
finally a game worth playing, it does nedd to get a bit better in that, I'd like to be able to grab people and things and throw them around and whatnot, for instance picking up a body to stash in the bushes would be nice, or even throwing a corpse at a cop would be fun, and what about being able to slap people?, if zsa zsa can do it, why not pixels?, ass slaps and face slaps, and appropreate reactions would be fun, and as sick as this sounds, i think it would be fun to have the ability to hand cuff or tie people up in a a game. anyway, thanks for this , um, bizzaro fantasy sim, or reality sim depending on who you ask, and keep up the good work

Santa Clauseposted - Jul, 14 2004 - 00:34
I think that all u postal 2 haters can suck a nut.I respect the opposite opinions,but if u never played the game,shut ur damm moth,That one guy that said the store he was at sold 6 copies didn't even play the game.The weapons are good.An AK-47 would be nice,iguess.a 45 is awesome.Postal 2 has the best molitove cocktails i have ever seen in a game!!!!!He actually lights the towel before he throws it!!

Skeloricposted - Oct, 14 2004 - 04:31
I have to admit, i like the game. Its not in the same league as Carmageddon series but the cheap thrill meter rates into the 80% range. I really can't understand the level of deranged obsession either for OR against this game. It simply is A GAME. (besides, BMX XXX is the worst ever game. that one was below 20% on my cheap thrill-o-meter) relax and take a few more head shots. you'll feel better afterwards.

Mikeposted - Feb, 20 2006 - 04:48
i banned my friend from webadmin, how does he or i unban him?

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