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(hx) 12:12 AM CET - Feb,26 2004

GGMania got a chance to talk with Game Factory's Sergey Salnikov as he talks about KOMBAT, their upcoming non-linear 3D strategy game with role-playing elements. He provided us with both pretty interesting information and three exclusive screenshots. KOMBAT is slated for release in first quarter 2005.

GGMania: Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little bit about what you do on Kombat?

Sergey Salnikov: Hi everybody, the most part of people knows me a Sergey Salnikov :), as for my work in the Kombat project - that's all about the gameplay.

GGMania: Can you give us a little background on the development team working on Kombat?

Sergey Salnikov: Developers are not the recruits actually. We've gathered an experienced team (specially for this project) and we hope to prolong our work together in the future on the new games because right now we really enjoy our common work. As for our past, Kombat's creators have earlier worked on projects such as "Cossacks" & "Cossacks 2", "HoverAce", "FireStarter", and "S.T.A.L.K.E.R".

GGMania: Саn you give us an overview of Kombat, telling us what the game is all about?

Sergey Salnikov: The project is devoted to the theme of WWII. It'll be a non-linear 3D strategy with RPG elements. There planned three main playable sides in the game: USSR, Germany and Allies. We recreate the unique world within 1939 - 1941 years including the historical architecture, technique, different arms and equipment.

GGMania: Why was the decision made to have the game set in WWII?

Sergey Salnikov: First of all, we've got a lot of history fans in our team, not to mention the fact that we're all really love to play strategy games. Our CEO Andrey Eskov has a huge experience in the military forces and he devoted a lot of time to researching the history if WWII. On the other hand, that sounds really interesting to try to repeat the history of that time.

GGMania: Does it have many different locations and environments?

Sergey Salnikov: Yes, sure. WWII conquered the whole Europe at least! We include in the game all main directions of the warfare actions, that's why there'll be presented different types of landscapes - from plains till mountains, a lot of locations including as nature as inhabited areas from villages to cities.

GGMania: Presumably you're aiming to make Kombat historically accurate? Could give us an idea of how you're going about doing this?

Sergey Salnikov: We have preserved the historical authenticity only in the very beginning of the main campaign - I mean the original positions of belligerents' forces. That was our intention - to give players an opportunity to try to moderate the history. That's why we've refused the linear plot which would only recreate the real actions during the whole game process. But we still preserve the exact recreation of objects, weapon, and equipment appearance in the game basing on the historical data. So, for example, the "king tiger" tank will never appear before the 1943.

GGMania: What sort of missions will be a part of the single player game?

Sergey Salnikov: You'll be able to pass out all the way from the warfare beginning till the moment when your army will capture the enemy's capital. (It's Berlin for USSR and Allies and Moscow from German side). But we also include some original special missions during the campaign passing.

GGMania: Could you give us an example of mission?

Sergey Salnikov: Missions in Kombat are kinda single tasks appearing during the warfare in common. As a sample, I can call such tasks as capturing and defense of the hostile strategic objectives till the reinforcement coming, that could be strategic line, bridge, ammunition depot etc.

GGMania: How many different kinds of units are there?

Sergey Salnikov: We're going to present up to 300 unique units and up to 350 ground military equipment units. We implement in the game all the most famous technical units including even aerotechnics and Navy.

GGMania: What can we expect in terms of ground troops and tank units from the three nations in Kombat?

Sergey Salnikov: We're proud of our banks and data of historical equipment of WWII time. You can expect all types of armament, technique and branches and also all types of tanks (excluding experimental models)

GGMania: How do the role-playing elements work in Kombat? Can you reveal a bit more about the heroes in the game?

Sergey Salnikov: The famous WWII generals act in the game. Each of them has his own temperament, tactical preferences and strategy features. Basing on the historical info, the player gets the advantage - he'll have an opportunity to adapt his tactics against the known opponent. For example, the player can use some parameters and natures of his allies in the certain situation.

The skills and experience of characters will change and develop during the game. Each of heroes has his own temperament and set of parameters. You start as a small commander and develop and rise in the ranks.

GGMania: Why did you decide to incorporate RPG-style elements?

Sergey Salnikov: There're two reasons. Firstly, we got RPG fans in the team, secondly, it's the interesting and innovating feature for the strategy genre. Moreover - we needed it for carrying out the main idea of the game - the player will feel the real responsibility on his decisions in the game.

GGMania: How is combat handled in Kombat? In terms of scale, are we looking at massive numbers of units engaging in combat, or will it be more of a skirmish affair?

Sergey Salnikov: That's probably too early for the exact answer on this question. Possible there'll be variants of the mass battles, but that's also possible that the battles will be more tactical. It could include the previous evaluation of the location features, preparing some covering on the landscape but there probably will be fewer units. We think that the first variant more interesting because we make an emphasis on the operations control.

GGMania: How will the enemy AI function? Can you give us an example?

Sergey Salnikov: I can show you the part of code, but I'm not sure it could help :)

Well, there're two AI systems, Local and Global. The first steps in the game, usually make with a Local AI, but later Global AI has more and more rights in the game.

The local AI operates actions of the units. Talking in simple words, try to imagine:
You've got 2 tanks and you should conquer the village with their help. But your enemies meet you in the settlement and start the dynamical attack. During the extremely hot skirmish one of your tanks explodes, and the second loose the patriotic parameter level (that's one from RPG parameters). The mission will fail, because in the nearest time the tank crew will surrender.

Well, it's an example of the Local AI work.

As for the Global AI - it controls the Joint Staffs of the countries, analyses the situation on the tactical map and gives player the main orders and tasks during the campaign. An ultimate goal of the game for all countries is the Capital of the opponent. When the Capital is captured the game is over.

GGMania: What sort of interface have you guys prepared for the game?

Sergey Salnikov: Oh, we really pay a huge attention to interface. That's not a conglomeration of menus and tables. We prepare two types of interface - the tradition screens interface, for real strategy fans which like to learn all the actions and possibilities. And the second version that binds on the mouse button for the dynamical and fast actions. Don't be afraid about the detailed info, the pop-menus with all details about divisions, parameters, etc., are also included.

GGMania:. How much of a learning curve do you think this game has?

Sergey Salnikov: We try to make it clear and simple for the beginners also.

GGMania: Which engine is used in Kombat?

Sergey Salnikov: The game uses our own in-house graphical engine, which has never ever been used. It guarantees the good performance as well as allows the dynamical gameplay. It realizes a lot of special effects like smog, fire, fog, steam, weather effects etc, day&night cycles. The engine also features pixel lighting, high-polygonal destroying models. It supports the map up to 20x20 kilometers!

GGMania: The Kombat official web site claims that we will see scaled battles with up to 15 000 units per a warfront sector. Needless to say it will require some CPU power, what are the system requirements that we need to play so huge battles?

Sergey Salnikov: We count on the average and high classes of computers. Moreover, we think, that at the moment of game release the most popular computers will be able to run this game. The great numbers of units doesn't mean the "transcendental" system requirements.

GGMania: What multiplayer modes are you including? What does Kombat bring to the table that the online player hasn't seen before?

Sergey Salnikov: Kombat is a unique project because of a lot of features, like the full recreation of different army structures, graphical innovations etc. Sure, the common multiplayer ideas look like the other projects, but we're going to develop some special modes that will be adapted to the system features of Kombat. We're just working on it and can't tell you anything in details, but we'll do all our best in order to create really interesting and fascinating multiplayer.

GGMania: We've already had plenty of World War II RTS games on PC and there are a number in production. Aside from its graphical quality, how will Kombat stand out from the crowd?

Sergey Salnikov: The result should show all our wishes. But only some features - the non-linear plot and the possibility to win for any playable sides, the new graphical features - really unexpected for strategies, RPG elements, the real combat system should already make something new in this WWII 3d RTS series.

GGMania: Currently what is the status of the current progress of the game and when can we expect to see it in stores?

Sergey Salnikov: The planned release date is Q1 2005. As for the current stage - we're working on the multiplayer model, modernize the engine and develop the missions in details.

GGMania: Do you plan to release a playable demo? If so, when?

Sergey Salnikov: That's too early to talk bout it, you know - let us survive the strongest period of development stewing on our own juice :)

GGMania:. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Finally is there anything else you wish to say about Kombat?

Sergey Salnikov: The spring is coming up - that's the time of Expos, we'll try to show our first achievements in several months and hope on the continuation of your interest to our project. To all readers and to you: thank you for your attention, and have a great time playing new interesting gaming projects! And welcome to our site:

genre: strategy
release: 2005/Q1
developer: Game Factory

last 10 comments:

Freemanposted - Feb, 26 2004 - 09:26
From pictures I could say - it's Operation flashpoint.

DiDGEposted - Feb, 26 2004 - 14:11
More games with an ofp edge are welcome!

meposted - Feb, 26 2004 - 15:35
looks very bad.

OFR-rulezposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 04:29
Operation Flashpoint rocked!!! Don't knock it.

Freemanposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 07:59
OFP -> is best. But this one looks like copy of it (from photos). That's all what I wanted to say.

Fernandoposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 08:51
yo guys lets not forget that were are all gamers looking for good games. its is suppose to be fun and for me its as good as any other. from a gamer.

confusedposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 15:47
i thought these forums were meant to be a way of venting anti-ati/nvidia sentiment???

jesusposted - Feb, 27 2004 - 19:10
i don't get it, is this a C&C kinda game or a FPS. wtf is this about OFP is good? the game sucks. i never fell asleep playing a game as I did OFP and for 'confused', obviously is still confused since he didn't figure out ati sucks and nvidia rules. get with the program! and look at 'me' comments, 'looks very bad' ur mama looks bad, stfu and go back to ur nintendo. bunch of smacktard n00b gamers!! hahahaa, and 'confused' learn the difference between a forum and a comments area!

Freemanposted - Feb, 28 2004 - 15:39
OFP is bad? Go to and see for yourself how wrong you are about OFP. And with all new addons its very fun to play on network.

Snallposted - Feb, 28 2004 - 20:41
Its a strat game you tards..with role palying leanings, IE experiance or something...

Gordon Freemanposted - Feb, 29 2004 - 15:01
OFP has a high-learning curve initially, but when you get the hang of it the realism of gameplay is awesome. much better than my games

jojoblowposted - Mar, 25 2005 - 23:41
U fuckers, way to stay on topic. ur all stupid shits.

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