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Skyrim 2.0 - Four Mods to Revamp Your Nordic Adventures
() 11:01 PM CEST - Apr,13 2018

It’s been almost half a dozen years since the climatic release of one of gaming’s most successful titles, and since then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has only continued to expand. With ports to consoles new and old, with a revamped version out for the latest generation of consoles, the sky truly seems to be the limit where this open world adventure is concerned (pun intended) – and there’s a community dedicated to making sure things stay that way for a long time to come.

Introducing mods. For a long time these add ons, cosmetics and code changes to the game were only available to players on PC, but with Skyrim now out for PS4 and Xbox, and with each console having respective download services, almost everyone with a copy can get involved. Exciting, right? Now is as good a time as any to jump back into the world – in fact, now might be the best of times. With HD graphics, a vibrant environment and truly destructive powers ported in to serve your might, this classic adventure just got a whole lot more badass.

Here are four mods to get you started.

1. Skyrim HD – 2K Textures

The most downloaded mod of all time on the PC Skyrim Nexus, Skyrim HD turns an already beautiful game into a modern work of art. Textures are everywhere in video games: they’re the colouring of the grass, the stonework of the city, the metal of your blade, and when you turn them up to max things tend to get a whole lot prettier. This is a great mod for all those looking to make Skyrim as pretty as today’s AAA games, or for any and all with high powered machines in general. If you can run the game with 2K textures, why not?

Every battle will be more intense with this add on, every interaction more realistic. In combination with other mods on our list and in the depths of the internet, it can drastically change the way the world around you develops. Pretty cool, huh? Virtual reality and realistic worlds are becoming increasingly more popular, with some gamers even reaching for photorealism – we can only wonder how long it will take for development companies to catch up with the modding community in terms of widespread, standard quality

2. Alternative Start – Live Another Life

What is it with Bethesda Softworks and prisoner character origins? If you can’t stand the idea of another cart ride down the road with Ulfric and his pals, worry not. A new game of Skyrim doesn’t have to mean the same old generic encounter of dragons, hellfire and civil war. With Alternative Start – Live Another Life, you can pick and choose from a vast selection of start points with spawns all around the globe. Are you a travelling merchant, rich in coin at the docks? Are you a hunter, crouched in the deep wild? Craft your character and make your choice, Dragonborn. Adventure awaits.

3. Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos

Changing graphics doesn’t just mean changing the world around your avatar, it can mean changing them too! The Akaviri are famed in the lore of The Elder Scrolls, hailing from the mysterious continent of Akavir and known for their war with Dragonkind. They also boast a particularly noticeable Asian battle armour, with katanas and helmets similar to those found in feudal Japan and China.

Skyrim is a sandbox above all else, and if following up on such an Eastern theme is your kind of thing, go ahead and grab Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos mod. This is just one example of an infinite number of armour variants available online, but it’s one of the best of its kind. Japanese culture, gaming and weaponry has a big influence on today’s entertainment in general – it’s everywhere, from online casinos like Bitcasino featuring Japan-themed games to television and modern fashion. It’s no surprise that it founds its way into Tamriel, too.

4. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Unlimited power! To a point, of course. The Apocalypse mod is the most popular spell pack availble - now you can journey through the world with even more destructive capabilities at your fingertips! A grand total of 155 casts come as part of this mage pack, making a dedicating wizard or witch character all the more satisfying. Fantasy has always grabbed peoples attention, from The Lord of the Rings to the halls of Hogwarts school, and magic is an integral part of that formula. Burn, freeze, sneak and light your way through a cave. Cast infernos, drain souls, step daintly across open water. The world is your oyster. That's the point of mods after all! The possibilities are practically endless, and the rabbit hole goes deep. Start small, pick a few favourites - otherwise you'll have hundreds installed before you know it.

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