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The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II
(hx) 01:27 AM CET - Mar,14 2006

The Battle for Middle-earth II is the sequel to EA Games' real-time strategy game based on The Lord of the Rings movies. Unlike to the first game, which mostly followed events from the movie, Battle for Middle-earth 2 takes us on a journey across the Northern realms of Middle-earth. Frodo is moving closer to Mount Doom and the massive armies of darkness begin their march towards the lands of the West. At the same time, Sauron musters a great force to vanquish the dwarves and elves.

In single-player, you can choose to play Good or Evil single-player campaigns with eight missions in each campaign - 16 missions altogether. The Good Campaign puts you in command of an alliance of Elves and Dwarves defending the northern regions of Middle-earth. If you choose Evil, you will control Sauron's vast armies of orcs, trolls, Corsairs, and Nazgul - as well as a huge horde of goblins and a host of corrupted creatures like giant spiders, drakes, and giants. Instead of defending the North, your's mission will be to conquer it. Unlike the original game, there is no dynamic campaign map in this mode instead you simply go from one mission to the next in a completely linear fashion.

There are three entirely new factions: Elves, Dwarves, and Goblins. Each new faction has a bunch of completely new units ranging from Elven cavalry to Dwarven axe throwers to Goblin Half-Troll Marauders. They also added new units to existing factions - like Corsairs and Black Riders for Mordor, Wild Men for Isengard, and Dunedain Rangers for our Men of the West faction.

More about factions: Elves are fast, stealthy, and superb in battle. Their archers are without peer. They can call on Eagles and Ents as allies and use elemental powers to summon floods, whirlwinds, and sun flares against their enemies. They are led by heroes such as Elrond, Glorfindel, Legolas, and Thranduil.  Dwarves are tough, slow, and excellent builders. They are especially good at cracking enemy bases. Their allies include the Men of Dale and their battlefield powers include the ability to generate earthquakes and call in massive catapult barrages. Their leaders are Gimli, Gloin (father of Gimli), and King Dain of Erebor. Goblins are aggressive, able to spread out and dominate territory quickly, and have excellent siege capability in the form of rock-throwing Trolls and Giants. The Goblins are allied with huge dragons, the tentacled Watcher in the Water, and other creatures that can be summoned on to the battlefield to terrible effect. Goblin heroes include the Goblin King and the flying Dragon Lord. Men of the West faction combines the Gondor and Rohan sides from the first game. They are a 'bread and butter' side with well rounded capabilities. They can build sturdy castles, field competent infantry, and call in powerful Rohirrim cavalry.  Isengard:faction feature the same powerful Uruk warriors and heroes like the original game, as well as new allies like the Wild Men of Dunland and new heroes like Sharku the Warg Rider and the treacherous Grima Wormtongue.  Mordor forces have been bolstered with versatile Corsair infantry, mounted Black Riders, a new Mouth of Sauron hero, a Shelob spider-hero, and the powerful Mouth of Sauron.

In addition to the Good and Evil campaigns and skirmish mode, there's the War of the Ring mode, which is a turn-based strategy game in the style of the classic board game "Risk". Your main job is to manage territories and move armies around the map. If you want to claim a territory that another army has already claimed, a fight is initiated, and you are given the choice to either carry out the battle in the style of the traditional game, or have the computer resolve the battle automatically. Your goal is to eliminate every opponent on the map. Of course, there is also Skirmish mode where you can just choose to enter a battle.

The gameplay itself is largely unchanged from what we saw in the original. The battles can be quite massive, with hundreds of units hacking and stabbing each other on screen. The combat is really satisfying; there's a lot of great formation support and special attacks. Naval battles are a nice addition although you do not get to play much with them. Bombard ships are overpowered if you control the seas and the enemy structures are near the shore.

My only complaint is that the walls are easy to destroy and which means walls are only necesary to keep out a small attacking force (which you archer towers should be able to handle) while your main army is away from your home base. So, despite the wall building could have been a truly strategic part of the game, it feels rather like a waste of time.

One of the most significant changes made in The Battle for Middle-earth II relates to construction and resource management. You are no longer limited in where or how you construct your cities -- like it any other real-time strategy games, you can build wherever you want. Resources are collected automatically once you build mines, Mallorn Trees, or lumber mills.

Another added feature in The Battle for Middle-earth II is the ability to create your own hero. The create-a-hero feature allows you to construct customized units that can be used in both the War of the Ring campaign as well as in the multiplayer and skirmish games. Each hero type gets 10 points they can allocate into a selection list of about 15 different powers. Available hero powers vary depending on the hero class you choose, which determines what factions the hero can fight for. In the game, once you build/purchase your hero unit at the main base, he/she starts at level one. By killing enemy units for experience, the hero will slowly unlock the abilities you designed them with.

Overall, I think The Battle for Middle-earth II is a great game. The good and The Evil campaigns are not really long, but the War Of The Ring game mode will surely add hours of fun with the game. Once you are tired of the single player part of the game, you can start playing online for countless hours of entertainment. The community base is big enough to keep you busy for a while. I'd recommend the game. Worth the time and the money.

related links: demo, trainer +3, patch v1.1, Middle-earth Vault, BFME II Filefront, BFME II Levels-4-U.

System requirements: WinXP, 1.6 GHz equivalent or higher CPU, 256MB RAM (512 MB of system RAM for online play with 3 or more players), 64 MB GeForce3-class video card, Sound card with speakers or headphones, 8x speed or faster CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive (for the Collector's Edition), 6GB available hard disk space, 56.6 Kbps or better modem for 1v1 online play / Broadband connection for online play with 3 or more players

* the game only officially supports  cards with ATI (Radeon 8500 or greater) and Nvidia chipsets, and the Intel GMA 900 and GMA 950 products. The GeForce 4 MX is not supported.

snd: 4/5 - sounds of battle are top notch, wonderful soundtrack
gfx: 4/5 - pretty good, re-worked engine, impressive water effects, limited camera (camera angles are too close during the real-time combat)
playability: 5/5 - simple&fun + highly addictive, huge battles, enough content to guarantee hours - over 40 maps and War of the Ring mode, create-a-hero feature, improved Worldbuilder tool, improved multiplayer (much more balanced than it was in the first game), AI and pathfinding problems, generous load times
genre: real-time strategy
release: March 2006
developer: EA Los Angeles
publisher: Electronic Arts
Overall: 85%

last 10 comments:

FX5900(10:30 AM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
Hey, I'm the first to post... with the exception of admin of course.

Let this thread go down in history as the FIRST of many on ggmania! 8)

ok since this thread is about me, let's talk about me.
I'm fast.
i'm sexy.
you can turn me on and overclock me anytime.
i'm leet.
i'm 100% nvidia.
YEAH! I'm FX5900!!! :D

ok i got rid of my silliness... let's post seriously

Tom(06:03 PM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
Yaaaa.. HX listened to me.. nice forums.. Good work HX..

madda(04:51 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
thanks for the forums HX!!!!

FX5900, the silliness seems to have stayed!! :) Ah well, its quite a laugh anyways! :D

(10:33 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Entertainment software developer and publisher NovaLogic, Inc. today announced that the official multiplayer consumer demo for Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising will be released on Wednesday June 9th, 2004. The demo replaces the existing beta demo released earlier this year.

FX5900(11:37 AM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
nobody flames about intel vs amd. i already tried to start that. :)

Tom(07:12 PM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
lol, AMD sucks.. how's that? oh wait, I sound like an ATIFANBOY lol. Still AMD sucks@! there i said it. :lol:

Anonymous(08:03 PM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
AMD kicks Intel's ass at pretty much everything there is. I know the P4's get a few fps higher one things like Q3 and etc, but does it really matter for the massive difference in price?

AMD Rules!!

xxxx(09:56 PM CEST - Jun,07 2004 )
or the continual compatibility problems with AMD. Definitely the best. :roll: only people i know that have problems with lots of games are those with ATI or AMD cpu's. windows was primarily designed for Intel, not AMD. as such, maybe fixed now, but i remember that MS didn't even have the right names for the AMD cpu's at one time. then i don't need a mother of a fan on my CPU like AMD requires unless you get the cheap stock fan from AMD which will literally break in 6-7months time and start making noises. i had AMD once, 1.3 GHz, last AMD i'll ever own.. Intel may cost more initially but AMD once you factor in a good fan and fans for your box.. you are past Intel price.

FX5900(05:45 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
If you buy AMD, it just proves you're a cheap-ass.
That's all! :lol:

JanSolo(06:15 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
I bought an AMD because I prefer a cpu that can execute byte code in an efficient and timely manner.

Gonefission(06:44 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
I always buy AMD. Same performance in games but cheaper. I can spend the extra money on memory or on a better graphics card. :idea: For all of you Intel guys spend the same amount on an AMD and get a 64bit processor.

liGhtblue fox(07:41 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Pointless topic tw...

AMD has better perfomance, cheaper prize, but is very hot (need proper cooling) and harder to overclock...

Tom(10:16 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
love how people post to topic but don't read them. Cost difference between AMD and Intel is insignificant. AMD you must buy a better fan unless you trust that scrap heap they give you in retail that will burn out in 6 months unless you air dust it every week. The fan alone makes up for the price difference. I still have my stock Intel fan, quiet and my CPU temperature always constant. Hey and every game works, Windows runs great and no BSOD's ever... wish I could say that for AMD. But seeing how I have an AMD 1400 downstairs that always BSOD must just be a bad OS install.. lmfao. AMD is cheap and nothing but problems. Long live Intel..

Blindside(11:00 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
"Long live Intel" -- Absolutely... I agree with TOM for sure. Intel and AMD user, and I'll always stay an Intel buyer. I'll have to dig up the ol' video comparison Tom's Hardware did when they took the heatsink off an Intel vs. AMD. (Both playing UT) Intel went down to like 10 Frames when they took off the heatsink/fan--big whoopdee. But when they took the heatsink/fan off the AMD.. WHoooo Eeeee.... Release the Hounds! Where's there's smoke....

TenaciousC(12:30 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
I farted.

FX5900(07:13 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
AMD has always had heat issues. These contribute to their instability and crash problems.

And so when the Prescott came out, everything was upset they were so hot... when really, AMD has been running that hot all along! Still wouldn't be a prescott anyhow.

The final word is AMD sux, and you know it! end of story. let's close this thread. end of discussion.

maga(05:37 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
never had any problems with AMD CPUs till now, and i started with the AMD 5x86 ~ 133 Mhz, then i got K6, K6-2, Athlon, Athlon XP, Barton, FX-51. I'm not saying that Intel does bad CPUs !

madda(06:00 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
where is intels 64 bit processor???

Still in development, they really need to release one very soon otherwise development will be focused on AMD 64 support rather than Intel 64!

This is something that will really hamper intels domination of the processor market thats for sure!

makaveli(06:15 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
I was an Intel user back in the early days of computer up to 2000. Yea it's true, during the 286, 386, 486 age, AMD suck balls but lately these dudes are getting better. I first bought an AMD chip in 2000 ( Duron 800MHz ) and it lasted for a long time without any BSOD, crashes or any other major problems except for the heat ( which I rectified it by buying a good hsf for it ). Even after buying the hsf, the price difference was still below Intel's P-series or C-series. As of now, I'm using an Athlon XP with no problem too except for the tempreture.

Here's my list of good and bad:


1) cheap
2) faster!! (hell yea)
3) overclock friendly
4) stable
5) faster execution and faster software compiling on linux boxes


1) heat



1) stable
2) fast execution on Winblows
3) less heat

1) $$$$ unfriendly

FX5900(07:09 AM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Hahahahahahaahahahahahhahahaa who cares about AMD's 64-bit CPU.
Where is Windows XP 64-bit edition?

If you want 64bit, go use the 64-bit version of Linux, but don't come back crying when you can't play games and video, and you're constantly in a command-line environment.

hahahahahaa thanks for the laugh.

makaveli -- your long post just echo'd my earlier post: "if you buy AMD, it just proves you're a cheap-ass." :)

makaveli(08:06 AM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
FX, that's weak man. Just because something is cheap, it doesn't make you a cheap-ass. It's call value for money dude. Just because something is expensive, it doesn't mean that stuff is good...

madda(04:26 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
makaveli> FX, that's weak man. Just because something is cheap, it doesn't make you a cheap-ass. It's call value for money dude. Just because something is expensive, it doesn't mean that stuff is good...

Exactly, i agree makaveli!

FX5900: Maybe you should substantiate your claims before shouting around about something you dont even seem to understand!

Win XP 64-bit edition will be released reasonabky soon, I have tested a beta version of it using an AMD 64FX and it runs alot more smoothly than any intel would and games are a dream even if they arent 64bit. Farcry 64bit edition is amazing, much better than anything you would get out of an Intel processor!

FX5900(07:23 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Now you're making stuff up. Didn't you read the review HX posted about 2 weeks ago with WinXP-64bit Ed benchmarks comparing ATI & nvidia 64-bit and 32-bit drivers??? The 32-bit drivers were slightly better! So you talk out your ass when you say 64-bit gaming is better! Ha! the drivers are still immature!

As for 32-bit code running alot more smoothly on a 64-bit machine, that is ********. Even in the best-case scenario, 32-bit code will run 5% to 10% better on a 64-bit CPU. That's BEST-CASE. So whatever perceptions you had about better performance were just perceptions. Show me BENCHMARKS that prove what you're saying?

Windows XP 64-edition has been "soon to be released" for a long time. Just WinXP SP2 which is soon to be released. :roll: We're talking about the here and now; not the "coming soon" promises.

dont take what i said personally. You are right - there is a difference between cheap and value for money. But value for money is when you get something at a low cost that works well. AMD does not meet that criteria - you save money only to gain heating issues. That is not value.

Tom and XXXX.... i swear everyone who registered on this website didn't read the "13yrs or above" clause. :D

madda(07:28 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
All i can say is from personal experience, I have tried using an AMD 64-FX and an Intel chip with the same hardware configuration (except mobo of course) and games play better on the AMD rig than the Intel!

I get between 20 and 30 FPS more on the AMD!

I have used the 64bit version of Win XP, and it is pretty much released. Microsoft havent released it mainly because they are waiting for the Intel chip to be released, this is because they have an informal agreement with Intel.

FX5900(07:43 AM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )
madda what were the clock speeds of the AMD 64bit and the Intel? If you're comparing a 64-bit 3.4GHz vs an Intel 3.0GHz i have a little suggestion for you which explains the FPS difference. :D

good for you playing on beta hardware.

Anonymous(09:30 AM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
Processor speed shouldn't be measured in gigahertz, the pentium 4's 20, (31 on the prescott) step pipeline makes for quite a bit of loss on speed if it's branch prediction fails, also amd's fx processors do more calculations per second than any pentium 4, they also have a heck of a lot more bandwidth on their data buses, and they support sse2 extensions

madda(01:02 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
Shai_Hulud> Processor speed shouldn't be measured in gigahertz, the pentium 4's 20, (31 on the prescott) step pipeline makes for quite a bit of loss on speed if it's branch prediction fails, also amd's fx processors do more calculations per second than any pentium 4, they also have a heck of a lot more bandwidth on their data buses, and they support sse2 extensions

Well said Shai! Exactly why there is a difference in FPS on my AMD FX! :)

Prowler(08:30 PM CEST - Apr,01 2005 )
AMD is the LAW[b]

Crystallas(10:21 AM CEST - Sep,23 2005 )
Seeing that AMD has accumulated a dream team of archietects and engineers within the last 6 years....

Being only 10% of the size that intel is.
...and pretty much outselling their capacity.

outbenching 80% of benchmarks over intel, including benchmark software that was compiled to take advantage of "Genuine Intel" chips.

Producing less heat, and consuming less power.

On die memory controller which has licked all of the bottleneck problems that Intel was having. Aswell as intel saying that it was a dumb idea, and that they would never do it *Update* they are now saying that they need to do this too.

Intel EM64T is identical to AMD64(which was the original x86 64bit instruction set) minus 3 64bit instruction sets which AMD would not allow them to use w/o a liscence.

AMD running SSE,SSE2, SSE3 instruction sets in all their new chips.

Oh, and the K8(Athlon64) , which is in its 3rd sub-generation, is a completely new design. Unlike intels only CPU that has any advantage over AMD(and thats ONLY if overclocked significantly) in its architecture based on the Pentium3 still, because the Pentium4 was simply a bad idea, and bad architecture(comming from the mouth of their head architect for 10 years who quit because Intel was so business minded, that they decided to ignore what the user really wanted.)

Intel is one giant liar, with young engineers who dont have the experience of AMD's. AMD has hired many ex-intel engineers. AMD has pretty much the best chunk of the Digital staff which produced all of the powerful server CPUs until compaq took over Digital, also how and why AMD had the know-how on making a 64Bit CPU in the first place, aswell as a very powerful dual core CPU.

Innovation is all AMD right now, they set the pace. And aslong as Intel cheats the market, I have no respect for them. People are really brainwashed into thinking that they do nothing wrong, but they pretty much lobby as much tech as they can, while removing technological freedom and inovation from many small companies, not just AMD. Although AMD has won 2 internation Anti-trust law-suits over intel.

Wake up and smell the coffee... Intel isnt the performance champ, and they havent been in a few years.

You can allways buy a wonderful computer with your favorite current line Intel CPU. The performance diffrences arent anything to slouch or brag about, but its not as cost-effective as an AMD based computer.

Of course you need the right hardware to run an AMD rig, aswell as an Intel, but more-so and AMD rig. Reason being is that AMD has created sub-competition among its chipset supporters. So now they can compete for which is better, and which favors which part of the market. When a user fails to recognise that they have choice in every aspect, they either dont research, or buy a poor chipset from previous generation and run into complications.

I run one of the largest recording studios in the greater chicagoland area, and build setups for clients aswell. When it comes to PCs, 9/10 the users needs and exceeded with a dual opteron setup, or even now the X2s.

Stability, support, all there. Infact if you want problems, look at all of the dual core instabilities intel is having, aswell as an intel southbridge p48* series that have NOT been recalled, although they run stabile, burn a decent sized hole into the motherboard.

AMD is just one giant bridge among companies. Its friendly to technology, esspecially when the backbone of the company is full of ISO, IEEE, PCI-SIG members, aswell as other industry standards which DO NOT PROFIT THEM. PCI-SIG wouldnt exist if it weren't for AMD, and AMD is the reason why PCI-Express Graphics are available today, aswell as IBM being the 2 biggest contributors. What did Intel do? Intel jumped on at last minute of finalizing 3GIO(PCI-Express) and released a chipset that supported it 3 weeks before AMD, so people for some odd reason think Intel created this! Ridiculous.

If intel plays fair, and cares more about the beauty of expanding technology than they care about taking your money and raising their share one penny... then I wouldnt dislike Intel. Its crooked companies like this that have pushed many enthusiats to look elsewhere for their needs, and AMD has done a damn fine job of it.

Also for you hardcore gamers, AMD is going to integrate a PCI-E2 controller into the CPU. This will have some benefit on performance, but it also will push a standard for multi-graphic card standards. Where you possibly may be able to buy one board that will run both nVidia SLI and ATi Crossfire, whichever you CHOOSE to use.
Freedom is everything. Choice is important.

xanadu(06:14 PM CEST - Apr,20 2006 )
xxxx> windows was primarily designed for Intel, not AMD. as such, maybe fixed now, but i remember that MS didn't even have the right names for the AMD cpu's at one time. then i don't need a mother of a fan on my CPU like AMD requires unless you get the cheap stock fan from AMD which will literally break in 6-7months time and start making noises.

Actually Windows XP 64 was designed for AMD. Intel had to redesign there entire 64 bit architecture because Microsoft was supporting AMD's 64 Bit fully while they were not supporting the Itanium well.

The recognization factor was all the way back in 95 and then 98 and applied to more than just AMD. It applied to certain speed factor processors. You had to apply a patch or you couldn't even install either OS. Both Intel and AMD suffered from that one.

As for the fans, a box processor fan is warrantied for 3 years. If the fan fails and causes problems with the processor they are both warrantied. Personally I've had a stock fan running on an Athlon XP for about 4 years now with no problems..........

Blindside(10:14 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Well, since no one else is starting one, I will. I thought I'd open a new topic to post open sign-ups for new upcoming Beta's? I'm currently on the Dragon Empires Beta but the sign ups are over. There should be a new signup at Atari today, check here for signups:

madda(04:50 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Im beta testing Windows MCE, Windows 64-bit, Windows SP2, Windows Update v5, and i think thats it for the moment! Can never rememeber exactly what im testing, i just enjoy the free PCs from Microsoft :):):)

Blindside(09:06 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Nice--you need to let us know of any new/open betas, so we can sign up and enjoy the wealth too!

Blindside(09:07 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Nice--you need to let us know of any new/open betas, so we can sign up and enjoy the wealth too!

Blindside(09:07 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Nice--you need to let us know of any new/open betas, so we can sign up and enjoy the wealth too!

madda(09:09 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
you really drummed in the point there blindside by posting 3 times!! :)

I will give ya information as soon as i have it!

Blindside(10:22 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Yeah Oops My bad on the triple posting.. It wasn't done intentionally. It had something to do with the lag.. yeah.. that's it... haha...

madda(12:22 AM CEST - Jun,11 2004 )
yea, just trying to blag it now, arent ya????


BLOODUK(09:33 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Acclaim has opened the product page of Worms Forts Under Siege

BLOODUK(09:31 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Electronic Arts has released a new (superb) trailer of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth, offering more than 12 minutes of in-game footage which details the game like no video before it - this video was shown at E3 2004 this year

Mrthrust(08:50 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
any 1 have issues with the ATI 9600 pro 128mb model..

i can view games no prob with high FPS on screen res 1280x1024
but on 1024x768..
the screen flickers and jerk's...
WHY ooo WHY?????

cheers :I

ace(08:55 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Which drivers are you using? The official drivers which I use on my 9800xt (catalyst 4.5) seem to do the trick, with no problems :)

It could also be something to do with your refresh rate, but I'll see which other suggestions are made on this one

babios(05:29 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
I suggest to use the Omega drivers. The y are custom drivers based on the Catalyst drivers but tweaked for best game performance. They are a little messy in istallation but they do their job fairly good. You can use also power strip. It is an ammazing program for easy tweaking your card drivers.

Mrthrust(08:48 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
OK ...well my machine has a ATI9600 pro 128Mb
running under the 2.2P4 with 768mb DDR 333

Im not a noob at fixing, building, trouble shooting etc...etc..

but when it comes to V-sync ?....its a pain in the A**...
some games run fine on 1280x1024 but when i switch back to 1024x768
the picture seems to flicker when turnning.. (CSTRIKE)..
its viewed on a 19" CRT. with 25.0 dot pitch.

how can i make my games run a little bit smoother...
i just cant see nout when the screens away up at 1280x


Tom(09:50 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
depending on your system, turning off Vsync can cause problems. If you have a fast enough processor and video card, you don't need to turn off Vsync especially if you are getting a decent frame rate. Turning off vsync is usually typical of those with lower end systems. But turning off vsync can cause tearing and other little abnormalities on your screen as well. Basically you try it on/off in any game and test. For HL, at one time it was ok to turn off vsync, but this also depended on your video card. Back then I had 3dfx... results vary from computer to computer. If vsync causes problems set off then put it back on, end of story.

Tom(09:51 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
you have a decent enough system, vsync on should be default for you.. you can try with it off, but you might experience strange results or choppy play.

Blindside(11:02 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Or you could get an NVIDIA card and you should be fine.. haha..

GoldenBear(11:52 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Leave V-Sync on as it seems that your comp should be able to handle it. Don't listen to the nVidia fanboys, adding a nVidia card would slow down your system. :lol:


FX5900(07:36 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Blindside> Or you could get an NVIDIA card and you should be fine.. haha..


turning off VSYNC on games where you turn left/right very quickly will usually result in bad screen-tearing. Car racing games(where you are moving forward tend to be ok

Ock462(09:50 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
GoldenBear> Don't listen to the nVidia fanboys, adding a nVidia card would slow down your system.


Anonymous(10:48 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )

Viper357(06:37 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Bill Gates> Ock462, you look like a wanna-be pimp. very sad.
And you look like a wannabe Bill Gates, which is VERY SAD. :cry:

Tom(07:24 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
I love when you give an answer and then everyone else reposts your answer. Do people read entire topics before the post, or just lazy.

Tom(07:30 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Ock462> GoldenBear> Don't listen to the nVidia fanboys, adding a nVidia card would slow down your system.


Here's a guy who spent way too much for his system. We should thank him for helping to reduce the costs! Thanks man! I hope there is more of you so you can lower the price more for me...Did you need a rig like that for Sims? Doom3? or what? what in hell does anyone need a 3GHz processor for?.. what a waste of SATA RAID is just not proven yet from anything i read. Well at least your porn will come in faster. I haven't seen any reason yet to get rid of my 2GHz, 1Gb of 2100DDR. Not one game including BF or UT2k4 even hiccups on my screen.. then there's PCI Xpress coming and way faster ram and hard drives. Oh well..

Ock462(06:43 AM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
Don't be jealeous of my computer Tom. There is a game called Halo, it will make your system its bitch. Same thing for Far Cry. I figured if I was going to build a new system I should build a top of the line one. That is why I bought a 9800xt because it rapes a 5900FX. I didn't feel like waiting another year for PCI-Xpress. Oh yeah your welcome now your cheap ass can go buy one now.

xxxx(04:50 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
well "i" play halo without a problem on my 2GHz actually. top of the line? ya just not state of the art...9800xt doesn't rape a 5900FX(unless ur reading purely pro-ATI). ATI doesn't in drivers, doesn't in speed and doesn't period. considering the stupidity behind your computer purchase i'd have to characterize it with the stupidity in your video card purchase. but again, thanks for lower the costs for us. i too, love people like you. anyone know a game where it states on the box that quotes you need more than 2GHZ? even for a highly recommended system.. thanks.. be interested in knowing. i don't think you should chastize people when clearly you have to get a bigger cpu to compensate for less computer than adequate tweaking skills.

madda(04:54 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
He prolly bought his computer so that he could run games at 1600x1280 with max everything, and so that he didnt have to upgrade for many years! Anyway, who are you to be judgemental? People are entitlted to spend their money as they wish!

xxxx(05:01 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
i am xxxx, can't you read?

madda(05:04 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
whats your point?

BLOODUK(01:28 PM CEST - Jun,16 2004 )
xxxx> i am xxxx, can't you read?

Yes all too often :roll:

xxxx(11:02 PM CEST - Jul,05 2004 )
madda> whats your point?

i don't know, what's urs? sorry, not a forums troll as u, slow reply. i got a life, come here when i have lapse in my busy schedule.

xxxx(11:03 PM CEST - Jul,05 2004 )
BLOODUK> xxxx> i am xxxx, can't you read?

Yes all too often :roll:

feeling is mutual to you too baby.

maga(07:22 AM CEST - Jul,06 2004 )
i say you all get together in a park, and sort it out like men ! 8) :lol:

capri(08:39 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
well, hx, don't you think a forum is a bit too 'extreme' for the nvidia vs. ati battle? i mean, it can't go on forever, can it? :D

<- 9800xt and very happy with it. i don't really care from which company my gfx-card is, as long as it's fast enough :twisted:

FX5900(05:32 PM CEST - Jun,12 2004 )
I think HX is a leader in forums. Rather than supressing the issue like most administrators, HX is letting us exercise our right to free speech.

I'm an NVIDIA owner and extremely happy with it. I do care which company my gfx-card comes from, because that usually effects if it is fast enough. :)

madda(01:14 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
FX5900> I'm an NVIDIA owner and extremely happy with it. I do care which company my gfx-card comes from, because that usually effects if it is fast enough. :)

ATI is faster in raw speed terms! Its just that the perceived speed is more in your Nvidia card because the drivers are much better designed!

BLOODUK(07:54 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Remember me? :)

xxxx(08:13 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )

DDRRE(08:30 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
BLOODUK> Remember me? :)

BLOODUK(09:14 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
xxxx> no.


Replies.... Ati driver news?

Tom(09:34 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
So DDRRE are ya gonna get a clue and shrink your tampax logo? Umm, I mean signature.

Pete(03:38 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Hello BloodUk,

Nice to see a regular GG contributor.

Out of curiousity, where abouts in the UK do you live?

I'm in Middlesbrough.

maga(09:06 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
hello !

BLOODUK(11:28 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Pete> Hello BloodUk,

Nice to see a regular GG contributor.

Out of curiousity, where abouts in the UK do you live?

Canterbury 8)

ace(01:47 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )

Canterbury 8)

What a small world we live in! Same City as me :lol:

BLOODUK(02:06 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )

Canterbury 8)

What a small world we live in! Same City as me :lol:

Awsome , whereabouts? do you drive? Age?

Sorry it sounds a rather wierd bunch of questions, but you hardly ever get someone living in the same area thats on a game forum. I also dont know hardly anybody in this area as i used to live in chatham and most of the people i know are there.

ace(02:16 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Yeah, its not often you see someone from the same area,

I'm just a student, so bike pretty much everywhere, I live on the outskirts of canterbury, going towards sturry, as for my exact location, I'll keep it a secret :wink:

BLOODUK(02:41 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
ah cool well i drive a honda civic vtec , 24yrs old
been into games since i was 7 when i had an amstrad cpc 464
but just lately i play very few games. As most games seem to bore
me they dont pull me in like they used to, still remember the amiga
classics ;)

Do you have irc or aol messanger?

ace(02:57 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
I don't usually use chat proggy's, so only the forums,

Anyway, I wonder who else is a Brit on these boards :wink:

nightporter(03:02 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Get a room you two. :lol: :wink: :wink: I'm in UK, Doncaster to be precise (it's up North)

BLOODUK(03:05 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
hahaha yer right :x

Naa its just rare to see someone else so close on a gaming forum
most people i know live up north :roll:

DDRRE(07:34 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
DDRRE :D released a performance tweaking and gameplay guide for Unreal Tournament 2004 in the Beyond Unreal Forums. His guides can also be accessed in his Unreal Tournament site's guides section with guides for Unreal Tournament and for Unreal Tournament 2004. (quick link for Mozilla users)

madda(01:24 PM CEST - Jun,14 2004 )
thanks for this, its been out a while though and i think it was posted on the main site a while back aswell!

JanSolo(06:11 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
I mean, seriously..

liGhtblue fox(09:10 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
most definetly

TenaciousC(12:35 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Probably not as bad as it looked. Who am i kidding... Rock yes it hurt.

Bender(01:34 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
wow those graphics are hella realistic!!

FX5900(07:17 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
No. He was wearing protection. :D

Blindside(09:21 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Yeah, I think he probably did that on purpose so he could get some extra lovin' from his Girlfriend.

madda(04:34 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
that looked damn painful!!! :)

JanSolo(06:02 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
I just got a Google Gmail account! What's so special about it? NOTHING. But for some reason, lots of people want them.

xxxx(08:15 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
i don't need another spam target. hotmail is fine. must be a lot of bad isp's that you need to revert to a google email acount.. lmao.

JanSolo(04:52 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Well it does come with 1gig of storage which is quite a bit more than the free Hotmail account offers.

FX5900(07:18 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Gmail rocks. Finally you can email warez to friends. :D

maga(09:04 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
what's the biggest number of blocked adresses you can have on Gmail ?

JanSolo(09:25 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
maga> what's the biggest number of blocked adresses you can have on Gmail ?

Dunno! Does not look like it has a way to block specific email addresses. But it does have a mechanism for reporting spam.

Chode(10:30 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
JanSolo> I just got a Google Gmail account!

I got Gmail too :D

And four invites, all of which I'm trading for games (Silent Hill 3 and Doom 3)

madda(04:48 PM CEST - Jun,10 2004 )
how do you get a gmail acccount? is there an address to sign up from?

FX5900(05:56 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Anyone seen any great movies lately?
The last DVD i watched was called "Stick it Where The Sun Don't Shine" which was...let's just say it wasn't on at your local cinema. ;)

I'm joking guys. Man these forums are dead. Come on people! Register!

JanSolo(05:59 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
I saw a great documentary called The Corporation that outlined why exactly milk and dairy products in the US are cancer causing and absolutely unhealthy. Canadians and Europeans don't have this problem, only us Americans with the useless group known as the FDA.

Blindside(11:06 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
If any of you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend The Odyssey surfing video. It's the movie of the contest for a payout of $50k by Billabong for whoever caught the biggest wave. Highly recommended vid.

Bender(01:45 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Triplets of Bellvue

Anonymous(08:01 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )

JanSolo(09:33 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Bill Gates> "Hackers."

"Bill Gates: The Movie."

There was actually a movie released about a Bill Gates being assassinated. Too bad it wasn't a historic documentary. ;)

Chode(10:29 AM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Bill Gates> "Hackers."

Great film, if even only for Angelina Jolie :P

ps: we meet at gates

nightporter(02:49 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Best movie I've seen for a while was Battle Royale, Japanese with Subtitles but still quality.

ace(03:04 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
Final fantasy was the last one I saw, oogling at those graphics 8)

tigermonk(07:02 PM CEST - Jun,09 2004 )
as far as documentaries go, i'd have to say i love bowling for columbine. especially when comparing murders by way of handguns in the US compared to EVERY OTHER FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Anonymous(07:18 AM CEST - May,10 2011 )

FX5900(05:52 PM CEST - Jun,08 2004 )
Anyone got a hacker tool for cracking into web forums using PHPBB???

why do i ask? no reason. ;) :P

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