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7 Sins
(hx) 12:46 PM EDT - Oct,20 2005

Developed by fellow French company Monte Cristo Multimedia, 7 Sins is an action-oriented life simulation game in which you are plunged into a city ruled by sex, wealth and fame. The premise of 7 Sins is based upon the traditional "seven deadly sins", which are: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. The goal of the game is to acquire wealth, power and influence in the fictional Apple City by sinning as adeptly as possible.

You start out with nothing in Apple City, and want to make it to the top of the fame and fortune A-list. In order to do this, you need to work out who the important people are and manipulate them to get what you need. There are seven chapters, and you can expect to move from a humble salesman to a multi-national business executive as you progress through the game. Some of the challenges include starting a restaurant chain, infiltrating a powerful and secretive combat club and uncovering the real people behind the masks in a sexy "Eyes Wide Shut" style nightclub. There is a points system in place, so for example in the reality television mission, you need to impress the audience with your raunchy antics to reach a certain level of fame.

In every area there are influential people who can help you progress quickly, and lots of wannabes who are there to have fun with on your way to the top. Basically that means shagging anyone that moves by sweet talking (with trial-and-error dialogue choices) them and by asking the right questions, at the right time. Each individual has different needs, desires, and personality traits, so you have to adapt your approach to suit each one. There are five stages to the relationship level with each character you meet, and if you max out the relationship level, there are bonus images available in the gallery. Whilst you are involved with these numerous relationships, you have to keep your eye on three meters: Sex, Fear, and Violence. To keep your meters at a healthy low you have to vent your feelings by performing certain actions For example in the sales person mission you can urinate on plants to bring down the violence meters, take a quick nap near the windows to bring down any sexual urge, etc.

Similarly to Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, there are well over 20 different kinds of mini-games that vary from finding the g-spot to taking a quick peek under women's skirts. The mini-games are fun but distract the gameplay a little and just overwhelm the gamer with repetitiveness.

Overall, the gameplay, the minigames and the conversations are very basic and simple and will in my opinion only appeal to young players. Rent it over a weekend , and you've seen most of what it has to offer.

related link: homepage

Minimum system requirements: Celeron 1 GHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 3D Video Card 32MB DirectX 9, DirectX-compliant Sound Card, 900MB free.

snd: 3/5 - very mediocre, repetitive, poor attempt at "simlish"
gfx: 4/5 - solid, models and textures are well done, strangely no complete nudity throughout the entire game, weird glitches (missing heads, limbs etc)
playability: 3/5 - simple, campaign mode consisting of seven chapters, 20 different mini games, adolescent style humour, morally questionable
genre: style: life simulation
platform: PC (also available on PS2)
developer: Digital Jesters
publisher: Monte Cristo Multimedia
Overall: 55%

last 10 comments:

lmer(11:51 AM EDT - Sep,13 2005 )
Hahah! That's amazing Heretic! You certainly took your sweet time to bring us detailed sceenshots from each and every scene in the game! :)

Or did you cheat... :D

(01:23 PM EDT - Sep,13 2005 )
My wife helped me to grab some screenshots :wink:

Craftos(03:10 AM EDT - Sep,14 2005 )
So this games is , hmmm, stimulating socializing with other people ?

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